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A gunstock is called a buttstock (or a butt) due to a long gun part, ensuring structural support, to which the action, barrel, and firing mechanism are joined; and a shoulder stock due to its back portion.

Best Rifle Stock - Editor's Choice

The reliable stock makes not only the rifle more enjoyable for firing but also delivers the shooter more stability.

Why do we need a Rifle Stock?

If you want to enhance rifle accuracy, general performance or just upgrade its look, new stock can help you in this. Adjustable stocks can be adapted according to the shooters’ heights, they also allow rifles to be more compact for transport or storage.

Best Rifle Stock | Rifle Stocks Review

#1 Magpul Industries Hunter American Rifle Stock

Magpul Industries Hunter American Rifle Stock


Caliber: 308 Winchester and similar sized cartridges
Length of Pull: appr. 13.0-15.0 in
Weight: 3.3 lbs (with two Spacers and BAMW installed)
Width of Butt: 1.5 in
Width of Forend: 2.3 in

This hunter Stock comes with Bolt Action Magazine Well and PMAG 5 7.62 AC, fitting Ruger American short action rifles. These stocks with high-durable steel recoil lugs feature completely adjustable pull length, M-LOK compatibility for extra accessories, optional cheek riser kit to regulate cheek weld (pre-fitted with 0.25 in Riser).

  • Ensures dependable compatibility with detachable box magazine and barrel profiles up to medium Palma;
  • Made in the USA;
  • Sturdy construction due to the used reinforced polymer with hard-anodized (Type III), machine-finished cast aluminum bedding block;
  • True Free Float barrel;
  • Easy to install;
  • No bedding required;
  • Adjustable pull length and comb height.
  • The cheek riser blocks the BCG from being removed: it takes a few minutes, to get the cheek riser out;
  • A bit heavier weight than what comes on the rifle.

#2 Sig Sauer MCX/MPX Collapsible Rifle Stock

Sig Sauer MCX/MPX Collapsible Rifle Stock


Additional Features: Collapsible
Gun Model: SIG Sauer MCX, SIG Sauer MPX

This Collapsible Stock helps turn the MCX/MPX pistol into a registered highly tactical short-barreled rifle (SBR). The pull lengths can be regulated into 3 positions: for storage, for regular use to be convenient into the shoulder, and the middle one for a quite tight CQB gun.

  • Durable collapsible construction;
  • Compact and tough;
  • Convenient to stow, transport, and use in the field;
  • Adjustable pull length (3 positions);
  • Easy to install.
  • California’s Proposition 65;
  • The length of the pull is a bit short.

#3 Magpul Industries X-22 Backpacker Rifle Stock

Magpul Industries X-22 Backpacker Rifle Stock


Length of Pull: 13.75 in
Weight: 18.25 oz
Width of Butt: 1.5 in
Width of Forend / Stock: 1.625 in

Drop-in stocks with ergonomic handguards, interchangeable standard, and optic height cheek risers are designed for the Tactical Solutions SBX barrel and all factory Ruger 10/22 Takedown rifles. These stocks feature built-in hinged storage compartments in the forend and grip (up to three spare 10th magazines) and MOE SL nonslip rubber butt-pad.

  • Storage area;
  • Affordable price;
  • Comfy transport due to the unique locking interface to attach the barrel assembly to the receiver and an efficient rifle package without compromising firing performance;
  • Sturdy reinforced textured polymer construction;
  • The capability of an optional QD sling assembling;
  • Compact and lightweight;
  • Simple to install.
  • Does not include sling attachments;
  • Difficult to manipulate barrel assembly release.

#4 Wilson Combat Rogers Super-Stock

Wilson Combat Rogers Super-Stock


Weight: 7.3 oz

Innovative Cam-Lock System provides this collapsible stock with stability – no slop or play and top refinement in AR/M4 stock technology. The stocks are compatible with Mil-Spec or Commercial Sized Buffer Tubes. After choosing a convenient stock position, it can be locked down firmly, just clicking the cam-lock lever upward.

  • Locks up tight;
  • Lightweight, but sturdy: pass a 36-in fully-loaded Drop Test;
  • The capability of fast stock position readjustment due to quick-release lever, which disconnects both the cam-lock and the detent pin;
  • Stylish design.
  • Not effective at taming recoil.

#5 Hogue AR-15/M-16 Overmolded Collapsible Buttstock Assembly

Hogue AR-15/M-16 Overmolded Collapsible Buttstock Assembly


Gun Model: M16, AR-15
Carbine weight: 3 oz

This Collapsible Buttstock Assembly comes with a 1.15-in diameter Mil-Spec Buffer Tube and Hardware, pin, and spring, providing improved sturdiness and better rifle control. Hogue Stocks are manufactured from reinforced polymer with a rubber over-molded finish to ensure lightweight and rigidness for the firearm.

  • Reasonably priced;
  • Made in the USA;
  • Fits the Mil-spec lower;
  • Quality rubber coating;
  • No stock wobble;
  • Well-constructed and comfortable.
  • None yet.

#6 Bravo Company MFG Stock Mod 0 Black Fits

Bravo Company MFG Stock Mod 0 Black Fits

The Bravo-designed snag-free durable lightweight polymer stock with modular VBOST (Vehicle Borne Operations Sling Tab) for Mil-spec receiver extension. The VBOST application is connected with the shooter’s bungee or riggers’ band to fasten the shooter’s sling against the stock when the carbine isn’t used. There are two types of ambidextrous sling assembling, containing QD swivel sockets.

  • No sharp edges, which can tangle the rifle with the molle gear, shooter’s sling, or other kits;
  • Convenient for operation inside a vehicle due to the VBOST application;
  • Easy-to-use: modular five-part construction and one screw simplify the options and configurations adaption;
  • Lightweight, but strong;
  • Solid without wobble;
  • QD attachment points;
  • No play on the buffer tube;
  • A sling is kept snug due to the rubber band stopper while traveling or when it’s not in use so it doesn’t get caught on anything.
  • Needs a firing pin.

#7 Reptilia LINK for CZ Scorpion w/ Magpul Zhukov

Reptilia LINK for CZ Scorpion w/ Magpul Zhukov

This drop-in folding stock is engineered for the CZ Scorpion firearm generation. The Magpul Zhukov Stock is made of machined Mil-spec aircraft-grade aluminum (Type III) with a hard coat anodized finish.

  • Quick installation without tools;
  • No wiggle;
  • High-quality reptilia adapter;
  • Solid construction;
  • No wiggle;
  • Solid construction;
  • Perfect fit.
  • Case of incorrect functioning.

#8 Kinetic Development Group Kinetic Scar Adaptable Rifle Stock Kit

Kinetic Development Group Kinetic Scar Adaptable Rifle Stock Kit


Weight: 25.1 oz
Gun Model: FN SCAR-H Mark 17, FN SCAR-L Mark 16

These stocks with adjustable cheek riser should be installed strictly to the FN SCAR receiver rear part, they are compatible only with SCAR rifles. The stocks feature supportive aluminum (6061-T6) adapter bracket seven telescoping adjustable positions, side-folding option due to the spring lock tension, QD Cup allows the rifle to be used on either stock side, butt-pad, and watertight battery compartment (CR123).

  • The adapter bracket provides the stock extra support and stiffness;
  • Nice battery compartment and general ergonomics;
  • This stock assembly’s overall weight is 2.0 oz less than the factory SCAR one.
  • Kinetic isn’t satisfied;
  • There is a big play with the folding mechanism at the bottom, causing the lower wobbling;
  • Hinge easily worn down because the metal rubs off the plastic slope and over time the stock just freely swings after short use;
  • Metal adapter without padding.

#9 ProMag Mossberg International 702 Plinkster Tactical Folding Rifle Stock

ProMag Mossberg International 702 Plinkster Tactical Folding Rifle Stock


Gun Model: Mossberg Model 702 Plinkster

The ProMag Mossberg International developed lightweight positive locking side-folding stocks for the Mossberg 702 Plinkster .22 LR rifles. These injection-molded black polymer stocks are outfitted with Picatinny tri-rail forend, pistol grip with storage compartment, rubber recoil pad.

  • No adjustments are needed while mounting;
  • Fits more than the 702.
  • No instructions: lack of Manual;
  • Not a chassis system;
  • Barrel floats front doesn’t rest on the actual stock;
  • Have to be registered with some states;
  • Impossible to remove the grip screw to place the gun: it’s been locked tightly.

#10 Magpul AKM AK47/74 Furniture Kit

Magpul AKM AK47/74 Furniture Kit


Weight: 12.5 oz
Length, from receiver: 9.4 in
LOP: appr. 12.8 in

Magpul AKM Furniture Kit with fixed stock (single tang trunnion) should be installed to stamped receiver AK-47/AKM/AK-74 pattern rifles. The Magpul crafted A-frame construction from reinforced polymer for optimal weight and bulk. This kit is equipped with a comfy slim-profile cheek weld, optional snap Cheek Risers for optics attachment, inner storage compartment for a factory AK cleaning kit. While assembling the lower handguard may need some minor sanding.

  • Affordable price;
  • Light and durable;
  • Enhanced impact protection and the anti-slip surface of rubber butt-pad;
  • Looks and feels nice;
  • Convenient shoulder transitions and better body armor fit due to the rollover on the toe;
  • The grip fits perfectly.
  • The upper handguard is a bit hard to get on the gas tube.

#11 DoubleStar ARFX Rifle Stock Assembly

DoubleStar ARFX Rifle Stock Assembly


Gun Model: AR-15, M16
Weight: 5.2 oz

This Rifle Stock Assembly with a standard A2 buffer, Black closed-cell Foam overtube, and .5in RP manufactured from anodized aluminum (7075-T6) ensures proper work even in tough environments. The stocks are outfitted with a QD sling mount (with standard push-button), operating with single point, double-point, and triple-point slings.

  • Makes firing stable and more convenient;
  • Less felt recoil;
  • Sturdy and corrosion- and wear-resistant materials;
  • Foam overtube works as a comfortable cheek weld while aiming down sights;
  • Feels good on the shoulder;
  • No need for threaded sling adapters;
  • Lighter than standard stocks still holding high durability.
  • Difficult to mount padding on the buffer tube.

#12 Leapers UTG AR308 A2 Style Fixed Buttstock Complete Assembly

Leapers UTG AR308 A2 Style Fixed Buttstock Complete Assembly


Gun Model: Smith & Wesson M&P 10, Armalite AR-10, DPMS LR-308
Gun Make: AR Platform

The Standard A2 Buttstock Assembly is equipped with recoil spring, an A2 extension tube, a .308 style buffer assembly, a stock spacer, and a screw. This assembly is molded from sturdy polymer and fits Armalite DPMS LR-308, AR-10, S&W M&P-10, and others.

  • Ambidextrous;
  • Impact-resistant material;
  • Makes handling easier;
  • Look stylish;
  • Comes with all included hardware.
  • Missing the screw;
  • The buffer spring is too heavy for a 308;
  • Advertised as AR308, but the buffer and buffer spring is for AR-15.

#13 FAB Defense UAS SKS Complete Chassis System

FAB Defense UAS SKS Complete Chassis System


Gun Model: SKS
Length: 855 mm
Weight: 1160 g

This chassis system combines a classic bench-rest design with advanced tactical versatility and side-folding butt-stock features, including 1913 MIL-STD Picatinny side and lower rails for secure fastening. These fiberglass-reinforced polymer construction systems feature both-side QD sling swivel sockets.

  • Enhanced trigger work due to the finger grooves and backstrap shape;
  • Secure grip without wrist fatigue thanks to ergonomic design;
  • Prompt and simple drop-in mounting;
  • Compact buttstock carry and storage;
  • Sturdy and lightweight;
  • Comfortable for adjustment.
  • Not compact enough as the M4 adjustable style stocks.

#14 Magpul Industries PRS GEN3 Precision-Adjustable Stock

Magpul Industries PRS GEN3 Precision-Adjustable Stock


Weight: 31.7 oz
Length: 11.5 – 12.9 in
Gun Model: AR-10, AR-15

This adjustable stock is engineered with Bottom M-LOK slots for 1913 Picatinny rails, aluminum LOP, and Cheek Piece adjustment knobs with positive-locking click detents.

  • Steel Melonite shafts;
  • Made in the USA;
  • No slippage, cant-and-height regulable rubber butt-pad for shoulder purchase;
  • Impact and recoil resistant butt-plate (up to .50 BMG);
  • Outstanding quality workmanship;
  • Comfortable adjustability.
  • A bit pricey.

#15 Magpul Industries MOE Rifle Stock for AR-15/M-16

Magpul Industries MOE Rifle Stock for AR-15/M-16


Weight: 12 oz
Length: 6.9 in
Length of pull: up to 3.3 in

Mil-Spec ambidextrous Stocks for AR Carbine Platforms feature a sloping cheek weld for a slim profile and more comfy position, as well as a detachable rubber butt-pad (0.30 in) for impact resistance. This stock should be installed on Mil-spec sized carbine receiver extension tubes, which are not supplied by the Colt, Ruger, LMT, SIG, S&W.

  • Inexpensive;
  • Easy adjustment;
  • Thin and lightweight;
  • No snagging or accidental functioning due to the shielded release latch;
  • Positive locking and long service life of superior chrome-silicon lock spring.
  • A bit wobbling makes noise;
  • No QD attachment point.

How To Install Rifle Stock

  1. Necessary installation tools are protection glasses, a Phillips-head and two flat screwdrivers, a stock wrench, and two 1/16-inch Allen ones. When installing a traditional adjustable carbine stock, begin with a lower receiver (with a fixed-length stock on). Left-handed shooters should adapt as they usually do.
  2. First remove the present adjustable stock, by moving it to its rearmost position. Use one flat-head screwdriver to slide under the lock-down lever, pry the pin from under the buttstock. Slide the stock off of the buffer tube.
  3. Then mount the endplate. Pressing down on the buffer retaining pin to make the buffer and spring come out. Loosen and unscrew the castle nut with a wrench to slide back the receiver endplate about 0.25 in, slightly turning it to expose the spring, remove it with detent and pin, then completely take off the buffer tube and the receiver endplate, replacing it with a new one.
  4. The next step is to reassemble the buffer tube: thread it back onto the lower receiver until reaching the retaining pin hole edge. Plug the retaining pin and spring into the hole, pressing down on the pin while 3/4 turning the buffer tube. The endplate should not cover the hole for the rear takedown spring. After inserting the rear takedown pin (the groove faces the rear), drop the detent pin and spring into the hole. Slide the castle nut and endplate back, rotating the assembly over the spring. Retighten the castle nut with the stock wrench to about 40 in-pds without thread locker. Slide the spring and buffer back into place and push them over the retaining pin, to which a buffer round edge, not a flat one, should be against.
  5. Install the stock: turn the rifle upside down, take off slowly the original pistol grip by unscrewing it from the lower receiver. The safety selector spring is between the receiver and grip, don’t kink it while removing the detent and safety selector and slipping the stock straight onto the receiver. Fasten the stock with the Phillips-head screw, using an included washer without gaps between the receiver and grip. Sometimes the reinforcing fin inside the grip needs to file until appropriate fitment.
  6. Then install Buffer Tube Cover: the spacer should be parallel with the cover bottom, for a better fit you can sand or file it. Secure the screws on each side, contact either the endplate or the castle nut, using both 1/16-inch Allen wrenches, until snug.


Does rifle Stock affect accuracy?
A rifle stock serves to hold the action and itself in place. The stock with proper performance (without flexing, putting pressure, or allowing the action to shift it) does not affect accuracy.
Is wood stock better than synthetic?
Synthetic stocks are as strong as wood ones, sometimes even sturdier. Depending on synthetic stock construction, they can be solid or hollow, they can weigh lighter or heavier than wooden ones.
Can you change a rifle stock?
It is easy to upgrade an old stock on the rifle. It is necessary to over screw it, then using a torque wrench install a new one.
Can you put any stock on a rifle?
You can install almost any stock on the rifle as the 110/111/112/114/116 gunstocks are interchangeable. You should mind center feed, long action, detachable magazine, and left-hand requirement (if you need this).
Can you change stocks on shotguns?
You can change shotgun stock. Shotguns should have a minimum length to shoot properly. Don’t use the bare breach, because it’s dangerous.
Is it illegal to take the stock off an AK 47?
To remove the stock is legal. The rifle should meet federal requirements concerning the length: 16 inches on the barrel and 26 inches overall.


Check the fitment at the manufacturers’ website to be sure a new stock will attach to a new lower. Choosing the stock, consider the habitual condition of usage, would it be mostly wet or not. The quality stocks are rigid enough to keep the gun stable when it’s used on a surface for shooting, while still absorbing some of the recoil force. PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) stocks collapse down to an even more compact size than the originals. Before installing carbine adjustable stocks, check local law.

The Best Pick

Magpul Industries PRS GEN3 Precision-Adjustable Stock for AR15/M16 and AR10/SR25 platforms

This adjustable stock is crafted with Bottom M-LOK slots for 1913 Picatinny rails, aluminum LOP, and Cheek Piece adjustment knobs with positive-locking click detents and steel Melonite shafts.

Sig Sauer MCX/MPX Collapsible Stock

This compact stock with adjustable pull length is designed for registered highly tactical SBR.

Budget Pick

Bravo Company MFG Stock Mod 0 Black Fits AR-15 Mil-spec

Snag-free lightweight stock with modular VBOST without play on the buffer tube for Mil-spec receiver extension. There are two types of ambidextrous sling assembling, including QD swivel sockets.

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