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Keeping your expensive and beloved equipment undamaged and in good condition is challenging especially when traveling a lot or being in heavy-duty conditions. When it comes to firearms everyone is searching for the safest and most secure way to transport them.

Best Gun Cases - Editor's Choice

And of course, the best way to do it is the special gun case. But the most important thing here is to understand which one will suit your needs. Do you need something for longtime storage or for traveling by plane? It is important to choose the most right one for you to keep your firearm in its best performance. That’s why you should take a look at this list- I collected all the information you might need to buy the most durable and reliable case.

Hard Gun Cases

Browning Flexible Gun Case J.M.B. Crazy HorseBrowningBUY
Pelican 1700 Watertight Protector Rifle CasePelicanBUY
SKB 3-Gun Competition CaseSKBBUY
Pelican 1720 Watertight Protector Rifle/Gun CasePelicanBUY
Plano Molding Double Scoped Rifle/Shotgun CasePlanoBUY
Pelican 1750 Waterproof Rifle CasePelicanBUY
Browning Crazy Horse Leather Shotgun CaseBrowningBUY
Browning Over/Under Fitted Shotgun CaseBrowningBUY
SBK Single Rifle CaseSBKBUY
Beretta Hard Canvas Case for Standard Beretta ShotgunsBerettaBUY

#1 Browning Flexible Gun Case J.M.B. Crazy Horse

Browning Flexible Gun Case J.M.B. Crazy Horse

Want t ok make sure that your firearm is flawlessly protected while traveling especially heavy-duty one? This case was perfectly designed to become in handy for long-distance trips by protecting your tactical firearm from any scratches and other damages. It is made of the hard high-quality solid wood shell to ensure that this case will be your reliable companion for years. And for extra durability and of course stylish and fashionable design to make everyone envy. Leather is already finished with scratches, like if it was already in use to make it look more authentic. Inside the container is provided with magnetic tube holders to ensure that your gear is successfully secured and ready to be used for your personal needs. This is a phenomenal case for this price, you won’t regret getting this one for your beloved firearm.

  • Leather-covered, stylish and authentic design
  • Magnetic tube holder inside to secure your firearm
  • High-quality hardwood shell
  • Magnetic holders can’t hold extended titanium choke tubes

#2 Pelican 1700 Watertight Protector Rifle Case

Pelican 1700 Watertight Protector Rifle Case

Firearms are heavy enough on its own and hardshell cases won’t make them lighter and easier to carry, agree? This case is about to solve your problem with handling heavy gear and transporting it during traveling. This watertight protector case is provided with transport wheels to make your life easier. And don’t worry about a firearm being damaged because of road vibration or other impacts- the case is equipped inside with high-density foam to protect your gear from scratches. This case is made out of high-quality materials and completely water, crush and dustproof to ensure that your riffle is safe from breakage and corrosion. Structural copolymer makes this carrying case durable and unbreakable while allowing it to be lightweight and comfortable to transport. An o’ring seal perfectly and flawlessly secures the case, while included purge valve allows quick coping with atmospheric pressure changes. All additional details of this protector case are made of high-quality stainless steel to be sure that no corrosion will somehow affect firearm shipping.

Video review

  • Water, dust and airtight
  • Easy to transport, lightweight and provided with wheels
  • High quality, durable and unbreakable
  • Three color options available
  • Expensive

#3 SKB 3-Gun Competition Case

SKB 3-Gun Competition Case

If you have ever complained about the heaviness of your firearm and case, this one is exactly what you are looking for. This case is completely water-resistant and provides the tightest protection for your rifle while being probably the lightest and easiest to transport on the market. It’s made of high-quality materials and coated with strong polypropylene copolymer to ensure that your firearm is safe from corrosion and any kind of other damages.

And while the case is lightweight enough to effortlessly carry around, it also has convenient blade steel wheels that can be securely stacked to make transporting and shipping easier. Case not only securely store your rifle gun but also does a perfect job securing all your equipment from the ear and eye protection to pistol mags. This one is perfect for any kind of traveling, even heavy-duty or plane shipping- it is temperature resistant and provided with pressure equalization valve. And by the way, it looks impressive and perfectly designed for not so obvious gun transporting.

  • Not shaped design and great looking outside
  • Precut foaming, that can fit all your extra equipment like head protection and pistol mags
  • Pressure release valve and wheels
  • Heavy when fully loaded but wheels and comfortable handles help
  • Pricey

#4 Pelican 1720 Watertight Protector Rifle/Gun Case

Pelican 1720 Watertight Protector Rifle/Gun Case

Does this wonderful brand even need to be reviewed? This Pelican case is a little bit bigger than 1700 but as good. Watertight protection makes it perfect for heavy-duty traveling and effortless and safe transportation and shipping. Firearms are not cheap so you probably want to make sure that they are successfully secured and protected from any kind of damage. Ultra high-quality structural copolymer ensures total and foolproof protection for your gear and equipment.

The foam will perfectly cover your firearm and will prevent any scratches or other damages from vibration or other traveling conditions- we all know how serious you should be about transporting a gun. And tutorial «How to cut foam» video will help you get the right liner. Don’t be scared of the price- it worth every penny you pay for it. It will last longer and do a great job protecting your equipment in any condition, even when traveling by plane- this case has pressure equalization valve and water-resistant protection.

Video review

  • Perfect for heavy-duty and plane transportation and shipping
  • Wellmade, great looking and available in three colors
  • Super strong and durable
  • Expensive, but totally worth it
  • Heavy when fully loaded, but wheels make it easier to carry

#5 Plano Molding Double Scoped Rifle/Shotgun Case

Plano Molding Double Scoped Rifle/Shotgun Case

Trust me, this is going to be the best case you have ever bought. The high-quality materials and good looking make it outstanding and eye-catching. The case has large and comfortable handles for effortless carrying, it might seem not as solid, hard, and strong body as other brands, but this will definitely surprise you with its durability and high-level performance during heavy-duty and air travel.

Foam is really good and can easily fit anything and it is sturdy enough at the time to successfully secure all your equipment. And if you always worry about pressure impact and high humidity to ruin your firearm, you’ll definitely fall in love with the locking system on this case and of course pressure equalization valve that ensures foolproof protection for your gear. And don’t worry if large handles are not enough for comfortable carrying- a case also provided with wheels for easy transportation and mobility.

  • High-quality materials, well constructed, good looking
  • Great locking system, automatic pressure equalization valve, watertight
  • Large handles and wheels allow easy mobility
  • Small

#6 Pelican 1750 Waterproof Rifle Case

Pelican 1750 Waterproof Rifle Case

We can all agree that Pelican brand products are not the cheapest but at the same time, we all understand that after spending lots of time and money on an expensive rifle, you probably don’t want it to go to waste and want to successfully protect your investment from any damage, right? This case is awesome, made of high-quality solid materials, and one of the best options on the market. It will flawlessly protect your firearm while traveling by plane- believe me, it will successfully survive everything that can happen in the luggage sector.

It is completely waterproof and dustproof which makes it a durable and reliable case for long time gun storage. It might appear heavy on its own to you, but trust me- wheels do it job spectacularly. And let me ensure you that your firearm will be ideally secured inside with internal foam, which is easy to customize after watching just a few videos. If you were looking for a perfect product to fit your expectations- look no further.

Video review

  • Water and dustproof, with pressure equalization valve
  • Unbreakable, big, durable and reliable
  • Wheels for more comfortable transportation
  • Heavy itself
  • Pricey, but still worth it

#7 Browning Crazy Horse Leather Shotgun Case

Browning Crazy Horse Leather Shotgun Case

Get ready for the nicest Browning case you could own in your life. The exterior of it is really good looking and stylish while nicely finished with little scratches leather will only get better appearance when used for a while, so don’t worry that design will be ruined while being transported. Under a pretty and durable leather layer, there is a solid wood frame that is really strong and unbreakable to ensure your shotgun safety and protect it from being damaged. Great brass locks and leather straps leave you without worries about the case not being securely locked.

Case weight around fifteen pounds but it is still easy to carry thanks to the large and thick leather handle. Inside the case is equipped with plush wool with support blocks that can be removed to make it adjustable and perfect fit for all your equipment. It might seem a little too expensive, but with such good looking exterior and high-quality materials, this case is totally worth buying.

  • Wonderful and good looking exterior leather coating
  • Unbreakable, strong and reliable solid wood frame
  • Plush wool interior that successfully secures all the equipment
  • Heavy, around fifteen pounds when empty

#8 Browning Over/Under Fitted Shotgun Case

Browning Over/Under Fitted Shotgun Case

If you are looking for some cheap but nice and hard for heavy-duty trips, this case is waiting just for you. It will wonderfully and flawlessly protect your shotgun. This option is perfect for someone who already invested lots of money into their firearm and wants to give it foolproof protection without giving out a lot more. The case is wonderful for storage and easy transportation to range or field while keeping it in their best conditions and protected from any damage or scratches. Inside it is provided with fabric-covered blocks to perfectly position and secure all needed equipment. The case is equipped with two key locks making the locking system safe and secure. The handle can be easily folded for better storage in the car or elsewhere.

Video review

  • inexpensive for this quality level
  • Good looking and well made
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Not enough room for choke tubes, need to be removed

#9 SBK Single Rifle Case

SBK Single Rifle Case

We all how traumatic and damaging it can be an experience for luggage during flights, right? You would probably want to have something strong and unbreakable to protect your shotgun from damages. That’s when the SBK case comes. This container is a must-have for everyone who enthusiastically invested a lot in their equipment and wants it to perform flawlessly.

The case is perfectly constructed and made of high-quality ultra-strong and durable materials that successfully protect your gear from moisture, dust, and any possible impact damage during transportation. EPS foam interior allows you to secure your rifle perfectly without being worried about any scratches. And let’s not forget about the pressure equalization valve that is essential for air shipping. SBK cases have proven their durability and reliability, you can be sure that they will last you for years. This is a great quality for such a low price.

  • Heavy-duty, long-lasting, water and dustproof
  • Wonderful price for a quality
  • Three colors available
  • Heavy, without any wheels

#10 Beretta Hard Canvas Case for Standard Beretta Shotguns

Beretta Hard Canvas Case for Standard Beretta Shotguns

This case will keep sturdy and will flawlessly protect your shotgun from damage even during heavy-duty traveling. It is really lightweight and comfortable to carry, but that’s to strong high-quality frames case is unbreakable and durable. For a more stylish and handsome look, it is finished with leather corners and reliable combo locks and also a comfortable leather handle for easy transportation. Like all Beretta products, this one is well made and earns five stars. Plush coating inside perfectly secures your firearm and protects it from any scratches or other damages that can take place while traveling especially heavy-duty.

  • Reliable combo locks and brass buckles
  • Stylish and good looking exterior design
  • Sturdy high-quality frame
  • Not Watertight

Soft Gun Cases

NcSTAR Vism Discreet Carbine CaseNcSTARBUY
VISM Double Carbine Gun CaseVISMBUY
Elite Survival Systems Covert Operations Discreet Carry CaseElite Survival SystemsBUY
VISM Heavy Duty Soft Gun CaseVISMBUY
Bulldog Long Range Rifle CaseBulldogBUY
Bulldog Single Tactical Rifle CaseBulldogBUY

#1 NcSTAR Vism Discreet Carbine Case

NcSTAR Vism Discreet Carbine Case

This is a great case for a quick getaway to the range or a field and back if you are tired of carrying heavy rifle container. This is a pretty good option for short term traveling but it is still constructed to handle heavy-duty conditions. The case is made of high-quality materials and is very durable and reliable for the price. Adjustable straps and a divider allows you to tailor this bag for any gear you want to fit in. For more comfortable and organized using there are two small pockets with zippers to store magazines and other small pieces that can be easily lost. And instead of s ou common polymer hooks that attach straps to the case, this brand is choosing ones made of steel for better reliability.

Video review

  • Great price for high-quality materials and well-made construction
  • Foolproof durability and versatility
  • Lightweight and spacious
  • Could be better with more padding

#2 VISM Double Carbine Gun Case

VISM Double Carbine Gun Case

VISM cases are famous for being one of the most affordable and high-quality cases that you could ever purchase. You will be impressed with how well made and perfectly designed this bag is. You might like it even more if you take a look at the number of organized pockets and separate sections where you can store all your small essentials that are easy to be lost. This case is also equipped with types of straps: for hand carry and for a shoulder to suit all your needs. Plenty of straps and locks ensure that all your equipment is tightly secured. The case itself is constructed of heavy-duty materials to flawlessly protect your gun and other equipment. And last but not least, there are seven colors for you to choose from.

Video review

  • Affordable as for this high quality
  • Many pockets and sections for organized storage
  • Lightweight
  • Good looking and available in seven colors
  • Nothing, everything great

#3 Elite Survival Systems Covert Operations Discreet Carry Case

Elite Survival Systems Covert Operations Discreet Carry Case

This case is well made and ultra-high quality. Even though it is soft, without any worries you can put it in your trunk and forget about any possible damages and scratches that could happen with your gun. Straps inside will ensure that everything is secured and organized, while the sturdy case is protecting your equipment even in heavy-duty traveling. There are lots of small pockets and sections to not only store extra mags but some other essentials you might need in the field, like a knife or torch. For easier carrying around, there are shoulder straps included. So if you’re looking for high quality, well made and inexpensive case, doubt no more- this is it.

  • Well made, heavy-duty materials, high quality
  • Available in different sizes to fit your needs
  • Pricey, but worth it

#4 VISM Heavy Duty Soft Gun Case

VISM Heavy Duty Soft Gun Case

This case is a perfect choice: compact, well made, and design for heavy-duty conditions. A good and reliable zipper will ensure that your equipment is tightly sealed. Nice and flawless foam padding provides organized storage and divides guns so they won’t touch, in case you are carrying two in one bag. Big amount of pockets and sections that are large enough to fit all your extra essentials like mags and other stuff organized and within reach of hand. And it can protect your gear from getting wet- the case is made of water-resistant material.

  • Heavy duty, well made, water-resistant
  • Suitable for carrying two guns, pad divider keeps them from touching
  • Large exterior pockets for additional equipment
  • Comes in two colors
  • Despite being made in China, everything is wonderful

#5 Bulldog Long Range Rifle Case

Bulldog Long Range Rifle Case

In case you don’t mind transporting your firearm and looking like you do, then why miss this soft sided simple gun bag. It is a perfect watertight shell on a strong zipper that closes it tight and quickly opens. Padded carrying handle allows comfortable transportation and if you don’t want to carry your equipment in a hand there is an included over the shoulder strap. The exterior of the bag is equipped with zip-open pockets to store extra mags and other essentials. I would totally recommend this one for anyone who wants foolproof protection for their rifles during shipping.

Video review

  • Two color options, good looking design
  • High-quality materials, heavy-duty
  • Great price for a quality
  • Obvious shape, not a big issue though

#6 Bulldog Single Tactical Rifle Case

Bulldog Single Tactical Rifle Case

Bulldog brand is all about durability and quality. Their products can survive almost anything. So does this case. It comes in three colors and three sizes for you to choose from. It is equipped with lockable zip open pockets for safe and organized mags and other essential equipment storage. For those who prefer to carry their guns as a backpack, there are straps for over shoulder wearing. The case is made of high-quality durable fabric and provided with strong and heavy-duty zippers that work smoothly and flawlessly. A padded interior ensures amazing and reliable protection for your gear.

  • Backpack straps for easier carrying
  • High capacity, three available size options
  • Great design, three colors to choose from
  • Nothing to complain about


Now, after reading everything I listed for you, I hope choosing your perfect case is not as challenging as it was before. All you need to do is understand your needs and purchase that one case that will work best for you.

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