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The knife is a necessary part of our lives from ancient times. Everyone has it at home and use regularly. There are a lot of kinds: for the kitchen, for fishing, for military forces, for hunting and others.

Best Hawkbill Knives for Camping & Hiking - Editor's Choice

You should pay attention to all of them and choose what can meet your needs. If you decide to buy a hawkbill knife it is not a mistake. As for me, it is quite multifunctional and fits a lot of life situations. This knife got its start long years ago. People used it as a farming tool. Thanks to its convenience, the knife has become popular around the world. The curved shape of the blade resembles a beak. This fact shows that people were one with nature and drew inspiration from there. In modern life, the device also found its place. It is widely used in home needs and wildlife survival. Some apply it in industrial work. The shape of the blade makes it easy and safe to cut any material. The dull back allows increasing pressure by the hand without the risk of cutting. A knife can be a great gift for men or women who like to travel. One tool can save someone’s life with its versatility.

Best Hawkbill Knife | Hawkbill Knives Review Guide

Uncle Henry Hawkbill KnifeUncle HenryBUY
Spyderco Byrd Lightweight Folding Hawkbill KnifeSpydercoBUY
SMITH & WESSON Karambit Folding Hawkbill KnifeSMITH & WESSONBUY
Lockback Aluminum Hawkbill KnifeLockbackBUY
Greenlee Pocket Hawkbill KnifeGreenleeBUY
Tactical Combat Karambit Claw Hawkbill KnifeTactical CombatBUY
Off-Grid Knives Folding Hawkbill KnifeOff-Grid KnivesBUY
Wild Turkey Handmade Collection Hawkbill KnifeWild TurkeyBUY
Western Active Honey Badger Pocket Hawkbill KnifeWestern Active HoneyBUY
Southwire Tools & Equipment Hawk Bill Pocket KnifeSouthwire Tools & EquipmentBUY

#1 Uncle Henry Hawkbill Knife

Uncle Henry Hawkbill Pruner Knife

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It is a regular pocket knife. You can take it anywhere you need because the size is small and it is lightweight. The device looks stylish with a special design on the handle. Perfect fits for camping, fishing, or safari. It can be useful in the car. The blade is small and sharp. You have an opportunity to take it both for regular needs and for surviving. It is made of high-qualitative materials and equipped with a good opening mechanism. To prevent the knife from opening by itself, the mechanism is made tight enough. So, you should put some effort to make the knife ready for use. The manufacturer warns that the product contains chemicals that can cause cancer. Take it to note before buying. In general, it is a great knife for everyday needs.

  • Small size;
  • Lightweight;
  • Looks stylish;
  • Perfect fits for any outdoor activities;
  • Multifunctional;
  • Equipped with a good opening mechanism;
  • You should put efforts to open the knife;
  • The product contains chemicals that can cause cancer;

#2 Spyderco Byrd Lightweight Folding Hawkbill Knife

Spyderco Byrd Lightweight Folding Knife

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This knife is a great addition to your collection. It has a beautiful design and a nice black color with print. The device is simple to use. It has an easy opening and an opportunity to throw out the blade by one hand. The handle is made of a mix of polymer and glass fiber. Also, the tool is quite multifunctional because of the sharp side and special bevels. In my opinion the majority of hunters and fish catchers like these features. This is a branded device. If you ever try to use something from Spyderco, you should understand the high rate of quality. Place a request only officially to avoid getting fakes.

  • Beautiful design;
  • Nice black color with print;
  • Simply to use;
  • Easy opening;
  • An opportunity to throw out the blade by one hand;
  • Multifunctional;
  • A branded device;
  • Some buyers got fakes;

#3 SMITH & WESSON Karambit Folding Hawkbill Knife

SMITH & WESSON ExtremeOps CK32C 8in S.S. Karambit Folding Knife

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A useful military karambit for the real men. The blade is made of high-qualitative carbon steel. This material provides the durability of the tool. The knife is designed with black camo color. It is coated with titanium cover. A simple way of use allows to opening the knife by one hand in 3 seconds. Don’t worry about the knife opening unexpectedly! There is a special secure mechanism to prevent such situations. The device has a special hole for the finger to make it comfortable to hold. Be careful, because the grip part is sharp and it is possible to get a cut.

  • Military karambit;
  • Durable;
  • A simple way of use;
  • Can be open by one hand;
  • A special secure mechanism to prevent unrespectable open;
  • A special hole for the finger for a comfortable hold;
  • Еhe grip hole is sharp and it is possible to get a cut;


#4 Lockback Aluminum Hawkbill Knife

Lockback Knife 2-5/8-Inch Aluminum Handle Klein Tools 44006

It is a stainless-steel knife. It was created for military forces but now it uses in a lot of different professions. Also, it is a good tool for true men’s rest such as hunting or fishing. You can put the device in the pocket and wear it every day if your job is connected with any building works. The look is really stylish because of the silver handle. There is a rustproof cover so stay calm if your knife becomes wet. Special construction allows using the good by one hand. In my opinion, it is a good feature in extreme conditions. You don’t need to buy an additional bag because the offer includes a belt clip for easy access. The knife is compact and lightweight and can be always with you. If you do not forget to adhere to all preventive measures the tool will serve you for many years!

  • Stainless steel;
  • Multifunctional;
  • Device looks really stylish;
  • Rustproof cover;
  • Special construction allows to use the good by one hand;
  • The offer includes a belt clip for easy access;
  • Compact and lightweight;
  • Not found;

#5 Greenlee Pocket Hawkbill Knife

Greenlee 0652-28 POCKET KNIFE,Brown and Rose

It is an indispensable wooden tool. It was created for surviving in extreme conditions but also fits for usual needs. It doubles down and becomes compact. So, put it in your bag or pocket and you always will have a helpful thing with you. A sharp blade helps to do a lot of actions by one device. The comfortable grip allows you to adjust the pressure. A wood cover of the handle is nice to touch. Unfortunately, there is no special cover to prevent damages and scratches.

  • Wood handle;
  • Multifunctional;
  • Compact;
  • A sharp blade;
  • A comfortable grip;
  • No special cover to prevent damages and scratches;

#6 Tactical Combat Karambit Claw Hawkbill Knife


Have you ever dream to become a ninja? This knife looks like a real weapon of a warrior. It has a stylish design in black color. The karambit is sharp. It can even cut hair from hands. There are special holes on the handle for a comfortable grip with your fingers. Also, you can find a blade case in the set. The knife is lightweight and waterproofed. Qualitative material allows us to use it for a long time. To be honest, it is a great buy, but not for regular life. Your surrounding will be surprised to see a karambit in your pocket.

  • Great look;
  • Stylish design;
  • Sharp;
  • Special holes on the handle for a comfortable grip;
  • A blade case in the set;
  • Lightweight;
  • Waterproofed;
  • Durable;
  • It does not fit for regular life;

#7 Off-Grid Knives Folding Hawkbill Knife

Off-Grid Knives Folding EDC Knife - Hawkbill Collection

There is your small helper in any life situation. The tool is available in black and grey colors. It is an original knife with a classic size and nice design. There are a lot of ways to use it. First of all, you can take the device anywhere you need in the usual life because it is little. Secondly, it can be great in wild nature and any countryside. And thirdly it is used for military forces in a lot of countries. Special construction allows a safe grip without gloves. The device is a perfect combination of a qualitative blade and a strong handle. A special built-in mechanism prevents its accidental opening. It is also quite easy to sharpen.

  • Available in 2 colors;
  • Original design;
  • A lot of ways to use it;
  • Special construction allows safe use of knife;
  • Qualitative blade;
  • Strong handle;
  • A special built-in mechanism prevents its accidental opening;
  • Quite easy to sharpen;
  • Everything is perfect;

#8 Wild Turkey Handmade Collection Hawkbill Knife

Wild Turkey Handmade Collection Full Tang High Carbon Steel

Loot at this stylish leather accessory! It is made in western style. There are a nice wood handle and a brown case. It looks beautiful and can be a good gift for a man. You can find a lot of colors to choose from. Pay attention, that the knife is not sharp! You should take care of it by yourself. The blade is made of carbon steel, so it is strong. But, there is no rust proof cover. It means that the tool can become useless quite fast. Also, you can easily scratch the device. For these reasons, the knife is not good for everyday life.

  • Stylish leather accessory;
  • Made in western style;
  • Nice wood handle;
  • Case as a gif;
  • A lot of colors;
  • The blade is made of carbon steel;
  • It is not sharp;
  • No rust proof cover;

#9 Western Active Honey Badger Pocket Hawkbill Knife

Western Active Honey Badger Pocket Knife Flipper EDC Knife

There is a beautifully stylish accessory. It is small as all hawkbill knives but quite multifunctional. You can cut or puncture any material you need. In my opinion, it is perfect for everyday life, for work or for surviving in wild nature. These knives are used in the military so do not doubt their reliability! The presence of roller bearings creates a smooth opening of the mechanism. It is designed in the extreme conditions of South Africa and made in China. There is a huge variety of colors. Also, the good comes in the beautiful box. This is good if you want to make a gift for somebody. At first glance, the knife seems perfect. But after careful tests, problems with the opening mechanism were identified. The seller is trying to fix it, but it is impossible to control every order. Take it to note before buying.

  • Beautiful stylish accessory;
  • Multifunctional;
  • A smooth opening;
  • Designed in South Africa;
  • The good comes in the beautiful box;
  • The problems with the opening mechanism are possible;

#10 Southwire Tools & Equipment Hawk Bill Pocket Knife

Southwire Tools & Equipment HBKND2 Edgeforce Hawk Bill Pocket Knife

There is a helpful tool for regular life. It is a lightweight sharp knife that fits both for everyday needs and extreme conditions. The knife has a convenient blade for cutting and piercing materials. It equipped with a reversible belt clip. This feature provides easy and safe use. But, it is not very hard to harm. The manufacturer takes care of quality and puts a special rust-proof cover to make the good really durable. This tool is a great buy for outdoorsmen, craftsmen, gardeners, woodworkers, and others. Be sure, the knife will serve you for long years.

  • A helpful tool for a regular life;
  • Lightweight;
  • Sharp;
  • Multifunctional;
  • Equipped with reversible belt clip;
  • A special rust-proof cover;
  • The reversible belt clip is easy to harm;


I think everybody wants and needs to have a multifunctional tool in the pocket. The hawkbill knife is a good choice for these reasons. It is compact, lightweight, but sharp and comfortable. The device perfectly fits for any outdoor activities and regular life. There is a huge variety of designs, colors, and prices. It means that everyone can find something suitable for his valet. As for me, you should pay attention to number 2. It is a good offer with a lot of accomplishments.

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