Good afternoon! Thank you for visiting this page. Today we have prepared the top 13 best flashlights for emergencies. We believe that it’s very important to choose a good quality flashlight for those who like to go camping or be in nature, you never know when other devices can turn off and let you down.

Best Hand Emergency Flashlights - Editor's Choice & Top Picks

It is also the case for indoor use, we think everyone should have at least one of these at home in case of need. In our top, we’ve gathered the best representatives of such emergency flashlights of all shapes and sizes so you can choose which one you like best. Without further ado, let’s show what we’ve got for you!

Hand Emergency Flashlight Review | Best Emergency Flashlight

Goal Zero Torch 250 Solar and Crank Powered FlashlightGoal ZeroBUY
PrimalCamp Hand Crank Solar Powered Rechargeable LED FlashlightPrimalCampBUY
NoCry 18W Waterproof Rechargeable Flashlight (Spotlight)NoCryBUY
ThorFire Solar Flashlight Hand Crank Solar Powered Rechargeable FlashlightThorFireBUY
Evelots Hand Crank FlashlightEvelotsBUY
MECO Hand Cranking Solar Powered Rechargeable FlashlightMECOBUY
Simpeak Hand Crank Solar Powered FlashlightSimpeakBUY
Rechargeable Flashlight with Solar Power & Hand CrankRechargeableBUY
Life Gear StormProof Crank Flashlight, RED, Model:LG38-60675-REDLife GearBUY
Stansport Solar Dynamo Radio Am-Fm-Wb Crank Radio-Flashlight 01-520StansportBUY
Emergency Solar Hand Crank Portable RadioEmergency SolarBUY
FosPower Emergency Solar Hand Crank Portable RadioFosPowerBUY
VADIV Hand Crank Flashlight Solar Powered Emergency TorchVADIVBUY

#1 Goal Zero Torch 250 Solar and Crank Powered Emergency Flashlight

Goal Zero Torch 250 Solar and Crank Powered Flashlight

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Well, let’s start with our first option here. The first thing we want to say is that the reviewers are quite amused with this flashlight. It can be easily charged in different ways via USB port, solar panel, or hand crank. Four light settings let you conserve battery if you need to, which is a great deal for a survival kit, sometimes you just need to save some energy. Another great feature for extreme situations is that the USB port allows you to charge electronics from the device. Isn’t it great? We all know how our electronics like to let us down and run out of battery at the wrongest moments, so this thing might become a savior during times like this.

We aren’t sure that it will be a great and fast charger, but it should be enough for you to be able to turn your device on to make a quick call or something. Taking about some downfalls. You should take into account the fact that the built-in solar panel charges the battery in 23 to 46 hours, which is pretty long, some people say that it’s quite useless after all, but after the USB charging the flashlight lasts for a very long time. It has a pretty good light beam as well.

If you’re interested, we suggest you read more information on the link we left for the product, but, all in all, this seems like a great solid option for any survival kit which should not let you down during your trip. You should definitely pay your attention to this one!

  • Long living
  • Well-made and strong
  • no curvature or a designed way to hold this flashlight,
  • the solar panel problems (bad charging)
  • High price compared to most of our other competitors

#2 PrimalCamp Hand Crank Solar Powered Hand Emergency Flashlight

PrimalCamp Hand Crank Solar Powered Rechargeable LED Flashlight

Our next option is a really inexpensive emergency survival kit flashlight and it can be pretty useful. Of course, you should not expect the perfect quality for the price, but it seems decent and most people are quite pleased. Some individuals claim it to be very long-lasting, despite its cheap price, you will not need to replace it or buy a battery for a pretty long time.

This flashlight includes a clip to attach to a backpack or other items, which can also be quite convenient for going out. The thing some people complain about is that it is not very bright. And of course, we have to point out those who say that the flashlight broke just after several uses or after getting wet. It seems like not everyone is lucky with this product.

Summing up, this one is a very handy item to have for hiking, camping, hunting, or any other outdoor activity. This one seems to be a great deal if you don’t want to spend much money and do not expect outstanding quality, this one might be a good option for your survival kit.

  • You can return it for a full refund
  • Some people said that broke down after a few days or the light became duller with time

#3 NoCry 18W Waterproof Rechargeable Emergency Flashlight (Spotlight)

NoCry 18W Waterproof Rechargeable Flashlight (Spotlight)

Our next competitor is more expensive than the previous one, but it also seems more solid. The manufacturer claims the flashlight to be impact resistant, waterproof, and non-sinking, which sure are some great features for a survival flashlight. Of course, it is rechargeable and seems to hold the battery for a pretty long time. Talking about people’s opinion on this one we must say that it has a decent light beam, nice grip, and feel, but unfortunately, it might be not as bright as the company claims.

For the price, you get a very durable and reliable option, which should stand up just fine under cold or wet weather conditions, seems like a great fat plus for a survival flashlight. As usual, you can read all the details in the description of the product, but what we can say is that it is definitely worth your attention! It sure must catch your eye!

  • If you receive a defective product, you can contact the company for a replacement unit for free.
  • No return required.
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Durable and reliable
  • Gets dirty really easy
  • Hard to clean the rear cap can be difficult to remove

#4 ThorFire Solar Flashlight Hand Emergency Flashlight

ThorFire Solar Flashlight Hand Crank Solar Powered Rechargeable Flashlight

This one is a solar & hand crank-powered flashlight that doesn’t need batteries. This item should be good for emergencies, power outages, or anything of the sort. What we like about it is that it has a very affordable price and a good rating from the costumers. All in all, this is exactly what you can expect from kinetic flashlight’s work. A little drawback is that its brightness is not very high, but it is pretty decent, as most of such flashlights suffer from the issue of lumens.

The manufacturer claims that it’s waterproof and submersible up to 45 feet, we are not able to prove that so let’s believe in the word! Despite some remarks, we would definitely recommend this flashlight since it seems very durable and handy l for home or any outdoor use such as hiking or camping!

  • High efficiency
  • Durability
  • Affordable price
  • Some people had problems with the quality

#5 Evelots Hand Crank Emergency Flashlight

Evelots Hand Crank Flashlight

Moving on! Here’s our next option of the top 13, which is a set of 4 crank lights that should provide battery-free light with just a few cranks. They’re not the brightest, but seem to be handy enough to use when you can’t see how to get around in a dark space. That’s to be expected considering its price. Nevertheless, it’s pretty nice for any use including the emergency one. It’s convenient and compact enough to carry around wherever you go. What people complain about is the fact that some of the set was quickly broken or didn’t work at all. However, that seems to be a rare case and most people find these little flashlights quite useful.

We can recommend you to consider this option if you don’t want to spend a lot of money and need something just in case of need. Another great thing is that this is a set of four, which means you can share it with your friends or family members without spending more money on each one. Pretty beneficial, isn’t it? You need to remember its drawbacks as well and make up your mind, but we find this product greatly appealing and affordable.

  • Nice value for the price
  • Lightweight and handy
  • Some people claim it to be easily broken

#6 MECO Hand Cranking Solar Powered  Emergency Flashlight

MECO Hand Cranking Solar Powered Rechargeable Flashlight

Our next option for you is this MECO flashlight. The title of this product says it all actually. You can read all the details about it as usual, but we want to pay your attention to customers’ opinions on the product. What we picked up on from the reviews is the fact that this flashlight should do a good job for brief emergency use, which is what the manufacturer says as well. It probably won’t do a perfect job in the long run.

Some people find the light beam a little dim and it becomes weaker as the battery dies out. What we like is the fact that the flashlight can be attached to a backpack or something, which is pretty convenient if you’re going out and don’t want to miss it somewhere along the way! A great feature for an emergency thing is that the flashlight tolerates bad weather quite well as some people managed to notice. All in all, this one should draw your attention if you’re looking for something affordable for quick use! For something great priced, it seems to do its job pretty well!

  • Affordable price
  • Good quality materials
  • 40 days money-back guarantee
  • The knob on the crank can come off

#7 Simpeak Hand Crank Emergency Flashlight

Simpeak Hand Crank Solar Powered Flashlight

The next competitor of our top is this Simpeak flashlight. This product is a pack of two and that fact can save you some money. There are several ways to recharge it, like by crank or solar panel, which is quite convenient. What people claim about these flashlights is that they work great as an emergency light. The light beam itself is very bright as well, which people are very pleased with. They are made of plastic, but it seems to be thick and durable enough nevertheless, the flashlight has a nice grip and feels comfortable in one’s hands.

What’s not to like about it? Well, actually there are some things to pay attention to. We did not like the fact that some people received low-quality flashlights, some had one working bad or the whole pack not really high quality, but still it can be returned in the case of problems, so this is not a huge downfall, but can still cause discomfort. Summing up we can say that the value for the money is quite well and most people are still enjoying the quality!
If what you’re looking for is an operational light, these flashlights are a nice and bright and functional option for an inexpensive price.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to carry around
  • Bright light beam
  • The handle seems weak
  • Some people had battery problems (doesn’t hold up for too long)

#8 Rechargeable Flashlight with Solar Power & Hand Crank

Rechargeable Flashlight with Solar Power & Hand Crank

Well, most people seem to be satisfied with these little guys. These flashlights are available in different colors, you can choose the one to your liking, or just buy the pack of four, which has a decent price. Most people find the light beam quite bright and the flashlight itself very comfortable to carry around for camping or any outdoor activities since it is lightweight and not cumbersome, has a pretty nice shape. It’s made of plastic but still feels durable enough, which is a great thing. Sure not everyone is as happy with this item as others.

There are some remarks for the quality, more precisely some reviewers say that the crank recharging is tiring and the light still remains dim, so the solar one seems more useful. Of course, there were cases where people got low-quality items. There is always such a possibility of this kind of hassle with the manufacturer or the customer service, but talking about all the pros and cons, the negative situations with these flashlights seem to be a rare case. All in all, you should not expect this one to be the brightest flashlight out of all, but it still seems to be a great option for a backup camping flashlight or a survival kit.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Comes in different colors and quantity
  • Full refund offered if you’re not satisfied
  • Some received low-quality items

#9 Life Gear StormProof Crank Flashlight, RED, Model:LG38-60675-RED

Life Gear StormProof Crank Flashlight, RED, Model:LG38-60675-RED

This one also has a pretty nice rating as our other choices, so let’s see what is so great about it. What you’re getting for the money is the crank flashlight, which can also play as a radio, it also features a USB charge in and out and an emergency siren. It seems to be like a perfect choice for the avid traveler, right? What we were surprised about is the fact that there are no 1-star reviews at all. That’s quite impressive!

The thing people point out is that the flashlight can’t be used as other devices charger in its full potential, sure it will save your phone from dying off in case of an emergency, but you shouldn’t expect much more from it, it’s not a power-bank after all. Other than that people don’t seem to find any serious remarks, you’re getting exactly what the manufacturer claims (you can read more details from the Amazon).

Let’s sum it all up! The Crank Light seems to be a great choice for home and outdoor use camping hunting and emergency situations, since it can charge your smartphone in an emergency, is waterproof will stand up to the rough stormy weather. If that’s what you’re looking for then you can definitely look this way!

  • Great value for money
  • Affordable price
  • Not too heavy
  • There are no much problems

#10 Stansport Solar Dynamo Radio Am-Fm-Wb Crank Radio-Flashlight 01-520

Stansport Solar Dynamo Radio Am-Fm-Wb Crank Radio-Flashlight 01-520

There is no rating from the website for this Solar radio-flashlight, so we had to look up some information to make it easier for you. What we’ve found after studying its characteristics declared by the manufacturer is that the flashlight is quite compact, lightweight, and easy to carry, which can be a good moment for outdoor activities.

At the same time, it is loaded with many important functions that are necessary for any survival kit, for example, the radio, LED flashlight, cell phone charger with cables and jack accessories, dynamo grip, solar power, and USB power/radio charging. It sounds like the perfect adventure seeker set! Several ways to charge this flashlight are also pleasing.

From the comments that we still managed to find on other sites, it seems that the manufacturer, in general, justifies these features. In conclusion, we can say that such a device should be ideal for hiking, camping, storage in the trunk of a car, or an emergency kit. We recommend that you take a closer look at this multi-functional flashlight.

  • Waterproof
  • Weather-resistant
  • Different charging ways
  • Not much information from the seller

#11 Emergency Solar Hand Crank Portable Radio

Emergency Solar Hand Crank Portable Radio

This Emergency solar radio has a pretty high rating from the reviewers and that leaves us quite interested. Let’s see what are its pros and cons, if it is worth the money. What we like is it’s multifunctional. This flashlight has a 2000mAh power bank, which should provide about 10-12 hours of light or 15 hours of radio time.

It also has 3 power sources (micro USB charging, solar charging, or manual hand crank), which is great during an emergency when you don’t have much choice. What people say is that the light is quite bright (1W radio flashlight), you can share the battery with your other devices due to the USB port. Not everything is so perfect though.

Unfortunately, some reviewers had several problems after receiving the flashlight, some say that the SOS siren didn’t work, others claim to have recharging problems. But after the replacement of the item, some people seem to enjoy it as well.
What we can say is that you should definitely look closely at this emergency flashlight and it seems to make a great addition in case of an emergency or power loss. Despite some remarks, most people seem to love it so we can say that it is certainly worth your attention!

  • Multifunctional
  • Great value for money
  • Problems with different charging ways
  • The poor instructions

#12 FosPower Emergency Solar Hand Crank Portable Radio

FosPower Emergency Solar Hand Crank Portable Radio

This product is our alternative to the previous one, since having similar characteristics, like 2000 mah power bank and the 3 source ways. Even their ratings are almost the same. Well, the first difference is that this emergency flashlight has two light sources (the 4 LED light and 1W flashlight). There are plenty of other little contraptions you get for the money, you can read more about from the website.

Well, the concept of this SOS flashlight seems to be just perfect for emergencies, if it all worked that is. What we don’t like is the fact that some reviewers got the item which had some of the features not working at all, some had problems with the solar charging, others claim that it doesn’t charge other devices.

Seems like some people received defective items, a great thing is that the flashlight has a lifetime warranty and if you’re not satisfied you can get your money back. Nevertheless, there are not many cases like that and most people are loving this flashlight. If it features all that you’re looking for, then we believe that it should work just great!

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Great item for hiking or camping
  • No instructions
  • Not all features seem to work as claimed

#13 VADIV Hand Crank Flashlight Solar Powered Emergency Torch

VADIV Hand Crank Flashlight Solar Powered Emergency Torch

Our last but not least choice is this VADIV Hand Crank Flashlight. This flashlight is not the brightest you can buy (8 lumens) but seems to do its job pretty well. The charge does not hold up for too long, as some people claim and as with all our previous competitors, in this case, breakdowns and delivery of low-quality goods also occur, but they can be replaced thanks to the warranty. That fact can save the day!

It is lightweight and compact which should be nice for carrying it around with you in case of need. Well, summing up we can say that these flashlights seem to be a good option for emergencies. Of course, they’re not as multifunctional and featured as some of our other competitors but seem to do well if you need a simple and good working flashlight for your emergency bag.

    • Durable and portable.
    • VADIV provides customers with a 40-day money-back and 2-
    • Dim light (not everyone agrees with that)


    We want to thank you for reading through our top! We hope that you found it amusing and useful enough and we were able to help you to decide what flashlight you are looking for. As you can see, there are plenty of choices out there for different prices so everyone can find the perfect one just for themselves. We wish you a great day and a nice purchase! And stay tuned for our next TOP!

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