The fire was an important part of daily life since, according to myths of ancient Greece, powerful and fearless Prometheus decided to steal it from gods for our ancestors.

Best FIre Piston - Top Picks & Editor's Choice

Thousands of centuries have passed since then and now we still can not imagine our daily routine without fire. But during that time we found out countless ways of producing a flame. Every house has hot water, high functioning stoves, millions of people are carrying their fire starters that carry fit in their pockets. But after centuries of urbanization, many of us still want to spend weekends farther from the city. As long as heat is necessary for cooking,  water sterilization, keeping you warm, and even scare scaring away predators, every camper wants an answer for the easiest method of setting fire in wildness. And here it is – read this article to find the fire starter that suits you perfectly! They might little more effort than your the lighter, but will find a place in your heart and survival kit for sure.

Best Fire Starters | Fire Piston Review

Schrade Large Ferro Rod (Survival Fire Starter)SchradeBUY
American Heritage Industries Fire Piston KitAmerican Heritage IndustriesBUY
Epiphany Outdoor Gear Pocket Fire PistonEpiphany Outdoor GearBUY
CampfirePiston Hickory Fire PistonCampfirePistonBUY
Mudder Collapsible Fire StarterMudderBUY
Clickspring The Fire PistonClickspringBUY
JonHen Collapsible Campfire ToolJonHenBUY
Wilderness Solutions Cocobolo Hunter Fire PistonWilderness SolutionsBUY
SURVIVE Permanent Fire StarterSURVIVEBUY
Lixada Fire Starter Piston Survival KitLixadaBUY
PYRO Putty Fire Starter Eco BlendPYROBUY

#1 Schrade Large Ferro Rod (Survival Fire Starter)

Schrade Large Ferro Rod (Survival Fire Starter)

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Do you travel a lot? Or a fan of BBQ? Or know someone who is? Take a look at this must-have fire starter you will definitely want in your survival kit. Don’t ever worry again about starting the fire – this easy in use rod sparks at 3000°C to set fire at any weather conditions, even when its windy and/or raining. Thanks to its brightness it can also help you to scare wild animals or send an emergency signal. This fire starter suits both righthand and lefthand people. I would recommend using the art knife as a striker, but hacksaw works as well. Make sure to take off a coating and enjoy your outdoor fireplace.

  • Works at any weather conditions
  • Longlasting
  • Easy to use
  • Thick coating might be hard to take off

#2 American Heritage Industries Fire Piston Kit

American Heritage Industries Fire Piston Kit

If you thought that spark is essential to set fire, you probably need to take a glance at this powerful fire starter that uses just the power of compressed air. Fire Piston ignites a small piece of char cloth, which is included in this kit, and with the help of provided jute, you can make your fire last longer. It’s not only a great fire starter to keep in your Survival and Emergency kit, but I also a wonderful thing to entertain your kids with awesome science experiments. The product comes with detailed instructions and video material for those you might have problems starting a fire. It’s also very compact and can easily fit in your pocket.

  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy and water-resistant case- great for outdoors
  • Needs some practice to the fire

#3 Epiphany Outdoor Gear Pocket Fire Piston

Epiphany Outdoor Gear Pocket Bellows

Add to your list this lightweight fire-starting tool, you can easily fit in your pocket and forget about problems of setting fire forever. Worrying about your eyebrows when stocking a fire? Our tool is extendable enough to keep your face distanced from the fire. You don’t have to wait till the rain finished to warm up yourself with a lovely bonfire – this pocket bellows is completely weatherproof and will turn into fire even the wettest wood. Besides being a perfect option to have in your Survival kit, it’s as well works at home for fireplace or BBQ grill, making it great for everyone who is looking for high-quality gear.

  • Space saving
  • Safe and easy in use
  • Weatherproof
  • Little bit fragile

#4 Campfire Piston Hickory Fire Piston

CampfirePiston Hickory Fire Piston

A great tool with the lovely wood exterior for those who are looking for the best options to keep themselves warm. It uses so little char cloth that you don’t have to pack a lot with to make your trip last longer. With this fine product, even amateur camper can set fire on the first try. Say “yes” to probably the easiest method of creating an ember by hand. If you’re looking for a good dependable piece of gear for starting a fire, this is a good choice. The extra pack of cloth that can last to 30-50 times using is a nice and helpful addition to the kit. Clear and detailed instructions will help you master fire starting in no time.

  • Clear instructions and easy to use
  • Appealing exterior
  • Kit includes extra cloth and spare o-rings
  • Needs some lubricant to function

#5 Mudder Collapsible Fire Starter

Mudder Collapsible Campfire Tool

If you were looking for a safe way to blow fire and don’t get hurt, while keeping your face away from heat and smoke, you will probably want to add to shopping list this foldable fire blower. Thanks to stainless steel and waterproof acrylic outer tube this pipe is completely rust, heat, and water-resistant.  Space-saving and collapsible enough to easily fit in your Survival kit or backpack and can be extended to approximately 19 inches. Being weatherproof and able to set fire even with soaking wet firewood in few minutes makes it must-have for campers, picnic lovers, hikers. Despite its usability outdoors, you might also find it helpful indoors for fireplaces and stoves. Say «no» to the smoke in your eyes, burnt hair or eyebrows passing out because you needed to blow for way too long. This changing fire building forever.

  • Easy to use
  • Foldable and space-saving
  • Lightweight
  • Low quality case

#6 Clickspring The Fire Piston

Mudder Clickspring The Fire Piston

This perfectly designed high-quality fire-starting tool will make you want to stay outdoor for long. This useful device will make you fall in love with its eye-catching appearance. We are proud to say that it’s weatherproof thanks to being made from solid brass and aluminum. This is your must-have if you ever planned to go on a camping trip with friends or family. Being space saving makes it easy to fit in your hiking bag. It requires some effort and little skill to start using properly which makes it not only a practical and lifesaving device but also a lovely entertaining gadget to experiment with your family cause it explains physics on practice.

  • Weatherproof
  • Entertaining and practical
  • Limitless
  • High price

#7 JonHen Collapsible Campfire Tool

JonHen Collapsible Campfire Tool

This collapsible lightweight and easy to carry fire building device can extend to approximately 30 inches while telescope design helps to blow on the embers with burning your face and hair. The power of oxygen is one of the most important keys to achieve long-lasting fire, so you shouldn’t underestimate it. Jonhen device is longer than others on the market and thanks to construction it’s easier to extend. If you’re fanatical about camping or hiking or otherwise need a perfect device for building outdoor fire, you should buy it with no doubt. With one single blow, you can reignite coals and direct fire to logs and branches, even if its raining and your firewood are completely wet. You can find it fragile but with the nice little case, you shouldn’t worry about it being broken- perfect for carrying in your backpack.

  • Space saving and lightweight
  • Collapsible
  • Easy and safe in use
  • Fragile, should be stored in the case

#8 Wilderness Solutions Cocobolo Hunter Fire Piston

Wilderness Solutions Cocobolo Hunter Fire Piston

If you used to have a rechargeable device before and always worried about battery, forget about it and start using fuel that comes from nature. This glossy wood design will encourage you to take your friends or family on a lovely trip on weekends. This is a wonderful tool you can easily fit in almost any bag to be a great helper in a fire setting. It is moisture resistant so don’t be afraid- it won’t get affected by humidity while using or storing it. Simple and clear instructions included will help you master generating heat using compressed air and tinder. The package also has char cloth and replacement o-rings in it, so without worrying about small details, you can start your adventure right after receiving this nice product.

  • Small and easy to carry
  • Beautiful design
  • Needs strength to achieve fire

#9 SURVIVE Permanent Fire Starter

SURVIVE Permanent Matches

Take a look at something you’ve might miss on the market! If you’re a fan of an old fashioned way of setting fire with a match but want something more long-lasting than wooden one- this unique lighter is waiting for you. Despite saving trees and being ecofriendly, these matches are small and lightweight just like a matchbox you used to carry. They are not only durable but also water, wind and weatherproof, so no more worries about not getting fire when you are soaking wet. Uses of this gadget are nearly unlimited and when you need to start a fire you will be happy to have this magical lighter in your pocket or bag. It’s easy in use and you will also get detailed instructions that are pretty understandable. Just fill it with fuel and you will never want to replace it for any other lighter.

  • Lightweight and small
  • Waterproof
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Ecofriendly
  • Container is easy to overfilled

#10 Lixada Fire Starter Piston Survival Kit

Lixada Fire Starter Piston Survival Kit

Free some room in your camping bag for this excellent fire-starting equipment. This high-quality piston might seem small to you but it doesn’t affect the tool’s performance but makes it more packable and space-saving. Firesetting looks hard for beginner campers but not with this fully equipped kit. It includes everything you need to start a fire. Also, the pocket tin itself is big enough to fit some extras you might need in an emergency kit. It is made of high-quality aluminum making Survival kit waterproof and ready to be used in any weather conditions. Add this option to your shopping list and the next time you will be hiking or camping, fire is going to be the last thing you have to worry about. Even though it doesn’t include any instructions printed you can always watch a video explaining how to start a fire with a piston. Order this and find out how easy fire setting can be.

  • Kit includes everything needed to make fire
  • Small, lightweight and space-saving
  • Instructions are not included

BONUS: #11 PYRO Putty Fire Starter Eco Blend

PYRO Putty Fire Starter Eco Blend

Need some weatherproof fire starter that works any season and temperature?  Take a look and consider buying this gel designed to burn even at low temperatures. Make winter camping enjoyable for all your family, not a surviving. It can be stuck on any wooden piece and start a fire even when its -20F° (~-20C°). Don’t worry if it is snowing or raining- PYRO Putty Blend will burn up the wettest log. This fire-starting gel will exceed your expectations after the first time you give it a shot. You only need a small amount so can of this goodness will last you for long (depends on how much you stay outdoors) which makes it fairly priced. It does not smell like many other fuels on the market and completely toxic-free. This is definitely a purchase you will never regret making.

  • Non-toxic and does not smell
  • Temperature and weatherproof
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Pricey (but worth it)


I hope you found the perfect option to put in your survival and emergency kit and already planning to go camping to great and challenging outdoors. Be sure to throw one of those high-quality fire starters before heading out on your next trip and the only thing you will have to worry about is what song to sing around the bonfire. Don’t stress about founding reliable gear, we have already selected only the best for everyone from beginners to frequent hikers. Enjoy admiring nature with your loved ones with safety and warmth.

Best Pick:

  • #1 Schrade Large Ferro Rod (Survival Fire Starter)

Budget Pick: 

  • #7 JonHen Collapsible Campfire Tool

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