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The AR-15 rifles are equipped with upper and lower receivers, usually crafted from heated aluminum (forged one). The AR15 upper is a simplified name of the upper receiver, which is necessary to protect urgent AR15 parts. This review will show you the differences between uppers, which are necessary to be aware of in order to properly build an AR15. Why ...
TOP-12 300 Blackout Upper - Editor's Choice

Best 300 Blackout Upper 2022

A modern shooting arsenal will not do without a high-quality body kit with additional accessories. In particular, almost every shooter needs flashlights, under the conditions of active combat, an under-barrel grenade launcher will definitely come in handy, and additional accessories for aiming will significantly increase shooting performance — each of your bullets must accurately hit the target. Weapon manufacturers took ...

Upper Receiver FAQ

All about Upper Receivers: Buyer's Guide, How To, FAQ

Do you need FFL for upper receiver?
AnsweredCruz answered 4 months ago • 
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What is an upper and lower receiver?
AnsweredLewis answered 4 months ago • ,
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How to assemble AR upper?
OpenAntony answered 4 months ago • ,
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How to build AR15 upper?
AnsweredOlson answered 5 months ago • ,
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How to pick an AR 15 upper receiver?
AnsweredAntony answered 4 months ago • ,
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What is a billet upper receiver?
AnsweredIvan answered 4 months ago • 
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