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I think everybody wants to feel comfortable even at the hospital. When you are sick all sensations are aggravated. So you need something that will provide you good feelings. The blanket is lightweight so you will not bother yourself with extra weight on the body. At the same time, it will keep warm for you. After all, it is multifunctional. You can also use it in regular life, for example, like bed cover.

Best Hospital Blanket - editor's choice

It will protect from unexpected spots. It is also will be very useful in summer because it’s subtle and sleeping under it in hot weather is more pleasant. Also, it is possible to take the blanket everywhere! Thanks to the thin fabric, it collapses and becomes so compact that it fits in any bag or pocket. So use it as a beach cover, picnic mat or underlay to lie down to sleep somewhere in the meadow. Usually, such a cover is made of thin cotton. Cotton is the breathable material that provides complete comfort. I think everybody should have such a blanket. By the way, it can be an interesting interior detail.

Hospital Blankets | Best Hospital Cotton Blanket Review

Head2Toe 100% Cotton Hospital Thermal BlanketHead2ToeBUY
Utopia Bedding Premium Summer Thermal BlanketUtopiaBUY
COTTON CRAFT 100% Soft Premium Cotton Thermal BlanketCOTTON CRAFTBUY
Raymond Clarke Luxury Hospital Bed Blanket Flannel BlanketRaymond ClarkeBUY
JMR White Hospital/Home Thermal BlanketJMRBUY
Elivo 100% Cotton Hospital Thermal BlanketsElivoBUY
Linteum Textile Hospital BlanketLinteumBUY
6PK Hospital Baby Blankets6PKBUY
Elivo Hospital Thermal BlanketsElivoBUY
Linteum Textile Patient Bath Hospital BlanketLinteumBUY
Baby Swaddle BlanketsBaby SwaddleBUY

#1 Head2Toe 100% Cotton Hospital Thermal Blanket

Head2Toe 100% Cotton Hospital Thermal Blanket

There is a classic example of a blanket. It is made in white color with qualitative textile. The material is 100% cotton. I think it is the best choice because it is breathable and lightweight. At the same time, such a structure allows keeping warm. The manufacturer takes care of customers and trying to make his product as soft and comfortable as possible. The description says that the highest quality product and reviews confirm this. No chemical or toxic additives are used in the manufacture of blankets. Double seams give the bedspread durability and reliability. The lot retains the color even after one hundred cycles of wash. It can be washed in the washing machine and manually.
After all these corns, one prop that I can find is a lack of color choice.

  • 100% cotton;
  • soft and comfortable;
  • the highest quality;
  • no chemical or toxic additives;
  • double seams;
  • retains the color even after one hundred cycles;
  • can be washed in the washing machine;
  • a lack of color choice;

#2 Utopia Bedding Premium Summer Thermal Blanket

Utopia Bedding Premium Summer Thermal Blanket

This blanket can be used both at the hospital and at home. It is perfect for covering the bed because it consists of breathable material. The package contains one cotton double-sized cover. So you can use it for a big bed or for small but fold twice before. Blanket designed with waffle squares. The weight and density are medium. As for me, it is good, because it can be used in any season. The cover is soft and nice to touch. It can be washed in the washing machine and my hands. There is a good feature. Anything can happen . Especially if you need something for the hospital, it should be premium quality. Another nice bonus is a huge variety of colors. As for me I definitely like this lot. But one guy was really disappointed. He wrote that the quality is not as good as he expected. At the same time, others are fully satisfied.

  • can be used both at the hospital and at home;
  • breathable material;
  • good design;
  • medium weight and density;
  • soft and nice to touch;
  • can be washed in the washing machine;
  • a huge variety of colors;
  • disappointed customer;

#3 COTTON CRAFT 100% Soft Premium Cotton Thermal Blanket

COTTON CRAFT 100% Soft Premium Cotton Thermal Blanket

Another one soft blanket. It is made of cotton. It is breathable, lightweight and nice to touch. There are 3 sizes to choose: twin, full-queen and king. Also, there is a herringbone twill design. 16 colors are available. The cover is soft, cozy and durable for long use. Perfect for layering any bed. I like it because it is machine washable. The seller is an official distributor. It means high quality and responsibility for goods.

  • made of cotton;
  • breathable, lightweight and nice to touch;
  • a lot of colors to choose;
  • soft, cozy and durable for long use;
  • machine washable;
  • the seller is an official distributor;
  • impossible to deliver to Ukraine;
  • shedding;

#4 Raymond Clarke Luxury Hospital Bed Blanket Flannel Blanket

Raymond Clarke Luxury Hospital Bed Blanket Flannel Blanket

Nice blanket with blue stripes. It is hypoallergenic. I think it’s a good feature for hospital blankets. The cover is soft, cozy and made of cotton. It is a breathable, lightweight and durable material. Perfect fits for hospitals. The manufacturer takes all responsibility for the quality of the product. Goods are made in one size and color. It can be used as a sheet or as a bedspread for your bedding. The blanket is easy to wash. Just throw it to the washing machine. But in cold, gentle cycle. You will definitely like this item. If no, the seller will give your money back without questions. There is the corn of lifestyle warranty. As for me, the good is ok, but I have doubts. It seems to me after a few washes the blanket will fade.

  • hypoallergenic;
  • soft, cozy, breathable, lightweight and durable;
  • easy to wash in the washing machine;
  • lifestyle warranty;
  • one size;
  • one color.

#5 JMR White Hospital/Home Thermal Blanket

JMR White Hospital/Home Thermal Blanket

Useful, soft and nice to touch- these words characterize this product. It is made of 100% cotton. This means that you will receive a product that is made of lightweight and breathable material. The warm layer provides heat retention enough good. The absorption rate is also high. Waffle design is available. There are 7 colors to choose from. As for me, it can be a perfect gift due to its multifunctional. You can use the blanket all year because of high-qualitative material and huge variates of colorations. Good choice for your family, friends, and surroundings. They can use it as a bed blanket, a summer quilt, an extra layering for the sheets. A lot of customers are satisfied. But not everyone. Most of the complaints were that the quality was unsatisfactory and the goods arrived in a dirty form.

  • Useful, soft and nice to touch;
  • 100% cotton;
  • lightweight and breathable material;
  • heat retention;
  • absorption;
  • a huge variety of colors to choose;
  • multifunctional;
  • a high rate of complaints about the quality;
  • to some customers, the product came dirty;

#6 Elivo 100% Cotton Hospital Thermal Blankets

Elivo 100% Cotton Hospital Thermal Blankets

The last blanket is perfect for hospitals. However, you can use it anywhere you need. White color is available. It is an effective thermal. The open cell weaves provide perfect air circulation which allows everybody to feel comfortable under it. It is a good feature when you need to control the patient’s body temperature. In winter it can be used as an additional blanket if you are cold. The material is 100% cotton which is soft and breathable. Cotton allows keeping warm without excess weight. The product is eco-friendly. No chemical or harmful substances were used in its production. The manufacturer guarantees high quality and durability of the product. If you have troubles he promises to give all your money back without any questions. A lifetime warranty is a good thing. I noticed that some customers decided to use it. They were upset about the quality of the blankets. For some, it completely faded after the first wash. Others were unhappy that it was too thin.

  • effective thermal;
  • perfect air circulation;
  • soft and breathable material;
  • eco-friendly;
  • lifetime warranty;
  • goods may fade after the first wash;
  • the blanket may be thinner than expected;

#7 Linteum Textile Hospital Blanket

Linteum Textile Hospital Blanket

View on Amazon

#8 6PK Hospital Baby Blankets

6PK Hospital Baby Blankets

View on Amazon

#9 Elivo Hospital Thermal Blankets (100% Cotton)

Elivo Hospital Thermal Blankets (100% Cotton)

View on Amazon

#10 Linteum Textile Patient Bath Hospital Blanket

Linteum Textile Patient Bath Hospital Blanket

View on Amazon

#Bonus: Baby Swaddle Blankets

Baby Swaddle Blankets

View on Amazon


The hospital blanket is an essential thing firstly for hospitals. It allows taking good care for patients. Lightweight, breathable material allows controlling air circulation and body temperature. Eco-friendly materials are soft and nice to touch. A huge variety of colors allows using the blanket not only in hospitals. Such blankets can perfect fit for all kinds of designs. Put it on the sofa or on the bed and your room will become cozier. Multifunctional allows you to use it in a lot of different ways anywhere you need. Pay attention to number one. As for me, its number corresponds to quality.

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Helen Hernandez
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This Post Has 16 Comments

  1. I bought it just in case. I am a prudent person. Nobody in my surroundings was in the hospital. Thank God. Now I use it in my house. I have a sunbed near my house. Sometimes I sleep there and I need something to cover my body. The blanket is suitable. It is thin but nice to touch and keep warm. So I satisfied. Feel free to buy, I will go to nap 😊

    • Product Name: Utopia Blanket
  2. Really good product! I bought it before I had to go to the hospital for a planned operation. I chose ivory and white colors. It served me well during all-time in the hospital.

    • Product Name: COTTON CRAFT Blanket
  3. A month ago I finished building my summer cottage. So I started to decorate it. I searched for something for my daughters’ beds. So I bought 2 pink blankets. You understand, I am a father and I take care of quality. All the best for my children. And, you know, everything is good. Material is soft and cozy. The color looks really good. I don’t know how long they will use it but it seems durable. So, this review is from the responsible father. And it is positive! Feel free to buy it for yourself or for your children!

    • Product Name: JMR Pink Thermal Blanket
  4. My name is Mag. I work in a veterinary clinic. Our hospital is sponsored. Last month one guy presented 10 blankets for animals. The quality is high. Blankets can save the warm for a long time. White color is not useful for animals. So we should wash it often. But even after several washes, the blankets look like new. In my opinion, the product is good. But I don’t know the price.

    • Product Name: Elivo Cotton Blanket
  5. Hi! My name is David. Unfortunately, I bought this in a sad condition. My friend got into an accident. He got a lot of injuries and he had to spend a lot of time in the hospital. All his friends decided to present him something useful. So I bought the blanket. I chose a plum color, it looks nice. It comes in one week. I think it is fast. My friend was glad to get it. After one month he was at home and sad the blanket was useful in a lot of situations!

    • Product Name: Utopia Cotton Blanket
  6. Hi. I searched for something for my summer cottage. My neighbor advised me to watch something on Amazon. So, one evening I opened my mac and began to search. I noticed some products but chose this. And I didn’t lose. Value for this money pleasantly surprised me. The blanket is really lightweight and sometimes I can take it to my car when I’m going to have a long trip. So, I definitely like it. Feel free to buy it.

    • Product Name: Head2Toe Blanket
  7. I bought it for my grandmother. She is in a nursing home. I visit her almost every day. She likes the blanket. It is comfortable and breathable. She likes blue color. That’s why I bought this one. One more good feature is a hypoallergenic material. It is important for aged people. I hope everybody knows that they don’t have good health as ours. I love my grandfather very much and I am trying to do everything for her comfort life.

    • Product Name: Raymond Clarke Blanket
  8. I bought this for my little son as a cover for the bed. He needed something to cover a bed during the day. So I find this lot. The price was ok and I saw a lot of good reviews. Item came fast to California. I noticed a really good quality. But I have one remark for parents: Don’t forget that white color can easily become dirty.

    • Product Name: Head2Toe Cotton Blanket
  9. We use this in our hospital. Our sponsor bought a batch a month ago. So, what I can say? It is good high- qualitative and nice. All our patience like it because it is nice to touch. It is not cold now so sometimes they use it as a cover. These blankets are suitable for our hospital’s color. It is in white color with blue details. Our staff washes the blankets often, but it is still like new. So I can summarize that we are fully satisfied with the good.

    • Product Name: Raymond Clarke Hospital Blanket
  10. Hi, I am Ann. My dog tore my blanket and I decided to buy a new one. I chose this product from others because of a huge variety of colors. I liked the red one and ordered it. What I can say? The material is really breathable and nice to touch. The color is ok, but I expected more bright. I already washed the blanket in the washing machine a few times, and it is still like new. The color is not the same as in the picture. It is too pale. But it Is just my opinion!

    • Product Name: JMR Blanket
  11. We use them for our patients. We buy a lot so we have a discount. Nice blankets with enough good qualities. I don’t know is it durable or not because we change it quite often due to sanitary standards. But the color is ok, the material is really lightweight and breathable. Delivery is fast despite large parties. Feel free to buy it.

    • Product Name: Elivo Hospital Blanket
  12. I searched for something for my country house. I saw this lot. It was at a low price and with a lot of positive reviews. So I ordered it. It comes in one week to Nevada. I took it and bring to my house. What I can write? The quality is good. I also like a bright white color. It is nice to touch. I sleep under it on the sofa in my garden. Good feelings, deep dreams.

    • Product Name: Raymond Clarke Bed Blanket
  13. I bought it for my little daughter. She is a scout. She and her group were going camping. I chose a teal color. My daughter liked it. They spend two days camping. By the way, it was enough hot temperatures. So she needn’t the blanket to keep warm. I washed it by hand after. Now the condition of the cover is ok. Sometimes we use it to lie near our swimming pool.

    • Product Name: COTTON CRAFT Thermal Blanket
  14. Not bad, as for me, but not enough good. I bought it 2 months ago, I chose Navy color because it suits my bad. And the color is really OK. Everything was OK before I decided to eat hot-dog in bed. As a result, a stain from mayonnaise and two from mustard. I washed the blanket in the machine. There was a lot of shedding pile. After I put it to the sofa and sometimes use it as cover. Incompatible with hot dogs.

    • Product Name: COTTON CRAFT Blanket
  15. I am Daniella and I work as a nurse in the local hospital in Nevada. We decided to buy some blankets for stuff. We chose this seller because it was a lot of colors. So we bought all. What I can say… It is soft. Even after a lot of washing cycles, the blankets are ok. It really helped us when we had problems with ventilation.

    • Product Name: Utopia Thermal Blanket
  16. I am a doctor. I work at the hospital and sometimes in night shifts. It is a little bit cold in our staff room. I decided to buy something to stay warm when I have rest. My requirements were not a high price, pretty good quality and material that could keep warm. So, I bought a blanket from this seller. I am fully satisfied.

    • Product Name: Head2Toe Hospital Blanket

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