If you are a weapon mod enthusiast then you probably already know the purpose of binary triggers. In case you don’t, and you were just simply looking for the possibility to increase your semi-auto AR, Carbine, or Pistol fire rate without violating any legislation, then a binary trigger is the solution! After the replacement of your default trigger system with this one, your fire rate will be as close to full-auto as possible. This is achievable because of the plain and simple mechanism where a hammer strikes the primer not only when the trigger is pulled, but also upon the release.

Best Binary Triggers | Top-10 Editor's Choice

Thereby the Binary Trigger has become a very affordable alternative way to enliven your shooting practice or enhance your private territory defense, opposite to purchasing an expensive and hard to find fully automatic firearm in good condition and all associated difficulties you will bump with while doing so.

However, besides all positive things, you must keep in mind that law enforcement agencies may consider binary trigger as a machine gun part and you’d better refer to your State laws to clear the things up. Here we will observe binary triggers systems and other related gun parts for different firearm platforms, so you will find one that suits you and your arsenal.

TOP-9 Binary Triggers

Franklin Armory BFS-III AR-C1 TriggerFranklin ArmoryBUY
FosTech Outdoors Echo AR-II Drop-in Binary TriggerFosTechBUY
Franklin Armory BFS-III AK-C1 TriggerFranklin ArmoryBUY
Franklin Armory BFS-III 22-C1 TriggerFranklin ArmoryBUY
Franklin Armory BFS-III B&T-C1 TriggerFranklin ArmoryBUY
Franklin Armory BFS-III CZ-C1 TriggerFranklin ArmoryBUY
Franklin Armory BFS-III HK-C1 TriggerFranklin ArmoryBUY
Franklin Armory BFS-III ACR-C1 TriggerFranklin ArmoryBUY
Faxon Firearms AR-9 10.5 inch Complete 9mm SAMMI Upper RecieverFaxon FirearmsBUY

#1 Franklin Armory BFS-III AR-C1 Trigger

Franklin Armory BFS-III AR-C1 Trigger

Franklin Armory is well known Nevada corporation founded in 2012 and famous for their streamlining solutions like Reformation – «Not a Rifle or Shotgun» firearm, and the Binary Firing System itself. The company has a status of the creative and reliable manufacturer of quality goods for the firearms market. And here is BFSIII AR-C1 – a binary trigger for AR Platform Firearms for a wide variety of calibers.

It is really easy to install, and there are plenty of videos you can refer to if you stumble upon some problems during the process. Its selector can be set in 3 positions – Safe, traditional Semi-auto, and Binary, that will fire one round each time you pull or release the trigger. When the trigger has already pulled the firing upon trigger release can be canceled by moving the selector lever to Semi-auto mode.

BFSIII AR-C1 comes with a straightened buffer spring reducing the recoil and enhances whole system longevity. Available with a standard curved trigger. After the first usage prepare to dedicate some time to adapt and understand the binary shooting cadence, but after doing so you will have lots of fun on the range with this trigger system.

What I liked:
  • Easy installation
  • Enjoyable to use
What I didn’t like:
  • Plateresque red sticker under the selector lever

#2 FosTech Outdoors Echo AR-II Drop-in Binary Trigger

2 FosTech Outdoors Echo AR-II Drop-in Binary Trigger

FosTech is a company originated in Southern Indiana with more than 10 years of experience in guns and accessories manufacturing. Among its creations, the fastest semi-automatic shotgun in the world and the lightest AR-15 can be emphasized, as well as Echo AR-II Drop-in Trigger that is compatible with the majority of AR-15 with no professional gunsmithing needed.

The whole system is made of stainless-steel alloy and provided with the standard curved trigger. Once assembled it will give you the possibility to choose from one safety and two firing modes. In Echo mode, you will get a desirable clear double-tap with which you can either do accurate target shooting of go for a 400+ rpm shooting range rampage. Overall quality is quite good but some parts could be more tightly fitted, as for the trigger spring it could be lighter.

What I liked:
  • Precise operation in both firing modes
What I didn’t like:
  • Some upgrades could be needed
  • Price bites a bit

#3 Franklin Armory BFS-III AK-C1 Trigger

3 Franklin Armory BFS-III AK-C1 Trigger

Another Franklin Armory binary trigger system, this time for AK platforms (including the separate model for a 9mm version) – BFS-III AK-C1. The amount of required efforts that you will have to put in to make it fit really depends on exactly what compatible gun(s) are in your possession. While you don’t need any additional work to be done in case of Saiga 7.62×39, in case of Vepr 7.62×39 some grinding might be needed and, in some cases, only professional installation will be appropriate. When you finally go through the installation process it will give a new life to your AK Rifle, Carbine, or Pistol. The whole trigger is well made and will give you lots of fun using it in binary mode.

What I liked:
  • Well-made high-quality trigger system
What I didn’t like:
  • May require a professional installation

#4 Franklin Armory BFS-III 22-C1 Trigger

Franklin Armory BFS-III 22-C1 Trigger

New Franklin Armory invention, and this time it is for auto-loading 10/22 platforms which are designed for 22LR caliber. I got this one for my Ruger Takedown, installed it really fast, and then headed for the range to check the things up. As soon as the selector was switched to binary fire mode the 25-round magazine was burned out in a matter of seconds. The trigger system works crisp and clear with a smooth trigger pull in both firing modes, but I definitely will not go for the-semi auto in the next few days. Never thought that I could get so much fun firing a 22LR gun.

What I liked:
  • Affordable price
  • Pests, you’d better be ready
What I didn’t like:
  • – Any?

#5 Franklin Armory BFS-III B&T-C1 Trigger

Franklin Armory BFS-III B&T-C1 Trigger

This one was made by Franklin Armory for B&T pistols APC9 and APC45 and GHM9 carbine. The package with the trigger system contains all you need for installation and, again, flashy red stickers for the selector lever position that I mentioned above. The selector itself is ambidextrous and could be operated with either hand to switch it into a needed position. There was absolutely no problem installing into the APC9 and turn it into the fastest shooting pistol at whatever shooting range. The shooting in binary mode is nice and smooth and I really had to slow myself down not to burn the ammo as fast as I intended.

What I liked:
  • Easy assembly
What I didn’t like:
  • Pricey

#6 Franklin Armory BFS-III CZ-C1 Trigger

Franklin Armory BFS-III CZ-C1 Trigger

Franklin Armory binary trigger system is designed for CZ Scorpion semi-auto pistols and its variations. A traditional all included package comes when you order this trigger. The system itself is quality crafted, like everything that comes under Franklin Armory brand.

According to the official video, the installation process is rather simple, but indeed there are some problems you could stumble upon that depend on what configuration of Scorpion is in your possession. «World Legal» configuration trigger group is far from being easily detached as was shown on the video I mentioned above, and you will probably have some hard time untightening the screw that holds it, as it is firmly sealed. There are also minor differences between V1 and V2 of CZ Scorpion that should be taken into consideration. I was lucky enough not to have any problems installing a new trigger system to CZ Scorpion EVO S1 upgrading with binary fire mode.

You can always go back to semi-auto with your selector lever. Both precise double-tap and improvised «semi-full-auto» feel enjoyable and fun to use. But this piece of gunsmithery is rather expensive though. At least 9mm is rather cheap but for «spray and pray» type of shooting I would prefer to go down for BFS-III 22-C1 and 22LR Ruger.

What I liked:
  • Good product
  • New sensations from shooting practice
What I didn’t like:
  • Price
  • Stickers

#7 Franklin Armory BFS-III HK-C1 Trigger

Franklin Armory BFS-III HK-C1 Trigger

This binary trigger system is made to make H&K owners happy. You can install it on HK91 and HK93 rifles, and what is most important on MP5 clones and its civil variations like SP-5 turning it from a semi-auto pistol into almost authentic SMG with a fire rate only a bit lesser than original MP5. I bet that no one on the shooting range could tell the difference between them. BFS-III HK-C1 offers you everything that was listed in previous cases, including installation instruction and everyone’s «favorite» flashy stickers.

I fitted it smoothly into PTR 9CT pistol and headed straight to the shooting range. Everything worked as it had been meant to – nice and clear pull and enjoyable double-tap, I burned through several hundreds of rounds and had only one eject stumble that was fixed in a matter of two seconds. Remember this Die Hard quote devoted to MP5 «Now I have a machine gun, ho-ho-ho»? Well, with this trigger system you will definitely have one.

What I liked:
  • Easy to install and reliable
  • Now the dream of having a real MP5 is achievable
What I didn’t like:
  • A trigger system for the price of some guns 🙂

#8 Franklin Armory BFS-III ACR-C1 Trigger

Franklin Armory BFS-III ACR-C1 Trigger

A truly tactical complement from Franklin Armory for fully modular Bushmaster ACR. One key difference between Bushmaster ACR for the civilian market and Remington-branded ACR for military and law-enforcers is that only the semi-auto mode is accessible for the first ones. This trigger system is a compromise that will let you enjoy the almost full potential of a rifle while staying within the law.

The binary trigger package consists of the system itself, a couple of screws with the hex key for them, selector levers and shaft, and also firing mode indicator stickers for each side of the gun. It is, probably, the easiest installation and I guess this is not only because it is Franklin Armory’s great product, but also because Bushmaster Firearms made a really great flexible rifle that is well-made and easy to customize. All function checks shown in the official installation video went smoothly without any setbacks, and so did the shooting practice.

What I liked:
  • The easiest installation
What I didn’t like:
  • Limited application – Bushmaster ACR only

#9 Faxon Firearms AR-9 10.5 inch Complete 9mm SAMMI Upper Reciever

Faxon Firearms AR-9 10.5 inch Complete 9mm SAMMI Upper Reciever

Faxon Firearms company was founded by an experienced shooter and firearms enthusiast in 2012 as a branch of Faxon Machining. It has a really impressive manufacturing line that specializes directly in producing complete upper receivers for the AR-15 platform. This upper receiver is made to provide the utmost compatibility with the majority of 9mm pistol caliber carbines with Colt and Glock magazine lowers. It has a 10.5” tapered barrel with a flash hider, an upgraded Gen 2 Mil-Spec 8620 steel BCG, and 9” 6061 anodized aluminum alloy handguard with modular lock slots located at 3,6 and 9 o’clock positions and Picatinny rail along with the whole handguard. Combine this with binary trigger compatibility that you would definitely like to get and bring your PCC to the pinnacle of the gunsmithing art and shooting range fun.

What I liked:
  • Masterpiece upper
What I didn’t like:
  • With a binary trigger it will make your wallet lighter


How does a binary trigger work?
Basically, it is a trigger system where a hammer strikes the primer not only when the trigger is pulled, but also upon the release doubling the fire rate of any compatible semi-auto gun.
Are binary triggers illegal?
Yet the binary triggers are not considered illegal and beyond the ATF restrictions. But many weapons enthusiasts and modders support the opinion that binary triggers are likely to be banned by ATF. As for your personal case you should refer to your State Laws.
What states allow binary triggers?
According to State Laws, you CAN NOT purchase binary triggers in the following states: California, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Iowa, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Washington State, and Washington D.C.
P.S. In Delaware binary triggers may be used only in pistols.
Will binary triggers be grandfathered?
As with the bump-stocks there is no grandfathering, the binary trigger likely to have to be destroyed.
Which binary trigger is the best?
Franklin Armory triggers are compatible with the most guns on the market and are made really well.
How much is a binary trigger?
Results may vary because of the discounts and all that stuff, but the average price ranges from 300$ to 700$, which depends on gun type and caliber.
What is a binary firing system??
Binary fire system allows you to double the semi-auto firing rate by making a hammer strike the primer one time when pulling the trigger and another time upon release.
Is the Hellfire trigger legal?
Hellfire trigger is not considered illegal yet.


Setting up a binary trigger in your gun is often not a big deal, you can always go for a professional gunsmith as the last resort to install it. Once you finally get the cadence and steady aiming skill, then you will just fall for shooting binary, and that’s where the problem starts – be prepared for extremely fast ammo expenditure. Here are triggers I want to underline:

  1. Franklin Armory BFS-III 22-C1 Trigger – affordable trigger, cheap 22LR ammo, excellent for shooting practice.
  2. Franklin Armory BFS-III HK-C1 Trigger – 9mm will drain your funds faster, but who cares if you have an (almost) fully functioning MP5!
  3. Franklin Armory BFS-III ACR-C1 Trigger – fast installation, great quality, ideal for gun combat training with rifle ammo.

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