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Are you looking for the perfect Ruger 57 upgrades to improve your shooting performance? From red dot sights and magazines to triggers, upgrading your gun can make an incredible difference in accuracy and shot placement. Read on for our essential guide that covers everything from choosing the right upgrade parts to installing them correctly! 😊😎

Best Ruger 57 Upgrades 😉

Are you looking to boost the performance of your Ruger 57? There is no better way to customize it for your shooting style than installing top-rated Ruger 57 upgrades. A comprehensive list of the best accessories available, including lasers and scopes, optics, interior parts upgrades, as well as covers and grips that will help enhance accuracy and usability in any situation.

Best Ruger 57 Upgrades

✴️ Magazines & Speed Loaders – provide extra ammunition capacity and also allow for quick reloads during competition or tactical operations. The best magazine upgrades for Ruger 57 are made from steel or polymer construction to ensure they are sturdy enough to withstand repeated use over long periods.

Our Top Pick
MakerShot Magazine Speed Loaders
Fine-tuned across more than two dozen critical dimensions to fit each magazine precisely, these loaders provide superior comfort and durability as well as superior speed and ease of use. Your fingers will be safe while loading! Each loader is specifically designed to protect your digits from harm during the loading process.
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Our Top Pick
Raeind Exclusive Magazine Speed
It is made of durable yet lightweight polymer plastic, making it easy to handle and carry with you wherever you go. It enables users to quickly load or unload magazines, speeding up the process and protecting magazine lips from damage and subsequent cracking. Additionally, gun enthusiasts are sure to appreciate its safety features that protect both fingers and magazine components during the process - allowing for a worry-free reloading experience.
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✴️ Red Dot Sights – are optics systems that project an illuminated aiming point onto a lens, allowing shooters to accurately and quickly acquire their target without needing to align traditional open or iron sights. A Ruger 57 red dot sight can help increase accuracy and reduce the time needed for follow-up shots, making it one of the most important accessories when looking to upgrade your firearm.

Our Top Pick
AT3 Tactical ARO Micro Red Dot Reflex Sight
The crisp 3 MOA red dot allows for both-eyes-open shooting on any platform. Enjoy maximum visibility in all lighting conditions with multi-coated scratch-resistant lens coatings, parallax-free design, and 6 red dot brightness settings from darkness to bright daylight. The CR1632 battery included operates up to 5,000 hours at medium brightness settings, ensuring your reflex sight will outlast in all weather conditions thanks to its waterproof and dustproof design.
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Our Top Pick
Bushnell RXS100 Reflex Sight
Enjoy detented windage/elevation adjustments, a crystal clear 4 MOA dot with 8 brightness settings, and durable aircraft-grade aluminum construction - all features that make the RXS-100 the new market leader in laser sights. With up to 5000 hours of battery life (on the mid-setting) you can confidently rely on it for long shooting sessions without worry. In addition, its side-loading battery provides quick and easy replacement when you need it most.
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✴️ Lights – this is a tactical upgrade designed to enhance the accuracy and performance of Ruger’s popular semi-automatic handgun. The Light optimized beam pattern for maximum visibility and improved target acquisition in low light conditions, ambidextrous activation switches, and adjustable brightness settings.

Our Top Pick
Gmconn Rail Mounted Compact Pistol Light
This pistol light is extremely bright compared to other models in its class, producing a 208 m beam of up to 1200 lumens of intense brightness. The adjustable switch allows you to choose from two modes - momentary or constant - so you can ensure that your position stays covert when needed. This light is incredibly efficient due to its machined aluminum-sealed construction and offers plenty of reliability for any situation.
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Our Top Pick
Olight Baldr Pro Tactical Weaponlight
Its powerful 1,350 lumens LED light source and 260-meter beam distance mean you get bright and accurate illumination in any situation. And its adjustable screws allow for a secure grip that won't be affected by impacts or vibrations, letting you stay aimed at the target no matter what. For low-light situations, there's even a green light output of <5mW, giving you reliable sighting up to 34.12mm total battery length.
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✴️ Laser Sights – can increase accuracy by allowing the user to better see their target and adjust their aim accordingly. Additionally, laser sights can be installed quickly and easily without any extra tools or parts required.

Our Top Pick
Hawk Gazer LG-X Green Laser Sights
The subcompact, low-profile design increases versatility and its integrated picatinny/weaver mounting base allows for versatile and secure attachment. A mode switch makes it easy to toggle between constant and pulse beam options for the perfect level of light emission for any environment, while an ambidextrous power button grants access to an efficient on/off switch and mode selection mode.
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Our Top Pick
Taktiik Compact Tactical Flashlight Laser Sights
This sleek combo offers 500 lumens of bright white LED light with steady on/flash modes and a ⅢA class powerful green laser with a distinctive blue beam for distances up to 2000-2500 meters. All this from an ultra-compact flashlight crafted from high-strength aerospace aluminum making it perfect for heavy recoil environments. Additionally, the built-in battery can be charged via USB for maximum convenience.
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✴️ Holsters – allows you to securely carry your weapon while also providing quick access when needed. In addition, they offer extra protection against accidental damage or theft while ensuring maximum comfort during long shooting sessions.

Our Top Pick
DeSantis Thumb Break Mini Slide Holster
Constructed with premium saddle leather, double seams, and a highly detailed molded fit for maximum durability and comfort – this exposed muzzle design provides unparalleled security without sacrificing accessibility. The adjustable-tension device allows you to modify the amount of force required to draw your firearm, while the two-slot belt slots that are 1 3/4 inch wide help make it easy to accommodate almost any belt setup.
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Our Top Pick
Tru-Fit Tactical OWB Kydex Holster
The outside-the-waistband holster design is constructed with high-quality .08-inch Kydex - ensuring superior strength and retention while protecting your firearm properly. It features 1.5-inch belt mounts but can also be equipped with matching 1.75-inch mounts upon request. The smooth finish on the inside of the Kydex helps to prevent rubbing or marking your firearm while its hand-molded shape guarantees a perfect fit for your gun model.
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  • ➡️ Before you begin cleaning or upgrade work on your Ruger 57, ensure it’s unloaded and all ammunition is out of the area.
  • ➡️ It’s also important that you wear eye protection when cleaning any firearm for safety reasons.

📌 The Ruger 57 is one of the most popular pistols in the world, but it needs regular cleaning and maintenance to keep it running smoothly. Knowing how to clean properly will ensure you get years of reliable service from your pistol.

Ruger 57 Magazines & Speed Loaders 😀

The Ruger 57 is already one of the most reliable semi-automatic pistols around, but with the right upgrades and accessories, it can become even better. These magazines are designed for maximum reliability and durability when used with the pistol, so it’s always worth investing in an extra magazine or two for added versatility. 

Ruger 57 Magazines & Speed Loaders

🔵 Speed loaders also come highly recommended, as they allow you to quickly reload and get back into action without wasting any time. Both of these Ruger 57 upgrades are essential for anyone looking to get serious about their shooting experience.

Our Top Pick
Ruger 57 Magazines
These magazines are designed for a secure fit, allowing for easy installation and removal, so you won’t have to waste time during your next range session. It provides high capacity and reliable performance in any situation. Plus, they are made of durable materials so you never have to worry about breaking them when swapping them out at the range.
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Benefits 🔥

One of the best Ruger 57 upgrades is adding extra magazines and speed loaders.

  • ✅ Extra magazines and speed loaders give you more ammunition capacity, allowing you to shoot for longer periods without needing to reload.
  • ✅ They also make swapping out different ammunition types quicker and easier than ever before.
  • ✅ Magazines are often made from reinforced polymer and aluminum, while speed loaders are typically constructed from glass-filled nylon or plastic.
  • ✅ Both offer a lightweight yet durable design that stands up to intense use.
Our Top Pick
Raeind Double/Single Stack Magazine Loader
It is designed to speed up your reloading ability. It features an ergonomic design with easy access to both single and double-stack mags that supports a wide variety of Ruger handgun. The intuitive design helps users load magazines fast and easily without having sore fingers or arms injury. Crafted with top-grade material to ensure long-lasting performance and maximum functionality.
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How does it work? 🤔

  • 🔵 The magazine is designed to hold up to 20 rounds of 5.7x28mm ammunition and provide reliable feeding over time.
  • 🟢 Speed loaders function by easily pushing the cartridges into the magazine, ensuring a full capacity for each round. Speed loaders are an excellent way to quickly reload your Ruger without having to individually insert each round manually.

Ruger 57 Red Dot Sights 😎

Red dot sight is an upgrade for your Ruger 57 semi-automatic pistol, providing enhanced precision and accuracy. This amazing sight utilizes a red or green dot reticle system to help with target acquisition and accuracy in low-light situations. 

Ruger 57 Red Dot Sights

👍 It fits perfectly on most Ruger 57 pistols and can even be used in combination with iron sights for increased versatility. With its adjustable brightness settings and clear glass lens, the red dot is one of the best upgrades you can make.

Our Top Pick
Vortex Optics Viper Red Dot Sight
Its super low profile allows it to co-witness with iron sights, while its 6 MOA dot provides a fast and easy way to get on target. Illumination and power controls are conveniently located on the left side of the housing, allowing users access to adjustable settings quickly and easily. Recessed 1 MOA windage and elevation adjustments reduce the risk of incidental contact and keep your settings ready at all times.
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Benefits 💥

Red dot sights are an excellent choice for fast target acquisition, accuracy, and reliability.

  • ☑️ They can improve your shooting skills because they allow you to focus on the target instead of using traditional iron sights that require precise alignment with each shot.
  • ☑️ Furthermore, these sights have unlimited eye relief and aren’t affected by the position of your head or body. This means you can keep both eyes open while aiming and still have an accurate shot even when you move around quickly.
  • ☑️ It also helps decrease parallax so you can see the point of aim at any angle without making adjustments.
  • ☑️ Additionally, many models come with adjustable brightness settings that accommodate low-light situations.
  • ☑️ Finally, installing a red dot sight on your Ruger 57 can improve your accuracy and precision while also giving you enhanced speed and stability when shooting.
Our Top Pick
Feyachi RS-30 Reflex Sight
This device includes a tubeless design that provides enhanced target acquisition and an impressive 40mm reflex lens aperture for superior situational awareness. With 4 selectable reticles and 5 brightness settings, you can customize this sight with ease. The low power consumption ensures long battery life and the integrated mount fits standard 20mm Picatinny or Weaver rails without any wasted space.
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How to install it? 🤨

The process is relatively straightforward and should be achievable even by those with basic gunsmithing knowledge. Here’s what you need to know:

  • 1️⃣ Select the right scope mount for your firearm – it should fit correctly, allowing you to easily attach the scope mount base on top of the receiver. Ensure that all screws are secure before attaching any components.
  • 2️⃣ Slide the scope onto the mount then adjust its tension so that it stays firmly in place when mounted on top of your rifle. If possible, use a torque wrench for this step as excess tension can damage the scope.
  • 3️⃣ Attach the red dot sight to the mount and tighten it securely with screws, making sure that it is centered on the rifle. Make sure that all screws are properly secured before continuing with the installation.
  • 4️⃣Calibrate your red dot sight for zeroing in on targets by making minor adjustments to elevation and windage knobs on either side of the scope tube’s eyepiece. Once complete, you should be able to accurately target at various distances using your firearm!

✔️ Installing a red dot sight onto your Ruger 57 firearm is one of the best upgrades you can make for improved accuracy and better shot placement without needing too much gunsmithing knowledge.

Ruger 57 Lights 🤩

When it comes to Ruger 57 upgrades, few things can beat the effectiveness of adding light. Installing a light on your pistol can be one of the most effective upgrades you can make in terms of both practicality and style. 

Ruger 57 Lights

🟪 Not only does having a light allow for easier target acquisition when shooting at night or in dark areas, but it also looks great and makes your gun stand out.

Our Top Pick
Yieldedland Compact Handgun Blue Laser Sight
It's lightweight and highly durable, with a 1.8-ounce aluminum construction that ensures shock resistance without compromising on portability and compactness. With five different mode selections, including flashlight only, laser only, strobe only, flashlight & laser, and strobe & laser modes, as well as an ambidextrous on/off switch for easy one-handed operation and a toggle switch to easily switch between modes – this handgun blue laser sight is prepared to meet any challenge at any time of day or night.
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Features ⚡

The Ruger 57 is a powerful handgun that can be further improved with the right accessories.

  • ✔️ Adding a light to your firearm allows you to shoot in low-light situations, giving you an edge over competitors or predators.
  • ✔️ Adjusts brightness levels.
  • ✔️ A strobe setting so you have complete control over your visibility in any situation.
Our Top Pick
Six Tac Tactical Gun Light
This high-power illumination and laser accuracy system has been designed with meticulous attention to detail and a focus on reliability and serviceability. The aircraft's aluminum black casing and precision optics have been carefully engineered to provide a robust, reliable light source that is ready for action in all conditions. The 1000-lumen torch light delivers maximum visibility in low-light environments, with 20,000 candelas providing intensely focused power for longer ranges. Water-resistant construction coupled with wind and altitude adjustments makes the tactical light an indispensable part of any shooter’s arsenal.
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Is it worth it? 🧐

Yes, a gun light can be a great addition to the Ruger 57. A weapon light gives you extra visibility in low-light situations, allowing you to identify your target more clearly and accurately. This is especially important for self-defense scenarios where you must know what or who you are shooting at.

Ruger 57 Light

🎯 In terms of upgrades, there are many different types of gun lights available on the market. You’ll want to choose one based on your budget and needs.

Ruger 57 Laser Sights 🙂

The laser sight is an upgraded accessory for the Ruger 57 pistol. It offers a tighter grouping of shots due to the laser’s pinpoint accuracy when aiming and firing at targets. This laser sight is especially beneficial in low-light situations or during long-range shooting, as it provides an easier way to line up your sights and hit what you were aiming for. 

Ruger 57 Laser Sights

🛠️ Installation of this upgrade is relatively simple, with no gunsmithing skills required. Its lightweight design also means that it won’t add any unnecessary bulk or weight to your pistol, making it an ideal addition for those who are looking for better accuracy without sacrificing portability.

Our Top Pick
Hawk Gazer LG-8 Green Laser Sights
This lightweight, low-signature sight is designed to provide quick and dependable accuracy for a variety of weapons - easily attach it to your rifle, shotgun, or handgun using the integrated Weaver/Picatinny mount and you'll be shooting from up to 200 meters instantly. The laser sighting system offers adjustable windage and elevation levels so you can precisely adjust each shot for maximum accuracy. It is also built with an ambidextrous push-button on/off switch that suits the any-handed individual.
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Benefits ✨

One of the best Ruger 57 upgrades is to install a laser sight.

  • ❇️ Laser sights provide improved accuracy and faster target acquisition at close range.
  • ❇️ It also eliminates the need for traditional iron sights, which can be difficult to align in low-light conditions.
  • ❇️ Best of all, laser sights are easy to attach and remove, so you can switch between different configurations as needed.
  • ❇️ Installing a laser sight will help you achieve greater accuracy and confidence when shooting at any distance.

With its increased visibility and pinpoint accuracy, a Ruger 57 with a laser sight upgrade is an invaluable tool for hunting or self-defense.

Our Top Pick
HiLight Blue Green Laser for Pistol
The LED flashlight outputs 500 lumens for up to 55 minutes of runtime and includes both a steady on/strobe light mode. The precision, class IIIA green laser sight emits a powerful light so it’s visible up to 100 yards away! With the advanced blue laser sight, you can tune it to target near objects for optimal precision and accuracy. A rechargeable battery gives you more time shooting rather than swapping out batteries.
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Why upgrade? 🤔

The Ruger 57 is a popular pistol, renowned for its accuracy, quality, and reliability. However, the standard sight of this gun may not provide you with the precision targeting necessary for certain shooting scenarios. 

Ruger 57 Laser Sight

🟧 You may want to consider upgrading your Ruger 57 by adding a laser sight for improved accuracy and better visibility in low-light conditions. By doing so, you will be able to make more accurate shots with greater accuracy than before. 

Ruger 57 Holsters 🤓

One of the most important upgrades for your Ruger 57 is a holster. A good holster keeps your firearm secure while you’re moving around or when you’re taking it out for target practice or other activities.

Ruger 57 Holsters

✔️ Holsters come in different styles and materials, so there are many options to choose from when deciding on one that best fits the needs of your Ruger 57 pistol.

Our Top Pick
Blackhawk SEPRA CQC Holster
Outfitted with patented SERPA Auto-Lock technology, this holster offers an improved Level 2 retention system that releases with just the dragging of the index finger during the draw cycle. The speed-cut design allows for a smoother draw, increased accuracy in quick target acquisition, and a secure re-holstering. Perfect for carrying your firearm without compromising on quality or accessibility.
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Types 💡

When it comes to holsters for Ruger 57, there are several options available.

  • 🔶 An IWB (Inside the Waistband) holster is a popular option since it allows you to securely carry your firearm while keeping it out of sight and close to your body.
  • 🔶 There are also OWB (Outside the Waistband) holsters that provide easy access to your gun when needed.
  • 🔶 If you prefer more discreet carry, pocket holsters are convenient and provide an excellent way to conceal your pistol in any situation.
  • 🔶 For open-carry enthusiasts, various duty or tactical rigs offer both comfort and style when carrying outside the waistband.
Our Top Pick
DeSantis DS Paddle Holster
This high-performance, style D94 holster is made entirely of thermoplastic material and offers an exceptionally light and compact fit. Minimal friction between the gun and holster results in a smooth draw as well as adjustable forward to rear cant. The holster fits perfectly thanks to the dual tension device and precise molding, providing you with maximum security so your handgun won’t slip out during dynamic movements.
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How to choose? 🔍

When purchasing a holster, you want to make sure that you get one that fits your pistol perfectly.

  • ✳️ It’s important to look for features such as adjustable tension screws and retention straps to ensure that your Ruger stays secure while being carried on your person or stored in a safe.
  • ✳️ Additionally, some holsters come with specialized pouches or pockets that can store flat items such as magazines and accessories.
  • ✳️ If you plan on carrying other items with your Ruger 57, this type of holster will certainly come in handy.

  • ✳️ In terms of material, leather holsters offer premium protection against external elements such as water or dust while also providing superior comfort when worn against clothing or skin.
  • ✳️ However, if you prefer more affordable options there are various synthetic materials available as well. Nylon or Kydex holsters are lightweight and work well for almost any type of carry style – from inside the waistband (IWB) to outside the waistband (OWB).

No matter which type of holster you choose, you can be sure it will provide years of protection for your firearm when used correctly.

Our Top Pick
Skydas Gear Kydex Inside Waistband Holster
This lightweight, streamlined holster is designed for right-handed shooters and features ultra-durable Kydex in Carbon Fiber, so you can rely on its sweatproof, waterproof, impact-resistant, and abrasion-resistance qualities. Thanks to the audible click retention system, you'll always know your gun is securely seated in your holster just by hearing that familiar clicking sound. Plus, this product comes with a lifetime warranty so you can trust it to protect your gun no matter what.
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Is the Ruger 57 single or double-action?
It is a single-action semi-automatic pistol. An upgrade to Ruger’s design, it offers increased performance and enhanced ergonomics. With the right accessories, you can transform it into an even more efficient and reliable handgun.
Is Ruger 57 optic ready?
The Ruger 57 is one of the most popular handguns on the market, that comes optic-ready with an integrated optics mounting system, allowing you to easily add a reflex or red dot sight. This makes it perfect for competition shooting or for adding target acquisition capabilities.
Are red dots better than scopes?

It all depends on the shooter’s preference and skill level.

  • ✔️ Red dots are usually lighter, more compact, and offer quicker target acquisition than most scopes.
  • ✔️ However, if you are a precision shooter who needs to hit targets at long distances, then a scope might be a better choice for Ruger 57 upgrades.
Does the Ruger 57 have night sights?

By swapping out the factory sights with a pair of night sights, you can extend the versatility of your pistol.

  • 🟣 Night sights are a great upgrade if you plan on using your gun in low-light conditions or at night.
Is a Ruger 57 a blowback?
Yes, it is a blowback-operated semi-automatic pistol chambered in 5.7mm. It offers an impressive range of features and customization options for the user to customize their firearm. If you’re looking for ways to upgrade your firearm, there are several accessories available on the market that can improve its performance and accuracy.


Conclusion 😉

Upgrading your Ruger 57 pistol can be a great way to improve its performance and make it more suitable for different uses. With so many options available, you must consider what features will best suit your needs before making any changes. By investing time in researching the best Ruger 57 upgrades and accessories, you’ll be sure to get the most out of your gun! ❤️‍ 🔥

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