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From each possible to each according to his needs! If these words touched your soul, then you definitely know what communism is. If every morning you wake up and the first thing you see is Lenin’s poster on the wall, then you surely need a soviet ushanka. It will be a perfect accessory which will keep in warm your head and your heart.

Soviet Ushanka Editor's Reviews

The history of ushanka began in the 17th century. It was called «treukh» that time. In the 20th century Aleksandr Kolchar, the ruler of Siberia military forces decided that ushanka should be a part of the standard uniform. In the middle of the 20th century, the Red Army also decided to adopt it. This hat is using not only in this country. Canada and the USA could not miss the useful qualities of ushanka. They also changed their hats to this one. Nowadays, ushanka is still a hat of German police. This cap is still one of the warmest and most practical in the world.

TOP 5 Best Soviet Ushanka – Editor’s Choice

Hat Russian Soviet Army Air Force Fur Military Ushanka GR Size MPETONBuy on Amazon
Authentic Russian Army Ushanka Winter Hat, with Soviet Army soldier insignia (58)TEPEMBuy on Amazon
Russian Soviet Army Fur Military Cossack Ushanka Winter Hat (Black, 59(L))SIBERHATBuy on Amazon
SIBERHAT Hat Russian Soviet Army KGB Fur Military Cossack Ushanka Size XL BlackSIBERHATBuy on Amazon
SIBERHAT Hat Russian Soviet Army Air force Fur Military Ushanka GR, Gray, Grey, Size L [metric-60, USA - 7 1/2 (23.5" around]SIBERHATBuy on Amazon

#1 Peton – Ushanka Soviet Army Air Force Fur Military

Peton - Ushanka Soviet Army Air Force Fur Military

Our hit list opens the hat with a classic design. It is made of faux four with faux sheepskin inside. The manufacturer tried to reproduce the Soviet military-style and thought through everything to the details. Because of this, there is a badge attached to the kit. It is possible to buy just one size. Although delivery is carried out from San Diego, the production is located in Russia. I was surprised when I saw just one bad review. This is a very good indicator, which shows the high quality of the product. So, feel free to buy it! I didn’t notice any disadvantages.

What I liked:
  • Classic design;
  • Made of faux four with faux sheepskin inside;
  • A badge attached in the kit;
  • High quality of the product;
What I didn’t like:
  • Everything is ok

#2 Tepem – Russian Army Ushanka Winter Hat

Tepem - Russian Army Ushanka Winter Hat

The ushanka winter hat is made of a combination of wool and synthetic. It allows to feel comfortable and stay warm. But there is just one color. The hat is made in the Soviet Union for military forces. But they did not manage to use the capt and sent it to the reserve. After that, it comes to international market stock. So, now, you have an opportunity to buy it. By the way, the item will come with special authentic Soviet insignia. Original army hat manufactured on or before 1991. If you are a true fan of history and communism especially, you should order this lot!

What I liked:
  • Made in the Soviet Union;
  • The item will come with special authentic Soviet insignia;
What I didn’t like:
  • Just one color;

#3 Siberhat – Russian Soviet Army Cossack Ushanka Winter Hat

Siberhat - Russian Soviet Army Cossack Ushanka Winter Hat

Very beautiful hat made of faux fur. It is warm and useful. The design is made in the classical style of the Soviet army. There is one size & one color. I was very glad to see the price. The hat costs 20 dollars. As for me, it is cheap. For this price, you get a hat and a badge attached. Your item will be imported from Russia. This lot can be a good gift for parents, children and others. But be careful! Check your item on the post or with a courier. Sometimes, the salesman can forget to put a badge attached.

What I liked:
  • Beautiful authentic design;
  • Warm and useful;
  • Low price;
  • Badge attached;
  • Imported from Russia;
What I didn’t like:
  • Badge may get lost;
  • One size (can’t fit everybody);

#4 Siberhat – Russian Soviet Army KGB Cossack Ushanka

Siberhat - Russian Soviet Army KGB Cossack Ushanka

I really like this fluffy hat! As for me, it is a perfect combination of strict design and cute soft material. The Siberhat hat manufactures in Russia. It is in the top 10 of the highest quality products. Thick and warm faux fur covers all outside and cotton lining covers inside. It is made in one size. You also can’t choose the color (there is just black). If you order the item you will get an authentic Soviet insignia as a gift. It’s all for just 20 dollars.

What I liked:
  • A perfect combination of strict design and cute soft material;
  • Produced in Russia;
  • Qualitative faux fur covers all outside;
  • The cotton lining covers inside;
  • An authentic Soviet insignia as a gift;
  • Low price;
What I didn’t like:
  • One size;
  • Only black color;

#5 Siberhat – Russian Soviet Army Air force Ushanka

Siberhat - Russian Soviet Army Air force Ushanka

An exact copy of Russian ushanka completes the list. Made in the style of the military. The Soviet Red star that comes with it perfectly complements the look. There is one color. It is possible to order just in one size. Check the size chart carefully! As for me, the price is good, but I have questions about quality. Some customers were really disappointed. However, I saw photos and I like it. For this price, it looks amazing!

What I liked:
  • The Soviet Red star comes for free;
  • Good price;
  • Good photos in reviews;
What I didn’t like:
  • Just one color;
  • One size (it is impossible to fit for everybody);
  • Questions about quality;


So, after all this information I can conclude that I really like the ushanka. As for me, it is immortal classic. It was created a long time ago but even now it takes the first place in the rate of comfort. I don’t know will it fit me or not. However, I think my father will be happy to get such for Christmas. If you agree with me, pay attention to the first and third numbers. As for me, they are the best of the best.

Ann Burwell
Ann Burwell
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Nice to meet you, my name is Ann. What I can say about myself is that I am a supporter of a healthy lifestyle and enjoy spending my leisure time actively (most frequently outdoors). My hobby is camping, hiking, climbing mountains. And of course, I adore various survival and tactical gear, which is so necessary for a comfortable stay in extreme conditions. I am fortunate that my husband and family support me about this.

That is why it is important for me to find good items that will help me and my family have a good time without too much hassle. I like to look for stuff for myself or gifts for my loved ones. We also share the high-quality products we find with each other, and I think it is really important to transfer your opinion and knowledge, that is why I am pleased to share the useful information I find with other people. I'm so happy that my family helps me in this matter. We hope that someone really finds this helpful and interesting enough!

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