Water purification systems are used in various fields. It is very important to purify water not only for home use but also for hiking, camping, surviving trips. How often we hear drinking pure spring water is useful, but sometimes we forget that it can contain many microbes that are dangerous to life and humans.

Best Survival Water Distiller - Editor's Choice

Thousands of microbes live in the water, which can lead to poisoning and even death. Therefore, in conditions of hiking and the lack of fresh water, it is necessary to have such filtered systems with you. Such survival bottles can clear the water in a few hours, and produce fresh water. Filters are sold in bottle format and as a water tank. Such filters are used for surviving and water purification in the most difficult conditions.

Why do we need survival water distiller?

A survival distiller helps to purify the water when it is necessary. The filter may include carbon aluminum, membranes, pre-filters. Each filter fulfills its role: removal of large particles, removal of small contaminants, and chemical filters. After passing all stages of purification, the water becomes clean and transparent. Such water can be used in cooking, drinking, for extra storage. It can be useful for hiking, backpacking, extreme conditions, and holiday trips.

How to use water distillers?

Some filters require electricity or batteries: make sure that the filter is inserted into the cleaning system and all the elements are collected there. Pour water at the right time and wait for the water to clear. You need to understand the degree of contamination and that filters do not give 100% protection against bacteria. I suggest getting acquainted with the 10 best filters for water purification.

TOP-10 Survival Water Distiller

Waterwise WW1600 Non-Electric Water DistillerWater WiseBuy on Amazon
Sawyer Products SP105 MINI Water Filtration System, Single, BlackSawyer ProductsBuy on Amazon
Survivor Filter Pro Water Purification System for Survival - 99.999% Removal of Tested Virus Bacteria Parasites - Lightweight Portable Water Filter for Backpacking, Camping - Water Purifier SurvivalSurvivor FilterBuy on Amazon
Zen Water - Water Filter System, Portable Water Purification System, 4-Gallon Countertop DispenserZENWATERBuy on Amazon
Buy on Amazon
LifeStraw Family 1.0 Portable Gravity Powered Water Purifier for Emergency Preparedness and CampingLifeStrawBuy on Amazon
Etekcity Water Filter Straw Camping Water Purification Portable Water Filter Survival Kit for Camping, Hiking, HurricanesEtekcityBuy on Amazon
LifeStraw Personal Water Filter for Hiking, Camping, Travel, and Emergency Preparedness, 2 Pack, BlueLifeStrawBuy on Amazon
Membrane Solutions Personal Water Filter, Portable Water Purifier Survival Filter Straw, Outdoor Water Filter for Hiking Camping Travel Hunting Fishing Emergency Preparedness (1Pack)Membrane SolutionsBuy on Amazon
Katadyn Vario Water Filter, Dual Technology Microfilter for Personal or Small Group Camping, Backpacking or Emergency PreparednessKatadynBuy on Amazon

#1 Waterwise WW1600 Non-Electric Water Distiller

Waterwise WW1600 Non-Electric Water Distiller

This distiller is ideal for camping and outer usage. The process of filtering requires an electricity supply. The filter works only in a warm environment. In the cold conditions can be problems. The filter cover is made of steel. The filter system includes pre-filter and filter that removes chemicals. The housing is thin and difficult to take, even the weight is easy. The distiller included and doesn’t take much energy. It helps to remove bacteria and big pars from water. To start the filtering you will need electricity.

  • can filter 1600 liters;
  • made from steel;
  • gives no smell;
  • easy to use;
  • simple design;
  • electric distiller;
  • include instruction.
  • not found.

#2 Sawyer Products MINI Water Filtration System

Sawyer Products MINI Water Filtration System

The mini filtration system is used for camping, hiking, scouting, and international travel, which makes the product multi-usage. With the weight of 2 ounces, it includes drinking pouch, inline filter, hydration packs, and the straw. The filter helps to remove the majority of bacterias, like salmonella, cholera, and cryptosporidium. The advantage that it can kill 99% of bacterias. The mini-filter is made by the Sawyer brand, which helps to remove from water 100% f microplastic. The squeeze pouch is many times usable and has weighted the 16 ounces. The length of the straw is 7 inches. From customer reviews, we can call it a distinguished water source.

  • small;
  • durable;
  • 16 ounces of weight;
  • mini-filter;
  • viruses/bacterias;
  • individually tested;
  • good for scouting;
  • branded pack.
  • with passing time need to change the connection adapter.

#3 Survivor Filter PRO

Survivor Filter PRO

The survival filter was tested by the USA laboratories. It kills mostly all bacterias like protozoa, giardia, cryptosporidium, and other viruses, that’s means high quality of filters. The effect of killing can be up to 95 percent. The supplier can provide copies of tests. The filter consists of a triple membrane, dual fiber membrane, carbon filtration, heavy metal filter. The water can be cleaned directly from the water source. It can be used for large jars of water that is used for family and company of friends. The shell of the filter is made by the ABS material, the same is used for the car bumpers and very durable. The tube can be transformed into the drinking cup that is very good when you are far from home. The color is deep green and reminds the military-style.

  • good pack;
  • can filter up to 500 ml;
  • can be used for travels;
  • include the hydration pack;
  • lifetime warranty;
  • supplier is based in North America;
  • travel pack included;
  • can be used for any age and company.
  • some metallic taste from the water.

#4 Zen Water Systems Countertop Filtration System

Zen Water Systems Countertop Filtration System

The five effects of cleaning make this filter especially strong. You can purify, mineralize, magnetize the water. Thanks to the qualities you can remove the chemicals, metal elements, micronutrients. The filter doesn’t require electricity and the filter is enough affordable. The ceramic filter will be enough for 1000 gallons of water. For the practice side, it is enough for 1 year. The 1 O ring is enough for 500 gallons. The complete system includes the mineral cartridge filter, 5 stages of cleaning, main stones from minerals, micro-ceramic filter dome, silver activated carbon, ionic exchange resin, balls, silica sand, mineral sand, mineral sand. The glass can be in light and dark color.

  • 5 functions in one filter;
  • white;
  • convenient;
  • can be used for 6 months;
  • ceramic;
  • o-ring included;
  • mineral stones are used;
  • no electricity required.
  • afraid of damages.

#5 Non-Electric Water Distiller (With Cleaner Kit)

Non-Electric Water Distiller (With Cleaner Kit)

The water filter can clean at one time about the 16 gallons of water. Only 24 hours will be enough to clean the water completely. The 1-2 hours will be enough to clean the one gallon. That is especially used in the countryside, forest or camping, where you are not sure about the quality of water. The filter is made of stainless steel and covered with a boiled pan. The outer cover comes with the Kleenwise distiller which supports the system. The kit includes the food-grade, the digital timer, tube, handles, cleanse tube. The container for filtering includes 40 oz. It can be used for emergencies and home-usage, can be easily transformed and carried anywhere.

  • cleaning in 24 hours;
  • 1 bottle for 1 hour;
  • made from steel;
  • timer included;
  • filter system inside;
  • non-toxic;
  • doesn’t give the metallic smell to the water;
  • easy for any occasion.
  • no mineral stones are used.

#6 LifeStraw Family 1.0 Portable Gravity Powered Water Purifier

LifeStraw Family 1.0 Portable Gravity Powered Water Purifier

The filter is made by the LifeStraw family brand. The advantage of the filter is its popularity of over 13 million people. The EPA standards guarantee the cleaning of 97 percent of viruses like the protozoan, cholera, micro viruses. You can clear the 18 000 liters about the three years of usage. If we talk about the gallons it can be about the 4755 gallons. The process of purifying includes no chemicals, chlorine, iodine. The system includes the gravity filter, which means that pour water is included in the top, in the bottom already pure. To carry the bag is included, with the smart lock it doesn’t take much place. For the hour you can receive the 9-12 liters of fresh-water. It can be used for food preparation, places where no possibility of pure water. The tests proved that one cleaning is enough for 8 people. It can be used for backpacking, military, army, etc.

  • used all over the world;
  • certified by EPA standard;
  • kill over the 97 percent of viruses;
  • purify over the 18 000 liters of water;
  • can be used for three years.
  • can be damaged by pressing.

#7 Etekcity Water Filter Straw Camping Water Purification

Etekcity Water Filter Straw Camping Water Purification

The filter was tested for safety by some amount of people. It can be used with extremely dirty water. The sizes are pretty good, the 70 cm is not long to take to the bag. The advantage is the safety of drinking because the filter has multiple testing. It includes the branded tube, inline membrane, input cover, pre-filter, antibacterial carbon filter. The inline filter stops the bacteria with 0.01 cm size, the carbon filter helps to remove the metal parts. The outer cover can be worn around the neck. The pre-filter defense from the large parts. It can be used to filter water from the river or in the camp, a small trip near the sea.

  • used for outdoor;
  • blue;
  • FDA technology;
  • filtering membrane;
  • 70 cm long;
  • sport style.
  • very thick and not enough portable.

#8 LifeStraw Personal Water Filter (Hiking, Camping)

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter (Hiking, Camping)

The blue color of the filter and logo make it a branded thing. The filter can be used individually to receive pure water. It removes such things as salmonella, shield, cryptosporidium, cholera, etc. It removes also lamblias that are extremely dangerous for health. The filter can be used for camping, hiking, backpacking, in the car, truck, office. The puck includes the two bottles with cleaning elements and bottles. It can be used for a pair of tourists.

  • two bottles;
  • made by the Life Straw;
  • without chemicals;
  • good for family and friends;
  • individual filter;
  • required batteries;
  • nothing found

#9 Membrane Solutions Straw Water Filter

Membrane Solutions Straw Water Filter

These bottles are used for sports and competitions. It can be easily put into the bag and to the sports stadium. It includes the hollow fibers, activated carbon, coarse filter. It can be sold like 1 bottle but also can be 6 bottles in the pack. The filtration pack is 6.7 inches long. The weight is only 6 ounces. The source of water can be used for the gym, backpacks, as a part of the survival pack. The filter provides the 1500 liters of fresh-water. 3-stage filtration helps to prevent bacteria and harmful substances. Even in the worst environment, it gives safe water. If something wrong the supplier gives 30-days warranty.

  • 1 to 6 bottles in the pack;
  • blue bottles;
  • can be used for scouting;
  • improve the taste;
  • 3 stage filtration;
  • the smallest size for traveling;
  • can be a part of a gym bag.
  • easy opening in the bag.

#10 Katadyn Vario Water Filter

Katadyn Vario Water Filter

This product is valuable for the first stage of cleaning. The kit reminds the first aid to help in the bad conditions. The handle helps to move the water. It is suitable for backpacking, small adventures, hiking. It includes a water bottle, filter in the top, some tubes. The technology includes dual pumping modes. The filter is sold in black and white colors. The fiber material helps in filtering. The Katadyn Vario made the number of such bottles for scouts.

  • black;
  • reminds first aid;
  • reduce the chemical influence;
  • good taste;
  • without a smell;
  • activated carbon included;
  • practical handle;
  • long life circle.
  • can be used only like the first stage of cleaning.


Only the quality of the water you drink depends on you and the consequences. Microbes are transferred with water very often and in large quantities. Since water is a daily and necessary element, it should be as clean as possible. If you want to get the simplest water purifier for drinking on the way to the gym, take a bottle from model 9. If you are interested in a water purifier for home with many filters, membranes, materials, pay attention to model 5. Only you can determine the degree of cleaning that you need, depending on this you need to choose a strong filter. Our health is part of our security.

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