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Hello! Thank you for coming here! Clicking on this title means that you are looking for a great machete and you probably are lost since the quantity of these is huge. We are here to help you out!

Best Survival Machetes - Editors Choice

We’ve prepared our top best machetes according to reviews on the products, so we hope that you will be able to find the best one for yourself!

Best Machete | Survival Machete Review Guide

Gerber Gator Machete - 25.7in Overall Length G0758GerberBUY
CRKT Chanceinhell Fixed Blade MacheteCRKTBUY
SOG SOGfari Kukri Machete MC11-NSOGBUY
Schrade SCHKM1 19.7in Kukri MacheteSchradeBUY
Ontario Knife Company 6144 Military MacheteOntario Knife CompanyBUY
Condor Tool & Knife 10" Blade Mini Duku Parang Machete, BlackCondorBUY
Cold Steel 97BWM12S Bowie Machete with SheathCold SteelBUY
KA1248-BRK Machete CutlassKA1248-BRKBUY
Renegade 9" Blade Kudzu King Jungle Thrasher Machete, BlackRenegade 9BUY
Sheffield 12142 Drayton 14” Drop Point Blade Machete with SheathSheffieldBUY
Essential Tact Machete Knife with Full Tang Blade by Frog & COEssential TactBUY
TOPS Knives .230 MacheteTOPS KnivesBUY

#1 Gerber Gator Survival Machete

Gerber Gator Machete - 25.7in Overall Length G0758

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This is the exact machete featured in The Walking Dead TV series, you might be interested if you are a fan of these series. Forged of a high carbon stainless steel material, which provides high protection and defense. The manufacturer claims that the product is designed to ensure one’s safety in post-outbreak conditions, we hope that won’t be the case though! Anyway, the Serrated Stainless Steel Machete, will most likely be a nice choice if you want to protect yourself or your family in case of danger, or you just want to toy with it. The product will also be a good gift for the Waling Dead fan! Not for the kids though, so watch out! All in all, we’d recommend this product. The reviews on this one are quite pleasing. Nice price with the quality expected of a Gerber product. Quite sharp from the factory.

Video review

  • The price
  • Appearance
  • The blade may be too light
  • Can be bent

#2 CRKT Chanceinhell Fixed Blade Survival Machete

CRKT Chanceinhell Fixed Blade Machete

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Most people think that the knife is really good looking and we have to agree with that. It just looks cool! Let’s see if it works just as great as it looks. Black corrosion resistant blade seems to not have any serious remarks on it, people say that the blade cuts through the brush, small trees, etc. with ease. The blade is very sharp out of the box but maybe too lightweight for something more solid though. The grip is nice, the machete feels good in the hand, which is an important thing. The reinforced nylon sheath seems to be well made, versatile, and secure enough. There is a thing about the machete, despite all its great features, some complain that the knife literally broke in half during chopping. So again, this knife doesn’t seem to be a perfect option in case if you need something for high duty work. To sum up, we’d recommend you to consider this an option if it fits your needs, we believe that this machete is a decent option for the price!

Video review

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • CRKT customer service
  • The machete can break
  • Some complain that they got a defective item

#3 SOG SOGfari Kukri Survival Machete

SOG SOGfari Kukri Machete MC11-N

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Most people like this product, the knife is pretty big and sharp. It cuts through tough vines and small branches quickly too, it is good for chopping small logs. The blade feels solid enough and comes pretty sharp out of the box. Most people enjoy the knife, but of course, there are some negative moments as well. We’re talking about the sheath, we are afraid if you’re buying the machete for the zombie apocalypse, the zombies will get to you before you undo the sheath.

Talking seriously though, the sheath seems to be very durable despite this inconvenience. You should be aware of another downfall. Some people complain that they got a defective product with not hardened steel on the blade, so it could be easily bent. This seems to be the case with one batch though, but better beware. Talking about the machete itself, it is more suitable for high duty work than our previous competitors, so you may consider buying it. You can read all the details on the website to decide whether you need it or not.

Video review

  • Affordable price
  • Feels comfortable in the hand
  • Defective batch (problems with the blade)

#4 Schrade Kukri Survival Machete

Schrade SCHKM1 19.7in Kukri Machete

View on OpticsPlanet View on Cabelas View on Amazon

Our next competitor on the top is the Schrade SCHKM1 19.7in Kukri Machete. Some people even claim that this machete may be one of the best in the $50 price range, let’s see if this statement is fair! The Polyester sheath for shoulder, leg and belt loop carry should be convenient enough to use, we believe that the knife is comfortable to carry around so it should fit for hiking, camping, or other outdoor activities. The size, shape, and sharpness seem to be loved by the public. The blade is full tang and consists of a powder-coated stainless-steel blade. The material should be a good choice because it has great hardness but is still soft enough to withstand high impact (you can read about dimensions and the materials on the website as usual).

However, some individuals say that it is not so. Unfortunately, the knife can be snapped in half. It may happen during high duty cuts, the machete seems to do the lightweight job like branches, light logs, etc. easily but is not suitable for solid stuff. Summing up, the product is a decent choice for its price and most people seem to be fond of it, but it is not a very good option for something extremely tough. If that doesn’t bother you much then you can definitely try it out.

Video review

  • Affordable price
  • Comfortable feel
  • Can be snapped or the blade can get bent

#5 Ontario Knife Company Military Survival Machete

Ontario Knife Company 6144 Military Machete

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We present to you our next competitor, which is the Ontario machete. People are quite amused with the machete, first of all, because of its looks. We all have to admit that this thing looks attractive and cool! Some people even managed to scare people away with this thing! Seems that this blade has quite a bit of heft, and is built for long-term use. The handle might be one of the few remarks for this machete.

However, it’s thick and sturdy and has enough material to work with, so you can shape it to your hand. The more serious thing is that almost all 1-star comments claim that the blade just broke apart due to some hard high duty work, so this machete may not be suitable for that kind of task, but works just fine for backyard use since it has the perfect length, sharpness.

In conclusion, we can say that people claim that the handle is not a big problem if you like customizing the items you get and you can change it into a perfect one with little modifying, but all in all this product seems to be attention-worthy. It will also definitely catch people’s eyes!

Video review

  • Solidly built
  • Customizable
  • Great price
  • The bad grip (can be fixed)
  • Needs to sharpened

#6 Condor Tool & Knife Survival Machete

Condor Tool & Knife 10" Blade Mini Duku Parang Machete, Black

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Our next choice is the Condor Tool & Knife and it is attention-worthy. The blade is made of high carbon steel, and judging by the reviews people are more than pleased with the quality. There are no 1-star comments at all and that is a rare case. Well, what is so great about it? Firstly, people say that this product is tough and sharp enough to replace a small hatchet in softer wood and lops through heavier branches (maybe a little light for the hardwoods though).

The machete is greatly balanced of the slight blade heavy design, it makes the product pretty maneuverable while being capable of truly powerful blows. What we can say is that we definitely recommend this machete in case if you need something trustworthy and strong, will fit great for carrying around for camping, and can do multiple tasks at once. Great quality and inexpensive price make the product eye-catching, read the description and think whether you like it or not.

  • Perfect camp size
  • Sturdy and well-made
  • The blade is easily sharpened.
  • Some complain that the leather sheath does not fit

#7 Cold Steel Survival Machete with Sheath

Cold Steel 97BWM12S Bowie Machete with Sheath

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Let’s introduce you to our next choice, which is the Cold Steel 97BWM12S Bowie Machete. First of all, we’d like to say that we find the design pretty appealing, it looks like a good present for your friend, if he/she wants a decent machete and wants to look cool at the same time.

What can you use it for? Well, as the manufacturer explains, it’s not the best knife for delicate work, and at the same time it’s a bit small for heavy chopping, so this product fits somewhere in-between and should do well with light chopping, logs, branches, etc. Talking about its cons, most people complain about the handle, it probably should have more of rubberized material for a better grip and a finger guard for more safety and hand protection.

However, people claim that despite that fact the handle feels solid and indestructible. Another thing people mention is that some of them noticed that the knife-edge has quite a lot of burrs straight out of the box (of course it can be easily fixed), despite that the blade feels sturdy and tough enough to be used for a long run. All in all, most people claim that this knife is worth the money and should last for a long time, so you can consider this an option. More detailed information you can read on the website as usual.

  • Sturdy design
  • Work great in the field.
  • Awkwardly balanced
  • Mediocre finish that comes off

#8 KA1248-BRK Survival Machete Cutlass

KA1248-BRK Machete Cutlass

View on OpticsPlanet View on Amazon

The balance and weight distribution of the blade seem to be great for chopping, it has a really good balance and the handle is very comfortable. It does away with branches, firewood, and a copperhead pretty well. The opinions differ from one another quite so, for example, some people say that the sheath, blade and the finish of it are just great and nothing comes off or breaks, while other people claim that the metal failed and got a chip in the blade. Probably there was a defect in the metal of some products, so you should be aware of that. Judging from the comments it’s not made for heavy-duty use! Talking about chops and problems with the blade, maybe that was the case as well. Despite that, the machete looks cool and people find it to be of good value for money, so look it through and decide for yourself whether you should purchase it or not!

Video review

  • Durability and ease of sharpening.
  • Complaints about the sheath and the blade

#9 Renegade 9″ Blade Survival Machete

Renegade 9" Blade Kudzu King Jungle Thrasher Machete, Black

View on OpticsPlanet View on Amazon

Moving on to our next competitor! This is the Renegade 9″ Blade Kudzu King Jungle Thrasher Machete in the black color. There is only one review on this product and it claims that the product deserves the 5/5 rating. Whether to believe it or not is totally up to you, but let’s look through what the person and the manufacturer claim about the machete characteristics to find out. What we can get from this review is that the tool is good enough for brush-clearing, chopping firewood, etc.

It seems light enough to carry for camping or hiking, which may be a good trait. 3CR13 stainless steel blade should provide enough sharpness and toughness, the review says that it has enough force behind it to chop like a hatchet and at the same time can be light enough to use as a general-purpose knife. From the look of it, the black contoured rubber handle should have a nice grip and balance in your hands.

Machete has a mean and nasty-looking tanto point saw back blade in case you want to scare some people away with just a look of it. Talking seriously though, this machete looks like it was made for some apocalyptic movie! We find it really great looking, so it may fit as a present as well. Well, this machete definitely draws our attention!

  • Good-looking
  • Durable and reliable
  • The sheath may need some improvements

#10 Sheffield Drayton Survival Machete with Sheath

Sheffield 12142 Drayton 14” Drop Point Blade Machete with Sheath

View on OpticsPlanet View on Amazon

Sheffield 12142 Drayton 14” Drop Point Blade Machete is something worth your attention. The manufacturer claims that the product is ultra-sharp right out of package and people seem to agree with that. The blade can be used for different tasks from camping to bush cutting and backyard activities.

The manufacturer also says that this machete is a good camping accessory, can and should be included in a survival kit, can be used for hunting, or even surviving the zombie apocalypse! Well, we are not sure about the last one, but the knife should really do great for camping activities since it is pretty lightweight and easy to carry around.

The thing most people do not enjoy is the sheath since the securing strap isn’t long enough for its purpose to snap securely around the handle. What we can say is that if you need something in between a knife and a machete, then this one is definitely for you!

  • Sharp and durable
  • The sheath needs to be improved
  • Some managed to break the blade (rare cases)

Our top 10 has come to an end, but we still have a little surprise for you! We’ve prepared two more machetes for you to see so stay tuned! We introduce you our next two knives which are definitely worth your time and attention.

Bonus 1: Essential Tact Machete Knife with Full Tang Blade by Frog & CO

Essential Tact Machete Knife with Full Tang Blade by Frog & CO

View on SurvivalFrog

Out first bonus product is made by Frog & CO. The manufacturer claims many benefits for this product and judging from the comment section, they are all quite fair. For example, the corrosion resistance due to the matte black finish combined with the 3CR13 stainless steel. That means you can use it in any weather conditions without thinking twice about the rusting.

The dual-side is also an interesting trait since it can be used for cutting weeds and the next moment used for small trees to help make a shelter since it cuts wood twice as fast because it cuts into the wood as you push and pull it. It also makes a perfect self-defense tool from animals and other unexpected dangers. To sum up, this machete is comfortable to carry on one’s backpacks, it seems pretty much perfect for a survival kit in the wilderness. The reviews are very good, there are not many complaints or remarks, it’s hard to find any in fact. If that is what you’re looking for then you should definitely pay your attention to this product!

Bonus 2: TOPS Knives Survival Machete

TOPS Knives .230 Machete

View on Cabelas

The .230 Machete from TOPS Knives can become a staple on your outdoor adventures, is suitable for more high-duty work or at least that’s what the company claims. Resilient 1095 steel should be good enough for chopping through vegetation. The comments agree with the statements so far. Everyone seems more than satisfied with the quality of this tool, it seems to do its job just great!

The blade has a good thickness and weight to it and is pretty good for a machete. Not to forget that the thing looks stunning in my opinion. The Black linen handle provides a solid, non-slip grip in any condition. Despite that fact, someone is not very satisfied with this handle because it may not be thick enough and may need more grip space.

That may be a subjective point of view, read the dimensions of the product to find out whether it will be the case for you. Ballistic-nylon sheath with backing attaches to belts, vests, packs, and more, and has two pockets for small items and that might be a great and convenient trait for outdoor hiking. Summing up, we totally recommend you to consider this machete, it seems to be a great choice for outdoor enthusiasts!


We want to say thank you for looking through our top with us! We tried to make it as helpful as possible. As you can see, there are plenty of different worthy options and it is only up to you to decide which machete will worth your money, following your requirements and goals. We hope that our top was useful and could guide you with choosing the best option for you! We wish you good luck and a nice purchase!

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