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Are you one of those brave adventure lovers? Are you ready to conquer the top of the mountains? Or you just want to feel comfortable in winter? I know, what you are looking for. The trapper hat is a universal headdress, which can suit both men and women.

Best Trapper / Trooper Hats - Editor's Choice

The design of a classic trapper hat comes with fur flaps covering the ears and the forehead. It resembles the design of a Russian ushanka. Eco lovers also should appreciate it. The hat is usually made of eco-materials.

Why do we need Trapper hats?

Life is unexpected. You don’t know what can happen tomorrow. It’s better to be ready for everything. The trapper hat will help you to feel comfortable in the deep forest, high mountain, and cold city. Be sure, it will care about you everywhere.

Cute hat with some interesting designs to choose from. As for me, I like the red one. It is built for tough situations. Winter can give a lot of surprises. If you want to go somewhere, to spend time with nature in winter, take this hat. It is not funny to play snowballs with frozen ears. It will also protect your neck. I am sure it is a good feature because other hats take care of just about had. You shouldn’t become a killer for getting warm. There is the 21st century. Faux fur is our future. It is as good as real. And look at the mirror in the trapper hat. Who is so beautiful here? The Hat will give you +100 for the cute.

Best Trooper Hats – Editor’s Picks

Tough Headwear Trapper HatTough HeadwearBUY
AKASO Windproof Winter Trooper / Traper HatAKASOBUY
City Hunter W300 Premium Wool Trapper HatCity HunterBUY
Iconic Men's Trapper Winter HatIconic Men'sBUY
VBIGER Trooper Trapper Winter Windproof HatVBIGERBUY
KBETHOS Unisex Winter Trapper Hat / UshankaKBETHOSBUY
Yesurprise Unisex Trapper Warm Russian Trapper HatYesurpriseBUY
Unisex Trapper Ushanka Russian HatComhatsBUY
Mad Bomber Trapper Aviator HatMad BomberBUY
Dockers Winter Warm Trapper HatDockersBUY

#1 Tough Headwear Trapper / Trooper / Eskimo Hat – Fits Men & Women

Tough Headwear Trapper / Trooper / Eskimo Hat - Fits Men & Women

Cute hat with some interesting designs to choose from. As for me, I like the red one. It is built for tough situations. Winter can give a lot of surprises. If you want to go somewhere, to spend time with nature in winter, take this hat. It is not funny to play snowballs with frozen ears. It will also protect your neck. I am sure it is a good feature because other hats take care of just about had. You shouldn’t become a killer for getting warm. There is the 21st century. Faux fur is our future. It is as good as real. And look at the mirror in the trapper hat. Who is so beautiful here? The Hat will give you +100 for the cute.

  • built for tough situations;
  • eco materials;
  • lovely design;
  • faux flaps;
  • not enough colors to choose;

#2 AKASO Windproof Winter Trooper / Traper Hat

AKASO Windproof Winter Trooper / Traper Hat with Ear Flaps

Interesting lot for a good price. You can buy it only in black color. This hat is windproof, waterproof and breathable. Shell exteriors are treated with a durable water repellent finish. Interiors are laminated to generate 3-layer waterproof and breathable sandwich-structure fabric. Animals can be calm because this hat is made of faux fur. It has full coverage. It means that your ears and neck will be safe. You shouldn’t spend time choosing a size. One fits almost for everybody.

  • good price;
  • windproof, waterproof, breathable;
  • eco materials;
  • full coverage;
  • one size fits almost for everybody;
  • just one color;

#3 City Hunter W300 Premium Wool Trapper Hat

City Hunter W300 Premium Wool Trapper Hat

Our next hat has a low price. It is made of 10% of weel and 90% polyester. So if you are not going to have a date with polar bear-buy it. This hat looks like a beautiful accessory. It has a big list of designs to choose from. I want to highlight, that some of them are really funny and will make you the cutest guy or girl in the company. It has full coverage.

  • low price;
  • a big list of designs to choose;
  • full coverage;
  • maybe not suitable for very cold weather;

#4 Iconic Men’s Trapper Winter Hat

Iconic Men's Trapper Winter Hat

The hat is just for men. Girls can skip this point. So, this trapper hat has a low price. It is in orange color. It was made special for safety hunter. For this goal, it also has ear flippers that you can hold up overhead. The hat can also secure a chin. It has just one size which fits almost for all adults.

  • low price;
  • special design for safety hunting;
  • one size, which fits almost for all adults;
  • just for men;

#5 VBIGER Trooper Trapper Winter Windproof Hat

VBIGER Trooper Trapper Winter Windproof Hat for Men & Women

Beautiful nylon hat. It is not for more than -15 °C. The exterior of the hat is soft and the warm faux fur liner covers your ears and forehead. Besides, the flocking lining is made for warmth and comfort. Polyester outer shell for easier cleaning. Chin straps and buttons to fasten ear flaps. Versatile design perfect for day-to-day casual wear, also good to wear for outdoor sports like snowboarding or skiing.

  • low price;
  • design;
  • eco materials;
  • not for extremely cold winter;

#6 KBETHOS Unisex Winter Trapper Hat / Ushanka

KBETHOS Unisex Winter Trooper Hat / Ushanka

Funny hat in fashion coral color. I think it’s the lowest price I have sought. As for me, I am ready to buy it just for color. It is not warm. This hat is a fashion detail, but not more. Till 0°C, you will feel ok. I can’t find a description of the materials, but I think it is 100% polyester. Great unisex design and one size, what fits everybody.

  • low price;
  • nice color;
  • beautiful design;
  • poor description;

#7 Yesurprise Unisex Trapper Warm Russian Trapper Hat

Yesurprise Unisex Trapper Warm Russian Trooper Hat

This unisex hat has a middle price and a lot of good feedbacks. It is equipped with warm faux fur and soft lining, which provides great warmth and comfort for the head, ears, cheek, and neck. Awesome winter accessories for cycling, skiing, snowboarding, camping, hiking, or morning exercise. The hat is constructed with waterproof/windproof/weatherproof shells, so you shouldn’t take care of the rain, sleet, wind, snow.

  • high-quality;
  • many positive feedbacks;
  • waterproof/windproof/weatherproof;
  • just in black color;

#8 Unisex Trapper Ushanka Russian Hat (100% Rabbit Fur)

Unisex Trapper Ushanka Russian Hat (100% Rabbit Fur)

It is the most expensive hat today. The hat has a huge variety of designs and colors. It equipped with a qualitative windproof nylon shell. The bomber hat is perfect for outdoor sports or snowy/windy weather in cold winter. This ushanka is with rabbit fur. Maybe that’s why the price is high. However, if you don’t care about fur, the hat is really nice.

  • beautiful design;
  • windproof/waterproof/durable;
  • pretty high price;
  • real rabbit fur (just for me);

#9 Mad Bomber Trapper Aviator Hat (Real Rabbit Fur)

Mad Bomber Trapper Aviator Hat (Real Rabbit Fur)

Cute exterior and middle price make this hat attractive for buying. It is Nylon in combination with rabbit fur. Dry clean only. The hat has an original design and a huge variety of colors. As for me, good quality for this money.

  • nice design;
  • cool quality;
  • a huge variety of colors;
  • dry clean only;
  • real fur (just for me);

#10 Dockers Winter Warm Trapper Hat

Dockers Winter Warm Trapper Hat

Our last trapper hat comes with a middle price. It is just in black color. It is made of a combination of faux fur and polyester. You can wash it in the machine. It is equipment with an adjustable chin strap.

  • price;
  • eco materials;
  • machine washing;
  • just in black color;


So, as we can see, the trapper hat is the right choice for cold weather, extreme situations, and unexpected adventures. Quality materials will not let you freeze or get wet. Machine washable makes life easier. Different prices will suit every wallet. Rotorm’s choice is #1, #2, and #3 in the review list. Shop the best one for you!

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Olena Dubose
Olena Dubose
Traveler & Camping Expert
I was born in a family of experienced travelers and used to spend all my school breaks and long weekends camping and hiking around the most admirable places in Canada and sometimes United States. My dad used to be a soldier and always taught me how to survive during unpredictable circumstances. Like every other kid, I wasn’t really interested in my parents' extreme lifestyle when I was little, but I can’t imagine my life now without regular outdoor trips and extreme sports.

Thanks to my intense childhood and a few decades of experience I can now choose the best equipment for any adventure waiting for me to dive in. And after all, I have been through, I want to share my knowledge so more people could join an enjoyable and breathtaking trip to discovering magical nature around us. Forget about five-star hotels and treat yourself with thousands more in a cozy camping trip!

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This Post Has 8 Comments

  1. I thought about buying this earflaps (I saw it only in the photo, since I bought it via the Internet). Well, I ordered it! We got only the pluses – the hat is warm, or rather, very warm!

    Full-sized, sits perfectly, and even in the short term, it will be good in size. Her next plus is the ties that you don’t need to tie, it is pulled onto a carbine. This is a cool little thing, don quickly, don’t need to knit bows;). There is nothing to do with bazaar earflaps that are stuffed with cotton! And at the same time it is warmer than all the hats we have ever had!

    In short, the Winter Trooper Aviator earflaps is definitely YES!

    • Product Name: Trooper Aviator (Tough Headwear)
  2. Since I live in Alaska, my winter outfit is a down-padded coat, and an ear-flaps.

    Arriving to live in Alaska, I bought a lot of hats, everything was different: both woolen, and on the fleece, and with a lining from sintepon, but I was not happy with everything.

    Either the wind blows, then the forehead freezes, then the head sweats. This continued until I bought the City Hunter W300 Premium earflaps. The hat is very light, soft and warm. In any frost and fierce wind, it saves me from the cold. I wear it for the third season, the fur does not climb, does not break off, it is like new.

    • Product Name: City Hunter W300
  3. Choosing among many hats I decided to buy a trooper hat since ordinary hats are already boring and do not cause much interest. This hat compares favorably with ordinary hats in that it is very warm and covers almost the entire head, except for the face of course.

    I liked the Yesurprise hat because I know that they are responsible for the quality. And it is true! I wear it for a month and haven’t noticed any problems. Wearing is quite comfortable, does not cause any discomfort. It looks very stylish and fashionable, not ashamed to appear on the street with it on. In general, feel free to buy it!

    • Product Name: Yesurprise Warm Hat
  4. I have three trapper hats. The first is made of faux short fur, the second is a knitted mink and the last one is Ushanka Hat. I like them all and wear them with different types of outerwear. I discovered this design about 8 years ago; it fits perfectly with my round face. It was deep autumn when I decided to buy my new Russian Ushanka. Winter models had just arrived.

    – hard to hear with it on

    – beautiful
    – fluffy
    – reasonable price

    • Product Name: Ushanka Hat
  5. I wanted a fur trapper hat for years… I thought a lot about it, even dreamed 🙂

    But I understood: I’ll buy it, and I’ll dress on during the season 3-4 times, not more… Like always.
    Or I will decide that I have nothing to put on with the hat… until I will find suitable clothes, the winter will be finished. Also, we don’t have a strong winter in my area (one-three weeks, not more, but during this time I don’t want to leave the house either).
    So I couldn’t find any excuse for making a purchase … After all, I’ll not wear it often, and I don’t want that beauty just lying in the closet.

    The choice fell on three options KBETHOS Hat and Mad Bomber Aviator Hat. It would seem that the caps are so similar and so different! The final choice is Mad Bomber Hat.

    Of the minuses:

    – Such a cap needs careful care so that it lasts much longer… and not worn in the rain.

    – There are no special recommendations regarding storage – at the end of the winter season, the hat should be dried in a natural way, and put in a closet where there is definitely no moth!

    – It is advisable not to crush, after it is difficult to straighten, but why to torment a thing… (there was a precedent, straightened for more than an hour)

    • Product Name: Mad Bomber Hat
  6. For a long time, my husband tried to choose a hat, but he didn’t like anything, and when he put on Iconikal Winter Hat, he didn’t want to take it off!

    The price was not high. The hat is warm and comfortable, it doesn’t blow out anything, with a blizzard you can lower the “ears” and warm-up.

    Between the “ears” there is a plastic convenient clasp. It may not be very strong, but it’s comfortable, because men don’t know how to tie bows from the ropes that are usually on earflaps and because of this they quickly come off, and these lasted nothing for a month.

    The fur on the cap is natural, the outer material practically does not get wet either in snow or in rain. I am happy with the purchase, husband too.

    • Product Name: Iconikal Winter Hat
  7. Hello!

    I would like to introduce my new and already favorite Ushanka Russian Hat with earflaps.
    For me, it was always a problem to find a hat.

    My face is tidy, and therefore it is extremely difficult for me to choose the style of the cap.
    But a long and persistent method of sorting out, at one fine moment I settled on a hat with earflaps. I had a lot of different ones: with fur, leather, knitted.

    This year I had a wish to buy a new one.

    There are my criteria to choose the trapper hat:
    – suitable for winter;
    – made from natural material;
    – warm and comfortable.

    As a result, I opted for the Ushanka Russian Hat. So how did this hat catch me?

    First of all, it has an amazing design! At first glance, an ordinary hat with earflaps, but it looks fashionable and modern.
    Rather, I will say this: “I will fade in it fashionable and modern :)”. In addition to the fact that the hat is made of 100% rabbit hair, it also has an inner fleece lining. This moment is very important for me because the lining creates a barrier and is not blown by the cold wind in winter. Very pleasant to the touch. And this is not surprising, because of 100% natural material.

    Am I happy with the trapper hat? Yes, very much!

    • Product Name: Ushanka Russian Hat
  8. This husband’s trapper hat is already the second in a row (we have also a thinner hat for fall and spring). But the trapper hat Dockers Winter Warm is just for the winter. Because its fur is natural, it is warm and does not let the cold wind through. It has a soft black fleece lining inside. Hat’s ears have comfortable fasteners. You can wear this hat by fastening its ears under the chin, folding up or just leaving them unfastened. My husband wears it without fastening.

    The quality is good, the seams are even, the threads do not stick out and do not climb anywhere, the fur does not crumble. My husband likes this hat and says that it is warm and comfortable. In my opinion, it really suits him: such a bearded geologist, straight from the expedition.

    • Product Name: Dockers Winter Hat

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