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What can be a better stress relief than the adventurous trip somewhere far from your daily routine? Even though visiting other cities and counties with historical sights might be a great way of combining learning and relaxing, I would certainly recommend forgetting about staying in hotels and following guides for at least a one-weekend getaway.

BEST TOP-10 Tent For Long Term Camping - Editors Choice

Take a risk and discover that escaping into the wild might do great work with lifting your mood and improving your health. But if water and food supplies seem to be an indispensable thing to plan, having a reliable shelter is not the least important. I made up a list of the most truth worthy tents I could find for you. Choosing the right one depends on how big is your company and what are the conditions in your traveling destination.

Best Long Term Tent | Long Term Camping Tent Review

Vidalido Camping Long Term TentVidalidoBUY
Ayamaya Pop UpLong Term Tent for 4 to 6 peopleAyamayaBUY
Ozark 10 People Long Term TentOzarkBUY
OneTigris TIPINOVA Camping Long Term TentOneTigrisBUY
HuiLingYang Instant Pop Up Dome TentHuiLingYangBUY
PlayDo Cotton Canvas Bell TentPlayDoBUY
Ozark Trail Yurt Camping TentOzarkBUY

#1 Vidalido Camping Long Term Tent

Vidalido Camping Tent for 4-5 people

Leave in the past all the troubles with tent setup – this modern construction is specifically designed to be very easy to build. A team of two or three people can easily handle it in only five minutes or even less. Get the best emotions from your family camping trip without feeling uncomfortable due to a small amount of space – a tent can easily accommodate up to six people.

Dome style construction allows you to stand without restrictions and easily dress up. Camping requires taking a lot of heavy stuff with you but this tent is not one of them. It is extremely lightweight and space-saving with a storage bag to make it easy to carry around. Don’t matter where you tend to travel, whether in the mountains, beach coast or forest, this must-have for you. Enjoy hiking, sightseeing, and other outdoor activities with having somewhere rainproof to spend a night in or hide from unpredictable weather conditions.

Also, good ventilation allows you to spend a relaxing time while its hot weather outside without being breathless or attacked by mosquitoes or other insects. The outer design is very cute and will encourage your kids to spend their weekends away from the city.

What I liked:
  • Lightweight, comes with carrying bag for easy storage
  • Breathable material protects from mosquitoes and other insects
  • Rainproof
  • Easy to put up and very roomy
What I didn’t like:
  • No windows and instruction might take time to understand

#2 OT QOMOTOP Long Term Tents

OT QOMOTOP Tents for 4/6/8/10 People

Longtime staying outdoors is a great way to spend time with your friends and family. Admiring nature is as exciting as wondering in museums. What can be more team building than circling around a cozy and lovely bonfire singing songs and roasting marshmallows with your kids?

No matter how big is your company, this brand can offer you tents in four sizes to accommodate up to ten people. Setting up is so easy, you can handle it in only one minute and teach your child to handle it on his own. And don’t let the unpredictable weather ruin your adventurous trip – PU taping will keep your tent and all your stuff completely dry inside, trust me – no leaking with these high-quality materials.

While being flawlessly waterproof it also stays well ventilated and breathable and protected from mosquitoes and other insects, allowing you to enjoy nature getaway without getting breathless and itchy from bites. The tent is pretty big in height for an average adult, but even for taller people it still will be comfortable to change clothes while standing inside.

What I liked:
  • Waterproof and at the same time breathable with good ventilation
  • Four sizes for up to ten people accommodation
  • Easy and quick to setup
What I didn’t like:
  • Heavier than you might want it to be

#3 Ayamaya Pop UpLong Term Tent for 4 to 6 people

Ayamaya Pop Up Tent for 4 to 6 people

What can be better than a small, easy to carry, package that turns into a roomy tent itself in a few seconds? All you need t ok do to achieve a tent with spacious indoor is just open a bag and let construction do what it needs. Without any effort, you can quickly get two doors and 4 windows tent with high capacity to accommodate up to six people with equipment.

Mesh windows allow great ventilation and help hot and heavy air to escape without letting insects and pieces of dust and dirt in. Door materials are not visible through, which gives you a chance to get deserved privacy in a campsite and double side zipper to ease closing tent from inside. PU coating protects groundsheet and roof from leaking even if it is raining heavily outside, so you can safely dry wait inside until bad weather conditions are over, without ruining your equipment and spoil your family or friends trip because of mother nature will.

And if you are planning to stay away from civilization for long and took lots of equipment or couldn’t leave without your four paws friend there are unique vestibule like a separate room to store everything you need. Give up on luxury hotels and discover the magic of nature secrets.

What I liked:
  • Completely waterproof groundsheet and roof
  • Mesh windows for extra ventilation
  • Easy and quick setup, effortless
  • Roomy and spacious, separate place for equipment or dog
What I didn’t like:
  • Complicated to fold first few times

#4 Ozark 10 People Long Term Tent

Ozark 10 People 3 Room Family Tent

Taking a big family or group of friends on a longtime or multi-week camping trip is challenging, but yet enjoyable outdoor getaway with hiking, circling bonfire or hunting. So to make camping more enjoyable and less stressful planning, you should take a look at this perfect, XL size tent that can accommodate up to 10 people and even separate them in different rooms.

A room can easily fit queen size air mattress inside of it for advanced comfortable sleeping. And what can be better than waking up with the first lights of the sun entering through six windows? Start enjoying breathtaking panoramic views from sunrise to sunset without with no need to leave the tent, while mesh windows will protect you from any dirt or insects disturbing your rest. For more comfortable friends company getaway, there are separate entrances to each room from outside so no one can disturb other’s privacy.

If you’re not lucky to be caught in non-stopping raining, you don’t have to worry about you and your stuff staying dry as long as the tent held up water perfectly. You’ll fall in love with this purchase the moment you will get a chance to use it. I promise you won’t regret it.

What I liked:
  • XL size, three rooms with separate entrances for privacy
  • Durable, water-resistant materials
  • Panoramic windows with mesh protection from insects
What I didn’t like:
  • Due to size needs some practice to setup

#5 DANCHEL Family Long Term Tent

DANCHEL Family Cotton Bell Tent

The best traveling experience you can get is when you discover some authentic things that awaken something new in you. Then why not add some old school design on your camping trip with a bell tent? The price might appear high at first glance but why do not spend little extra money on high-quality cotton canvas fabrics in lovely khaki color?

When thinking of cotton material you might not imagine it being the best option for a camping tent, yes? Let me ensure you that it’s a not only good and authentic-looking tent but also the best choice for all seasons and weather conditions. Why? Cotton canvas fabric is flawlessly waterproof and mild proof treated. And it can easily store warmth in the cold winter season and keep cool inside in hot summer months.

For extra ventilation in hot weather, you can easily roll up the entrance wall to let a breeze in. The tent also has four windows all around it to give you access to 360 angle view to admire from inside.

What I liked:
  • Four seasons, stays warm in winter and keeps cool in summer
  • Four size options available
  • Authentic and old school design
What I didn’t like:
  • Delicate zipper and also cotton needs to be treated gently for longer lasting

#6 OneTigris TIPINOVA Camping Long Term Tent

OneTigris TIPINOVA Camping Tent

Don’t stick only to summer warm weather traveling conditions. With this three-season tent get ready to admire breathtaking changes of nature in close up views. This tent weighs only around three pounds and easily fits in a small backpack making it easy to carry around, specifically designed for a long time walking.

Size of this tent can perfectly accommodate up to three people – a wonderful purchase for a family with one kid or just a small getaway with friends on weekends. Mesh ventilation makes it comfortable to sleep in without collecting heavy air inside because of a few people while flap covers can protect you and your equipment from even really heavy rainfall and ensure solid wind protection.

And besides flawless protection and comfort features this tent is good looking and perfect coloring for forest wilderness, allows you to stay undercover without attracting wild animals, just be sure that all food supplies are hidden and well packed. Even though the tent is enough space for up to three people, I recommend using it alone or in pairs to calmly spend your time away from civilization admiring thousands of stars – what can be more romantic?

What I liked:
  • Lightweight and foldable, easy to carry around
  • Perfect for small family or couple
  • Waterproof and windproof, with mesh ventilation
  • Nature like coloring for undercover
What I didn’t like:
  • No windows
  • Even though can accommodate up to three, better use it for one-two people

#7 HuiLingYang Instant Pop Up Dome Tent

HuiLingYang Instant Pop Up Dome Tent

Feeling stressed about setting up a tent? Can’t handle it without extra helpful hands? No more complicated constructions and twisted instructions with this one. Just remove this instant tent and watch it popping up and constructing itself in a few seconds. And don’t worry about packing it back – it’s really easy to fold up in no time and pack it in a great carrying bag to head to the awaiting adventure.

The tent is provided with double windows on both sides for nature admiring from inside which can be covered by solid nylon flap if you will need some privacy from other campers when staying at the campsite. Mesh windows not also great for a great view but can flawlessly protect you from unwanted insects to make sure that your sleeping won’t be ruined because of itchy bites.

This tent can become a long-lasting companion for all trips for years – it’s made of high-quality materials and coated with polyester for water-resistant protection. It can easily accommodate up to four people to make your family trip comfortable and space-saving.

What I liked:
  • Big capacity
  • Easy to set up and carry, instant pop up and quick folding
  • Two double windows for extra airflow and mesh for protection from insects
What I didn’t like:
  • Not suitable for heavy rain and other extreme weather conditions

#8 PlayDo Cotton Canvas Bell Tent

PlayDo Cotton Canvas Bell Tent

When it comes to different lifestyles you might want to experience, the best you can do is to take a look at someone who spends their whole lives in certain living conditions. Yurt is one of the most comfortable and time tested tent styles that came from people who used to live in them for years, not only on occasional trips. Despite what people might think, cotton is pretty waterproof on its own, yet still, this certain one is additionally taped with the stitched seam and extra coated for more water-resistant protection.

It is also provided with windows all around construction for extra ventilation and additionally protected from insects with nets. When the weather conditions are not likable enough you can easily zip yourself inside – tent can flawlessly protect you from moderate wind, rain, and even snow, cause let’s not miss that this tent is designed to be used all year.

For extra warmth inside it in chilly weather, you can use traveling stove – there fire-resistant hole on the wall of a cabin for smoke reduction. You can purchase this one in five sizes, I recommend the smallest one for a couple or two friends getaway and bigger ones for families or bigger groups.

What I liked:
  • Waterproof, unique and time tested design
  • Hole in cabin wall made of fire-resistant material for smoke reduction
  • Inexpensive, high quality
What I didn’t like:
  • Reviewers complain about a poor quality zipper

#9 Ozark Trail Yurt Camping Tent

Ozark Trail Yurt Camping Tent

Doesn’t matter if you’re a camper from early childhood or if you found a desire to sit near a bonfire and admiring nature within you only recently, you know that even though traveling alone is when you can find your true self, everyone knows that a big group of close friends make everything much better. Either its getaway in the forest, traveling with staying in a campsite, or even an awesome festival with your favorite music, this tent will fit all your needs.

It can accommodate up to eight people and fit in two queen-sized mattresses. And don’t worry again about dirty shoes – this cozy yurt is provided with built-in mud mat to ensure you won’t carry any dirt or debris in your sleeping area. Meshing on windows allows you to see what’s happening near your «house» while protecting you from unwanted mosquitoes and other insects.

Furthermore, you’ll get the additional storage pockets for keeping small equipment organized. It also includes E-Port for your electronic needs. And don’t let admirable nature ruin your camping – tent is fully protected from water and designed to handle windy weather.

What I liked:
  • High capacity, perfect for a large company getaway
  • Thre window walls with mesh protection from bugs
  • Mud mat for shoes cleaning
What I didn’t like:
  • Not a heavy-duty tent, not suitable for an extreme camping

#10 MASTERCANOPY Pop Up Commercial Tent

MASTERCANOPY Pop Up Commercial Tent

Well, tents are not always only about camping and nature admiring getaway, right? We can also see tents on festivals with food court areas, or some entertainments like contests and fairs or open-air exhibitions. Commercial use of easy to carry «buildings» are reasonably popular due to lightweight and price point.

This certain one is perfect for its price and size comparison. This pop-up tent is strong and really good looking, with a sturdy frame and rust-resistant walls it can handle strong winds and unpleasant weather conditions. Don’t ruin your party, picnic or any other outdoor activities because of unexpected rain or burning hot sun – this tent is big enough to accommodate up to ten people in the biggest size available.

Your purchase will include everything you need to build it up right away – from sandbags and ropes to easy to transport the wheeled bag.

What I liked:
  • Large capacity for the price
  • Easy to transport, everything needed for usage is included
  • Durable and sturdy against a strong wind
What I didn’t like:
  • No instructions attached


With so many options of tents to choose from it’s easy to lose your mind. It can be challenging and overwhelming to find the right one just for you. No matter if you prefer to spend time alone away from everything or if you want something big enough to accommodate all your family or a large group of friends – I tried to collect the best tents for every situation and any camping destination to make your wildness experience only about joy and nature admiring, not getting lost in camping gear shop. I hope I got everything covered and you won’t ever regret choosing this lifestyle.

Best Pick:

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Thanks to my intense childhood and a few decades of experience I can now choose the best equipment for any adventure waiting for me to dive in. And after all, I have been through, I want to share my knowledge so more people could join an enjoyable and breathtaking trip to discovering magical nature around us. Forget about five-star hotels and treat yourself with thousands more in a cozy camping trip!

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