Best Oil Lamps 2020

Nowadays, we can’t imagine our lives without light. It is so easy to get. Just turn on the lamp. This one-second action is as usual. But how people existed before…

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Best Gas Lamps 2020

Even 100 years ago, gas lamps could fully compete with electricity. When you go to the countryside or a cottage, you need an additional light source - a gas lamp…

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Best EDC Lighters 2020

A lot of centuries ago, the fire was like God for humanity. People made great efforts to get it and guarded it at the cost of living. Nowadays, everything is…

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Best 1000 Lumen Flashlights 2020

What are the main features of a good flashlight? LED bulb, increasing brightness and beam distance improvement; Water-resistance, useful in outdoor activities; Lightweight and pocket-size to carry it everywhere. So,…

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