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Close your eyes… Image if you are a super-agent of intelligence. Your life hangs in the balance every day, but you must pretend that nothing unusual happens. But how? At least, you need something to protect yourself. However, it is impossible to have a knife or gun.

Best Tactical Umbrella - Editor's choice

Somebody may notice. So, what to do? I know the answer! Take a security umbrella! It looks like usual, but with some extra features. Firstly such an umbrella can be a perfect weapon. Secondly, it is made of durable material and can serve as a cane. Finally, forget about fear to be caught! There is nothing strange in a man with an umbrella.

However, it can be possible that you are not a super-agent. But you also need such a useful umbrella. At least for personal protection. Criminals do not sleep. You should have something that you can take to go somewhere in the evening. Or, by the way, it can be a good gift for your young son and daughter or elderly parents. Present it for your wife or husband and keep calm when he or she delayed at work. Even if we do not notice these beneficial qualities, it is still a good umbrella with a classic design that will suit everyone.

Features of Tactical Umbrellas

Have you ever thought that an umbrella is a popular subject of self-defense? The design of a conventional umbrella is not strong enough for these purposes. An ordinary umbrella can break after the first hit and only anger the attacker. Tactical umbrellas are designed by experts in the field of self-defense. It is able not only to stun the enemy but also to completely neutralize him. In this case, the umbrella will not break or bend.

Thanks to its super-strength, almost indestructibility, the umbrella turns into a reliable tool for self-defense. It can withstand the weight of a person up to 100 kg. It is not subject to weapons regulations. The ideal option is to provide yourself with the opportunity to escape while keeping the attacker at a distance. And of course, it can also be used as an ordinary umbrella.

Who Should Use Tactical Umbrellas?

  • Tired of changing or repairing flimsy umbrellas;
  • Want to buy a premium umbrella and use it fully without fear of breaking;
  • Want to make a great gift for a man;
  • Worry about your safety;
  • Looking for legal hidden weapons of self-defense;

Tactical Umbrellas Review | Best Tactical Umbrella

Self Defense Stick UmbrellaSecurity UmbrellaBUY
Security Umbrella Self-DefenseSecurity UmbrellaBUY
MTech Long Sword Handle Tactical UmbrellaMTechBUY
Nunchuckgrips – Full-Size Tactical UmbrellaSecurity UmbrellaBUY
Security Umbrella "City-Safe"Security UmbrellaBUY

#1 Self Defense Stick Umbrella (German Quality, Wood Handle)

Self Defense Stick Umbrella (German Quality, Wood Handle)

A beautiful accessory with a lot of useful features. The classic design makes it a perfect addition for every look both for men and women. First of all, it is a qualitative umbrella that will protect you even in the deep rain. It will also save you in a list of other situations. For example, if somebody will attack you. Keep calm and use your umbrella for protection. It’s not worse than a baseball bat. But you can’t walk around the street with a bat behind you. Another point is the inconspicuous umbrella that does not cause unnecessary questions. It is a good solution for old people, children, and those who are not physically fit. The umbrella helps them to fill more confident. They also can use it as additional walking support. This lot comes with a lifetime warranty. So even if you manage to break something, just contact the seller and he will solve all your problems.

  • Classical design;
  • Qualitative umbrella;
  • Can be used for protection;
  • Not attract attention;
  • Cab be an additional walking support;
  • Lifetime warranty;
  • Everything is ok;

#2 Security Umbrella Self-Defense (German Quality, Handmade Curved Handle)

Security Umbrella Self-Defense (German Quality, Handmade Curved Handle)

Another one unremarkable umbrella. It can protect both from criminals’ attacks and rain. Keep calm and feel comfortable in any life situation with this accessory. Its length is 90 cm. Perfect for an adult man. It doesn’t consist of any unusual or forbidden materials. So you can easily take the umbrella to the plane or somewhere like this. The manufacturer takes care of your safety. With your item, you will get a free tutorial. So you can learn how to protect yourself without extra pay for a teacher. One more corn, what I really like is if you lost your umbrella you can get another with a half price. The only drawback that I noticed is that there are a lot of plastic parts and it can break.

  • Unremarkable;
  • Can protect in any life situation;
  • Doesn’t consist of any unusual materials;
  • Free tutorial;
  • In the case of loss, you can get another in a half-price;
  • A lot of plastic parts;

#3 MTech Long Sword Handle Tactical Umbrella

MTech Long Sword Handle Umbrella

Arthur Braveheart, is that you? No? But you also can become a brave knight! At least to feel like. Just take your sword. But, nowadays it’s hard to go somewhere in a public place with the sword behind. The manufacturer provided it. The design is a perfect combination of sword and umbrella. So you can be a knight even in an industrial city. You can buy it for yourself or make a gift for your friends or relatives. It is qualitative, but take note that it is more like a toy.

  • Design;
  • Quality;
  • Unusual look;
  • It is more like a toy;

#4 Nunchuckgrips – Full-Size Tactical Umbrella (Pepper Spray)

Nunchuckgrips – Full-Size Umbrella (Pepper Spray)

This version is or for a real ninja or for somebody, who wants to have full protection. The umbrella equipped with pepper spray and made of durable material. It can be open fast because of the special automatic mechanism. It has a classic useful design and black color. This umbrella suits everyone and gives a feeling of confidence when you go somewhere at midnight. But don’t forget that you are not a superhero! Don’t run into trouble!

  • Equipped with pepper spray;
  • Made of durable material;
  • It can be open fast;
  • A few reviews

#5 Security Umbrella “City-Safe”

Security Umbrella "City-Safe"

The last one is a usual example of the tactical umbrella. It is made in black color with an unmarkable design. Nobody will pay attention to it. But at the right time, the parasol can protect you from such dangers as wild animals, assaults of criminal or furious ex. The umbrella is legal. Fell free to take it anywhere you need. A lot of people find it useful. But I noticed some complaints about the quality of this lot. Be careful with your choice!

  • Unmarkable design;
  • Legal;
  • Useful;
  • Complaints about the quality;


So, the tactical umbrella is a must-have in every home. It is functional and sometimes can save your life. As for me, I decided to buy one for me and my family after this article. I think my choice will stop at number one. And also I want to buy a third one for my little brother. It definitely will be a good birthday gift for a young knight!

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Helen Hernandez
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Shooted a hat of the neighbor in the country at the age of 4 with a miniature bow was the first successful step in studying military history. Fortunately, everyone survived. Coming on a date in adulthood, I surprised guys with my knowledge of knives, that’s often played a trick on me. No normal man likes a woman smarter than him.

Now it gives me special pleasure to simply study various sets and types of weapons, survival, and tactical gear on Amazon, OpticsPlanet, Cabelas, Brownells, and other stores, helping people choose exactly what they need.

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  1. I bought this indestructible tactical umbrella. I wanted it because I saw a lot of videos on YouTube, where they experience it. Since I worked in a taxi, I thought it was a great opportunity to spend the girl in the rain before the porch and fool on the road to punish if necessary. Confused the price – but, believe me, the umbrella is worth it! I tested it myself and gave it to a friend – he weighs 85kg, the umbrella is elastic and does not break even under the weight of my friend. A great thing and a worthy gift.

    • Product Name: Self-Defense Security Umbrella
  2. Cool wedding anniversary gift. I was looking for a husband a wedding anniversary gift. On Instagram, I came across a video about tactical umbrellas. I wanted to give my husband something unusual and necessary. Such an umbrella came in handy. The weight of an umbrella is rather heavy for me (about a kilogram), but for my husband, of course, a feather. Elegant, classic, black. The material and fabric of the handle are pleasant to the touch – the quality is excellent. It will be a pleasant and stylish accessory for the image of my husband. Husband, when he saw the videos I showed, was simply delighted – now all his friends at a meeting show his shocking qualities.

    • Product Name: Security Umbrella
  3. Not an umbrella, but a bat! The thing is powerful and not very heavy. Picked up and realized – not in vain bought! The quality is excellent! I especially liked the sound of the umbrella being opened – characteristic and unlike anyone else (like the Harleys in motorcycles). You cannot immediately tell from it that this weapon for self-defense is quite a stately umbrella-stick. I checked it in action – the first thing I got on it (put it on chairs and stood on top). The umbrella bent but did not break. Opened – works as it should.

    Of the flaws: not enough straps to wear behind. I am satisfied with the rest – I am waiting for the opportunity to try the umbrella on a punching bag. In life, I hope it comes in handy only from rain. But, if anything – I’m ready for a lot now! Conclusions: The umbrella fully met my expectations, in the videos on YouTube not a bit is embellished – everything is as it is. Lasting. Powerful. Stately.

    • Product Name: Unbreakable Tactical Umbrella
  4. Awesome tactical umbrella, if all the umbrellas were so strong and stylish. In addition, because of work, I have to go into dangerous areas or return home late – such a self-defense weapon gives confidence. Thanks for inventing self-defense umbrellas!

    • Product Name: Unbreakable Umbrella

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