Best Tourniquets 2020

How often situations happen when there is no first-aid kit at hand, but you need to cope with a deep cut or wound. An ordinary rope or harness will come…

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Best Israeli Bandage 2020

Your safety is your choice! You should never forget these worlds. Especially when you are going to do some extreme things. Very often people forget about precautionary measures and it…

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Best IFAK Pouches 2020

Due to statistics, 85% of preventable deaths on the battlefield are caused by uncontrolled hemorrhage (bleeding to death). The next 9% die from pneumothorax. So every military or soldier in…

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Best Emergency Blanket 2020

Mylar heat-reflecting blankets (also called "Cosmic blankets") - have many fields of application. They are simply irreplaceable when providing emergency and first aid or hiking. Thin and light material will…

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