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Remember the last time you asked your husband to tear off the old wallpaper from the wall, pull the old nail from the wall, or disassemble the outdated box. How difficult it was to beg your husband to do it. Now you can cope with these tasks yourself. The pry bar will help you in the garden and about the house.

TOP-10 Pruy Bars | Editor's ChoiceHow often do I ask my mother if it’s convenient for her to pick out weeds with an ordinary knife, of course not, but with such a device you can not even bend your knees and not bend your back. If you are a novice thief or cracker, buy this low-cost device for yourself, but you need to start your career with something. If after a noisy party you just can’t get home, the pry bar will become your best friend. There are a lot of options for using this product. Let’s study 10 examples with Amazon and OpticsPlanet.

Why do we need a pry bar?

The pry bar or crowbar is an instrument, which is made of steel or titanium, very durable and strong. It is used from the 1400 year and firstly was mentioned in ancient times. It appeared in Britain, Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia. Firstly it was a multifunctional tool used for any purpose, no it mostly used to remove nails and to open something. Also the iron pry bar appeared in the stories of Daniel Depo. On the one hand, this device always has the shape of a fork, on the other hand a convenient handle. It can be used in camping, hiking, and outdoor activities. Decide for yourself the purpose of how you will use the tool. Not everyone with a device will withstand a big load. The handle is of great importance, the main thing is that it does not slip and does not heat up, otherwise you just won’t take it in your hand. The length is also important because it affects the convenience of carrying and the ability to put it in a bag. The bright color will help you not to forget the instrument on the site. Many with such tools are very sharp, if you are a novice builder it is better to be careful. If you are a novice thief, remember that your actions are punishable by law.

Best Pry Bars | Pry Bar Review Guide

Stanley 55-526 21-Inch Wonder Bar X21 Pry BarStanleyBUY
Schrade SCHPB1BK 7.5in Pry Bar with High Carbon SteelSchradeBUY
Crescent Brand BLACK DB18X 18 Indexing Flat PrybarCrescent BrandBUY
Estwing Gooseneck Wrecking Bar PROEstwingBUY
Sunex 9804 Rolling Head Pry Bar Set, 6-Inch - 20-Inch, 4-PieceSunexBUY
Red Devil 4050CL Classic Scrape & Pry bar SilverRed DevilBUY
OTC (7168) 30" Jimmy BarOTCBUY
ABN Jumbo Pry Bar Tool – 36in Large Breaker CrowbarABNBUY
Dasco Pro 91 Pry Bar Set, 3-PieceDasco ProBUY
MARSHALLTOWN Premier Line 10453 Open Angle Monster Pry BarMARSHALLTOWNBUY

#1 Stanley Wonder Bar X21 Pry Bar

Stanley 55-526 21-Inch Wonder Bar X21 Pry Bar

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This pryer bar is designed to make the work easier. It can be used for lifting, prying, and pooling of the nails. It is made of high carbon steel. The lengths are 21 inches. It is also good visible and has a powder-coated finish. It can be used in the household, for removal of the weed, dandelions, little maple trees. You can easily use this tool to pick up the plant with its roots. The advantage is that you will not need to stay on your knees to work with plants. That is very comfortable. The head can be yellow, depends on the distributor.

  • 21 inches size;
  • used for lifting of nails;
  • can be used about the house;
  • ideal to work with small plants;
  • is made of carbon steel;
  • small;
  • strong.
  • requires additional sharpening.

#2 Schrade 7.5in Pry Bar

Schrade SCHPB1BK 7.5in Pry Bar with High Carbon Steel

View on OpticsPlanet View on Amazon

This pry bar is black colored. It can be a part of your toolbox. It has 7.5 inches long, and it is enough lightweight. This device is ideal for opening doors without calling the police, unlocks the doors with one click without using a mount or other heavy rod. It is made of proven carbon steel. This tool fits easily in a bag or backpack. In general, this is a godsend for a cracker or a thief. The handle is covered with 550 paracord wrapping. You can easily take it with you on hiking or to the mountains. It will peck you any stone or wood.

  • 7.5 inches length;
  • made from reliable carbon steel;
  • lightweight;
  • paracord handle;
  • used for camping and outdoor activities
  • not tested enough by customers

#3 Crescent Brand BLACK Pry Bar

Crescent Brand BLACK DB18X 18 Indexing Flat Prybar

If you started a home renovation, it’s time to buy this tool. It comes in 5 sizes, from 16 to 44 inches. Tear off old nails from a wooden box, a fragment of old wallpaper from the wall is an easy task for this device. It can deform in 16 positions. The head is very flexible, it can lift the most deep-set parts. The handle is decorated with a corporate logo. The head rotates 180 degrees, but remember that it is worth dosing the load so as not to break the device. It is also good and suitable for knocking down old plaster.

  • 5 sizes kit;
  • can work in 16 positions;
  • the head can change with different angle;
  • branded handle;
  • used for home and repair
  • convenient to remove nails.
  • does not withstand heavy loads.

#4 Estwing Gooseneck Wrecking Pry Bar

Estwing Gooseneck Wrecking Bar PRO

This product is made in the USA. To develop such a pry bar was used Rockford technology. The end is made in the form of cliche. The low price will surprise any customer. It can be used to remove the old fence, pick up nails and boards. It is much heavy, that why not advise through it, it can damage things or injure someone. This tool is good to open the car door. The length of the tool is about 36 inches. It is made from steel made in America. It belongs to the line of crafted tools.

  • blue color;
  • made of American steel;
  • good for boards and nails;
  • 36 inches lengths;
  • new design;
  • suitable price.
  • can break a car window;
  • heavy.

#5 Sunex 9804 Rolling Head Pry Bar Set

Sunex 9804 Rolling Head Pry Bar Set, 6-Inch - 20-Inch, 4-Piece

It can be used in car repairing. It is stored in 4 sizes, the smallest starts from 6 inches. The largest size is 20 inches. It can be used to repair your car or truck. it will help to remove parts and pick up metal parts. The head can roll and adapt to your aims. It can work under the 360 angle. Also, it is suitable for tearing old boards from the floor. The actual product is made in China but it doesn’t influence on good quality. The pry bar is made using the Sunex method.

  • rolling head;
  • silver color;
  • 4 sizes;
  • used for mechanic aims;
  • smart;
  • well balanced;
  • ideal for truck repairing.
  • actually made in China;
  • cheap quality.

#6 Red Devil Classic Pry Bar (Silver)

Red Devil 4050CL Classic Scrape & Pry bar Silver

It would help to remove the legs of your sofa. This device is a good partner at home, it will pick up the old floor or fixed wood. Two ends are used in this pry bar. One is sharp, another for nails. You can scrap using this tool. The color is silver. It is made by the Red Devil supplier, which means the high quality of the product. The country of origin is China. Mostly it is used for the opening boxes on the factories. The length is 22 inches.

  • used for scrapping;
  • ideal to remove the nail;
  • not blend;
  • 2 ends for work;
  • used for home furniture and linoleum;
  • good for simple operations.
  • problems with grabbing of finished nails.

#7 OTC Jimmy Pry Bar

OTC (7168) 30" Jimmy Bar

The size is usually from 30 to 40 inches. It doesn’t afraid of heating. Only your hands can be afraid of heat. It is about ⅞ in diameter. The material is used, called the chrome alloy steel. It can be an ideal tool to break the bank or steal the car. Also, it can be used on the farm to repair agricultural technology mechanisms. It is ideal for breaking locks.

  • 8 inches diameter;
  • silver;
  • made from chrome;
  • not afraid of heat;
  • durable;
  • 30 inches length.
  • difficult to take in hand.

#8 ABN Jumbo Pry Bar Tool

ABN Jumbo Pry Bar Tool – 36in Large Breaker Crowbar

It is used for serious pries work in the automotive sphere. It is sold by ABN Jumbo. It is used for any work involving large and hard equipment. You can work with it in the factory or plant, some logistic buildings. The device bends well at the angle you need. It is made of chrome and has a size 16 to16 mm. The length of the handle is 8 inches. You can easily hold it in one or two hands. The general length is 28 inches. Thanks to the silver color and brightness, you will not forget it in the grass.

  • plastic handle;
  • powerful;
  • easy held;
  • works at any angle;
  • used for vehicles;
  • doesn’t take a lot of space;
  • branded tool.
  • problems with handle.

#9 Dasco Pro 91 Pry Bar Set

Dasco Pro 91 Pry Bar Set, 3-Piece

The blue paint makes this product branded. It belongs to the Danco Pro line of products. The paint can be scrapped while using it. There are 3 different packs. It is good for simple nails and pulling the piece of wood. The size of the bar is 7.5 inches. It is very thin. It also includes 9 inches trim. Some customers say it is highly durable to work outside or in the country.

  • 5.5 Lil bar;
  • bright color;
  • 9 inches trim;
  • user-friendly;
  • available in 3 packs;
  • portable.
  • to thin;
  • used not for all purposes;
  • short.

#10 MARSHALLTOWN Open Angle Monster Pry Bar

MARSHALLTOWN Premier Line 10453 Open Angle Monster Pry Bar

This is one of the pry bars that have the best feedbacks at Amazon. It is made of durable materials. The supplier is Marshalltown, nut it reminds the Bruke Bar. It is good for everyday use. It is enough long. The length is more than 25 inches. It will be good to cope with your old fence. It is good to use it for opening the wine boxes. After prolonged use, the handle will need to be repainted. Do not subject the tool to heavy loads.

  • blue color;
  • branded pry bar;
  • Marshalltown supplier;
  • long;
  • used for wooden fences;
  • ideal crowbar;
  • can crop the floor.
  • the handle might need to be repaint.

How to use a pry bar?

Now I will give you an example of simple use of the tool. Hammer a nail into a wooden surface. Watch how it is clogged. If not successful – take the pry bar and try to find the head of the nail. Fix the wooden fragment where the nail is clogged. This must be done firmly so that it does not fall on your foot. Hook the head of the nail tool and rotate 180 degrees. Try to lay the pulled-out nail on the surface. It is better than it was a light paper on which the spare part is clearly visible. If you use the tool in a plant garden, be careful not to break it. Pick up the root of the plant as deep as possible and pull up. Most likely you will vomit the weed with its roots and it will not pollute your soil with harmful seeds. After clean the tool from dirt and earth. The pry bars are divided into small, medium, and high. The large pry bars are used for heavy and duty projects. The medium is used to pull the wood boards. The smallest is used in a household.


Only you choose which pry bar will help you in difficult conditions, will it be damage resistant enough and easy to carry or heavily made of durable steel. In this article we have analyzed 10 unique pries bars, now you clarify all the information to buy the best in your particular case – to receive an elementary tool to pick up the nails with plastic handle, if your budget is limited, pay attention to model 5, if you want to be the owner of the best pry bar with the steel material, long length, instructions, and good handle, your budget is not limited – choose a model 4. Whether it is easy-carried or if you break it quickly is up to you. Indeed, most breakdowns occur from excessive load and improper use.

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