The backpacking thermometer is a multifunctional item which may be used for different purposes. In a way to measure temperature in extreme conditions, this gadget is ideal for outdoor activities: camping, hiking, skiing, survival, fishing, hunting, and backpacking.

Best Survival Thermoter's for Backpack

Packing all the necessary equipment takes plenty of time, but don’t forget something important like a thermometer – changes of outside temperature make a person unprotected to nature, so a traveler needs to have a device to detect the outside situation. This guide is about choosing the most suitable thermometer from 10 top-rated thermometers.

Why do we need the backpacking thermometers?

The backpacking thermometer helps you to check the temperature outside and inside the tent, the strength of the wind when driving on a bicycle or during a simple walk. Modern devices are getting clever and support many modern things, so such a thermometer can contain not only the main functions of measuring temperature but also a compass, timer, whistle or light bulb that can be useful for adventure trips. Such gadgets can improve your travel hobbies and enhances your experience as a smart traveler.

Backpacking Thermometer Review | Best Hiking Thermometer

AcuRite Wireless ThermometerAcuRiteBUY
Coghlan's Zipper Pull ThermometerCoghlan'sBUY
Sun Company Original Zip-o-gageSun CompanyBUY
Sun Company TempaComp Ball Compass and Thermometer CarabinerSun CompanyBUY
Sun Company Brrr-ometer - Snowsport Zipperpull ThermometerSun CompanyBUY
Sun Company Outsider - 4-in-1 Survival Multi-ToolSun CompanyBUY
Sun Company Digital Zipogage Compact Zipperpull Digital ThermometerSun CompanyBUY
Coghlan's 4 Function Whistle For Kids Camping GearCoghlan'sBUY
AceCamp Munkees Small Compass and Thermometer KeychainAceCampBUY
Ambient Weather WM-2 Handheld Weather MeterAmbient WeatherBUY

#1 AcuRite Wireless Thermometer (Indoor/Outdoor)

AcuRite 00782A2 Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer

The scale of the thermometer is divided into indoor and outdoor temperatures. That’s a great option for measuring the temperature inside and outside the tent. For a minute it reminded me the first game for children called “Tamagotchi” – it fits with clever display and sensor. The user experience of this thermometer is highly divided into parts of completely satisfied and unsatisfied customers.

  • Measure indoor and outdoor temperature;
  • LCD display;
  • Wall mountable design;
  • Scale in Fahrenheit;
  • Small sensor.
  • Not 100% accurate sensor;
  • Bot waterproof

#2 Coghlan’s Zipper Pull Thermometer

Coghlan's Zipper Pull Thermometer

The green color of this backpacking thermometer gives the calming effect for eyes. The simple scale is in Fahrenheit and Celsius. This thermometer can be a good gift thanks to the design. Consider customers’ feedbacks it can be used for trips into mountains.

Video review

  • Good gift for travelers / survivals;
  • 2 scales;
  • Windchill chart on the back;
  • Split key ring.
  • Difference in scale with other thermometers
  • Difficult to read the scale.

#3 Sun Company Original Zip-o-gage

Sun Company Original Zip-o-gage

The thermometer is suitable for outdoor needs. Difficult in reading can be connected with small letters and numbers, so it can be a little problem for people with vision problems. The temperature sometimes doesn’t coincide with thermometers in the same condition. An advantage that makes this thermometer perfect is a wind chill chart and handy keyring, which shows its portable and carrying options. The scale from chilly -20 degrees Fahrenheit to -30 degrees Celsius makes this thermometer most trusted since 1971.

  • Easily attached to coat or jacket;
  • Can be connected to a tent or keys;
  • Used like traveling accessory;
  • Ideal for hiking and camping.
  • Not 100% accurate
  • Easy damaged

#4 Sun Company TempaComp Ball Compass and Thermometer Carabiner

Sun Company TempaComp Ball Compass and Thermometer Carabiner

For travelers with love for smart things, the large ball compass will surely impress. The main problem that the compass shows only two directions, if using incorrect you will receive the wrong direction. A great plus is that the thermometer is easy to read and it comes with a split ring that makes it simple to attach to a zipper or anything with locker.

Video review

  • Viewing general orientation using the compass;
  • Split ring included;
  • Option to receive weather report;
  • Can be used as a zipper pull.
  • Sometimes the compass shows the wrong direction;
  • Sometimes thermometer is inaccurate;

#5 Sun Company Brrr-ometer – Snowsport Zipperpull Thermometer

Sun Company Brrr-ometer - Snowsport Zipperpull Thermometer

The bright colors of these thermometers impress. We need to pay attention to a strong structure that saves thermometer from outside damages. It helps the thermometer tube stays secured in the housing. In congestion, it has scales in Fahrenheit and Celsius. The thermometer can be easily attached to clothing or anything preferred. 3 different color satisfies male and female tastes and can be the trendy accessory to you wearing.

  • 3 colors of housing;
  • 2 scales (Celsius and Fahrenheit)
  • Strong against outside damages
  • Easily attached to any clothing.
  • Тot very secure structure;
  • Ыometimes fall out housing;
  • Тot 100% accurate scale.

#6 Sun Company Outsider – 4-in-1 Survival Multi-Tool

Sun Company Outsider - 4-in-1 Survival Multi-Tool

The compass of the thermometer works in low light conditions because it has a light bulb. It can be useful for camping or hunting. This device is reliable in emergency situations. They say it is a part of the first aid survival kit because the thermometer is fit by the whistle, which can be useful to ask for help. The fire starter makes this thermometer non-standard. Included key-ring makes it easily attached to any part of a coat or simple bag.

  • Luminous compass;
  • Easy to read scale;
  • Mini whistle;
  • Easily attached to other gadgets.
  • To user guide;
  • Crashing plastic housing.

#7 Sun Company Digital Zipogage Compact Zipperpull Digital Thermometer

Sun Company Digital Zipogage Compact Zipperpull Digital Thermometer

The thermometer is staffed with an easy-read display. The battery is easily replaced. The main advantage of this device that it supports the lowest temperatures.

Video review

  • Easy read LCD display;
  • Operating colder temperature;
  • Compact device;
  • Turn on/ off button ;
  • Fahrenheit and Celsius scales.
  • Sometimes doesn’t show the correct numbers;
  • Sometimes flashing and stop working.

#8 Coghlan’s 4 Function Whistle For Kids Camping Gear

Coghlan's 4 Function Whistle For Kids Camping Gear

The yellow color of this thermometer impresses the mood on an unhappy day. It includes two sides: one side is a compass, another – a thermometer. The magnifier makes any scale 100% visible. It especially will be an interesting thing for children because it is bright and funny.

Video review

  • Yellow color;
  • Multi-use;
  • High visibly;
  • Compass, magnifier, thermometer included;
  • Helpful for children;
  • Whistle included;
  • Easy carried.
  • Nothing

#9 AceCamp Munkees Small Compass and Thermometer Keychain

AceCamp Munkees Small Compass and Thermometer Keychain

This designer thermometer can be attached to anything due to the long key ring. It will have success in camping, hiking and other kinds of rest. The portable design of the item helps to carry it anywhere in the pocket, working case or simple coat. For black color lovers, it will be a good accessory to wear or an anti-stress toy in hands.

  • Long key ring;
  • 2 in 1 compass and thermometer;
  • Portable;
  • Small size;
  • 30 days free return exchange policy.
  • Some differences with other thermometers.

#10 Ambient Weather WM-2 Handheld Weather Meter

Ambient Weather WM-2 Handheld Weather Meter

The thermometer includes smart features but unfortunately has a difference while using inhouse and outside. The temperature jumps don’t give assurance of results. It looks like this scale needs to be updated a little bit. This thermometer mostly can be used as a toy.

Video review

  • Wind meter;
  • Windchill;
  • Compact;
  • Wind hold mode;
  • Low battery indicator.
  • Problems with display;
  • Temperature jumps;
  • Battery is getting low quickly.


In this article we have analyzed 10 unique backpack thermometers, now you clarify all the information to buy the best in your particular case. If your budget is limited, pay attention to model №2 (Coghlan’s Zipper Pull Thermometer) in our list, if you want to be the owner of the best backpacking thermometer with sensor display and the smart unit and your budget is not limited – choose model №1 (AcuRite Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer).

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