A lot of centuries ago, the fire was like God for humanity. People made great efforts to get it and guarded it at the cost of living. Nowadays, everything is simpler. Fire is a part of our life. A human can light up matches or lighter at the click of a finger. As for me, it was an unattainable dream for people of ancient times. You can get fire in a lot of ways. For example, there are lighters, matches, home appliances, and car devices. In my opinion, the first is the most popular. Almost every man or woman has it in the bag. You can fight the lighter in the car. And, of course, it takes place in every house. There is a huge variety of designs, colors, forms, manufacturers, and prices. So, everybody can find something suitable.

Best EDC Lighter's - Editor's Choice

The lighter can be a universal gift almost for everybody, except children. It is multifunctional. You can mix it with some additional accessories and create a gift set. There are several companies that manufacture luxury kits for people who need to be surrounded by quality and style. Usually, they put lighters, pens, watchbands and etc. in their boxes. So, nowadays the lighters are an integral part of our lives. I’m sure that if you put your hand in your pocket, you will find one there. If it is not there, but you need it, I can help you. Just read this article, to choose the most suitable lighter for you!

Top 10 EDC lighters

Zippo Logo Black Matte Pocket LighterZippoBuy on Amazon
Swiss Safe 5-in-1 Fire Starter with Compass, Paracord and Whistle (2-Pack) for Emergency Survival Kits, Camping, Hiking, All-Weather Magnesium Ferro RodSwiss SafeBuy on Amazon
TG Plasma Lighter Windproof Waterproof USB Rechargeable Flameless Dual Arc for EDC Camping Survival TacticalTGBuy on Amazon
EDC Waterproof Lighter - 2 Pack Peanut Lighter for Survival and Emergency Use Bonus Inculded 6 Lighter flint, 1 Windproof wick, 2 Waterproof O-ringDreambayBuy on Amazon
Tesla Coil Lighters™ USB Rechargeable Windproof Arc Cigarette Lighter with Charging Cable and Carrying PouchTesla Coil LightersBuy on Amazon
PPFISH Mini Brass Lighter - EDC Peanut Lighter Keychain - Waterproof Fire Starter Especially for Survival and Emergency UsePPFISH EDCBuy on Amazon
lcfun Waterproof Lighter Outdoor Windproof Lighter Dual Arc Lighter Electric Lighters USB Rechargeable-Flameless-Plasma Lighter for Camping,Hiking,Outdoor Adventure,Survival TacticallcfunBuy on Amazon
RONXS Lighter, Upgraded Candle Lighter Camping Lighter Grill Lighter USB Lighter Plasma Arc with LED Battery Display Safety Switch, Longer Flexible Neck for Candle Cooking BBQs Fireworks (Black)RONXSBuy on Amazon
YUSUD Keychain Multitool with Flint Metal Matchstick Fire Starter and Bottle Opener, Great Kerosene Refillable Lighter, EDC Gift Ideas and Emergency Survival GearyusudBuy on Amazon
Waterproof Lighter USB Plasma Lighter Rechargeable Electric Lighter Waterproof with Flashlight Flameless Lighter Windproof Arc Lighter for Outdoor Camping Hiking (Camouflage)lcfunBuy on Amazon

#1 Zippo – Matte Pocket Lighters

Zippo - Matte Pocket Lighters

It is a classic variant, suitable for people who respect the combination of comfort and sophisticated design. There are a lot of useful features. First of all, you have an option to choose the style. It may be classic, without logo or slim. A huge variety of colors really surprised me. The seller offers more than 10 variants. The construction of Zippo lighters is qualitative and made of metal. It is hard to broke and useful. All good is cover by unique matte coating. Thanks to it you shouldn’t take care of such problems as, dirty from fingerprints and scratches. You can buy one for life. There is a long-life lighter. The manufacturer makes sure, that only trouble what can case with is the loss. He confirms his words with a lifetime warranty. He offers to be a newly satisfied customer or he brings all money back without questions. Unfortunately, a few people who bought the lighter decide to use the warranty. They were really disappointed about quality. There was not a Zippo label. But, anyway, the seller brings all money back in such situations. So, feel free to buy it!

What I liked:
  • A classic design;
  • An option to choose the style;
  • A huge variety of colors;
  • The construction is qualitative and made of metal;
  • Cover by unique matte coating;
  • A long-life lighter;
  • A lifetime warranty;
What I didn’t like:
  • Complaints about the poor quality;
  • Another logo on some lighters;

#2 Swiss Safe – 5-in-1 Fire Starter with Compass

Swiss Safe - 5-in-1 Fire Starter with Compass

It is not a typical lighter. It is a device for fans of surviving in wild nature. On the one hand, it is hard to get fire with this. On another hand, in extreme conditions, it is more reliable. If you order this lot, you get 2 fire starters. There are 4 colors to choose from. All of them are bright. I don’t know, is it good for outdoor activities, but they look really nice. I highlight a lot of features. The device equipped with a built-in compass, extreme whistle, steel scraper, and paracord strap. So, you are ready for all unexpected turns of life with it. Despite all of this, the good is lightweight and compact. The seller offers a lifetime warranty because he takes care of quality and reputation. Be careful! Don’t forget that it is quite hard to get a fire with this lot. And, of course, if you search for something for everyday life it is better to choose another one.

What I liked:
  • Reliable in extreme condition;
  • 2 fire starter in one kit;
  • Nice colors;
  • A lot of features;
  • Lifetime warranty;
What I didn’t like:
  • A majority of colors are too bright for wild nature activities;
  • It is hard a bit to get fire;

#3 TG – Plasma Lighter Windproof (Waterproof)

TG - Plasma Lighter Windproof (Waterproof)

The manufacturer of this good does not know, that he can’t use the magic outside the Hogwarts. Have you ever seen a fireless lighter? Now, you have an opportunity to buy it. The good has a military design with a silicone case. It is useful and nice to touch. Available only in black color. You don’t need special fuel to charge it. Just use your laptop or power bank. The time of charging is 2 hours. After you can turn on the lighter approximately 300 times. As for me, eco-lovers should like this feature. It is quite easy to use. Open the case, push the button and that’s all. The lighter available to use by one hand. The construction is waterproof, lightweight, and compact. Take it to any trips or put it to your bag or pocket for everyday use. The lot is multifunctional and can be helpful anywhere you need it. Are you looking for a good gift for your man, father or grandfather? Congratulations! You found it. What can be better than a stylish, useful accessory? Unfortunately, there is no warranty. So, think twice before order or connect with a seller to discuss it.

What I liked:
  • A military design with a silicone case;
  • Don’t need special fuel to charge it;
  • Eco-friendly;
  • Easy to use;
  • Multifunctional;
  • Can be a good gift;
What I didn’t like:
  • No warranty;

#4 Dreambay – EDC Waterproof Lighter

Dreambay - EDC Waterproof Lighter

This lighter is very small. You can use it as a multifunctional keychain. Also, it takes a minimum place in your bag. But it can be too little for people with eye troubles or with big fingers. This is a new version. The manufacturer decided to upgrade the previous to get a higher quality. It took into account all the shortcomings and turned them into advantages. Now, the wick works longer and can be replaced. Also, the seller put the flint and wick in the starting pack. Every lighter can be used approximately 15000 times. Special design minimizes gunpowder consumption. Thick material protects the case from damage. You can charge the lighter with any fuel. The way of use is quite easy. Just open the top and click the button. All action takes from 1 to 3 seconds. Using this lighter you will not burn your fingers!

What I liked:
  • Multifunctional;
  • It takes a minimum place;
  • Updated version;
  • Easy to use;
What I didn’t like:
  • Can be too little;

#5 Tesla Coil Lighters – USB Rechargeable Windproof

Tesla Coil Lighters - USB Rechargeable Windproof

Have you ever dreamed to have a Tesla? You have the opportunity to order it right now. You don’t need to take credit and have a lot of money. Just do it! There is an innovation fireless lighter. The design looks really good. The 5 colors are available. In my opinion, it can be a good present for any person, who smokes, because it looks really stylish. It is eco-friendly because it does not need any fuel. Just charge it with a USB cable. If the battery is full you can use a lighter for one week. The charging time is 2-3 hours. Unfortunately, a lot of customers are disappointed. They say the lighter stopped to work after a short duration of use. The seller doesn’t give a warranty, so he is not going to replace the goods or make a refund. It is your choice to risk or not to risk.

What I liked:
  • You can buy tesla without credits;
  • An innovation fireless lighter;
  • Looks really good;
  • 5 colors are available;
  • Can be a good present;
  • Eco-friendly;
What I didn’t like:
  • A short duration of use;
  • The seller doesn’t give warranty;

#6 PPFISH EDC – Mini Brass Lighter

PPFISH EDC - Mini Brass Lighter

Another small lighter in gold color. It equipped with a key ring to put the lighter like a trinket. The cute universal design allows us to use it anywhere. The manufacturer promises a high quality of material and good craft. But he doesn’t suggest any warranty. Maybe, he is absolutely confident? You can replace flint and wick by yourself. There are some extra in the kit! Pay attention! The lighter comes without fuel. You need to buy separately. You can find it in any local shop.

What I liked:
  • Small size;
  • Equipped with key ring;
  • High quality of material;
  • Good craft;
  • Replaceable flint and wick;
What I didn’t like:
  • No warranty;

#7 lcfun – Waterproof Lighter

lcfun - Waterproof Lighter

There is a perfect gift for the surrounding men. It is made in military-style with 4 camouflage colors to choose from. It is multifunctional. Feel free to buy it not just for cigarettes, but also for traveling, camping, hunting, and others. Order it for your father or brother. They should like it. There is your perfect choice because it is waterproofed. Special design prevents water from getting inside. So, you shouldn’t afraid of rain and water in general. But don’t swim with lighter! It doesn’t have such a defense system. The lighter is economical and eco-friendly. It doesn’t need fuel and charges for electricity. The charging time is 2 hours and you can use it from 5 to 7 days. The seller is fully confident in their product and offers a 60-day warranty.

What I liked:
  • Can be a perfect gift;
  • Military style;
  • 4 camouflage colors to choose;
  • Multifunctional;
  • Waterproofed;
  • Economical and eco-friendly;
  • 60-day warranty;
What I didn’t like:
  • Everything is good;

#8 RONXS – Lighter (Upgraded Candle)

RONXS - Lighter (Upgraded Candle)

There is a led fireless lighter with a long flexible neck. You can find a led screen. It shows the level of charging. You need 2-3 hours to charge fully. After you can use it for 500 times. Just push the button to use the lighter. There is no fire, only electric spark. Thanks to a long neck, your fingers are safe. Special construction is fully windproof. No gusts of wind will extinguish a spark or blow it out. As for me, it is a good feature because sometimes you need to make a fire in the open place. I recommend buying it for your house. It is useful for any home needs and especially for young children. If you want to teach them how to behave with fire, this lighter is the best tutorial. There is a lighter, a USB charging cable, and a box in a kit. Unfortunately, the seller doesn’t put a warranty.

What I liked:
  • Led screen;
  • No fire;
  • Long neck;
  • Windproof;
  • Multifunctional;
What I didn’t like:
  • No warranty;

#9 YUSUD – Keychain Multitool with Flint Metal Matchstick Fire Starter and Bottle Opener

YUSUD - Keychain Multitool with Flint Metal Matchstick Fire Starter and Bottle Opener

This is a small surviving instrument. It equipped with a reusable match, bottle opener, and key carabiner. The seller offers an affordable price and promises one year of free warranty service. He is absolutely sure about the high quality of his product. The versatility of this product is truly surprising. It is a perfect combination of small size, usability, and beautiful design. It is helpful for camping, hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities. If you search for an idea for a gift you find it. There are an elegant and fancy design and great versatility in one beautiful gift box. The product is durable. The mechanism withstands up to 10,000 uses.

What I liked:
  • Multifunctional;
  • Affordable price;
  • One year of free warranty service;
  • A perfect combination of small size, usability, and beautiful design;
  • Can be a good gift;
  • Durable product;
What I didn’t like:
  • It is enough hard to get fire;

#10 lcfun – Waterproof Lighter USB Plasma

lcfun - Waterproof Lighter USB Plasma

There is a waterproof lighter for surviving. Special design prevents water from entering. It makes the device perfect for camping, hunting, fishing, and others. The good equipped with a flashlight. There are 3 modes of power. In my opinion, it is an indispensable quality in the wild. By the way, it is available in 2 colors. If you take care of nature you definitely like that the lighter doesn’t need fuel. It has enough powerful battery that allows us to use it during a lot of time without recharging. But if the battery is low, just take a USB cable and charge it. It takes only 2 hours to get a full battery. You don’t need a special fuel or something like. The device is safe and equipped with a special electric fuse. High-qualitative materials provide durable use. But, if it is something wrong you have a 2-months warranty. So, feel free to buy it!

What I liked:
  • Waterproof;
  • Device perfect for camping, hunting, fishing;
  • Equipped with a flashlight;
  • Eco-friendly;
  • Economic;
  • Equipped with a powerful battery;
  • The device is safe;
  • 2-months warranty;
What I didn’t like:
  • A lack of colors;


After this article, I’m fully sure that everybody should have at least one lighter. It is not only a way to get fire, but also a fashion accessory and a multifunctional device. If you need a gift, just order the lighter in beautiful packing. The gift recipient will be pleased. I can give you a little advice. Pay attention to number 5. It looks good and equipped with all the important features.

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