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The second name of an aviator hat is a bomber hat. Usually, it is a leather cap with large earflaps. It is often worn with goggles. Sometimes the leather can be replaced by leatherette. Vintage aviator hats became really popular in the 20th century with the growth of the popularity of open-cockpit airplanes. Pilots needed something warm to protect the head and ears. A hat made of dense elastic material has become an excellent outlet. Over time, the cockpits became closed and the usability of such hats fell. But people really liked the design. Wishing to say goodbye to it was not found. Stylists took the practical design of the pilot hat, changed it a bit and turned out to be an accessory.

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Nowadays, the hat is actively used in the collections of the best designers in the world of high fashion. Skillful stylists learned to compose them with seemingly the most incompatible things like, for example, romantic dress or office style clothing. They showed the whole world that the aviator hat will not go into oblivion, but will become a classic. So feel free to buy it!

Top 5 Best Aviator Hats – Editor’s Choice

Aviator Helmet Black Leather Cap Vintage WWII Hat Extra LargeunikBuy on Amazon
Happy Will Baby Pilot Hat Warm Aviator Cap with Earflaps Unisex Kids Fleece Winter Protect Beanie Hat for Kids Boys Girls(Brown)Happy WillBuy on Amazon
ililily Aviator Hat Winter Snowboard Fur Ear Flaps Trooper Trapper Pilot Goggles, Light BrownilililyBuy on Amazon
Sterkowski Genuine Leather Trapper Aviator Hat US 7 - US 7 1/8 BlackSterkowskiBuy on Amazon
WWII Replica Vintage Brown Leather Aviator Pilot Helmet Cap M/LRothcoBuy on Amazon

#1 Aviator Motorcycle Cap Vintage WWII Hat (Black Leather)

Aviator Motorcycle Cap Vintage WWII Hat (Black Leather)

The first hat in the rating has a classic design and is made of high-quality leather. Inside there is a layer of soft suede for the complete comfort of the buyer. The hat is made in 2 colors. There are brown inside and black outside. The manufacturer adhered to the classic design but added a few individual touches such as decorative straps and buckles on the outside. The Aviator Black Leather Motorcycle Cap is equipped with zippers around the ears. It is made for air circulation. There is a huge variety of sizes to choose from. Be careful! Some customers choose the wrong size and they were disappointed.

  • Classic design;
  • High-quality leather;
  • A layer of soft suede inside;
  • Zippers around ears;
  • Hard to choose the correct size;

#2 Happy Will Pilot Aviator Fleece Warm Hat for Kids

Happy Will Pilot Aviator Fleece Warm Hat for Kids

There is the cutest aviator hat I have ever seen. It will not be a good gift for your husband, but your children will definitely like it! It is made of soft cotton. For a complete look, goggles are included. Fits for children from 2 to 5 years. If you order this lot you will get a stylus as a gift. The Happy Will Pilot hat is an amazing prop for kids’ games. Allow your child to feel like a pilot!

  • Cute design;
  • Made of soft cotton;
  • Goggles are included;
  • A stylus as a gift;
  • It is just a toy. Take note of it!;

#3 ililily Aviator Hat Winter Snowboard Fur Ear Flaps Trooper

ililily Aviator Hat Winter Snowboard Fur Ear Flaps Trooper

The honorable third place is taken by a cool hat with a huge variety of colors and designs. It fits both for men and women. The ililily Aviator Hat is made of faux leather and faux fur. Eco lovers like it! As for me, it can be a perfect winter accessory or a part of Halloween look. By the way, goggles are included. Check the size chart before buying it! There is just one size. It fits for the majority but not for everybody!

  • A huge variety of colors and designs;
  • Fits both for men and women;
  • Made of faux leather and faux fur;
  • Possible size problems;

#4 Sterkowski Trapper Aviator Hat

Sterkowski Trapper Aviator Hat

This hat is the most expensive on the list. It costs 68 dollars and, as for me, it is really a high price. There are two sizes. The product is sewn with genuine cattle leather with polar fleece lining inside. The design of this hat is closest to the classic. As for me, it can be a good prop for themed photoshoots. But you also can use the Sterkowski Genuine Leather Trapper Aviator Hat as part of everyday life clothes. There are not a lot of feedback, but 10% of them are bad. Most complaints are about quality. I believe that for such a  high price, the manufacturer should take better care of the product.

  • Sewn with genuine cattle leather;
  • Polar fleece lining inside;
  • Design is close to classic;
  • High price;
  • Doubtful quality (unacceptable for that price);

#5 WWII Replica Vintage Aviator Pilot Helmet Cap M/L (Brown Leather)

WWII Replica Vintage Aviator Pilot Helmet Cap M/L (Brown Leather)

A leather hat with a low price completes the list. It is possible in two sizes: medium and large. The outer shell is made of goatskin. The inside is equipped with a soft synthetic lining. Designers thought through everything and therefore zippers are located in the area of the ears to allow air to circulate. There are also adjustable leather straps for chin, forehead, and neck for a perfect fit. As for me, the WWII Replica Vintage Brown Leather Aviator Pilot Helmet Cap is really ok, but a lot of customers are not agreed. They complain about the thin, cheap material and the fragility of the headgear. A lot of people had problems with size. It turned out to be very small.

  • Low price;
  • Made of goatskin;
  • A soft synthetic lining inside;
  • Zippers in the area of the ears;
  • Adjustable leather straps;
  • Complaints about the thin, cheap material and the fragility of the headgear;
  • Size problems;


So, as we can see, the aviator hat can be used in many ways, starting from a toy, ending with a warm winter accessory. To buy or not to buy- it is your choice. As for me, I would like to have such a thing in my wardrobe. I especially like the first and second positions. The first is really high quality. And the second one is so cute that I should highlight it.

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Ann Burwell
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That is why it is important for me to find good items that will help me and my family have a good time without too much hassle. I like to look for stuff for myself or gifts for my loved ones. We also share the high-quality products we find with each other, and I think it is really important to transfer your opinion and knowledge, that is why I am pleased to share the useful information I find with other people. I'm so happy that my family helps me in this matter. We hope that someone really finds this helpful and interesting enough!

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This Post Has 14 Comments

  1. I really like this hat. This is one of my best Amazon purchases… I organize parties and use it for a costume during them. Everyone absolutely loved it. Then in the winter I left work late and froze because the street was cold and windy. I ran to my office, grabbed it and used it as an ordinary hat to ride and buy food before coming home. It worked perfectly and saved my ears. So if you need an epic costume or you just need a warm cap when it’s terribly cold, this is a great buy.

    • Product Name: Ililily Aviator Hat
  2. I really like this cap, and I think that the company does a great job of making it, and I think it is very important in terms of quality compared to the price… I still want to give five stars, but there are a few little things I didn’t like. Firstly, my head circumference was 58-59 cm, and I ordered a cap of 59 cm, which seems a little small and puts pressure on my ears. So, I think, for a comfortable fit, I would prefer to order 60 cm. But because of the cost of delivery, a return or exchange is impossible, so I have to put up with it. Secondly, the small wings with clips on the sides – I thought they were functional, and I can put on belts for the aviator to fix them in place – but they are completely decorative and have no function.

    In general, this is still a great purchase, very stylish and the quality is simply amazing. It feels very solid and well made, and will probably last a lifetime.

    P.S. I give up my requirements for a tight fit. I wore a cap for several weeks and either I got used to it, or the cap was a little stretched (or maybe my head clenched :), but the cap fits just fine. I would say this is perfect right now. So this is a great hat, feel free to buy it!

    • Product Name: Sterkowski Aviator Hat
  3. Fits well after adjustment with small straps. The liner is comfortable on the skin. Made of real leather. It is very useful and comfortable. The chin strip is hard to use but it’s not a big deal. I like this hat because of good protection from the cold. You will feel this feature, especially at high speed. I was really surprised about good price. It is amazing for this quality!

    • Product Name: Unik Aviator WWII Hat
  4. The hat is designed for children from 2 to 15 years old, but it still fits my 12 y.o. son. He wore it as an accessory for a cosplay costume. He expects to use it again on Halloween in the fall. The hat is very soft and with a fuzzy fleece lining for warmth. Glasses are soft with soft vinyl lenses instead of hard plastic and functional pockets on the sides.

    • Product Name: Happy Will Child Pilot Cap
  5. Ordered a hat for a Halloween costume that I made for my 16-month-old nephew. The hat became fit good only in 2 months. But I had to file a little for not to fall into eyes. Great costume if you will be somewhere on Halloween when it can be cold! I got photos of him wearing it without a suit, like an ordinary hat in cold weather, and this month, so I think he and his mother (my daughter-in-law) should like this! Much better design than a classic knitted puffball hat to keep your small ears warm.

    • Product Name: Happy Will Pilot Hat For Kids
  6. Pretty awesome! Nothing like leather can’t protect you better on a motorcycle. I needed to know what kind of skin it was. The seller was gentle with me and confirmed cow skin. It keeps your ears warm and holds well in the wind.

    • Product Name: Unik Aviator Vintage Black Leather Cap
  7. I bought a hat for a suit. It is made of faux material; although it looks like real leather. I like it quite a bit. Fits well. However, if you have a big head, it may be too small. Glasses should only be used to decorate the costume – they are NOT applicable in practice. They are called “trolley glasses,” but I won’t put them on to do anything where a stone or other object can hit them. The plastic lenses are thin and I already had slight scratches on the packaging! I plan to put them on my hat, as in the photo.

    • Product Name: ililily Pilot Winter Hat with Goggles
  8. It has everything that I need in a winter hat, plus some unusual details that makes it a little funny. It is sewn enough good to wear in cold weather, but I doubt that it will withstand a busy schedule of snow fights. It is comfortable. It has safety glasses in a kit. The hat seems quite warm. But the result we will see in the winter. I hope everything will be OK and this cap will be one of the best items for me.

    • Product Name: Ililily Hat
  9. Nice simple hat ideal for Halloween costume. It was a gift for a guy who likes the history of aviation. It fits a little freely, which was to be expected. The hat is rather thin but very soft. When it arrived, it was quite blurry, and it had to be shaken off to remove excess “coat” from it. Glasses look very cheap. Lenses made of thin transparent plastic look as if they are easily scratched. In general, I feel like I paid too much for this quality. However, the recipient likes it.

    • Product Name: Ililily Aviator Cap
  10. Size: It was necessary to decide between large and very large. I chose a very large one and made a mistake. The hat sat very loose and had to be remade for me. Hat made in Pakistan. This country is famous for its good quality. And this time was no exception. I liked the hard fabric outside the hat and the soft inside.

    • Product Name: Rothco Vintage Leather Aviator Cap
  11. I don’t think it will be good as a casual hat, but for events it is perfect. I am a fan of Dayton Flyer, and this is exactly what I needed – a fun costume for a basketball game. The glasses are not really “functional” and, of course, are not protective, but they are removable, clearly visible and look realistic. For this price, this is perfect. If you need goggles for ski or flies you should find something better.

    • Product Name: Aviator Hat by Ililily
  12. My head is 58, but I ordered XL 61. The hat that came was 61 sizes, but when I ordered, I saw that only a few sizes are available and therefore I assume that the manufacturer simply pasted sticker 61 to size 60. In fact, it is quite tight, not very convenient. It seems well done. The skin is thinner and softer than I expected. So, as for me the hat is OK for this price, but can be better!

    • Product Name: Sterkowski Hat
  13. This hat is for my 4 year old daughter. I think she has a medium head size. And she probably won’t be able to wear it for too long. It’s really cute, but definitely looks like a costume pilot’s hat, but it’s mostly for a photoshoot or for costume party, so everything is fine. There is a nice soft material inside. The outside is a little wrinkled, but I hope it can be ironed.

    • Product Name: Happy Will Kids Aviator Hat
  14. We bought it for my 10-year daughter. She needed to do a museum project. So I decide to buy this hat for her presentation! The reviews said the product is small, but one said that it worked for her older child, so I chose it. It suits for my daughter without a problem… not huge for her, but fits perfectly :). (I bought a black hat if this helps someone. Maybe the size is different?)

    • Product Name: Happy Will Aviator Child Hat

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