Best Boot Knife 2020

The main ammunition is of great importance for the successful solution of tactical tasks. But if its use is impossible, there should always be a backup plan, plan "B". A…

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Best Karambit Knive 2020

Throat knives (Karambit) are not a cold weapon in many countries due to the large inclination of the blade, which prevents bayonet strike. These knives owe their form to the…

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Best Knife Oils 2020

Every camper, hiker, chef, or just a knife fan knows how challenging yet extremely important to take special care of blades. Keeping equipment clean, protected from corrosion, and in good…

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Best Mora Knives 2020

Mora knives are used for bushcraft and travel. The blade has a wide shape with sharpening from the very top. It has a good sheath and is worn vertically. It…

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