TOP 50 Best Survival Gear

TOP-50 Best Survival Gear

#1 Survival Water Filter Buy Now This straw of life can provide you with drinking water for 10-12 months, with an average consumption of 3 liters of water per day. Now every puddle in the mountain crevices or a dirty pond with frogs becomes your source of clean water.The straw of life is your food independence in case of an ...
Push Dagger - Ultimate Review Guide

Best Push Dagger 2023

Unfortunately, self-defense is an essential part of many people's lives. Even if you don’t have a lot of dangers in your life, you still may want to feel safer on the streets, that’s why it’s so popular to carry a weapon with you. One of the great examples of such weapons is the push dagger. It’s compact, convenient, easy to ...
Best Self-Defense Knives - Editor's Choice

Best Self-Defense Knife 2023

Self-defense knives will never go out of fashion. Nothing says “simplicity and efficiency” like a solid piece of sharp metal with a comfortable grip. Sure, when speaking about defense it’s better to rely on a firearm, given its range and stopping power, but one thing for sure - knives never run out of ammunition. Having a second option on hand ...
TOP-20 Assisted Opening Knives - Editor's Choice

Best Assisted Opening Knives 2023

In the household and everyday life, you will definitely need a pocket knife at hand, with which you can perform simple operations on opening cans or banal manipulations with tools and equipment components. Modern manufacturers are trying to give their products the properties of the best quality, which will definitely delight lovers of practical and compact tools. In our article, ...

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