Can we imagine our life without heat and fire, – I think not. Primitive people used stones to get a spark to make fire. Today a firestarter or a box of matches can be a part of your survival kit.

Best Fire Starters - Editor's Choice & Top Picks

But when matches got wet, a firestarter is your best friend in cooking, making a signal for help, or simply a light for the tent. Before you go for your next challenge make sure you have already taken it. I offer you the 11 best fire-starters for your survival trips.

Why do we need the fire starter?

A fire starter is used to prepare food in difficult conditions, light up the area around, and simply get warm. When you take a typical military firestarter you will get your own grill, warm food, fire for an emergency. Usually, the fire starter is lightweight and doesn’t take much place in your pocket or backpack. Firestarters are sold with paracord ropes and can have a military and survival aim when it is used by soldiers in the army or war operations. Another purpose when firestarters are used is to create a bonfire for camping, hiking in a company of family / friends. The size of a firestarter can be short or long, and professional fire-starters produce sparks immediately.

How to use the fire starter?

Take the part code rope. Cut a couple of pieces from the rope and attach it to your knife or another object from your survival kit. Unwind the rope, cut a piece from it, and rub it. Using a firestarter makes a jerk that causes a spark. Place the lit part on a metal box. Bring the fire to the set of branches that you want to light. Fire will become an additional source of heat in wet weather.

Best Fire Starters | Fire Starter Review

Live Fire - Ring O FireLive FireBUY
550 FireCordLive FireBUY
Live Fire Survival KitLive FireBUY
Rutland 50B Safe Lite Fire Starter Squares, 144 SquaresRutlandBUY
Fireplace starter cubes - Firestarter squares 50pcZore StarBUY
Bangerz Sunz Fire Starter Squares 144BangerzBUY
Duraflame Firestart Indoor/Outdoor Firelighters, 24 packDuraflameBUY
Steve Kaeser Fatwood 100% Natural Firestarter SticksSteve KaeserBUY
GreenSpark – Friendly Fire Starter BundlesGreenSparkBUY
Fire & Flavor Wood Wool Fire Starter FFFS103Fire & FlavorBUY
Swiss Safe 5-in-1 Fire StarterSwiss SafeBUY

#1 Live Fire – Ring O Fire (Fire Starter)

Ring O Fire

It is made of 550 records, one rod, a firestarter, and a striker. The top lid option gives the possibility to use it as a candle. It can be used as a candle for 30 minutes only. The firestarter doesn’t afraid of water, it can be used many times. Thanks to the paracord the firestarter is durable. The kit contains an outer shell with number 550. This shell is used for survival kits, bracelets, bags, etc. It can be used for camping and outdoors.

  • 7 lines paracord;
  • sold like a rope;
  • covered with a special waterproof cover;
  • easy to catch fire;
  • can be used with the fire steel;
  • works in wet conditions;
  • burn for a long time;
  • steel box.
  • it’s hard to unwind the rope to light a fire.

#2 550 FireCord (Fire Starter)

550 FireCord

This kit doesn’t afraid of wet, cold, snow, and rainy weather. It can be a tool in survival situations. The fire starter gives extra warmth in cold weather. The package includes the paracord rope. It is very strong. It is used to prepare food and doesn’t give a smell. The rope doesn’t get wet. Even when it is wet it dries quickly. It will burn longer using the metal block. The paracord can be attached to the knife. It will help to survive in emergencies. It is made by 550 Firecord brand.

  • black color;
  • the paracord rope;
  • can be attached to the part of the survival kit;
  • gives extra heat;
  • helpful to work with wet wood materials;
  • can be used as a signal for a rescue
  • if the metal box closes the fire stops.

#3 Live Fire Survival Fire Starter Kit

Live Fire Survival Kit

The kit consists of the Ferrocerium rod, match, linger, and outer package. The length is 2 inches. The hight is 39 inches. The flame made by it can burn for many hours. Compact design helps to carry it in any type of bag. The weight is light for carrying even by women. As a signaling device, it can be used as survival tools for difficult conditions. The flame from it gives an extremely hot and warm feeling. The set doesn’t afraid to get wet. The firestarter is provided by Live fire which is a popular survival brand in the states.

  • waterproof;
  • can relight easily;
  • weight is 9 oz;
  • can be used for barbecues;
  • ideal for smokers;
  • can be used in hiking, backpacking, camping, climbing, etc.
  • cheap package.

#4 Rutland 50B Safe Lite Fire Starter Kit

Rutland 50B Safe Lite Fire Starter Squares, 144 Squares

The way of creation is RUTLAND. It contains lite starter squares. The squares remade of recycled wood. The firestarter doesn’t give a smell and will not influence the quality of food. There are 144 squares in the kit. The user guide is given with it for extra description. Some customers complain about the chemical smell of the product. Sometimes it is difficult to separate one square from another. You will need two or three squares to start a professional fire or light up the stove.

  • US product;
  • made for preparing food;
  • helps to organize your barbecue;
  • gives comfort;
  • reliable;
  • helps to improve grilling process;
  • form of an outer pack.

#5 Fireplace Starter Cubes – Firestarter Kit

Fireplace starter cubes - Firestarter squares 50pc

Technology is used to make a fire from recycled wood. The material is completely 100% wood. There are a lot of pieces, the 50 squares in one kit. It is made for stoves, grills, fire pits. That’s is why the light is small and flame also little. The flame works for about 12 minutes. The Zone Star is one of the partners for professional campers that deals with grills. You can rely on it. It is enough two squares to start a fire. To make the cubes the fallen trees are used.

  • doesn’t afraid of wet;
  • burns up to 12 minutes;
  • good for the woodstove;
  • can be used in the camp;
  • made from perfect wood;
  • good sold.
  • not good for all types of stoves.

#6 Bangerz Sunz Fire Starter For Backpacking

Bangerz Sunz Fire Starter Squares 144

The 144 light squares are included in the kit that makes it durable. The squares help to start the fire fast and give the long frame. It is ideal for a wood stove or grill. It emits no more than 80 carbon dioxide that makes this product friendly to the ecology. The squares don’t afraid to be wet. But better to use in it the dry conditions. It is a US product with a proven history. The flame can work up to 15 minutes. The squares don’t give a smell and influence on human health. This kit can be used in windy conditions.

  • 144 squares;
  • durable kit;
  • used for many purposes;
  • eco-friendly product;
  • accessory for your camping;
  • no paper used.
  • too big pack for small trips.

#7 Duraflame Firestart Indoor/Outdoor Fire Starter

Duraflame Firestart Indoor/Outdoor Firelighters, 24 pack

About 45 pieces are put in the kit of firestarter. Every piece has an individual package that helps to protect is from outside damages. The one-piece makes a fire for 30 minutes, that is enough to make your launch. The weigh is about 128g. The firestarter launches fast but gives some smoke. That is not good for some stoves. The package has a bright color, so you will not forget it anywhere. Two start a good fire for 50 minutes is enough 2 boxes from the package. The firestarter is made from wooden material.

  • fast;
  • individual pack;
  • bright yellow color;
  • 30 minutes flame;
  • used to make bonfires;
  • easy to carry.
  • not good for stoves.

#8 Steve Kaeser Fatwood 100% Natural Fire Starter Sticks

Steve Kaeser Fatwood 100% Natural Firestarter Sticks

The kit has several parts: tin, Ferro rods, jute piece, fatwood chips, and a bag. Steve Kaeser made all products using natural materials. The kit includes tin, which can be stored in small pockets. Thanks to the size of a tin 16/16 it can be taken to camping. The Ferro rod includes 1000 stickers, which makes a product used for a long time. The color of stickers can be sent in black, blue, or grey colors, you as a user can choose. The fatwood chips have a US origin, made from fatwood trees. The product is sold from 1989 and has almost no complaints.

  • tin;
  • rod;
  • old product;
  • instruction included;
  • sticks re not longer than the pen;
  • jute;
  • US brand.
  • produce some smell.

#9 GreenSpark – Friendly Fire Starter Bundles

GreenSpark – Friendly Fire Starter Bundles

This firestarter is used for small aims, where is enough a flame for 10 minutes. The sample size of the flame is 10cm. The material is used contains a blend of wood and stearin, also added some chemicals for launching quickly. Green Sparks produces products for 100 years. The kit is used to produce bonfires for family and friends. Thanks to a portable size the kit can be used for hiking, camping, surviving, and emergency situations. Every part of the kit is waterproof, which is helpful in wet conditions.

  • good for cooking;
  • helpful in grilling;
  • made of a combination of wood materials;
  • is used indoors/ outdoors;
  • not afraid of wind;
  • sold in picks;
  • can be used in 4 seasons.
  • you need more picks than as usual to start a fire.

#10 Fire & Flavor Wood Wool Fire Starter

Fire & Flavor Wood Wool Fire Starter FFFS103

This product is valuable for its raw materials. If you have problems with an allergy this kit won’t influence you because it includes no chemicals and kerosene. It is made of carbon biomass, which is a natural material. The product included a combination of wood biomass and GMO wax. The product is approved by the FSC standard and has a gas calorific value. The small parts are included without an individual package, just have a whole outer pack.

  • 100% natural;
  • green package;
  • attractive;
  • doesn’t provide a smell;
  • gives a stable flame;
  • works for about half an hour.
  • small package, that not enough for long trips.

BONUS: Swiss Safe 5-in-1 Fire Starter

Swiss Safe 5-in-1 Fire Starter

That’s not a usual kit with a firestarter. It can be called the most qualified because it includes rod, 1 box, 2 firestarters instead of one, whistle, steel scraper, compass, and lighter. You can call for help in emergency situations using a whistle. Compass will give you direction in the forest when you can’t find a way back. The whistle has a volume of about 150 Db, that is loud enough. The firestarter is more reliable than matches. The supplier gives a warranty and money back guaranty if you will have problems. The firestarters are made in black color. The length of the firestarter is 5 inches. The paracord is made in the old style. All parts are put in the branded box which helps from outer influence.

  • magnesium rod;
  • black color;
  • can be used instead of matches;
  • scrapper from steel;
  • 5 in 1 kit;
  • compass;
  • whistle;
  • 2 firestarters.
  • the sticks don’t give enough sparks.


Each lighter selection is unique. You can review 11 firestarters and they will look for you cheap. But in a difficult situation, such kits save lives by lighting a fire in the dark. If you are interested in the simplest firestarter choose point 11. If you want to buy some military kit with metal box and video instruction pay attention to model 1. All sets are distinguished by a metal box. Manufacturing technology is very similar. Therefore, even more, expensive models do not guarantee that they are better than cheap. But only you decide the degree of your protection and size of flame you want to receive. I recommend taking a box of matches for extra emergency cases if you are a young hiker.

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