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How often situations happen when there is no first-aid kit at hand, but you need to cope with a deep cut or wound. An ordinary rope or harness will come to your aid.

Best Tourniquet For EDC - Editor's Choice

The tourniquets will help you to survive in emergency situations. Any deep cut on a stone, a broken knee can cause serious harm to health. Since you often travel with friends or family, you need to think about their safety. Having a first aid kit harness will solve the problem. I present to you 10 universal tourniquets for healing wounds. When there is a big chance to lose your loved one or animal, you need to think about what can be useful in travel and trip for salvation. Ordinary pills and plaster will not save you in a difficult situation. Children are very fond of jumping and breaking their limbs. Therefore, it is very important to fix an arm or leg before a doctor’s arrival. The animal can also get into a hole or get hurt. Leaking blood can lead to death because it must be stopped.

Why do we need the tourniquet?

A tourniquet is a medical appliance, made of the belt or high-quality material. This tool can stop bleeding, and save your life. Disinfect the wound before use. I recommend reading about the correctness of its use, so as not to harm a person nearby. It can be made with nylon material and may contain aluminum elements. Often, instructions on how to use it are attached to it. Courses for doctors will have an invaluable impact on your training and will tell you how to use it correctly on hikes or vacation. Some tourniquets are well erased, some throw out after use. The material that is used can be very fine for certain purposes, for example, rewinding a leg, here you need a stronger fabric.

How to use the tourniquet?

Put the person in a horizontal position. Take a clean napkin or cheesecloth. Blot the wound and remove the dirt. Block your wound or bleeding with your tourniquet. Call for emergency help as soon as possible and give the coordinates of where you are. Stopping the blood can sometimes save a life. Place a tissue with disinfectant on the wound. Some wounds cannot be healed because it can improve a person’s well-being. Ideally when a person lies in a horizontal position then blood flows less. Such tools are used in the army, during wars, when there is no first-aid kit and additional components. A person should give pain medication. Do not look at the wound for too long, because you risk losing consciousness.

Best Tourniquets | Best EDC Touniquet

North American Rescue Military TourniquetNorth AmericanBUY
Recon Medical BLK-1PAK-FBA Tourniquet - (Black)Recon MedicalBUY
High-Speed Gear HSGI Tourniquet for EDCHigh-Speed GearBUY
SZCTKlink Tourniquets Outdoor Portable TourniquetSZCTKlinkBUY
CAT Combat Application TourniquetCATBUY
Disposable Tourniquet 1" x 18" Latex-free - BlueDisposableBUY
RATS GEN 2 Rapid Application Tourniquet SystemRATSBUY
CAT Combat Application TourniquetCATBUY
Medical Tourniquet Combat Outdoors Spinning Emergency TourniquetMedical TourniquetBUY
ASA Techmed Combat TourniquetASA TechmedBUY

#1 North American Rescue Tactical Tourniquet

North American Rescue Military Issue, Black

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It is made of US high-quality materials. It includes a writeable area, a windlass clip, tip. The technology was invented by surgeon university. This tourniquet helps to block arteries in deep cuts, and save a person while he is waiting for emergency assistance. It can be a part of your first aid kit. It helps to prevent traumatic woods. It was used by the army in 2005. The single buckle helps to operate with wounds quickly. You can reduce the diameter of the rod for extra strength. Put the jug in a bag, it will not take up much space, but it will bring a lot of benefits.

  • US Origin;
  • made as limited collection;
  • has a tab;
  • made like a red tip;
  • can save your life in a difficult situation.
  • may burst under high tension

#2 Recon Medical BLK-1PAK-FBA Combat Tourniquet – (Black)

Recon Medical BLK-1PAK-FBA Tourniquet - (Black)

It consists of finger whole, tourniquet, windlass, strap, and stitching. It is made in black color and rectangular form. This kit has a medical appliance. It will be helpful to stop blood and to prevent trauma. It reminds the CAT tourniquet. It also has a whole, you can use it in one hand. In this set there are puncture lines by which you can determine the size of the contraction. You can tighten it harder, or very hard, depending on the size of the wound. With this tourniquet, you can stop bleeding on your arm, leg, or wrist. Some elements are made of aluminum. The length is 6 inches.

  • medical kit;
  • first aid belt;
  • red tips;
  • not short length;
  • ideal to stop bleeding;
  • branded bandage.
  • short term warranty

#3 High-Speed Gear HSGI Tourniquet for EDC

High-Speed Gear HSGI Tourniquet TACO MOLLE

View on OpticsPlanet View on Amazon

The method is used called TACO. It includes a bandage, cord, clip, high-speed gear. It is made from 500 Cordura nylon. The quality can be up to 1000D. The design is made in soft styles, like a SAM XT. It belongs to the line of Soft Wide. The interior is made to prevent any snagging. The flap is very unique and easy to use, can be removed. It has 4 rows. The kit also includes patches and panels. It has a lot of preferences. It can be used for trips or hiking.

  • made from nylon;
  • velcro panel;
  • patches;
  • open to using flap;
  • soft;
  • product of SAM;
  • stored in 10 colors.
  • not tight enough.

#4 SZCTKlink Tourniquets Outdoor Portable Tourniquet

Tourniquets, SZCTKlink 3-Pack Outdoor Portable Tourniquet First Aid

The way of creation is founded by SZCT. The tool is one-handed. The total length is about 40 inches. That means it suits not only children but also adults. It contains tips that don’t afraid of cold weather. It doesn’t afraid of any impact. The use requires medical education. It consists of buckles, the belt, red tips, branded handle. For better using it needs the ISO certification.

  • thin;
  • robust;
  • stable size;
  • NAR technology;
  • doesn’t give a reaction from allergy;
  • doesn’t afraid cold weather;
  • red tip;
  • composite design.
  • doesn’t have ISO certification.

#5 CAT Combat Application Tourniquet – GEN 7 (Gray Time-Stamp)

CAT Combat Application Tourniquet - GEN 7 (Gray Time-Stamp)

The technology is used also is taken from CAT. There are a lot of straps. The approximate length is 37.5 inches. The color as infamous tourniquets also black. It includes a security tip, a windlass clip, and a writable area. The design is highly visible. It can be used for broken bones, in traffic accidents, car crashes. You can be sure that bleeding will stop. Also it includes compression bandage.

  • used in the army;
  • black;
  • durable straps;
  • combat style;
  • 27 dollar price;
  • light package.
  • can fell apart.

#6 Disposable Tourniquet 1″ x 18″ Latex-free – Blue

Disposable Tourniquet 1" x 18" Latex-free - Blue - Pack Of 10 By Cardinal Health

Blue strap and bandage are included. That’s a simple strap for first aid kit. It is made in a soft style. I can be used overhand. The appearance resembles a roll of tape. It can be used in combination with the paracord bracelet. The weights are about 1 ounce. The stripe is very flexible and a little bit elastic. It is convenient to rewind your hand with this tape to take a blood test from a vein. Very good to use at home.

  • can be used in small hospitals;
  • especially good for courses;
  • the nurse can use it for everyday work;
  • stretches well;
  • very strong;
  • blue color;
  • doesn’t take much place.
  • the shape can be damaged.

#7 RATS GEN 2 Rapid Application Tourniquet System

RATS GEN 2 Rapid Application Tourniquet System

The elastic straps are put in the kit. It has orange, black, green, and red colors. The tests are proven by the university of surgery in the United States. It consists of the lock, bandage, branded logo. It is made by the RATS method. It means that the strap can be used for the animals and operations of low and high quality. The product has a lifetime warranty. It helps to save animals’ lives. The tool effectively helps to fix the animal and make it the desired operation. It is durable enough for small operations.

  • used for large limbs;
  • is sold in four colors;
  • used for surgery;
  • can be used for people also;
  • help to save animals;
  • made using RATS technology.
  • used by many hospitals in states.
  • not so elastic.

#8 CAT Combat Application Tourniquet

CAT Combat Application Tourniquet - GEN 7 (Gray Time-Stamp)

The kit has several parts and helps in pre-hospitals situations. It helps to stop blood for upper and lower limbs. It can be used for one or two hands. It has good washing qualities. It can be washed four times. Better to use the video to understand how it works correctly. You can put one tourniquet and another above. That will help to fix the leg properly. It was tested on militaries more than 100 times. It consists of 3 bandages and kernel.

  • 3 parts;
  • good firmware;
  • not afraid of damages;
  • can be well-cleaned using washing machines;
  • control of rapid bleeding.
  • to long for children.

#9 Medical Tourniquet Combat Outdoors Spinning Emergency Tourniquet

Medical Tourniquet Combat Outdoors Spinning Emergency Tourniquet

This device is used to stop blood in many situations. On nature, camping, or backpacking when you don’t have enough tools such a belt will help you while you will be waiting for the doctor. It consists of tip, pass, recording tape, handle, and stick. it is made of proved nylon for these aims. When it not enough the one tourniquet takes two tourniquets. It is easy to use on hunting.

  • fast;
  • suitable for all situations;
  • easy cleaned;
  • helps to clock upper and lower limbs;
  • high quality;
  • professional;
  • can be carried in simple compartments.
  • need an extra kernel.

#10 ASA Techmed Combat Tourniquet

ASA Techmed Combat Tourniquet

This product is valuable for office and home usage. You can use it in tactical situations on camping, hiking, and simply at home. It is made by ASATechmed. It is used to stop the arterial blood. The material is used polyester. When you need to act first and to apply it to yourself the toll will help you to stop bleeding. It includes a spinning rod, recording tape, one hand buckle, red velcro tip. It is used for one-hand operations, to identify the problem quickly.

  • made from polyester;
  • save in shortest time;
  • khaki color;
  • part of backpacking equipment;
  • easy carried;
  • part of tactical gear;
  • used to block blood.
  • the edges of the fabric may be stained.


It depends only on you which tourniquet will serve you in difficult conditions, will it be damage resistant enough and easy to carry or heavy with a lot of filling. In this article we have analyzed 10 top and unique survival tourniquets, now you clarify all the information to buy the best in your particular case – to receive elementary first aid tool if your budget is limited, pay attention to model 2 if you want to be the owner of the best survival tourniquet with the cord material, anti-corrosive cover, instructions, and outdoor protection, your budget is not limited – choose a model 4. It depends only on you how well the first aid was rendered. Be careful and choose your best.

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