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For those who spend lots of time at the range or field, storing and organizing their equipment is a must. There plenty of cans on the market, different materials and sizes, different purposes. I tried to make this list informative so you can understand which one exactly do you want.

Best Ammo Cans - Editor's Choice

Do you need a perfect case for storing or light and comfortable to carry so you can easily travel with? Here you can find cans that are suitable for both purposes. So take a look and find your future shooting companion.

Best Ammo Cans | Ammo Can Review

MTM Ammo Can ComboMTMBUY
MTM SF100D-09 Deluxe CaseMTMBUY
Plano Molding Ammo BoxPlanoBUY
Military Outdoor Clothing Metal 50 Caliber Ammo BoxMilitary OutdoorBUY
Redneck Convent Black Waterproof Ammo BoxRedneckBUY
Sheffield 30-Caliber Military Style Ammo CanSheffieldBUY
Flambeau Outdoors Mini Ammo CanFlambeauBUY
Allen Company 30 Caliber Steel Ammo CanAllen CompanyBUY
Raiseek Ammo Can Vinyl StickersRaiseekBUY
MTM 4-Can Ammo CrateMTMBUY
MTM Durable Ammo CanMTMBUY
MTM Tactical Mag CanMTMBUY

#1 MTM Ammo Cans Combo

MTM Ammo Can Combo

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You will immediately forget how you stored all of your before after using this goodness here. If you need a watertight option for carrying a lot of ammo during the year, this is perfect. Thanks to the combo construction storing your ammo will be a pleasure because these cans stack very nicely and are space-saving. It also comes with different labels for easier recognition of the right ammo you need in a moment. What can be better than being able up to 400 rounds and easily keep count on them later? Cans are very sturdy and extremely well made and durable and will ensure that all your ammunition is perfectly secure. And they are also provided with a foldable handle that won’t interfere stacking them up to 7 high without any issues. Don’t be afraid of ammo destruction or can being broken – these cans can survive any heavy-duty conditions life has prepared for them. And o-ring sealing inside the lid will flawlessly keep the moisture away so you can boldly store it in your garage. There are also four different options available for storing different caliber types. You can trust me that you’ll get a perfect product for a wonderful price.

  • Stackable, lightweight itself
  • Sturdy and durable, suitable for heavy-duty conditions
  • Watertight and o-ring sealed for moisture protection
  • Four options for different caliber
  • Weak handle, might break when the can is fully loaded

#2 MTM SF100D-09 Ammo Can

MTM SF100D-09 Deluxe Case

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Trust all ammunition to be stored in this amazing well built and solid case. The great and reliable lock will ensure that your ammo is safe and protected from kids. You will never be disappointed after buying this one. The case is combined with a tray which makes buying it more convenient and cheaper than getting them separately. It also equipped with small compartments on the upper part to give you an extra storage place for all your equipment you might need on your trip or else like knives, earplugs, etc. And consider this as your companion for years – the case is made of high-quality sturdy and durable plastic, thick-walled and will last you for a long time. This is perfectly designed to keep track of shells from round to round. And don’t worry about rain to ruin your supplies – it is designed to be watertight and ready for heavy-duty conditions.

  • Extra small compartments for other equipment storage
  • Well built, thick walls, durable
  • Watertight and has a great lock
  • Reviewers complain about latch is not secure enough when closed

#3 Plano Molding Ammo Can

Plano Molding Ammo Box

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Take a look at this perfect option for your next hunting trip or getaway to the field. Plano ammo boxes are well known as one of the best ammunition cans available on the market thanks to their quality. This one is perfect for transporting with the help of a comfortable and nice handle. This case will prove to you that it is trustworthy immediately after receiving it. Plano Molding box is a real space saver with it’s being able to store and carry up to a thousand rounds and sturdy for stacking which will definitely save lots of surface space. O-ring sealing guarantees that your case will be protected from moisture and weather conditions and keep your ammunition free from any naturally caused damage. It will win a place in your heart with its price offered for such a high-quality well-made product and all of its wonderful features. So if you’re looking for the best space-saving and watertight case for storing and transporting your ammo, look no further.

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  • Good o-ring seal, watertight protected and weather resistant
  • Super space-saving and perfect for stacking
  • Heavy duty and sturdy plastic
  • Inexpensive for the offered quality
  • Weak locking system, not secure enough

#4 Military Outdoor Clothing Metal 50 Caliber Ammo Can

Military Outdoor Clothing Metal 50 Caliber Ammo Box

This model deserves to take place in one of the best cases on the market. It is made in the USA and doing a great job fitting military standards making it a wonderful, trustworthy, and exceptionally well-made product you will be happy to have in your garage. Gasket seal is what makes it unique and worthy of purchasing. High-quality rubber lid is a must-have for someone who wants to ensure that all the ammo inside is protected from moisture and safe from naturally caused damage. This feature is something you don’t want to miss in a case where you store your not so cheap equipment. Collapsible handles make it easier to stack when not carrying while being perfect for a long time carrying making can easy to transport. There are more than you can usually expect from such an excellent and low price. And don’t forget about nice and eye-catching authentic design, cause look is important too.

Video review

  • Collapsible and comfortable for carrying handles
  • Space-saving, suitable for stacking
  • Durable and well made
  • Good looking authentic design
  • Small

#5 Redneck Convent Black Waterproof Ammo Can

Redneck Convent Black Waterproof Ammo Box

Protect your ammunition from any kind of naturally caused damages with this case equipped with a foolproof seal that keeps moisture and air. It will flawlessly ensure that all your equipment is safe from dirt, corrosion, and dust allowing you peacefully enjoy the getaway to the range or field knowing that your valuables are secure. Don’t be afraid to fill all the cases with up to thousand rounds – folding handle is prepared to make carrying heavy weights easier and durable level lid ensures that your box is tightly closed and secure enough to hold on your valuables. And you can boldly give up the container you used to have before – this case is made from heavy solid steel and designed for extra strength to last for years. The only disappointment, in this case, is that it is not stackable, but other features make it worthy.

  • Well constructed, made of high-quality solid steel
  • Durable, foolproof sealed, protecting from moisture and dirt
  • Easy to carry foldable handle
  • Not Stackable

#6 Sheffield 30-Caliber Military Style Ammo Can

Sheffield 30-Caliber Military Style Ammo Can

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What can be more trusted than an old school design tested by time and heavy-duty conditions? This ammo can is constructed just like the military one from durable and sturdy metal. It is a perfect product for any climate or weather, the case is watertight and keeps your ammunition safe from any dirt or corrosion. This will be the perfect option to store 30 caliber ammo and transport it wherever you need. Thanks to extra storage space inside it can additionally be used to carry and store any other items of your protected from any naturally caused damages, even your kids nerf. Also, a well-made lid seal will ensure ultra-water and air protection so you can boldly store your ammo for years before you decide to use it. So if you want something that will last you an unbelievably long time and will handle any heavy-duty conditions life might have prepared, there is no need to look any further. Sheffield is exactly what you need for a successful shooting day.

Video review

  • Sturdy, well made of high-quality metal
  • Foldable handle
  • Multipurpose, can store everything
  • Tight lid seal, protects from moisture and dust
  • Reviewers complain about sticker being hard to remove

#7 Flambeau Outdoors Mini Ammo Can

Flambeau Outdoors Mini Ammo Can

If you want to store your ammo in its original box – this case is perfect for your needs. Despite being small, mini can its capacity is enough to fit lots of ammunition for your getaway to the range or field. Trusted rugged design allows you to forget about worrying about the case being damaged or destroyed. The gasket will successfully prevent moisture and dust from getting inside the case and protect your ammo from any corrosion or other damages. Thanks to comfortable and easy to carry handle this case is perfect for long time transportation and stacking. Thanks to its compact size and construction this case is one of the most convenient for traveling. It will win your heart with all the wonderful features it has to offer and a great price for all of this.

Video review

  • Compact, lightweight stackable tanks to foldable and comfortable to carry handle
  • Watertight and suitable for traveling
  • Equipped with tight and secure closure
  • Small for storing lots of ammo, only needed for one getaway
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty conditions

#8 Allen Company 30 Caliber Steel Ammo Can

Allen Company 30 Caliber Steel Ammo Can

Extend the precious life of your ammunition by keeping them dry, clean, and protected from damage. To prevent moisture from getting in and keep everything dry and safe inside this case is equipped with gasket seals that will tightly secure. Your can will flawlessly protect and keep your ammunition sealed for it to be at its best performance when you will open the case and decide to use your ammo. And another important feature is collapsible handles that will ease transporting and provide with better traveling conditions. It will be easy to carry the case as long as needed. And being foldable makes them perfect to be hidden and allows you to stack cases on top of each other for easier and more space-saving storage. Can itself is created from high quality and sturdy steel that will ensure that it will last you for a long time.

  • Made from high quality sturdy and durable steel
  • Military style design
  • Great locking system and well-sealed lid protecting from moisture and dust
  • Stackable thanks to heavy-duty collapsible handles
  • Pricey

#9 Raiseek Ammo Can Vinyl Stickers

Raiseek Ammo Can Vinyl Stickers

Isn’t it useful to immediately recognize and the right can of ammunition you need at the moment? Cans can be very useful and necessary for organized storage, but it won’t be complete without stickers to tell what exactly is stored inside. Ni needs to open every box to find the one you need right now with this durable vinyl stickers. They are suitable for storing in the garage or be out when it is raining – they are made of high-quality outdoor weatherproof materials that allow them to handle moisture and water. And don’t be afraid of bleaching – UV shield lamination protects them from the sun. And if you want to put a new one, stickers really easy to remove without leaving any sticky trace so you can smoothly apply a new sticker on a clean surface. In a set, you will get 16 stickers to mark different types of ammo. So if you want your ammunition storage to be perfectly organized – this is exactly what you are looking for.

  • Durable, weatherproof and UV shield protected
  • Big and readable
  • Perfect for organizing your ammo storage
  • Only come in a set

#10 MTM 4-Can Ammo Can

MTM 4-Can Ammo Crate

What can be more convenient for shooting getaway than being able to carry and store 4 ammo cans in one? Only if it’s made by this trustworthy brand which honestly earned its popularity on the market among experienced shooters and hunters. You will really like it for the style and size that allows you to save extra storage space. All four ammunition cases securely fit together and make it easier to carry and than if you had to move each one separately. And you can boldly order a few of them because they are perfectly stackable and will save you lots of space in your garage or trunk. And you shouldn’t worry about any moisture or dust getting inside of it – gasket around the lid will flawlessly protect your ammo and will keep it safe from any damages. The case is made of thick and sturdy plastic that can handle heavy-duty traveling or certain weather conditions. Start organizing your equipment and ammunition now with ordering this case.

Video review

  • Sturdy and durable, well made and designed
  • Perfectly constructed not to be too heavy when fully loaded
  • Perfect for organizing and ordering different types of ammunition
  • Stackable and space-saving
  • Smaller than regular cans
  • You should consider buying stickers to mark containers

#11 MTM Durable Ammo Can

MTM Durable Ammo Can

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This durable case is a perfect option for storing all your ammunition. Protect it from moisture getting inside with o-ring sealed construction. This can will become your ideal companion for a getaway to the range or field in any weather or traveling conditions thanks to durable and sturdy high-quality materials and the ability to keep all unwanted water away from your precious ammo. This ammunition can is not only suitable for carrying and storing your ammo, but can also work great for food and other needed equipment you might need far from home. Don’t worry that it will take up lots of space – thanks to the foldable handle this case is suitable for stacking in your garage or basement. And don’t doubt its strength, this case can easily handle up to 30 pounds.

  • Sturdy, strong, durable and well made
  • Suitable for stacking, space-saving
  • Multipurpose
  • Too Inexpensive to be true, everything is great

#12 MTM Tactical Mag Ammo Can

MTM Tactical Mag Can

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Last but not least, take a look at this case. It is perfect for storing and combing the transportation of your magazines. This can is specifically designed for easier and quicker carrying fully loaded mags. The case is equipped with a secure o-ring seal and a great latching system. Don’t worry about any possible damage that could happen to your magazines during transportation – each is perfectly individually secured 8inside with the help of foam padding to prevent touching or scratching. Carry this case around and quickly transport it to the range or field with a comfortable and strong handle that will successfully withstand heavyweight of a fully-loaded can. And when you want to put it in your garage or trunk, you can easily stack them thanks to the foldable handle and space-saving design. And don’t let the weather ruin your plans or waste your money – can is fully water-resistant and can handle heavy-duty conditions.

Video review

  • Great for organizing, stackable and space-saving
  • Durable, heavy-duty and water-resistant
  • Comfortable, strong and foldable handle
  • Everything is great for the price


So I hope that after reading this article you no more have any questions which can is right for you and will start securely storing and transporting your ammunition soon. And even if you will you might lose a passion for shooting, most ammo cans will also do you a great job for storing other equipment and goods. And doesn’t matter if you’re a professional or an enthusiast, trust me, good quality and well-made ammo can is a great investment for a gun owner.

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