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Suppressors for firearms have been around for over 100 years. The first attempts were clumsy, but the industry grew. Now silencers are widely used in army formations for pistols, rifles, 50 caliber machine guns, and even for artillery mounts.

Best 9mm Suppressor - Editor's Choice

The volume of the shot actually depends on many factors, such as the amount and composition of the powder, the structure of the bullet, the speed of the bullet, and of course the release of the powder gases. If you have already decided on the bullets, there is only one thing left – to choose the right muffler. Today we are going to talk about silencers for 9mm pistols. Unfortunately, in real life, they do not work like in spy movies, but they are still quite popular. This helps reduce the sound from harsh to muffled. If numbers are important to you, this is about 20-35 dB. It’s like the difference between a working TV and a whipping blender – quite tangible. Let’s get started soon!

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9MM Suppressor Review | Best 9mm Suppressor for the money

Dead Air Odessa Supressor 9mmDead AirBUY
GSL Technology Trinity SS Supressor 9mmGSL TechnologyBUY
Torrent Supressor 9mm Oorthrus P ModularTorrentBUY
Dead Air Arnament Wolf-9SD 9mm SupressorDead AirBUY
Gemtech - Tundra & Blackside 9mm SupressorGemtechBUY

#1 Dead Air Odessa Supressor 9mm

Dead Air Odessa Supressor 9mm

This is a specialized silencer for 9mm pistols with a very thin profile. Everyone knows that the size of the internal volume directly affects the success of noise absorption. Dead Air engineers have found a way to achieve such results with such a small profile. We need to start with the fact that this muffler is tubeless, which increases the usable volume. Double O-rings surround the piston tightly. It is important to note, that the diameter of the opening of each subsequent baffle decreases with approaching the muzzle.

Why is a narrow profile so important? With a barrel diameter of 1.1 inches, this silencer allows the use of standard sights and does not require additional aiming modules. Buying this model you don’t have to spend extra money on the red dot. The main feature of this can is modularity. If you want to get the most from this muffler use all 10 baffles. If the length of this module is too long for you (with / without piston: 8.25″ / 7.75″) – you can reduce the number of modules to an acceptable length.

About 4 baffles are enough to reduce the noise to an acceptable (safe) level. Dead Air has carefully numbered all the partitions so that your fuse works properly and can do it for a really long time. It feels like a beautiful and technological piece of equipment. The black nitride finish looks solid and successfully acts as a corrosion protector. Includes Silencerco (1 / 2×28, M13.5X1 LH). The total weight in the highest configuration is 10.1 ounces. Without the piston, it only weighs 7.4 ounces.

  • Narrow profile
  • Modular structure
  • Heats up a lot during intense shooting

#2 GSL Technology Trinity SS Supressor 9mm

GSL Technology Trinity SS Supressor 9mm

GSL TECHNOLOGY also decided to take part in our competition (of course they don’t even know about it =)) and provided their compact TRINITY SS muffler. Unlike our other competitors, this muffler has no assembly options. At 4.875 inches long and 1.375 inches in diameter, this aluminum “chit” weighs just 7.2 ounces. It may sound like a lot, but your opinion will change when you hear how this baby works. The reduction in the volume of the shot can be up to 25 dB. Also, this diameter allows the use of standard sights, which is also good.

This silencer uses the same technology as the Stealth 9mm Silencer (a more expensive silencer). We had to sacrifice efficiency (additional absorption of 5-10 dB), but this allowed us to reduce the size and reduce the price of the muffler. Now you have the opportunity to enjoy a lightweight, hard-anodized aluminum muffler at an affordable price. Simply screw the silencer onto the barrel of your 9mm pistol (1/2 x 28 or 13.5 x 1mm left) and you’re ready to fire quietly.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • The price is fully justified
  • Absorption up to 25 dB
  • Can’t combine size

#3 Torrent Supressor 9mm Orthrus P Modular

Torrent Supressor 9mm Oorthrus P Modular

Torrent again exceeds the expectations of its fans. This time the upgrade pleased the owners of 9mm pistols. This modular muffler is available in 4 sizes and offers a combination of agility and sound absorption. In addition, there is a separate thread for the industry standard 1.375″ – 24 TPI amplifier. This will allow you to use any of your favorite mounting systems of your choice.

The mufflers in this range are manufactured using tubeless orbital robotic welding. Each titanium (6Al-4V Grade 5) baffle is alloyed with adjacent baffles and body to form a single rigid structure. Torrent provides a lifetime warranty on its products, so there is no need to worry about meeting a manufacturing defect or being rejected at a shooting range.

In absolute terms, this complete muffler is capable of reducing noise levels by up to 30 dB. The hand can choose from 4 lengths from 6.6″ to 4.6″ and weighing up to 9.5 ounces. The muffler diameter is 1.48 inches, which is a kind of limit. If the diameter is even larger, the factory scope of the pistol becomes useless. This titanium muffler is supplied in a small plastic case with foam padding. Here you will find all the parts, disassembly wrenches, and O-rings. Everything you need to work right from the box is already collected here.

  • Coated with high temperature Cerakote®
  • Small size (4 layouts)
  • Sound absorption up to 30 dB
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Welding parts can leave internal stress in the metal

#4 Dead Air Arnament Wolf-9SD 9mm Supressor

Dead Air Arnament Wolf-9SD 9mm Supressor

In search of the perfect muffler, DEAD AIR began experimenting by modifying some of the components of existing products (such as the Wolf-9SD). As a result, this led to the creation of a completely new silencer with truly bestial characteristics. WOLFMAN is the perfect solution for pistols and automatic rifles. At maximum configuration, it suppresses sound well, allowing you to hear the sound of the trigger. It performs surprisingly well in the minimum configuration and is quite successful in reducing noise to an acceptable level. But the manufacturer did not stop there and added the ability to install a rubber napkin under the front cover. If the user wants, he can increase the noise absorption with this simple upgrade.

The choice of material determines not only the physical resistance to corrosion and service life but also directly affects the weight of the device. This muffler is created by welding 17-4 PH stainless steel components. This gives maximum strength, but because of this, lightness suffers. Muffler weight fully loaded 14.4 ounces @ 7.5 inches long (short bundle 9.8 ounces @ 5.13 long). This is without taking into account the weight and length of the 1 / 2-28 straight thread mount! If this is perfectly acceptable for a rifle, the pistol will definitely shift the center of gravity.

A large internal blast chamber is a reasonable solution to maximize absorption. Shooting with this suppressor is easy and enjoyable, especially with a rifle. It is capable of withstanding much abuse and is also suitable for a 9mm pistol. The Cerakote BodyWolf-9SD trim has a detachable front module for a complete and compact configuration and is compatible with Ghost accessories.

  • One-stop solution for pistol and automatic rifle
  • Durable stainless steel
  • Good suppression
  • Bulky 1.618″ diameter (for gun)
  • Perceptible weight

#5 Gemtech – Tundra & Blackside 9mm Supressor

Gemtech - Tundra & Blackside 9mm Supressor

This time we would like to show you a muffler with the option of adding coolant. A very small amount of liquid can significantly increase the suppression of flash and noise, which means it will make the mechanism even more effective. Not every suppressor can boast of noise reduction of up to 32.9 dB, and it is really impressive.

When dry, the Tundra can already compete with any silencer for 9mm pistols. It is important to add that modifications of this model are suitable for .40 S&W, 45 ACP, .578-28 (or Metric 16×1 LH). The wide range of sizes makes this muffler desirable for a wide variety of pistols with a 1 / 2-28 (or 13.5×1 LH metric) barrel thread.

Since this is not a modular aluminum (7075) muffler, it is always dimensionally stable at 8.5 ounces and 7.2 inches in length. The diameter of the device is 1.5 inches, which makes it difficult to use a regular scope. The matte finish in black Cerakote has a reduced IR signal.
This muffler feels very confident and professional. It is lightweight, efficient, and very neat. We liked the affordable price at which this muffler can be got hold of.

  • 4 different modifications for all calibers (pistols)
  • Good sound absorption performance
  • Lightweight and agile
  • Large diameter makes it difficult to use a regular scope


Do silencers work on guns?
Of course, they work and have proven their effectiveness over more than a century of history! What does the noise of a shot consist of? The operation of the trigger + detonation of gunpowder + the release of gases from the barrel of the weapon and the sound of a bullet meeting with air. If you have optimized the work of the trigger group, go to minimizing the gas explosion from the barrel. Extinguishers allow the barrel gas to dissipate the energy of the explosion inside the chambers with “tricky” partitions. Besides, your bullet must have a subsonic flight speed.
Do gun silencers wear out?
The primary chamber wears out the most, which absorbs the full force of the powder explosion. Hot gas flowing from chamber to chamber and at the molecular level erases metal holes, which violates the structure. Steel and titanium are much stronger than aluminum, but they also have their own strength range.
Why don't snipers use silencers?
This is not entirely true. When you see many sniper rifles, you may notice a bulge at the end of the muzzle. This device can be classified as a “muzzle brake compensator”. This also minimizes the sound of the shot and dampens the flash of powder gases. But because the bullet is lit at a speed of 3-5 times the speed of sound, a clap occurs that cannot be hidden or muffled. The only thing that remains is to hide the flame, so as not to show your position. The statement in this matter is only partially true.
Does a silencer slow down a bullet?
Powder gases are already trying to overtake the bullet in the primary chamber, which has the largest volume. This leads to the fact that some of the gases are ahead of the bullet and, as it were, clear the way for the flying bullet, do not push the bullet forward. Measurements of the speed of a bullet with and without a silencer usually do not go over the size of the statistical error. So our answer is no, the impact is insignificant.
How long do suppressors last?
It all depends on the material and method of use. If you fire multiple shots in a row and only manage to change clips, your suppressor will quickly age due to extreme overheating. Use single shots, regularly clean the internal cavities with special cleaning fluids and everything will be fine.
Does a suppressor count as barrel length?
In fact, this is an extension of the barrel, since the connection between the muffler and the barrel is very rigid. The artillery silencers have very impressive tolerances (the size of the “fire tunnel” is much larger than the diameter of the projectile) and, moreover, are not rigidly connected.
How loud is a 9mm with a silencer?
Silencers work well with subsonic bullets, on average, this reduces the sound by 20-30 dB. Also, powder filling has a significant effect on loudness. Too much propellant produces too much gas kick, which the muffler may not be able to handle. Too small weight may be insufficient and normal operation of the waste cartridge ejector. You need to find a balance for your weapon and taking into account your preferences.
Are oil filter suppressors illegal?
This is a slippery topic, but from a legal point of view, it is a violation of the law. Only a few paramilitary special services units use such equipment. (If you have any other information, please let us know. Thanks)
Do suppressors reduce accuracy?
In most field tests, mufflers do reduce accuracy by 5-10%. But as a rule, the arrows point out a softer recoil and a significantly reduced sound.
Are silencers worth it?
If you want to shoot a lot without ruining your hearing, yes, this is a useful addition.
What states are silencers legal?
In most European countries, the use of a silencer for hunting is encouraged. But there are exceptions to every rule, for example, in the Russian Federation – the use of mufflers is considered illegal (but buying, storing, and transporting is completely legal). When going on a safari to a specific country – study the legislation of that country. This will help avoid many problems.


We value your trust, so we try to give only personally verified purchases. Each of our participants deserves your attention, but traditionally, you need to determine the winners. Even during the internal voting, our votes were divided. This does not mean that today’s “winners” can calmly rest on the pedestal. This means that in a fair fight, they turned out to be slightly better than the rest. There is always room for improvement. New materials and new technologies will definitely change the situation, BUT today – we congratulate our leaders.

Thank you for being with us and special thanks for staying with us further =) We appreciate and love you! Good luck survivors!

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