Tactical shorts are used in nature, camping, hiking, boating, walks, and emergency conditions. They are usually light brown or darker to protect against stains. Such shorts gained special popularity in America when many scouts went hiking.

Best Tactical Shorts - Editor's Choice

The 80 percent of tactical luggage is not complete without shorts, they are especially good in warm weather and are well ventilated. These shorts will become comfortable in everyday life when you just need to walk.

Why do we need tactical shorts?

The tactical shorts can become a part of the bag, wear, or dally clothing. The tactical shorts are ideal for backpacking. The shorts provide full protection from insects, weather changes, warm or cold. Tactical shorts are used by men for comfortable walking, jogging, sports.

How to use tactical shorts?

Choose shorts in the size that suits you so you don’t have to return the shorts. Make sure your shorts have handy pockets for your keys, cell phone, and other small items you need. Put on the shorts and check how tight they fit the body. Check the density of the fabric so that it stretches well. You can wear shorts for fishing, hiking, riding a bike. Check your shorts before a long trip so they don’t rip at the wrong time.

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TOP-15 Tactical Shorts

Tru-Spec 24-7 Men's Original Tactical Shorts, Coyote, 38Tru-SpecBuy on Amazon
FREE SOLDIER Men's Lightweight Breathable Quick Dry Tactical Shorts Hiking Cargo Shorts Nylon Spandex (Mud 36W x 12L)FREE SOLDIERBuy on Amazon
Unionbay Men's Survivor Belted Cargo Short, Black, 30UNIONBAYBuy on Amazon
Lee mens Dungarees New Belted Wyoming Cargo Shorts, Buff, 38 USLeeBuy on Amazon
Helikon-Tex Urban (UTS) Tactical Shorts for Men - Lightweight & Breathable Cargo Shorts for Tactical, Military, Police, Hiking, & Hunting (Shadow Grey Polycotton Ripstop W32, L8.5)Helikon-TexBuy on Amazon
5.11 Tactical Taclite Pro 11"" Short, TDU Khaki, 385.11Buy on Amazon
Helikon-Tex Urban (UTK) Tactical Shorts for Men - Lightweight & Breathable Cargo Shorts for Tactical, Military, Police, Hiking, & Hunting (Black Polycotton Ripstop W32, L11)Helikon-TexBuy on Amazon
5.11 Tactical Taclite Shorts , Black , 365.11Buy on Amazon
Propper Men's Tactical Short, Khaki, 38PropperBuy on Amazon
5.11 Tactical Men's Stryke 11-Inch Inseam Military Shorts, Flex-Tac Ripstop Fabric, Style 73327 Tundra, 405.11Buy on Amazon
FREE SOLDIER Men's Tactical Cargo Shorts Relaxed Fit Water Resistant Work Hiking Shorts (Coyote Brown, 34W x 11L)FREE SOLDIERBuy on Amazon
Hiauspor Men's Hiking Cargo Shorts Quick Dry Athletic Shorts with Elastic Waist for Fishing Golf Casual (Black,Large)HiausporBuy on Amazon
HARD LAND Men's 9.5" Urban Tactical Shorts Waterproof Ripstop Teflon Elastic Waist Cargo Work Shorts Hiking Fishing Khaki Waist40HARD LANDBuy on Amazon
Propper Men's Summerweight Tactical Shorts, Olive, Size 42PropperBuy on Amazon
RAW X Mens Belted Cargo Shorts Relaxed Fit Casual Tactical Knee Length Cargo Shorts for Men, Twill Piping - White Camo, Size 42X RAYBuy on Amazon

#1 Tru-Spec Men’s 24-7 Series Tactical Shorts

Tru-Spec Men's 24-7 Series Tactical Shorts

The material that is used is tactical cotton. Also, the structure includes polyester, compartments, elastic tabs, loop closure, knife, flashlight. The expandable loop and back pockets have protection from dirty conditions. To fix the short the belt loops are used in the top part, which is especially good for running. The outer part has a water repellent cover that can withstand from water. The short can be used for running and scouts aims. The bottom part is wide enough to give a breathable effect.

  • made from cotton and polyester;
  • belts;
  • pants;
  • multiple pockets;
  • compartments;
  • pocket for a knife;
  • pocket for accessories.
  • not so far access to things.

#2 FREE SOLDIER Men’s Lightweight Breathable Quick Dry Tactical Shorts

FREE SOLDIER Men's Lightweight Breathable Quick Dry Tactical Shorts

The shorts are made in Buckle way. The material consists of nylon and spandex. The technologies are used to protect the liquid and water repellent. The accessory part of shorts includes the key holder, YKZ ZIpper, place for notebook, D-Ring, extra compartments. The shorts are good for fishing, hiking, work, and traveling. The upper part can be combined with hook and loop pocket, adjustable belt, Coolmax mesh, and YKZ Zippers. The shorts are ideal for hiking, jungle, traveling.

  • made from nylon;
  • spandex used;
  • Teflon fabric;
  • size chart;
  • convenient;
  • safe.
  • not enough breathable effect.

#3 UNIONBAY Men’s Survivor Belted Cargo Short-Reg

UNIONBAY Men's Survivor Belted Cargo Short-Reg

Short shorts are used for relaxing, sports, fit. The shorts are very comfortable and have a breathable front part. The kin includes the ring belt, loop, zippers, black cotton, and oversize pockets. The shorts are offered in 7 colors which are offered for cases like fishing or hunting and helps to feel handsome. The shorts can be used for fast running because it gives full protection.

  • made from cotton;
  • button closure;
  • include belts;
  • compartments from both side;
  • can be washed by machine;
  • good for the sport.
  • pockets not so good for running.

#4 LEE Men’s Dungarees New Belted Wyoming Cargo Short

LEE Men's Dungarees New Belted Wyoming Cargo Short

The shorts contain the washing instruction, the main part of shorts, compartments, light cover from the front side, zipper closures. The short has a stylish view and good for camping and backyard. Durable twill cotton gives protection from rip while walking and hiking. One pocket includes two inner pockets which can be useful for keys and money. The tactical shorts can be used for many times. Color buff attracts young men because the shorts will protect them.

  • light brown;
  • cotton used;
  • nine pockets;
  • good for walks;
  • used on camping;
  • ideal for backyard activities.
  • not durable plastic elements.

#5 Helikon-Tex Urban/Outdoor Tactical Shorts

Helikon-Tex Urban/Outdoor Tactical Shorts

The shorts are made from polycotton ripstop, stylish fabric, nylon. The shorts are made in the US-style that is very popular among young people. The package includes the hook, loop closure, pockets for tactical equipment, large belt. The edges of the compartment are protected with mesh, which means that your valuable things won’t be lost. The shorts are used for big urban cities and small towns.

  • urban style;
  • nylon and fabric material;
  • The US printed design;
  • popular in the EU;
  • can be a part of technical equipment;
  • front mesh;
  • gray.
  • too tight for wearing.

#6 5.11 Tactical Men’s Men’s Taclite Pro 11-Inch Shorts

5.11 Tactical Men's Men’s Taclite Pro 11-Inch Shorts

The combination of blend and fabric makes the shorts durable and used for many times. An advantage is a lightweight, that makes the shorts suitable for any case. The kit contains the storage pockets, the cotton structure, strap and slash pockets, pockets, YKK zippers, utility pockets. The shorts are good for warm and humid conditions. The appropriate size can be chosen from the size chart, but you will need about 6 measures. The shorts are ideal for backpacking or family rest.

  • combination of polyester and cotton;
  • tactical;
  • gives easy movement;
  • YKK zippers;
  • ripstop fabric;
  • withstand belts;
  • inner compartments.
  • not so comfortable.

#7 Helikon-Tex Urban/Outdoor Tactical Shorts

Helikon-Tex Urban/Outdoor Tactical Shorts

15 different colors are put into the kit, which makes a great offer from the supplier. The kit includes the closure, zippers, nylon, breathable material, elastic belt, large size. The advantage is two back pockets for tactical knives that will protect you in an emergency, danger, or will help to provide the food. Front pocket for mobile will help to be in touch with family and friends, on camping and boating, outdoor activities.

  • perfect for outdoor;
  • long;
  • cover the leg;
  • elastic belts;
  • two mesh layers;
  • two foldings for a knife;
  • nylon parts.
  • too tight at the backside.

#8 5.11 Tactical Men’s Taclite Pro 9.5-Inch Shorts

5.11 Tactical Men's Taclite Pro 9.5-Inch Shorts

The kit has several parts: main pockets, extra pockets, seat, mesh, utility pockets, D ring. The main colors are black that is durable for strong trips. The enhanced structure will protect from cold in the forest, on camping or rest, during long biking. There are deep pockets and knife pockets which can be useful in the jungle or other dangerous places.

  • black;
  • short;
  • protect from wind and water;
  • button closure;
  • zipper;
  • two compartments;
  • double mesh at the seat.
  • not enough compartments.

#9 Propper Men’s Tactical Short

Propper Men's Tactical Short

The shorts are made in a simple style and have only two pockets, the total length of which reaches the knee. The colors are chosen so that the shorts are well washed, the lock is one but very reliable. The main material is polyester that gives extra protection. The snap closure will save the shorts from the rip. The 6 colors attract the eye and have a good view.

  • washed by machine;
  • polyester;
  • snap closure;
  • 9 pockets;
  • worn by MEN;
  • 6 colors.
  • not good for sports.

#10 5.11 Tactical Men’s Stryke 11-Inch Inseam Military Shorts

5.11 Tactical Men's Stryke 11-Inch Inseam Military Shorts

This product is made in a dual fabric construction way. Shorts are especially popular in the states, both white and black. They are well fixed with an elastic band at the waist. The front has two additional pockets for keys and a knife. There are also internal pockets for especially important little things. Mainly such shorts are used for fishing and hunting.

  • cotton material;
  • great to move;
  • long lastings;
  • perfect for adults;
  • casual style;
  • water-resistant.
  • not durable zippers.

#11 FREE SOLDIER Men’s Tactical Cargo Shorts

FREE SOLDIER Men's Tactical Cargo Shorts

The shorts are completely military and strong. It includes the adjustable waist, waterproof layer, YKK zippers. The main color is a light brown that is good for the army and studies. The multi-pockets includes the one straight pocket, two hip pockets, flap pocket, hook and loop pocket. The shorts are super for climbing, working, hiking, cycling. The concealed pocket helps to store the wallet or mobile for better protection. The double-layer hip part will protect the back part of the body.

  • 3 levels of protection;
  • durable knee protection;
  • good for climbing;
  • simple;
  • multiple usages;
  • EDC pocket;
  • button in the upper part.
  • needs the help of a designer.

#12 Hiauspor Men’s Hiking Shorts Casual Cargo Shorts

Hiauspor Men’s Hiking Shorts Casual Cargo Shorts

These shorts are popular by YKK Zippers, which are very strong and durable. The main material is a breathable fabric, which will give extra air while running or activities. The tactical shorts contains the elastic hook and loop, 2 side zippers, 4 pockets, which will help to store the mobile, document, or keys. The shorts can be used in multiple places like forest, boating, climbing, and hunting.

  • good for outdoor activities;
  • friendly to the skin;
  • black;
  • wallet compartment;
  • zipper locking;
  • used for climbing, fishing, traveling.
  • problems with sizing.

#13 HARD LAND Men’s 9.5 Inches Waterproof Tactical Shorts

HARD LAND Men's 9.5 Inches Waterproof Tactical Shorts

These shorts contain wide belts, carabiner, key holder, the clip for the knife, velcro closure, D ring, zippers. The size of the pocket has 8 inches, that is enough to place everything. The slash pocket has 14 inches that good for hiking, camping, boating, travel. Shorts have a light color and a light design to wear in warm weather. Unfortunately, the structure doesn’t fully cover the knee.

  • protect from dirt;
  • reflect water;
  • different pockets;
  • light color;
  • key holder;
  • phone pocket;
  • stress-resistant.
  • the knees don’t cover all the knees.

#14 Propper Men’s Summerweight Tactical Shorts

Propper Men's Summerweight Tactical Shorts

This product is protected by nylon and fabric layers. The shorts have the upper compartments, loop closure, inner mesh, smart design, knee cover layer. The shorts are made in a simple but classic style. The shorts can have multiple usages as for daily walks and camping in the forest. The shorts are very tiny and don’t take much place in a bag or case, so you can take them for any adventure: hiking, rest or travel.

  • ripstop, nylon materials;
  • can be washed by machine;
  • cargo pockets;
  • pockets;
  • loop closure;
  • hook;
  • olive color.
  • zippers can be destroyed by tightening.

#15 RAW X Men’s Belted Cargo Shorts

RAW X Men’s Belted Cargo Shorts

This product is valuable for a mix of fabric and cotton, which makes it fashionable. The package contains the fabric material, D ring, belt, compartments, 2 plant pockets, 2closure flap, quick storage. The short will improve sitting on wishing, hiking, boating. Shorts will be an addition to men’s wardrobe for summer and autumn.

  • military style;
  • protected from wet;
  • size chart;
  • cover the knee;
  • good for everyday use;
  • can be used for fishing;
  • double fixing on the body.
  • not durable zippers.


Why do we use tactical shorts?
The tactical shorts are used for travel, camping, rest, and walks. The shorts are used to protect the body and upper part of the leg of men. The tactical shorts are used by men to protect from many weather surprises.
Who may need a tactical short?
The tactical shorts may be needed to families and scouts, travelers to protect the legs and easy walking in long expeditions.
Who can wear a tactical short?
The tactical shorts ate used by men and young boys. The tactical shorts helps to protect legs from inner influence.
What increases the durability of shorts?
Lots of pockets, internal mesh protection, help increase the stamina of the shorts and wear them for a couple of years.
What are the main advantages of shorts?
Protection from water and dirt, softness, many pockets make the shorts more resistant to weather changes and different conditions.


Only you decide which shorts are right for you, soft easy to walk without many pockets, this is model 9. Complex with many pockets, zips, mesh, front and back protection – then your model 15. Check the strength of the locks when buying, they create the durability of durable shorts. Also, check that all essentials fit in shorts. Then these shorts will serve you for more than one year. If you want basic shorts with two pockets where there are only a few buttons, model 3 is for you.

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