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Best Ankle Holster

What is a Gun Ankle Holster? 💡

It is a type of holster designed to be worn around the ankle. It is specifically designed to securely hold a handgun or other small items, allowing for concealed carry and easy accessibility. Ankle holsters typically consist of a strap or band that wraps around the ankle, with a pouch or pocket attached to it to hold the firearm.

Best Gun Ankle Holster

Advantages 🔥

Concealment: They provide excellent concealment, keeping the firearm hidden from plain sight. This allows for a covert carry, maintaining a low-profile appearance. Backup Carry: They are often used as a secondary or backup carry option. They allow for an additional firearm to be carried discreetly, providing an extra level of personal protection for law enforcement officers or individuals who desire a backup weapon
Accessibility: They offer quick and easy access to the firearm, even in seated positions or compromised situations. The handgun is conveniently positioned within reach, ensuring efficient draw when needed Mobility: They do not hinder upper body movement, allowing for freedom of arm motion. This makes them suitable for individuals engaged in physical activities or professions that require agility and flexibility
Comfort: When properly fitted, they can be comfortable to wear for extended periods. They are designed to securely hold the firearm without causing discomfort or irritation during daily activities Comfortable Clothing Options: They can be worn with a variety of clothing styles, including pants, skirts, or dresses. They are versatile and adaptable to different wardrobe choices, enabling concealed carry without sacrificing fashion preferences
Versatility: They can accommodate a variety of handguns, including small to medium-sized firearms. They are compatible with different makes and models, providing flexibility in firearm selection Minimal Printing: They minimize printing, which refers to the visibility of the firearm through clothing. The slender profile of an ankle holster helps maintain a discreet appearance, preventing others from easily identifying the presence of a concealed weapon

Our Top Pick
Gould & Goodrich Boot Lock Ankle Holsters
The Gould and Goodrich Boot lock Ankle Holster is designed to offer excellent weapon retention and comfort. It can be attached to your boot laces, providing a stable and secure fit that eliminates discomfort and chafing. The thumb break safety strap enhances the stability and retention of the holster. Plus, the holster is lightweight, making it easier for you to move around. Whether you are on duty or off-duty, this holster is ideal for concealed carry.
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Features 🎯

Firstly, these holsters offer a concealed and accessible way to carry a small firearm. The holster wraps around the ankle, allowing a handgun to be carried discreetly under pants legs. ➡️ This makes an ankle holster a good option for concealed carry where keeping the firearm hidden is important.

Secondly, these holsters position the firearm for a cross-draw. This means the gun sits on the inside of the ankle, facing outward. To draw the weapon, the user pulls up the pants leg with the opposite hand and reaches down to grip the gun, drawing it across the body. ➡️ This cross-draw position makes the firearm easy to access quickly if needed.

Moreover, a key feature is comfort and security. A good ankle holster should ride close to the body to avoid swinging and be adjustable to fit snugly. This prevents the holster from slipping down or rubbing the leg. Ankle holsters secure the firearm by using straps that wrap tightly around the ankle and calf or by a neoprene sleeve. ➡️ This stability is important for safety and fast access.

Finally, they are extremely concealable. The design hides the firearm below the pants and avoids any visible imprint or bulge that would reveal you are carrying a gun. ➡️ This concealability makes an ankle holster ideal for undercover law enforcement, private security, or citizens with permits who want truly discreet protection.

Top Gun Ankle Holster

Maintenance 🧺


To start with, inspect the holster regularly for wear and tear. Check for any cracks or loose stitching in the leather or nylon, as well as any signs the straps are stretching out. This is important to ensure the holster stays securely wrapped around your ankle. Replace the holster if it shows significant deterioration.

In addition to the first step, keep the holster clean by wiping it down periodically. Use a soft cloth to remove any dust, dirt, or moisture. Be careful not to submerge leather holsters in water, but nylon can be cleaned more vigorously. You can use a leather conditioner to keep leather supple but avoid oils that will soften it too much.

Moreover, practice good habits when putting on and taking off your holster. Undo the straps and pull the holster open to avoid tugging and warping the material over time. Don’t walk while putting the holster on or take it off carelessly. The right motions will prolong the holster’s lifespan.

Finally, inspect the fit over time. As ankles fluctuate in size, straps may need adjustment. Periodically wrap the straps snugly when your ankle is uncompressed, neither swollen nor shrunk. An improper fit alters stability and draws attention through bulges or slipping. Keeping it properly adjusted maximizes function.

Best Ankle Holster Reviews

1# Gould & Goodrich BootLock Ankle Holster

Gould & Goodrich BootLock Ankle Holster

Gould & Goodrich has been a trusted name in law enforcement and military gear for decades, and the 716 BootLock Ankle Holster is one of their most popular products. Built with top-quality materials like top-grain leather, tempered steel reinforcement, and rigid composite materials, this holster is designed to withstand the rigors of intense field use. The high-density molded plastic retention devices keep your gun securely in place, while the adjustable calf strap ensures a comfortable and secure fit. Whether you’re carrying a backup gun or your primary weapon, the Gould & Goodrich 716 BootLock Ankle Holster will help you be prepared for anything.

Video review

  • Wears over the boot for comfort.
  • Secures gun with boot laces for an extra layer of protection.
  • Rigid composite materials for durability.
  • Adjustable calf strap for a comfortable and secure fit.
  • May be difficult to adjust the calf strap.
  • Wears overboot, which may not be comfortable for everyone.


2# Gould & Goodrich Boot lock Ankle Holsters

Gould & Goodrich Bootlock Ankle Holsters

Gould and Goodrich Boot Lock Ankle Holster is designed to provide the ultimate in weapon retention and comfort. The holster laces directly to your boot, providing a stable, secure fit that eliminates any discomfort or chafing. Based on our own experience the thumb break safety strap ensures improved retention and stability, while the lightweight construction increases your mobility and comfort level. Whether you’re on duty or off-duty, this holster provides the perfect solution for concealed carry.

Video review

  • Secure weapon retention.
  • Increased mobility and comfort.
  • Lightweight construction.
  • Low profile.
  • Concealable.
  • May not be suitable for all weapons.


3# BlackHawk Ankle Holsters

BlackHawk Ankle Holsters

The BlackHawk Ankle Holster is the perfect way to keep your pistol hidden and close by. Made from soft, comfortable nylon, this holster will stay in place all day long without chafing or rubbing. The Velcro attachment makes it easy to take on and off, and the thumb break ensures that your gun stays secure. Order yours today!

  • Soft knit fabric is comfortable to wear next to the skin.
  • The pistol stays hidden and secure under clothing.
  • Velcro attachment makes it easy to take on and off.
  • A thumb break ensures the gun stays in place.
  • May be too tight and constricting.
  • Can irritate the skin if worn for extended periods.


4# Gould & Goodrich Neoprene Ankle Holsters

Gould & Goodrich Neoprene Ankle Holsters

If you’re looking for a top-quality, affordable ankle holster that is both comfortable and concealable, then look no further than the Gould & Goodrich Neoprene Ankle Holster. This holster is made from lightweight neoprene, which is more breathable and holds up better to stress than nylon. The soft sheepskin padding adds even more comfort, making this an ideal choice for those who are on their feet all day long. The two sizes of the Gould & Goodrich Neoprene Ankle Holster can accommodate most small to medium-frame handguns, and the concealed holster even includes an adjustable retention strap for added security. Whether you’re a law enforcement officer or a private citizen, this is a great option for concealed carry.

  • Lightweight.
  • It is more breathable than nylon.
  • Comfortable.
  • Concealable.
  • Adjustable strap for added security.
  • D-ring for G&G Leg Garter attachment.
  • Sheepskin padding may not be comfortable for everyone.
  • The retention strap can be a bit tight.


5# Galco Ankle Glove Leather Handgun Ankle Holsters

Galco Ankle Glove Leather Handgun Ankle Holsters

The Galco Ankle Glove Handgun Ankle Holster is perfect for discreetly carrying your self-defence firearm. This holster is made of top-shelf leather and features a neoprene ankle band with a Velcro fastener for a comfortable, secure fit.

Video review

  • Made of top-shelf leather.
  • Features a neoprene ankle band with a Velcro fastener for a comfortable, secure fit.
  • Retention strap with reinforced thumb break on most models.
  • May not fit all firearms.
  • A neoprene ankle band with a Velcro fastener may not be comfortable for all.


6# Galco Ankle Lite Ankle Holster

Galco Ankle Lite Ankle Holster

You’ll love the Galco Ankle Lite CCW Holster! This holster is made with sheepskin padding to prevent pressure on your ankle and absorb perspiration. Our research has shown that the holster is also lightweight and comfortable, so you can carry your gun with ease.

  • Comfortable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Absorbs perspiration.
  • Prevents pressure on the ankle.
  • May not fit all guns.
  • Velcro may wear out over time.


7# Galco Cop Ankle Band Holsters

Galco Cop Ankle Band Holsters

The Galco Cop Ankle Band is the perfect choice for those looking for an economical yet highly concealable holster. The neoprene cuff is breathable and features acrylic sheepskin padding behind the holster area, along with a hook-and-loop closure. The retention strap is also adjustable, so you can get the perfect fit. The Cop Ankle Band is available in both right and left-hand models, and fits ankle/boot circumferences up to 13″. For those with larger legs or who wear boots, the Boot Extender is also available.

  • Highly concealable.
  • Economical.
  • Fits ankles up to 13″ in circumference.
  • Comes in both right and left-hand models.
  • Acrylic fleece padding for added comfort.
  • The retention strap may be difficult to adjust.


8# Galco Ankle Guard Neoprene Ankle Holster

Galco Ankle Guard Neoprene Ankle Holster

The Galco Ankle Guard Neoprene Ankle Holster is a top-of-the-line choice for those looking for the best in ankle carry. Featuring an adjustable internal retention device that secures the handgun at the trigger guard, this holster is perfect for those who want the utmost security and protection. Additionally, the “trench” style sight rail easily accommodates virtually all iron sights, making this an ideal choice for those who need to be able to see their target. The front of the Ankle Guard is cut low and even allows the use of most carry-style optical sights, making this one of the most versatile holsters on the market.

  • An adjustable internal retention device secures the handgun at the trigger guard.
  • The Ankle Guards “trench” style sight rail easily accommodates virtually all iron sights.
  • The front of the Ankle Guard is cut low and even allows the use of most carry-style optical sights.
  • The holster is not ambidextrous, so left-handed shooters will need to look for a different option.


9# Galco Ankle Glove Holster

Galco Ankle Glove Holster

If you need deep concealment or simply prefer an ankle holster, the Galco Ankle Glove is the ideal solution. The wide neoprene ankle band and hoop-and-loop closure provide extended wearing comfort, while the detailed moulding ensures your weapon is secure. Sheepskin padding between your ankle and the premium saddle-leather holster offers additional comfort, and the reinforced thumb break allows for a speedy draw. The holster fits ankles up to 13″ in circumference and can be used with or without the calf strap.

Video review

  • Wide neoprene ankle band for extended wearing comfort.
  • Detailed moulding secures your weapon.
  • Sheepskin padding offers chafe-free comfort.
  • May be too tight for some ankles.
  • Sheepskin padding may not be comfortable for everyone.


10# Galco International Ankle Glove Holsters

Galco International Ankle Glove Holsters

The wide neoprene ankle band and Velcro closure offer extended wearing comfort and unmatched security, while the sheepskin padding between the holster and ankle provides additional comfort. The holster also features a reinforced thumb break for speed of draw and detailed molding for firearm retention.

  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Unmatched security.
  • Sheepskin padding for extra comfort.
  • Detailed moulding for firearm retention.
  • It may be too uncomfortable for some.
  • Sheepskin padding could irritate some.


11# Galco International Ankle Band Holsters

Galco International Ankle Band Holsters

Introducing the Galco International Ankle Band Holster. This concealable and comfortable holster is perfect for those who want to keep their gun close at hand but hidden from view. Made from breathable neoprene with acrylic sheepskin padding, this holster is comfortable to wear all day long. The Velcro retention strap ensures your gun stays securely in place, while the adjustable cuff provides a snug and customized fit. Whether you’re out on the town or hiking in the woods, this holster provides the perfect combination of comfort and concealability. Order your Galco International Ankle Band Holster today!

  • Affordable.
  • Comfortable.
  • Concealable.
  • Secure.
  • The retention strap may not be secure.


12# DeSantis Apache Ankle Rig Holster

DeSantis Apache Ankle Rig Holster

View on OpticsPlanet View on Cabelas

The DeSantis Apache Ankle Rig Holster is a top-quality choice for those looking for a reliable and comfortable ankle holster. The Apache’s wide, elasticized leg band largely eliminates the unwanted rocking motion commonly associated with ankle holsters, making it a great option for those who are active or on their feet for long periods. The Apache is made for small, medium, and large frame semi-autos and small frame revolvers, and features an adjustable Velcro thumb break. Semi-auto and revolver holster models are constructed with elastic and have a sheepskin lining with a snap thumb break. Designs may vary, but all models are available in black.

Video review

  • A wide, elasticized leg band largely eliminates the unwanted rocking motion commonly associated with ankle holsters.
  • Made for small, medium, and large frame semi-autos and small frame revolvers.
  • All semi-auto models feature an adjustable Velcro thumb break.
  • Designs may vary.
  • Available in black.
  • May not be comfortable for everyone.
  • It is not available in many colours.


13# DeSantis Die Hard Ankle Rig Holster

DeSantis Die Hard Ankle Rig Holster

The DeSantis Die Hard Ankle Rig Holster is the perfect solution for concealing your gun. Built from top-grain saddle leather and finished with a super tough PU coating, this holster is designed for durability and performance. The smooth leather lining protects your gun’s finish and offers a quick, silky draw. The Die Hard Ankle Rig features a tough top-grain leather lined holster with a conventional thumb break that has been attached to a neoprene leg band. This combination of materials offers longevity and comfort, making it the perfect choice for concealed carry.

Video review

  • Durable and performance-driven.
  • Top grain saddle leather.
  • Super tough PU coating.
  • Smooth leather lining.
  • Quick, silky draw.
  • Tough top-grain leather-lined holster.
  • It may be too bulky for some.
  • Holsters may not fit all guns.


14# Bianchi 150 Negotiator Holster

Bianchi 150 Negotiator Holster

Looking for a simple, yet effective ankle holster? Look no further than the Bianchi 150 Negotiator. This holster is made from full-grain leather and features genuine sheepskin lining on the neoprene leg wrap for comfort and breathability. Our findings show that the double wrap hook and loop closure ensure security, while the two-inch elastic calf strap with detachable hook and loop attachment strap provides a custom fit. Whether you’re on the job or just out for a day of recreation, this holster will keep your firearm within reach.

  • Made from full-grain leather.
  • Features genuine sheepskin lining.
  • Double wrap hook and loop closure.
  • 2″ elastic calf strap.
  • Detachable hook and loop attachment strap.
  • May not fit all firearms.
  • It is not adjustable for different leg sizes.


15# Fobus Evolution Ankle Holster

Fobus Evolution Ankle Holster

The Fobus concealed ankle holster is perfect for backup plans. This lightweight and comfortable holster features a suede-lined Cordura pad and an adjustable Velcro strap to keep it in place all day long. Whether you’re at work or out on the town, this holster will help you feel confident that you’re always prepared.

Video review

  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Suede-lined Cordura pad for comfort.
  • Adjustable Velcro strap to keep the holster in place.
  • Low profile design for pant leg concealability.
  • May not be suitable for all firearms.
  • The suede lining may wear over time.


16# Fobus Ankle Holster

Fobus Ankle Holster

The Fobus Ankle Holster is perfect for those who want a low-profile, lightweight holster that’s still secure. This holster is made of durable Cordura and lined with soft suede to protect your gun from scratches. It also has a retention adjustment screw so you can customize the fit.

  • Low profile design for pant leg concealability.
  • Suede-lined Cordura pad.
  • Passive retention allows for rapid presentation.
  • The Fobus Ankle Holster is not adjustable.


17# Fobus Ankle Holster

Fobus Ankle Holster

The Fobus Ankle Holster is a quality holster that is perfect for those who want to carry their Beretta PX4A Storm (compact) on their ankle. This holster is made from one piece of construction and has a retention adjustment screw that allows the user to select the level of retention. The Fobus Ankle Holster is also lightweight and comfortable for all-day use. Additionally, the Velcro strap ensures that the holster stays securely in place.

Video review

  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • One-piece holster body construction.
  • Suede-lined Cordura pad for comfort and increased stability.
  • Adjustable Velcro strap.
  • The velcro strap may not be secure enough for some users.
  • The holster is not made for left-handed people.


18# Elite Survival Systems Ankle Holsters

Elite Survival Systems Ankle Holsters

If you’re looking for a top-quality, durable ankle holster that will provide you with years of reliable performance, look no further than Elite Survival Systems. ESS is a leading manufacturer of holsters, belts, and other law enforcement gear, and their ankle holsters are among the best in the business. These holsters are constructed of tough, high-performance materials that can stand up to the rigors of daily use. And they’re designed for both comfort and concealability, so you can wear them all day without sacrificing your style or peace of mind. Whether you’re a police officer or a soldier on duty, an Elite Survival Systems ankle holster is the perfect choice for carrying your sidearm.

  • Made of durable, high-performance materials.
  • Designed for comfort and concealability.
  • Suitable for a wide range of pistols and revolvers.
  • Adjustable to fit most users.
  • May not fit all users.


19# Uncle Mike’s Ankle Holsters

Uncle Mike's Ankle Holsters

Uncle Mike’s Ankle Holsters are perfect for hiding small to medium guns inside your pant leg. Made with durable Kodra nylon and soft-knit fabric, these holsters are comfortable for all-day wear. The cinch-down design and Hook and loop adjustment make it easy to find the perfect fit, while the nylon web retention strap with a reinforced thumb break keeps your gun securely in place. Choose between the right-hand model for the inside left leg or the left-hand model for the inside right leg.

  • Durable.
  • Comfortable.
  • Adjustable.
  • Secure.
  • It is not adjustable enough.
  • Straps may be uncomfortable.


20# Uncle Mike’s Small Automatic Ankle Holsters

Uncle Mike's Small Automatic Ankle Holsters

Whether you’re a police officer on an undercover assignment or a civilian who wants to conceal a small firearm, Uncle Mike’s Small Automatic Ankle Holster is a perfect choice. This high-quality holster is made from durable Cordura nylon and soft knit fabric, making it comfortable to wear against your skin. The calf strap ensures a secure fit, and the webbing material prevents chafing. Uncle Mike’s Small Automatic Ankle Holster is the ideal way to conceal your firearm while remaining comfortable and protected.

  • Made from durable Cordura nylon and soft knit fabric.
  • Comfortable to wear against your skin.
  • The calf strap ensures a secure fit.
  • Webbing material prevents chafing.
  • The ideal way to conceal your firearm.
  • The holster size may be too small for some guns.


How To Adjust 🏆

🔘 To start with, please wear the holster as you would during normal use, positioning it securely around your ankle. Ensure that the holster is oriented correctly, with the firearm pocket positioned on the inside or outside of the ankle according to your preference.

🔘 After that assess the retention of the holster by attempting to draw the firearm. It should offer a secure hold on the handgun, preventing it from falling out or shifting excessively. However, it should still allow for a smooth and efficient draw when needed.

  • If the retention is too loose, locate the retention adjustment mechanism, which could be in the form of a screw, strap, or buckle. Depending on the design, tighten the mechanism incrementally to increase the retention level.
  • Conversely, if the retention is too tight, loosen the mechanism slightly.

🔘 It’s time to repeat and test!  After making an adjustment, practice drawing the firearm from the holster multiple times to test the retention and assess the comfort and accessibility. Make additional adjustments if necessary until you achieve the desired balance of retention and ease of draw.

🔘 In addition to previous steps ensure that the holster fits comfortably around your ankle without causing discomfort, pinching, or excessive pressure. Make sure that it does not restrict your movement or impede blood circulation. Adjust straps or buckles for a snug yet comfortable fit.

🔘 Once you are satisfied with the retention, comfort, and accessibility of the holster, wear it for an extended period to further evaluate its performance. Pay attention to any discomfort, slippage, or other issues that may require further adjustments or consideration.


What Weapons Are Appropriate for Ankle Holster to Carry?

Ankle holsters are typically designed for carrying small to medium-sized handguns, offering discreet and concealed carry options. Here are some examples of weapons that are commonly carried in ankle holsters:

🟡 Subcompact Pistols: Ankle holsters are well-suited for subcompact pistols, such as the Glock 43, Smith & Wesson M&P Shield, or Ruger LCP. These compact firearms are lightweight and slim, making them easier to conceal and carry comfortably on the ankle.
🟡 Snub-Nose Revolvers: Snub-nose revolvers, like the Smith & Wesson J-Frame series or the Ruger LCR, are another popular choice for ankle carry. Their small size and rounded grip make them conducive to ankle holster use, ensuring a discreet and accessible carry option.
🟡 Micro-Compact Pistols: Micro-compact pistols, such as the SIG Sauer P365 or Springfield Armory Hellcat, are designed for deep concealment and are suitable for ankle holsters. These firearms offer a good balance of size, capacity, and shooting ability for ankle carry purposes.
🟡 Backup Firearms: Ankle holsters are commonly used as backup carry options for law enforcement officers or as a secondary firearm for personal defence. Compact backup guns, such as the Smith & Wesson M&P Bodyguard or the Kel-Tec PF-9, can be effectively carried in ankle holsters as supplemental weapons.
How Practical Are Ankle Holsters?

🟣 Firstly, they are extremely concealable. The gun is carried out of sight below the pants legs, allowing you to discretely carry without attracting attention. This makes an ankle holster practical for instances where absolute concealment is necessary, like undercover or plainclothes work.

🟣 Secondly, they allow access to a backup weapon if your primary sidearm is taken or unusable. The low position makes an ankle gun hard for an attacker to spot and reach. Having a hidden backup can be a lifesaving last line of defence in critical moments.

  • ⭕ However, drawing from an ankle holster is slower and less intuitive than other positions. Bending, kneeling, and using your off-hand to lift your pant legs takes precious time in a crisis. With practice, standing cross draws can be executed smoothly, but it may not feel natural at first.

🟣 Moreover, guns carried on the ankle are vulnerable when seated. Vehicles, chairs, and toilets all cause the ankle to bend, obstructing access. You also cannot access the gun with your ankles crossed. Situational awareness and tactics should compensate for this.

🟣 Finally, ankle carry works best with extremely small, light handguns. Large pistols are bulky and prone to printing. The ankle joint also feels the strain of excess weight after prolonged carry. Lightweight revolvers or subcompact semi-autos are ideal.

How Comfortable Are Ankle Holsters?

The comfort level of ankle holsters can vary depending on factors such as personal preference, holster design, firearm size, and individual body shape. Here’s a breakdown of their comfort aspects:


  1. Customizable Fit: Many of them offer adjustable straps or bands to achieve a personalized fit around the ankle. This adjustability allows for finding a balance between snugness and comfort.
  2. Lightweight Design: They are generally lightweight and compact, minimizing the added weight and bulk on the ankle. This can contribute to a more comfortable wearing experience, especially during extended periods of use.
  3. Breathable Materials: Several holsters are made from breathable materials like neoprene or moisture-wicking fabrics. These materials enhance comfort by reducing sweat buildup and providing ventilation to the skin.


  1. Sensation on the Ankle: Wearing an ankle holster can cause a noticeable sensation on the ankle due to the pressure and contact with the holster and firearm. This sensation may take some getting used to and can vary among individuals.
  2. Movement Restrictions: These holsters, by their nature, can impose certain movement limitations, particularly during activities that involve extensive leg movements or vigorous physical exertion. The holster’s presence and weight may affect mobility and overall comfort.
  3. Potential Irritation: Some individuals may experience minor irritation or discomfort from the contact points between the ankle holster and the skin. This can be mitigated by wearing appropriate clothing, ensuring a proper fit, and using padding or soft liners if necessary.
Can Ankle Holsters Hold More Than One Ammunition? (

Ankle holsters are primarily designed to hold a single firearm and its corresponding ammunition. However, some ankle holsters may feature additional pockets or slots to accommodate spare ammunition or small accessories.  For example, some certain holsters may include a separate pouch or pocket designed specifically to hold an extra magazine or speed loader. ↪️  This allows for quick access to additional ammunition in case of a reload situation.

Besides some holsters feature elastic loops or straps integrated into the design, providing a secure way to carry spare ammunition directly on the holster itself. ↪️ These loops can hold individual rounds or small ammo carriers.

A few of them may have external pockets or compartments that can accommodate small items such as extra rounds, handcuff keys, or small tools. ↪️ These pockets can provide additional storage options while maintaining a compact profile.

Can You Run With An Ankle Holster On?

Yes, it is possible to run with an ankle holster on, but there are some important considerations to keep in mind.

First of all, a holster should fit snugly without rubbing or chafing if you plan to run with it. Wear moisture-wicking socks and adjust straps to get a close, stable fit. Avoid loosening over time.

Besides don’t forget that the gun should stay centred on the inside of your ankle when running. Excess movement side-to-side or sliding up and down will cause discomfort. Proper tension and adjustment prevent this.

Some people noticed that when running, pants legs can rise and potentially expose the holster and gun. And that’s why these holsters are best for low-intensity jogging unless pants are longer and athletic.

For other people, the added weight of a loaded gun on one ankle may alter gait and cause soreness, especially at faster paces or longer distances. It’s best to build up slowly.

While it’s possible, running with an ankle holster takes some adjustments. Make sure yours fits snugly, stays in place, and is comfortable before attempting longer or faster runs. Take precautions to prevent rubbing, sliding, or accidental exposure of the firearm.

Conclusion 🎯

When it comes to finding the best ankle holster for your needs, there are a lot of factors to consider. We have provided information on some of the best holsters available, as well as tips on how to choose the right one for you. Whether you’re looking for an item for concealed carry or just want something to keep your gun safe and secure, we have you covered.

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6 months ago

I carry a Glock 27 in a DeSantis ankle rig as my backup gun. If it’s snowing or raining, I’ll use the Kramer “Shirt Holster” instead. Even when I’m off-duty, I still use the ankle rig as my backup gun. So far, I haven’t had any issues moving quickly with it, but to be honest, I’m not in the shape to chase after anyone these days.

    6 months ago

    It is interesting on which leg you should wear an ankle holster?

      6 months ago
      Reply to  Trio

      The choice of which leg to wear an ankle holster on ultimately depends on personal preference and comfort. However, there are a few factors to consider when deciding:

      🚩 Dominant Hand: Many people choose to wear the ankle holster on the leg opposite their dominant hand. For example, if you are right-handed, you might prefer wearing the ankle holster on your left leg. This allows for an easier and more natural draw with your dominant hand.

      🚩 Accessibility: Consider which leg provides better accessibility for drawing the firearm. If you anticipate needing to access your firearm quickly, choose the leg that allows for a smooth and efficient draw without hindrance or interference from clothing or other gear.

      🚩 Comfort and Movement: Some individuals find that the non-dominant leg provides better comfort and freedom of movement for activities like walking, running, or sitting. Experiment with both legs to determine which one feels more comfortable and allows for better mobility.

      🚩 Concealment: Take into account the clothing you typically wear and how it affects concealment. Choose the leg that allows for better concealment based on your wardrobe choices and the specific positioning of the ankle holster.

        6 months ago

        I have been carrying a gun on my ankle for more than 30 hours, alternating between Alessi, DeSantis, and Bianchi leather holsters. Currently, I am using an Eagle nylon rig to carry the gun upside down, which is the most concealable and comfortable ankle holster I have ever used. I prefer to carry an air weight revolver, usually a S&W, but I have also carried a Colt Cobra in the past.

          6 months ago

          I also like the Desantis Die Hard holster. I initially started using it after my Renegade holster had worn out and I carried my j-frame BUG in it for many years. Presently, I use one for a G43.

            6 months ago

            I own several Galco Ankle Lites and am satisfied with them. Recently, I purchased an Ankle Glove from Galco and had JEA Custom remove the original J-frame shell and modify it for carrying my 642-1 with LaserMax weapon light. I recommend purchasing the calf strap if you plan to use the Galco ankle holster.

              6 months ago

              Hi. I like the idea of an ankle holster. But I can not understand if I can use it with my boots

                6 months ago
                Reply to  Garik

                Yes, it is possible to wear an ankle holster with boots. Wearing an ankle holster with boots can provide certain advantages, such as added stability, increased support, and additional concealment options. Here are a few considerations when wearing an ankle holster with boots:

                🟡 Boot Height: The height of your boots can impact the compatibility with an ankle holster. Generally, ankle holsters work best with boots that have a lower shaft height, allowing the holster to sit comfortably above the ankle and ensuring a secure fit.

                🟡 Boot Fit: Ensure that your boots fit properly and are not excessively tight around the ankle area. Ankle holsters require a certain amount of space to fit securely without causing discomfort or constriction. Ill-fitting or tight boots may interfere with the positioning and comfort of the ankle holster.

                🟡 Boot Construction: Consider the construction and flexibility of your boots. Boots with a more rigid structure may affect the comfort and mobility of the ankle holster. Opt for boots that provide a degree of flexibility, allowing for natural movement and accommodating the holster comfortably.

                🟡 Adjustability: Some ankle holsters offer adjustable straps or bands to achieve a customized fit. These adjustments can be beneficial when wearing an ankle holster with boots, as they allow for accommodating variations in boot sizes and shapes.

                🟡 Concealment Considerations: Wearing an ankle holster with boots may offer additional concealment options, as the boot shaft can help cover the holster and firearm. However, ensure that the holster does not protrude or print through the boot, as this could compromise concealment.

                  6 months ago

                  I work in a profession where carrying any type of object is prohibited, including weapons. However, there has been a recent update that now allows us to keep weapons in our cars that are parked in the company’s parking lot. As a result, I am searching for a quick and easy option to store a J-frame that can be easily locked and unlocked within the car.

                  Although I don’t approve of leaving a gun in my car, I’m uncomfortable with being without one during the workweek. I attempted pocket carry but found it inconvenient for two reasons. Firstly, it’s difficult to remove the gun from my pocket while sitting in the car. Secondly, my job pants have small pockets and my J-frame handgun has a habit of falling out when I’m seated in the car.

                  I have heard people recommending both Galco and Wilderness ankle holsters.