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The muzzle brake is a key aspect of performing tactical missions with precision and professionalism. They are mounted on rifles of tactical special forces, and shooting enthusiasts often upgrade their weapons to give them an aesthetic appearance, efficiency, and versatility.

Best Muzzle Brake - Editor's Choice

Thanks to the use of the highest quality components and advanced technologies for processing reliable materials, modern manufacturers have achieved the unique performance of their products. In our article, we have listed the most successful models of silencers from leading manufacturers.

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TOP-15 Muzzle Brake

Strike Industries JCOMP V2 Barrel Muzzle BrakeStrike IndustriesBUY
Lantac Dragon Muzzle BrakeLantacBUY
Fortis Manufacturing 5.56 R.E.D. Barrel Muzzle BrakeFortis ManufacturingBUY
SureFire Muzzle Brake/SuppressorSureFireBUY
SilencerCo Hybrid ASR Muzzle BrakeSilencerCoBUY
Sig Sauer QD Taper-Lok Muzzle BrakeSig SauerBUY
SilencerCo Single Port ASR Muzzle BrakeSilencerCoBUY
Carlson's Choke Tubes Tactical Muzzle BrakeCarlson'sBUY
Midwest Industries AR Muzzle BrakeMidwest IndustriesBUY
Faxon Firearms .620in Streamline 3-port Muzzle BrakeFaxon FirearmsBUY
VG6 Precision Lambda PRS30 Muzzle BrakeVG6BUY
Faxon Firearms 5.56 3-Port Muzzle BrakeFaxon FirearmsBUY
Fortis Manufacturing 5.56mm Barrel Muzzle BrakeFortis ManufacturingBUY
Carson's Beretta Benelli Mobil 12Ga Tactical Muzzle BrakeCarson'sBUY
Sig Sauer QD Taper-Lok Muzzle BrakeSig SauerBUY

#1 Strike Industries JCOMP V2 Barrel Muzzle Brake

Strike Industries JCOMP V2 Barrel Muzzle Brake

A muzzle brake, silencer, and compensator in one model is a great choice for rifle upgrades. Impressive efficiency in suppressing recoil and reducing propellant gases. The muzzle brake and compensator has a two-chamber design that reduces recoil for the fastest and most accurate shots possible. Hybrid muzzle brakes are great for hunting, competitive sports, or tactical purposes. This model is manufactured in accordance with the latest technological trends, allowing you to significantly save money by improving your rifle, bringing its performance and efficiency to a progressive maximum.

  • 2 chamber design;
  • AK Detent notch;
  • Hybrid construction.
  • Mounting issues.

#2 Lantac Dragon Muzzle Brake

Lantac Dragon Muzzle Brake

The newest model of the muzzle brake, made from the highest quality materials, providing improved control of recoil and muzzle lift when conducting automatic firing or single shots. Muzzle brakes and compensators have more accurate capabilities that provide an increase in the effectiveness of automatic aimed fire and provide an ultra-fast weakening of the release of powder gases and flash during firing, guaranteeing complete invisibility of the shooter. The unique system of short energy pulses of the muzzle brake significantly reduces the length of the recoil, so that the energy of each repetitive shot doesn’t overlap, but keeps the shooter on the target, regardless of the conditions of the battle. If you are looking for a progressive and reliable muzzle brake that works with a wide variety of rifles, be sure to choose Lantac’s product.

  • Efficient recoil reduction;
  • Improved accuracy;
  • Made of hardened Milspec Steel.
  • Black coated finish flakes off.

#3 Fortis Manufacturing 5.56 R.E.D. Barrel Muzzle Brake

Fortis Manufacturing 5.56 R.E.D. Barrel Muzzle Brake

The latest device for suppressing flares and the release of powder gases during firing, providing maximum accuracy and high firing efficiency in almost any conditions of combat. Top design engineers have worked on the design of this weapon upgrade to complement your weapon perfectly. Officially tested and rated by military and law enforcement professionals, and tested by members of the Three Weapons community. This product has stood the test in the harshest weather conditions, delivering unmatched accuracy and performance.

  • Made of high-quality 4140 Steel;
  • Nitride coated;
  • Comes with a crush washer.
  • Versatility issues.

#4 SureFire Muzzle Brake/Suppressor

SureFire Muzzle Brake/Suppressor

Full gun control is guaranteed thanks to the latest development from a leading manufacturer of gun accessories. This model of a muzzle brake significantly reduces recoil and muzzle lift when shooting, which significantly increases accuracy and allows single or automatic firing much faster. Manufactured using the patented Impulse Diffusion design, which reduces the effects of shock when shooting, providing full visibility when shooting at a short distance. The device serves a dual purpose, allowing it to be efficiently used as a mounting adapter for SureFire SOCOM Series suppressors. Manufactured from heat-treated stainless steel, this muzzle brake is incredibly durable and delivers exceptional performance. Equipped with a patented offset transfer system so the weapon moves straight back without knocking the shooter off target. Multiple support surfaces for superior barrel alignment for automatic firing ensures high performance in all tactical conditions. Precision machining with the addition of heat-treated stainless-steel rods guarantees productivity and accuracy of every shot, as well as reliable use for many years.

  • DLC coating;
  • Multiple bearing surfaces;
  • Officially certified.
  • Quality issues.

#5 SilencerCo Hybrid ASR Muzzle Brake

SilencerCo Hybrid ASR Muzzle Brake

This three-port muzzle brake is compatible with all current Silencer ASR mount systems, as well as several basic thread and gauge options. Provides the unique performance of a wide range of rifles, ensuring that every shot is quiet and accurate. Quick and easy attachment with a comfortable one-handed release. The three-port design reduces recoil and barrel lift effectively. Each muzzle brake model comes with a dedicated set of shims for ease of use in any situation. The progressive ASR attachment system is standard on the Omega 300, Chimera 300, Saker ASR, and Specwar. Also fully compatible with Hybrid 46, Harvester Series, Octane Series, and Omega K Series.

  • Resonance suppression;
  • Fully compatible with ASR mounting system;
  • 3-port construction.
  • Mounting issues.

#6 Sig Sauer QD Taper-Lok Muzzle Brake

Sig Sauer QD Taper-Lok Muzzle Brake

The newest model of a muzzle brake with a complete set of mountings included in the range. Manufactured from high-quality materials by leading arms industry design engineers. Effective recoil reduction when firing and elimination of flashes is guaranteed, which provides the shooter with excellent opportunities for silent and stealthy shooting directly at the target in almost any conditions of combat. The self-centering model with an extremely secure interface, easy to install and remove with one hand. The mount is a high-quality three-piece assembly that consists of a rear mount that easily attaches to the muzzle of the shotgun, a crushing washer, and a replaceable tip.

  • High-quality materials;
  • Crush washer included;
  • Interchangeable tip.
  • Mounting issues.

#7 SilencerCo Single Port ASR Muzzle Brake

SilencerCo Single Port ASR Muzzle Brake

The latest suppressor and compensator from a leading manufacturer in the world guarantees increased performance in all combat conditions. Thanks to the patented design and the use of the highest quality materials, it was possible to achieve the highest quality and productivity in every shot that will surely hit the target. Short, lightweight, and effective, this compensator guarantees quiet and accurate shooting without knocking the shooter off the target, even during automatic fire. Compatible with any muffler using the common ASR mounting system.

  • Great price;
  • Officially certified;
  • Reliable single-port construction.
  • Recoil reducing issues.

#8 Carlson’s Choke Tubes Tactical Muzzle Brake

Carlson's Choke Tubes Tactical Muzzle Brake

The ideal model of a tactical muzzle brake from leading manufacturers provides effective target shooting in any tactical and weather conditions. The muzzle brake choke has special holes to significantly reduce recoil. The patented design features a dedicated head protruding approximately 2.75 inches beyond the end of the barrel, while also featuring a matte black finish to ensure excellent corrosion resistance and long-term use. Ideal for complementing the weapons arsenal of law enforcement and intelligence officers.

  • Matte finish;
  • High-quality durable stainless steel;
  • Turkey choke type.
  • Versatility issues.

#9 Midwest Industries AR Muzzle Brake

Midwest Industries AR Muzzle Brake

An excellent model of a muzzle brake with advanced functionality, it guarantees almost complete elimination of recoil and muzzle lift when conducting automatic firing. Industry leaders have developed these muzzle brakes and compensators, greatly expanding the functionality of the design. Due to the excellent stability during shooting, the high accuracy of each shot is achieved. Reduced recoil and dual-chamber muzzle brake for a wide range of 5.56 / .223 rifles guarantee comfortable shooting in almost all weather and tactical conditions. Fit the muzzle brake to your rifle and the patented, durable two-chamber design is the perfect addition to your weapon arsenal.

  • Large 2-chamber design;
  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty;
  • Includes crush washer.
  • Mounting issues.

#10 Faxon Firearms .620in Streamline 3-port Muzzle Brake

Faxon Firearms .620in Streamline 3-port Muzzle Brake

Leveraging leading technology trends in the design of exceptional quality gun accessories, this muzzle brake is the perfect complement to any shooting arsenal. The versatile design is perfect for most modern weapons. High-quality materials used in the manufacture guarantee reliable use in almost all weather and tactical conditions. The unique three-port design perfectly complements every shooter’s weapon arsenal, regardless of purpose.

  • Black nitride finish;
  • Greatly fits AR-15;
  • Patented Slim construction.
  • Long-term working issues.

#11 VG6 Precision Lambda PRS30 Muzzle Brake

VG6 Precision Lambda PRS30 Muzzle Brake

This muzzle brake model is the next stage in the development of weapon technology. Designed specifically to complement AR-15 weapon systems, it features a patented two-piece design consisting of a muzzle brake and locknut, combined into a surprisingly simple and effective tool. Equipped with 11 target heads for improved shooting accuracy and a four-chamber design that works great with a lock nut to automatically tighten with every shot. The design of the chamber almost completely eliminates recoil, allowing the shooter to remain on the sight even in the most dynamic conditions of combat. Provides an unobstructed flow of gas to the sides of the shooter, ensuring the stability of automatic firing in all weather conditions.

  • Jam Nut included;
  • 17-4 ph heat-treated stainless steel;
  • Perfectly fits AR-15 rifles.
  • Quality issues.

#12 Faxon Firearms 5.56 3-Port Muzzle Brake

Faxon Firearms 5.56 3-Port Muzzle Brake

The latest 3-port muzzle brake is the perfect combination of usability and versatility. The three ports work excellently for sequentially capturing propellant gases and then redirecting them to the sides for maximum recoil reduction when conducting automatic firing. Reduces recoil by more than 50% guaranteed. Approved and legal for use by 3-Gun Nation, USPSA, and IDPA. The Muzzlok function makes it easy to time and installs the device without the use of washers or spacers. Thanks to the use of an extension nut to adjust the length of the device, they perfectly adjust the rotation time for quick installation. It is recommended to tighten the device to 20-25 ft/lbs. There is absolutely no need to overcome the resistance of the crushing disc.

  • Salt bath nitride finish;
  • Great corrosion resistance;
  • Perfect versatility.
  • Mounting issues.

#13 Fortis Manufacturing 5.56mm Barrel Muzzle Brake

Fortis Manufacturing 5.56mm Barrel Muzzle Brake

The newest muzzle brake is inspired by the most innovative developments in the field of gun accessories. Like many other products, this muzzle brake is treated with the most trending technological advances, resulting in exceptional resistance to corrosion. Excellent performance is guaranteed, maintains the speed and accuracy of fire in all weather and tactical conditions. Fully compatible with the new Fortis Control shield. 4140 nitride coated steel withstands harsh weather conditions. Supplied with 2.8 oz, 2.28 in. crushing washer.

  • Greatly fits AR-15 rifle;
  • Reduces recoil;
  • Fully Fortis Control Shield compatible.
  • Long-term working issues.

#14 Carson’s Beretta Benelli Mobil 12Ga Tactical Muzzle Brake

Carson's Beretta Benelli Mobil 12Ga Tactical Muzzle Brake

The tactical shotgun muzzle brake is a great addition to your shooting arsenal. The muzzle brake and compensator are crafted using the finest materials available, specifically designed to provide a durable and reliable product. For several years, the company has been supplying shooting enthusiasts with specialized accessories. It has been in the shotgun muzzle market for some years, and the tactical muzzle brake is a great way to demonstrate professionalism in making reliable and effective upgrades for your rifle. The tactical muzzle brake is one of the best items available on the market today. If you want to be sure that your shooting will be accurate and effective, purchase this compensator model.

  • Resilient and solid construction;
  • Great for shotgun;
  • Fast mounting.
  • Shipment issues.

#15 Sig Sauer QD Taper-Lok Muzzle Brake

Sig Sauer QD Taper-Lok Muzzle Brake

The newest model of the Sig Sauer QD Taper-Lok muzzle brake mount provides unique opportunities for expanding the functionality of the weapon at an optimal price. Perfectly aligns and locks the mount to the gun, ensuring the silencer is securely attached. Has a self-centering and extremely secure interface. The mount is a three-piece assembly consisting at the rear of the mount, semi-permanently attached to the muzzle of the shotgun, crushing washer, and replaceable tip. Simple one-handed mounting and removal ensure versatility in all tactical or weather conditions.

  • Self-centering;
  • Secure interface;
  • Interchangeable tip.
  • Long-term working issues.


Do muzzle brake clamps work?
Yes, they greatly work and increase the accuracy of the weapon.
Can you hunt with a muzzle brake?
Yes, sure you can — it’s preferable to use muzzle brake for silent hunting.
Do muzzle brakes reduce noise?
Yes, they do.
What is the most effective muzzle brake?
Depends on the purpose of usage.


Thanks to the use of a compensator, unique shooting efficiency is achieved in tactical conditions of combat and hunting. Thanks to the improved design, the recoil and back of the barrel when firing is reduced, an excellent level of removal of powder gases, and a significant decrease in the brightness of the flash when firing is also achieved. The top contains the latest models of expansion joints and silencers, which are a true work of engineering. If you need accessories for upgrading your hunting rifle — choose models #1 and #8. If you are looking for a tactical compensator — then focus on models #4, #9, #10, #13. The most versatile models from the presented ones are #12 and #15.

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