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A high-quality magazine for weapons is the key to a productive hunt or masterful execution of that very shot that brings you the coveted trophy.

Best Ruger 10/22 Magazine - Editor's Choice

By equipping the weapon with a high-quality accessory in the form of a magazine with extended ammunition, unique in its technical layout, and made by a renowned manufacturer, your hunting trips will be marked with better results due to less emphasis on the need to reload the weapon. The article lists the most modern types of magazines for Ruger 10/22, which have an undeniable advantage over standard magazines that are included in the set of factory models of firearms.

Best Ruger 10 22 Magazine | Best Ruger 10 22 High Capacity Magazine

Ruger BX-1 10 Round Magazine for 10/22RugerBUY
Ruger BX-25 High Capacity 10/22 MagazineRugerBUY
Ruger .22 LR 10-Round Rotary MagazineRugerBUY
Ruger Rimfire Replacement MagazineRugerBUY
Ruger Mark III/Mark IV .22 Long Rifle 10 Rd MagazineRugerBUY
Ruger Magazine 77/22, 96/22, 10/22 22M 9 RoundRugerBUY
Ruger Factory MagazinesRugerBUY
Ruger Magazine MKII 22LRRugerBUY
Ruger Mark IV 22/45 .22 Long Rifle MagazineRugerBUY
Tandemkross Companion Extended Magazine BumperTandemkrossBUY
ProMag Archangel 9-22 Rifle Magazine For RugerProMagBUY
Ruger 10/22 Long Rifle MagazineRugerBUY
Volquartsen Firearms Magazine for Black Mamba and MK IV 22/45Volquartsen FirearmsBUY
Ruger SR2 22 Long Rifle MagazineRugerBUY
Ruger Magazine 22/45 MKIII 22LRRugerBUY
Ruger 10/22 Charger MagazinesRugerBUY

#1 Ruger BX-1 10 Round Magazine for 10/22

1 Ruger BX-1 10 Round Magazine for 10/22

This weapon accessory model is a compact and easy magazine replacement for your favorite factory original 10/22 rifle. Thanks to the high-quality layout and manufacture according to the leading standards of the arms industry. The optional black plastic and steel feed makes this factory replacement sturdy and capable of withstanding frequent use and will fit your rifle perfectly right out of the box. Thanks to the diligent craftsmanship of the gunsmiths, the service life is extended, offering decades of performance at the highest level of performance for your weapon.

  • Stylish appearance;
  • Widened complect;
  • High-quality plastic with steel feed.
  • Long-term working issues.

#2 Ruger BX-25 High Capacity 10/22 Magazine

Ruger BX-25 High Capacity 10/22 Magazine

Ruger 10/22 BX-25 High-Capacity magazine is distinguished by exceptional workmanship, allowing you to increase your firepower when used with both tactical weapons and hunting. Hunting with pistols has become increasingly popular in recent years due to the expansion of the list of available accessories. The main body of this product is made of an extremely durable weather-resistant polymer that allows it to be used in almost all-weather conditions for decades. The magazine is easily disassembled for cleaning, thanks to its simplified design – the shooter can simply remove two stainless steel screws. This magazine model perfectly complements the stock 22 Charger ™, the .22 LR American Rimfire ®, and the .22 LR 77 / 22 ®.

  • Increases firepower dramatically;
  • Easily disassembled;
  • The highly reliable magazine made by Ruger.
  • Quality issues.

#3 Ruger .22 LR 10-Round Rotary Magazine

Ruger .22 LR 10-Round Rotary Magazine

Get the Ruger Factory Outlet .22 LR Rotary 10-round magazine as a reliable component that will keep your firearm fully loaded and ready for action. Ruger’s top experts have engineered this product for optimum durability and reliability in the field. The steel-reinforced drop edges of the Ruger OEM .22 LR 10-round rotary magazine ensure correct feeding of cartridges into the chamber. By equipping your weapon with this Ruger .22 Lr 10-round rotary magazine, you will always keep ammo ready when hunting for target shooting.

  • DuPont Zytel Polymer construction;
  • Steel feed lips;
  • Reliable construction.
  • Versatility issues.

#4 Ruger Rimfire Replacement Magazine

Ruger Rimfire Replacement Magazine

Use this model of original factory replacement magazines from one of the leading manufacturers in the industry — Ruger. Thanks to the efforts of the best firearms craftsmen, you will get the perfect fit and reliable performance of your firearm. Replace your lost magazine with the latest model from a renowned manufacturer. Made from high-quality materials and specially designed for each model of firearms. Why take the risk and use low-quality products when you can replace the magazine of your favorite rifle with a virtuoso model that guarantees quality work for decades.

  • Original factory magazines;
  • Perfect fit and reliable function;
  • Increase firepower.
  • Long-term working issues.

#5 Ruger Mark III/Mark IV .22 Long Rifle 10 Rd Magazine

Ruger Mark III/Mark IV .22 Long Rifle 10 Rd Magazine

The latest rifle magazine ensures superior functionality of your weapon, complemented by advanced weapon handling in the most hostile conditions. The manufacturer has used the best materials on the market today to ensure maximum durability. Every happy magazine owner receives a technically perfect product that guarantees exceptional wear resistance even when exposed to chemically aggressive substances.

  • Made of high-quality steel;
  • E-Nickel finish;
  • Completely detachable.
  • Mounting issues.

#6 Ruger Magazine 77/22, 96/22, 10/22 22M 9 Round

Ruger Magazine 77/22, 96/22, 10/22 22M 9 Round

The rifle magazine from the world-renowned manufacturer guarantees excellent weapon functionality for every shooter. Error-free functioning is guaranteed by the use of the most advanced manufacturing technologies, as well as the use of high-quality materials. This type of magazine has a steel feed for maximum strength and reliability. Ruger’s 9-round magazine is a great purchase for a hunter.

  • Ensures error-free function;
  • High-quality steel feed;
  • Exceptional reliability.
  • Long-term working issues.

#7 Ruger Factory Magazines

Ruger Factory Magazines

Ruger magazine from the world’s most renowned manufacturer dramatically increases the firepower of your favorite rifle, turning your .22 semi-automatic pistol into an effective tactical carbine. The most reliable feeding is ensured by a permanently reinforced stainless steel spring, a fully anti-tipping poly-acetyl pusher, and steel magazine feed jaws. The feed lips of the mechanism are specially tested to withstand thousands of shots without significant wear. The body is made of durable weather-resistant polymer. The magazine can be easily disassembled for cleaning — it only requires removing two stainless steel screws.

  • Increases firepower;
  • Highly reliable magazine;
  • Easily disassembled.
  • Slow shipment

#8 Ruger Magazine MKII 22LR

Ruger Magazine MKII 22LR

Constructed with the latest technology from high quality blued steel chambered in .22 caliber, this Ruger magazine provides exceptional opportunities to increase the firepower of your weapon. By integrating the most advanced solutions in the manufacturing process, an excellent fit is achieved for each component. As a result, it provides unique opportunities for productive use of your rifle on the hunt or during tactical missions.

  • Blued steel;
  • 10-shot capacity;
  • Exceptional versatility.
  • Mounting issues.

#9 Ruger Mark IV 22/45 .22 Long Rifle Magazine

Ruger Mark IV 22/45 .22 Long Rifle Magazine

Buy Ruger Mark IV at an exceptionally low price, thanks to which you will significantly expand the functionality of your rifle. If you are interested in a high-quality upgrade of your own rifle, then Mark IV will become as useful as possible for you – your hunt with this model will be most-effective. Made with the latest technology, this weapon accessory will be a faithful companion and organic addition to your rifle in any endeavor.

  • Blued finish;
  • Completely detachable;
  • Extended capacity.
  • Versatility issues.

#10 Tandemkross Companion Extended Magazine Bumper

Tandemkross Companion Extended Magazine Bumper

Tandemkross Ruger magazine significantly expands the capabilities of your rifle due to its unique technical layout. The guaranteed quality of the product is the reputation of the manufacturer, which has been known throughout the world for a long time as a leading manufacturer of weapon accessories. The blued steel body and 10-round capacity guarantee the extended functionality of your rifle.

  • Adds grip to the bottom of the Ruger 10/22 Rotary Magazine;
  • Helps with sticky magazine removal and insertion;
  • Simple to install with screws providing a superior hold.
  • Mounting issues.

#11 ProMag Archangel 9-22 Rifle Magazine For Ruger

ProMag Archangel 9-22 Rifle Magazine For Ruger

ProMag Archangel Ruger magazine is designed for the longest possible service life thanks to the perfect technical design. Thanks to the use of leading technological trends in manufacturing, this magazine guarantees the reliability of every shot. This magazine features a replaceable nylon feed lip with a patented feed control spring to prevent rim lock and a host of other issues that high capacity rimfire magazines face. Shock-modified polymer construction with specialized fiberglass filling, high-quality sponges, body, and pusher made of the most durable materials make this Ruger magazine one of the most durable on the market. The magazine springs are made of heat-treated chromium silicon wire to ensure a smooth feeding process.

  • One-piece housing;
  • Replaceable nylon feed lip insert;
  • Magazine and feed control.
  • Jamming issues.

#12 Ruger 10/22 Long Rifle Magazine

Ruger 10/22 Long Rifle Magazine

The newest Ruger 10-22 magazine model, guaranteeing the exceptional reliability of your rifle. Thanks to the use of the highest quality materials on the market today, the product is guaranteed exceptional resistance to corrosion and other negative environmental factors, which makes it possible to use this model in all weather conditions. The plastic body and black finish provide unique opportunities for using this model for hunting and tactical missions.

  • High-quality plastic corpus;
  • Stylish appearance with black finish;
  • Exceptional quality.
  • Slow shipment.

#13 Volquartsen Firearms Magazine for Black Mamba and MK IV 22/45

Volquartsen Firearms Magazine for Black Mamba and MK IV 22/45

The newest model of Ruger 10/22 magazine with the installed VC4MB for Black Mamba pistols guarantees exceptionally high-quality functioning of your rifle due to the use of the highest quality materials and technologies in the production process. Tested by the best sports shooters, this magazine performs excellently in all weather or tactical conditions.

  • Base pad included;
  • Lightweight;
  • Extended capacity.
  • Long-term working issues.

#14 Ruger SR2 22 Long Rifle Magazine

Ruger SR2 22 Long Rifle Magazine

The latest Ruger 22 gun magazine to expand the functionality of your favorite rifle. Thanks to its unique quality, maximum reliability is achieved when used in almost all weather and tactical conditions. Resistant to corrosion provides unique opportunities to upgrade your favorite rifle and increase its destructive power.

  • Completely detachable;
  • Qualitative black finish;
  • Extended capacity.
  • Quality appearance.

#15 Ruger Magazine 22/45 MKIII 22LR

Ruger Magazine 22/45 MKIII 22LR

Ruger 10/22 newest magazine guarantees exceptional resistance of the weapon to adverse weather conditions and allows you to use this model of the magazine with your favorite rifle, even in the most stressful tactical conditions. The unique layout and the focus on technical excellence provide exceptional opportunities to enhance the firepower of your favorite rifle.

  • Blued steel;
  • Extended capacity;
  • Versatility.
  • Long-term working issues.

#Bonus: Ruger 10/22 Charger Magazines

Ruger 10/22 Charger Magazines

A high-quality product from one of the leading manufacturers on the market today guarantees the expansion of the functionality of your rifle. Extended capacity — 10 rounds — guarantees a significant increase in the firepower of your rifle in all weather and tactical conditions.

  • Magazine body constructed;
  • Injection-molded magazine follower;
  • Magazine spring formed from heat-treated chrome silicon wire.
  • Slow shipment.


Modern magazines for firearms are of exceptional quality, due to which they provide extended functionality to their owners. Thanks to the introduction of innovative technologies into the weapons industry, technical excellence in the execution of weapons are achieved. The article lists the main novelties of the firearms market. If you are looking for the most versatile Ruger 10/22 hunting magazine — no doubt opt for models #2 and #12. Looking for a magazine to expand your tactical arsenal — #8, #9, and #14 at your disposal. If you are looking for the most ergonomic magazine for a pistol, not a rifle, model number #13 is a great choice.

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