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At a time when weapons became legal in many countries, it becomes relevant to create your ammunition. There is some romance in not buying ammunition, but creating it yourself.

Best Progressive Reloading Press - Editor's Choice

If you have your own press you can create ammo saving time and money. If you spend a lot of time on shooting, buying ammunition will become quite expensive, therefore it is better to stock up on a press for quick reloading. You can buy a press for loading cartridges in a specialist store, in the market, in a gun shop, and on the Internet.

Why do we need the progressive reloading press?

The bar needs to be durable to have a long-lasting effect. Every smart press needs to have a possibility to change the type and caliber. The housing needs to mix the metal and plastic parts. The progressive reloading presses can be used for gun lovers, enthusiasts, and progressive hunters. The best way to explore the options is to take an automated progressive reloading press. I offer you the review of 12 progressive reloading presses.

How to use the progressive reloading press?

The whole process of reloading can contain up to the 300 stages. The handle needs to be used with accessories and managed with gloves. The simple reloading press can load the 12- to 60-caliber. When you clarify the caliber find the powder funnel and charge the powder. The case loading block can charge up to 50 points at one time. To clean the inner part – use the powder to remove brushes. You need to understand that not all presses are suitable for all models of cartridges, so you need to choose a press exactly for your needs. Charging speed is also important if you are at sports competitions, it is more convenient for you when everything happens quickly and a large amount is charged.

Best Progressive Reloading Press Review | Best Reloading Kit

Hornady 3-in-1 Lock-N-Load Ammo Plant Reloading PressHornadyBUY
Lee Pro 1000 Progressive Reloading KitLee ProBUY
Mec Mayville Progressive Shotshell ReloaderMec MayvilleBUY
Lee 90936 LoadMaster 9MM Reloading Pistol KitLeeBUY
Mec Loader SizemasterMecBUY
Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic Reloading Press KitsHornadyBUY
RCBS Pro Chucker 5 Progressive PressRCBSBUY
Lee Reloading Press Md: 90045LeeBUY
RCBS Pro Chucker 7 Progressive PressRCBSBUY

#1 Hornady 3-in-1 Lock-N-Load Ammo Progressive Reloading Press

Hornady 3-in-1 Lock-N-Load Ammo Plant Reloading Press

The kit is suitable for 45 calibers and 223 Remington. The package includes the 3 cartridge bins, powder measure, primer, rotor, powder cop, tin, pick up tubes. The kit is made with 5 stages. The kit can charge up to 500 rounds per hour. The kit is perfect for the 223 Remington model. The package includes the lock-in load mechanism that is easy to set up. The kit is used for home charging ammunition for gun enthusiasts and professionals. There is an effective dosing system and its own hopper for supplying bullets. The set is equipped with a special feed and a central plate that will help to dose the load.

  • made by Remington;
  • 223 caliber;
  • powder press;
  • powder drop;
  • vintage style;
  • rotor.
  • not good locking.

#2 Lee Pro 1000 Progressive Reloading Kit

Lee Pro 1000 Progressive Reloading Kit

The kit includes the reloading press, steel handle, 90640 caliber’s holes, fabric, flat platform, priming system. The structure includes the ON/OFF options and shotshell for balance. The kit is made in the factory, all details have a California supplier. The kit is used mostly for guns and 28 Gauge. The package is famous for the cast iron and well protected. The kit is used by the hunters, owners of guns for own usage.

  • easy loading;
  • pick up tubes;
  • lock and load system;
  • silver color;
  • bowl case;
  • priming system.
  • too big a weight.

#3 Mec Mayville Progressive Reloading Press

Mec Mayville Progressive Shotshell Reloader

The kit includes the two reloaders, two cylinders, a handle, shelves for loading, tubes, and housing. The kit is made from a cast iron. The kit also includes an E-Z primer for better loading and process. The press is made on a qualified factory with all technologies processes. The reloader is equipped with a short shell that helps to provide the best stable condition while loading. The handle returns to the main position itself after the use.

  • iron;
  • fabric material;
  • shells;
  • reloading press;
  • primer;
  • iron handle.
  • not good quality shots shell.

#4 Lee LoadMaster 9MM Progressive Reloading Press

Lee 90936 LoadMaster 9MM Reloading Pistol Kit

The set is ideal for charging cartridges at home with ease in time and cost. The set is very easy to use as its parts are attached according to the instructions. The convenient holder fits snugly to the shelves and holds all the power tubes well. The kit is used for 9 mm pistols. The package includes the base, loadmaster, pistol kit, progressive, and stage press. The kit is used for CCI and Remington.

  • pistol kit;
  • made from iron;
  • heavy construction;
  • easy fills;
  • red color of the base;
  • used for 9mm.
  • plastic end of the handle.

#5 Mec Loader Sizemaster Progressive Reloading Press

Mec Loader Sizemaster

The kit includes the loader master, one stage, shelves, bolts, reloader, powder space, and brushes. The kit is used for charging medium-sized cartridges at home or hunting. A true connoisseur will appreciate all the advantages of fixing the shelves, as well as fastening for the charger. The gunpowder does not crumble and its capacity is sufficient moisture resistant. The reloader belongs to N class which has high durability.

  • one stage for loading;
  • class N;
  • easy reloading process;
  • 1.2 inches shells;
  • compound leverage;
  • durable reloading equipment.
  • needs much time to reload the press.

#6 LEE PRECISION Classic Turret Reloading Kit

LEE PRECISION Classic Turret Press

The set is suitable for charging revolvers and their cartridges. There is an experience in using conventional pistols. The kit includes the reloading press, handle, metal construction, inner part for powder. The kit includes the auto disk, PVC tube, handle, safety prime, high construction. The rounds are made with metal bolts for better fixing. The shelves are flat and easy to clean which is very durable for every user and simplify the process work.

  • disk;
  • auto riser;
  • handle;
  • powder in a kit;
  • heavy construction.
  • not durable material.

#7 Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic Progressive Reloading Press

Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic Reloading Press Kits

The kit includes the lock-in load mechanism, bolts, single-stage press, user guides, space for powder. The kit has about 11 parts. There are several advantages – a thin, clear scale and a weighing mechanism. The sleeves line up well so charging is fast. Even cartridges of different calibers, from 10 to 16, can be loaded at a time. The kit is made in a classic way and suitable for different calibers.

  • single kit;
  • powder;
  • simple press;
  • red pack;
  • attractive.
  • not enough fixed.

#8 LEE PRECISION Breech Lock Challenger Press

LEE PRECISION Breech Lock Challenger Press

The package includes the branch lock, primer, metal, bolts, and outer housing. The main handle helps to manage the power and press. The kit may be used as a kit for new starters. The customers loved it high-quality thanks to a stable fixing in the middle part by durable bolts. The kit can be resized and simply used for hunting. The product is made in the US and has an individual bench. The kit can become a gift to the father on holiday.

  • steel elements;
  • wood used;
  • simple construction is used;
  • can be used many times;
  • logo decoration;
  • red.
  • not durable structure.

#9 RCBS Pro Chucker 5 Progressive Reloading Press

RCBS Pro Chucker 5 Progressive Press

The product has a California origin and is very popular. The package includes the plate, powder charger, 5 stations, 600 rounds, tubes, easy primer, etc. The device is suitable for filling already used sleeves, cartridges, and small balls. The system can cope with high loads and recharge at home conditions. The reloading press is portable enough to take it into the car or bag. The primer belongs to the standard line of primers in the Pro Churcher line.

  • 5 stations;
  • standard primer;
  • green;
  • quick recharging;
  • productive;
  • tubes;
  • safety protection system.
  • the handle slips a little.

#10 Lee Progressive Reloading Press Md

Lee Reloading Press Md: 90045

The press has a red color and is easy to load. The kit contains the loading press, metal handle, wooden end, charger. The kit can be used for the 9 mm and 223 sizes. The kit has an easy fishing system in that case the customers love to buy 3 or 4 presses at one time. The reloading press belongs to the main RCBS. The kit can be placed on the workbench and used in the countryside or the forest by a talented man. There is a slight problem with wobbling during installation, but bolts fix it.

  • easy to reload;
  • high structure;
  • LED brand;
  • wood handle;
  • metal parts.
  • old fashioned thing.

#11 RCBS Pro Chucker 7 Progressive Press

RCBS Pro Chucker 7 Progressive Press

The kit includes the 600 rounds, a charger, primer, tubes, powder, and a drain tube. There are 7 stations in the kit, which gives the kit a balance and a faster download speed. Load 600 rounds of rounds at this speed. For the fence, standard plugs are used. The drainage tube helps to collect the remaining powder. Residues are thrown into the trash can. The press can be recharged. It is better to use such a press only for specialists.

  • 7 parts;
  • loading part;
  • powder measure;
  • change for powder;
  • system for priming;
  • result-oriented.
  • not durable plastic.

#12 LEE PRECISION Pro Auto Disk


This product is mostly US typical reloading press. The kit includes the metal coating, wiper, powder case, plastic part. The kit is suitable for chargers who only start working with the reloading press. The powder is completely pressed into the upper part of the reloading press. The plastic part consists of a hopper, sump, valve, and screw. The powder needs to be charged and weighed before processing. Such a press is suitable for loading medium caliber revolvers and pistols.

  • US product;
  • operating system;
  • not cut the powder;
  • master press;
  • easy to pack;
  • portable.
  • split the powder.


Why do we need a reloading press?
The reloading press is used to simplify the charging process at home for gun lovers.
Who can use a reloading press?
The professionals and hunters can cope with this device and the new ones who can learn the user guide.
What is the purpose of the reloading press?
Since 1984 the reloading press helps to charge casings and rifle cartridges.
What does the reloading press include?
The reloading press includes the shell holder, cases, powder, bullets, metal housing, and user guides.


To receive the best result follow all steps with the press. If you need a simple press with fast reloading, metal housing, and screws for fixing, please look for a model 3. If you need a professional press for reloading, with bullet seating, choose the model 5. Follow all instructions to receive the charging for your weapon. Determine the quality of the powder filling. In the resulting volume, you will see how well it compacted. Use the advice of professional guides.

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