Shooting gloves help to keep the weapon from slipping in your hand, even if your hand is sweaty or wet, and can be used for professional shooting or hunting. Such gloves will also help to hide your marks on the weapon and will not leave stains.

Best Shooting Gloves - Editor's Choice

Shooting gloves are very different in size from standard to 5XL: choose the size that suits you and make sure that it does not pinch your hand. There may be a comfortable band on the wrist for a better fit. Check if the gloves come with a minimum guarantee, then it is easier to return them. I offer you a review of the 15 best shooting gloves.

TOP-15 Shooting Gloves

5.11 Tactical Competition Shooting Gloves5.11 TacticalBUY
Hatch Winter Specialist All-Weather Shooting GlovesHatch SpecialistBUY
Bob Allen 313 "Premier" Insulated Leather GlovesBob AllenBUY
Hatch Specialist All-Weather Shooting Duty GlovesHatch SpecialistBUY
Caldwell Shooting GlovesCaldwellBUY
Bob Allen 2066 Deluxe Shooting GlovesBob AllenBUY
Browning Bg Ace Shooting GlovesBrowningBUY
Browning Ace Shooting GlovesBrowningBUY
Beretta Mesh Shooting GlovesBerettaBUY
Ironclad EXOT-PBLK-04-L Tactical Operator Pro GlovesIroncladBUY
Mechanix Specialty 0.5 mm Covert Black GlovesMechanixBUY
HICKMAN Army Tactical Gloves Outdoor Full FingerHICKMANBUY
Tactical Gloves Touch ScreenTactical GlovesBUY
FREE TOO Knuckle Tactical Gloves for Men Military GlovesFREE TOOBUY
HATCH NS430 Specialist Police Duty GlovesHATCHBUY

#1 5.11 Tactical Competition Shooting Gloves

5.11 Tactical Competition Shooting Gloves

5.11 shooting gloves can be part of your outfit and will protect you from difficult situations. The gloves are waterproof and made of dense microfiber, they have a point wipe for flexibility and special fingertips. Work with your smartphone wearing the gloves, even without taking them off.

Video review

  • comfortable;
  • made in 4 colors;
  • ideal for men;
  • complex protection.
  • difficult to clean with a wipe.

#2 Hatch Winter Specialist All-Weather Shooting Gloves

Hatch Winter Specialist All-Weather Shooting Gloves

Hatch shooting gloves are used in cold and winter weather, keeping hands warm and dry for a long time. With the help of synthetic leather, they have a special grip and have a double inner lining. The gloves are composed of a waterproof surface, closure, and a snug fit.

Video review

  • black color;
  • 5 sizes;
  • good for winter conditions;
  • warm enough;
  • dry;
  • made in USA;
  • protective closure.
  • not enough big sizes.

#3 Bob Allen 313 “Premier” Insulated Leather Gloves

Bob Allen 313 "Premier" Insulated Leather Gloves

Bob Alen leather gloves are completely insulated and flexible. The structure itself consists of volumetric seams, a smooth fit, and a double strap. The set comes in two colors (black and brown) and will be ideal for protecting your hands in any weather. Good choice for hunting in the forest or camping.

  • glance;
  • double leather;
  • two colors;
  • elastic straps;
  • not unisex.

#4 Hatch Specialist All-Weather Shooting Duty Gloves

Hatch Specialist All-Weather Shooting Duty Gloves

The gloves are suitable for law enforcement officers and shooters for everyday wear. The structure consists of patches, tips, gripping material, synthetic leather. You will feel the effect of a full supine effect with the special leather. The gloves are supplied exclusively in black.

  • inner leather part;
  • used for everyday wear;
  • protects from fingerprints;
  • good for tactical needs;
  • enough for a motorcycle.
  • can’t be worn for all kinds of weather.

#5 Caldwell Shooting Gloves

Caldwell Shooting Gloves

The structure consists of a custom layout, breathable material, elastic lining, touch-sensitive fingertips, rubberized palm. The long fingers part can be very flexible because is very long. The main materials are high-quality fabric and leather.

  • decorated with the logo;
  • elastic;
  • can be worn with smartphones;
  • protects from overheating;
  • beige and black color;
  • used in extreme conditions.
  • not enough good for the washing process.

#6 Bob Allen 2066 Deluxe Shooting Gloves

Bob Allen 2066 Deluxe Shooting Gloves

The surface is covered with synthetic leather, special Velcro, and there is also a ventilation hole. The gloves are also an example of the Bobby Allen series and are available in all sizes from smallest up to the largest. The kit can be combined with hunting gear and climbing tools.

  • hook;
  • loop;
  • synthetic leather;
  • perfect for the wrist;
  • thing for the shooting occasions.
  • not present in all hunting stores.

#7 Browning Bg Ace Shooting Gloves

Browning Bg Ace Shooting Gloves

The Browning gloves are suitable for maximum hand protection and can be a reliable piece of clothing. They are made with mesh material, come in black and red colors, and are mainly sold in a large size for tight hands. The kit contains two shooting big gloves, red printing, brown cap, hand protection.

  • mesh;
  • large size;
  • hands protection;
  • protects from the ace;
  • fabric material;
  • decoration.
  • not enough good for women.

#8 Browning Ace Shooting Gloves

Browning Ace Shooting Gloves

These shooting gloves will be the best for the smart money – super solution to protect your hands and fingers. The kit includes two mesh and leather gloves. The gloves will work well even in the ice and winter conditions.

  • 3 sizes;
  • 25 percent of leather;
  • logos;
  • reliable tool
  • ice protection.
  • not professional gloves.

#9 Beretta Mesh Shooting Gloves

Beretta Mesh Shooting Gloves

Beretta shooting gloves are made of three-dimensional fabric, mesh with a non-slip palm, and will fit any men’s clothing. Gloves are made in a unisex style that will suit both men and women. The surface is made to be very lightweight and breathable, and at the same time very durable.

  • grey color;
  • glance;
  • nonslip effect;
  • can be used with pistols;
  • super gloves for experts.
  • not enough good price.

#10 Ironclad EXOT-PBLK-04-L Tactical Operator Pro Gloves

Ironclad EXOT-PBLK-04-L Tactical Operator Pro Gloves

Ironclad gloves are made with imported neoprene material, which means they won’t wear out for a long time and provide protection for your joints. The gloves are composed of custom fasteners, custom fit, cuffs, and custom fit. With the help of a special material, they can be kept strong for many years.

  • neoprene material;
  • safety;
  • durable protection;
  • loop closure;
  • wipes;
  • leather elements.
  • not enough black

#11 Mechanix Specialty 0.5 mm Covert Black Gloves

Mechanix Specialty 0.5 mm Covert Black Gloves

Mechanix gloves have a loop and hook type closure. The clasp is made of rubber and fits well on the wrist. Lightweight material fits well in the palm of your hand and improves finger mobility. Nylon loops are also included for easy machine wash and carry.

Video review

  • hook;
  • loop;
  • mechanic wear;
  • holes;
  • durable;
  • branded stripes.
  • not enough XXL sizes.

#12 HICKMAN Army Tactical Gloves Outdoor Full Finger

HICKMAN Army Tactical Gloves Outdoor Full Finger

Hikeman gloves have an anti-slip element and provide maximum breathable comfort. The gloves are performed well with the touch screen, which is especially good when working with a phone. For better performance, there is a reinforced palm and extra warmth for the wrist.

  • suitable for riding, cycling, and airsoft;
  • sticker;
  • shell protection;
  • perfect for hiking.
  • some problems with wearing.

#13 Tactical Gloves Touch Screen

Tactical Gloves Touch Screen

The design is made in a lightweight style that completely follows the shape of your hand. Please note: when touching the touch glass you must press harder.

Video review

  • leather palm;
  • silicon parts;
  • finger control;
  • hander;
  • easy to wash.
  • difficult to use with a touch screen.

#14 FREE TOO Knuckle Tactical Gloves for Men Military Gloves

FREE TOO Knuckle Tactical Gloves for Men Military Gloves

FreeToo gloves protect against cuts, burns, and scratches. The gloves offer a stronger grip, last longer, and are made with durable microfiber. The kit includes microfiber leather, elastic mesh, neoprene material.

Video review

  • protect against burns;
  • suitable for climbing and traveling;
  • finger panels;
  • flexible;
  • tactical;
  • all sizes available;
  • simple mesh
  • not enough airflow.

#15 HATCH NS430 Specialist Police Duty Gloves

HATCH NS430 Specialist Police Duty Gloves

Hatch All-Weather Shooting Gloves are one of the best-selling on the market because of the most flexibility, they can be used at the construction and have perfect durability. The palms of the glove are easy to wipe and disinfect. Also, these gloves can ideally fulfill the role of duty gloves.

Video review

  • can be wiped;
  • gives full control;
  • high-rated;
  • military style;
  • strap;
  • can be used by the police.
  • none;


Should you wear gloves when shooting?
If you want to keep your hands warm and keep the gun from slipping out of your hands, such gloves are for you.
How tight should shooting gloves be?
The shooting gloves need to be tight enough not to influence the finger’s motion. Gloves should not squeeze the hand too much.
Why do special forces wear Mechanix gloves?
Because such gloves are protected from wind and cold and give a feel of warmth. Such type is made of the most durable woolen for better protection.
Why do soldiers wear fingerless gloves?
The gloves are supplied with TMS that provides a better windproof shell. The tactical mitten system gives better heat for fingers.
Why do you need shooting gloves?
Such gloves will become essential for hunting, and the hobbies of professional shooters. If you need to keep a weapon without prints, such models are for you.
Who are these models suitable for?
The models are made in the unisex format, but most of them are suitable for men.
What materials are used in the manufacture of gloves?
Basically, to make such gloves you need leather, leather substitute, or mesh.
Where to test these gloves?
You can test such gloves for durability in professional hunting or shooting.
How to identify a fake?
Check if there is a logo or brand label of the company that makes the gloves.


If you need gloves for shooting, you definitely approached the issue professionally. If you are looking for a model with leather substitutes and a good size, model 8 will suit you. If you are looking for a model for professional hunting with a fixation on the wrist, your model 7. Each module is good in its own way, the main thing is that the fingers are comfortable. Every glove features a special material that is easy to wipe clean and has a tactile feel. Recommend the gloves to your friends and relatives for hunting, fishing, shooting. Happy shooting!

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