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What should be the ideal gun? Heavy and sturdy for hand-to-hand combat with a bear, or light and fast for a long hunt for pigeons?

Best Over Under Shotgun - Editor's Choice

Are you in love with Western-style shotguns or exquisite museum pieces? Today we have prepared very interesting contestants from $400 to $4000. Everyone can find something for themselves. Enough words, it’s time to start, LET’S GO!

Best Over/Under Shotgun | Over Under Shotgun Review

Winchester Model 101 Ultimate Field Over/Under ShotgunWinchesterBUY
Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon I Over/Under ShotgunBerettaBUY
Benelli 828U Over/Under ShotgunBenelliBUY
Browning Cynergy CX Over/Under ShotgunBrowningBUY
Stoeger Condor Field Over/Under ShotgunStoegerBUY
Stevens Model 555 Silver Over/Under ShotgunStevensBUY
Browning Citori 725 Field Over/Under ShotgunBrowningBUY
Stoeger Condor Longfowler Over/Under ShotgunStoegerBUY
Benelli 828U Sport Over/Under ShotgunBenelliBUY
Franchi Instinct L Over/Under ShotgunFranchiBUY
Stoeger Condor Over/Under ShotgunStoegerBUY
Rizzini BR110 Over & Under ShotgunRizziniBUY
Franchi - Instinct SL O/U ShotgunFranchiBUY
Browning Citori CX White Over/Under ShotgunBrowningBUY
Rizzini BR110 Sporter Competition Over/Under ShotgunRizziniBUY

#1 Winchester Model 101 Ultimate Field Over/Under Shotgun

Winchester Model 101 Ultimate Field Over/Under Shotgun

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Why do we love weapons from Winchester? For quality and a pleasant feeling of total control. Winchester 101 model is an iconic shotgun that keeps the best traditions of the company. It is this lot (Winchester® Model 101 Ultimate Field) that is produced in Belgium but uses classic Winchester technology. This is a really fast 12-gauge double shotgun. The steel low-profile receiver has a vertical arrangement of the barrels, so when fired, the recoil rather weakly displaces the weapon and the muzzle jump occurs only in height. A Pachmayr® Decelerator® recoil pad was used to make the recoil appear even less. This helps you take a shot instantly and be ready to fire another shot right away. Like the original Winchester 101, it uses the Invector-Plus™ interchangeable choke system. Together with the .742 thru-bore barrels, this works very well and coherently.

Resistance to deformation of a shot and complex wear is also achieved thanks to chrome-plated cameras. Reliable performance, easy handling, easy cleaning – that’s what awaits you with the Winchester Model 101 Ultimate Field. The appearance of the Winchester is also excellent. Walnut stock with a semi-matt finish and deep blued steel engraving – looks both traditional and very cool. The forend with 20 lines per inch increases the aesthetic beauty of the weapon and provides a non-slip grip even in rainy weather. The metal parts strictly adhere to all tolerances, and the connection to the wood is extremely strong. The 28″ barrel defines the basic dimensions of the gun, but be prepared for it to feel confident and not heavy at all, even though it weighs 7 pounds. If you prefer extractors over ejectors, you can easily change the ejection mechanism for the shot casings. The softer ejector springs are set in 5 minutes and turn the gun into a really perfect gun (our subjective opinion).

  • Good price
  • Well-built and balanced
  • Easy to shoot 2 times in a row
  • No flaws found

#2 Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon I Over/Under Shotgun

Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon I Over/Under Shotgun

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This upright shotgun is sure to appeal to clay shooters, small bird hunters, and even teenagers. It’s all about perfect balance and attention to every detail in all stages of production, from design to assembly. The Silver Pigeon is a shotgun with a low-profile receiver and a break mechanism with opposing pins. This eliminated the bulky wings and reduced the weight of the shotgun to 6.8 pounds (with a barrel length of 26 inches). Another advantage of the low profile is easy instinctive shooting and recoil only back (to the shoulder). Thanks to this solution, you can fire two lightning shots with the minimum interval and with good accuracy. The safety selector is designed in a strict mechanical style and is located just behind the barrels. It allows you to select the sequence of firing the upper or lower barrel.

The design of this gun can be described as “simple but tasteful”. The walnut stock and forend are oiled and have small notches for better grip and looks very elegant. The receiver is adorned with curls and the signature Beretta logo. In general, it looks like a reliable historical weapon with which many hunting stories are associated. When it comes to the durability of this gun, it is as durable as it is beautiful. The chrome vents and throttle valve system of the Beretta Mobilchoke® are well built and can handle heavy loads. In addition, the Mobilchoke® shutters are replaceable, which allows you to independently restore the bolt action of the gun to a new state. The Silver Pigeon I by Beretta is a premium weapon available to every shooter. If you think the price is overpriced, you should know that it sells for $3,000 in Europe and this is quite acceptable given the high level of quality and convenience.

  • Excellent balancing and handling
  • Solid appearance
  • Good price
  • Suitable for hunting small game

#3 Benelli 828U Over/Under Shotgun

Benelli 828U Over/Under Shotgun

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With constant inquiries from hunters, Benelli® launched its first vertical double-barreled shotgun, the 828U. Why such a strange name? The “U” is the first letter of the Italian city of Urbino to be listed as a “UNESCO heritage”. It was here that this shotgun was developed and produced, and the name once again speaks of the manufacturer as a patriot who, with the help of his labor, glorifies his hometown. This gun has two main types of modifications: for road shooting and for sport shooting in clay. The hunting version has a lighter weight and receiver material aluminum (sports version uses steel).

This hunting shotgun has an upright / bottom aluminum receiver and nickel engraving. The patented steel locking mechanism with a locking plate gently protects the receiver from wear and significantly increases reliability. The recoil reduction system has 3 flexible buffers that will absorb a significant portion of the energy of the shot and speed up your next aimed shot. Also, a system of 8 balance weights is built into the QuadraFit ™ stock for accurate balancing. You will definitely be able to find your ideal balance points.

The appearance of the shotgun is just as impressive. The stock is made of textured walnut and has a matte finish. The receiver has an elegant nickel-plated engraving. The barrels of this shotgun don’t have a solid weld seam and the upper barrel has an additional stepped carbon fiber rib. For hunting shotguns, a red fiber optic front sight is used, and for sport shooting, white front sight is used (another difference). At the end of the barrels’ muzzle nozzles are installed to increase the accuracy of the flight of the pellets. This gun has several models with different barrel lengths for the same price. Determine for yourself what is more important to you, lightness and maneuverability or accuracy and accuracy.

  • Includes 5 fittings and case
  • Solid appearance
  • Reliable and accurate shotgun
  • The price is higher than that of analogs

#4 Browning Cynergy CX Over/Under Shotgun

Browning Cynergy CX Over/Under Shotgun

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The Browning® Cynergy® shotgun is a versatile solution for all types of clay sports shooting. Vertical barrels have a 60/40 point of impact, which is quite enough for fast and accurate shooting at close and medium distances. The MonoLock ™ swivel loop has a large swing angle for easier handling and fewer barrel wrinkles. Besides, this made the profile of the gun even lower and more convenient. The exterior of the Cynergy CX model says that this baby is made with many years of experience using classic guns and modern technology. Matt Grade I walnut stock with a satin finish, decorated with fine mesh milling at the grip points. The silver nitride receiver looks stylish and feels very solid. Matte blued barrels end with elongated Vector Pro wringing cones. This minimizes the deformation of the shot and creates the maximum density of the pattern. The front and middle sights are made of ivory and feel quite attractive. The trigger will also delight you with a pleasant to the touch milling.

Ease of use is also great. The Inflex Shoulder Cushion is used to cushion the recoil. This allows you to take several hundred pictures in one workout and avoid discomfort in the shoulder. Impact ejectors have a secondary spring of the striker and have never let us down during the entire test period. The trigger mechanism has a mechanical basis and excludes the possibility of a misfire (not a shot) or double firing. The barrel safety and switch are also convenient and easy to use. The only thing that left an unpleasant impression was the cleaning of the weapon. The MPro 7 and Flitz worked best and of course, be sure to use elbow grease. When buying Cynergy CX Over / Under Shotgun, pleasant bonuses await you as well. Includes 3 extended Midas Invector-Plus muzzles. (F, M, and IC).

  • Reliable and comfortable weapon from Japan
  • 60/40 impact point and ivory beads
  • Stylish modern design
  • 3 Invector-Plus fittings from Midas
  • Cleaning can take a long time

#5 Stoeger Condor Field Over/Under Shotgun

5 Stoeger Condor Field Over/Under Shotgun

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If you were looking for a gun with which you can go into hand-to-hand combat against zombies, you have found it. This shotgun will easily fire 2 accurate shots at 40-60 yards. For the fastest or most tenacious, a butt strike is prepared. With 7.7 pounds of actual weight, the shotgun will hit the enemy well. I hope you smiled and now we move on to the real review. The Stoeger® Condor Field is an upright shotgun with a really good price tag. It is produced in Brazil, perhaps it is the cost of labor that provides such a low price. The shotgun is reasonably well balanced, but for professional sport shooting it seems clumsy, and for hunting hardy, but slightly heavy. It is almost impossible to fire two lightning shots. There is a switch between shots and this moment is sometimes crucial. Besides, the lower barrel always fires first.

The design of this shotgun is reminiscent of a classic 60s Western. The stock is crafted from American Grade A walnut with a satin finish. The receiver is made of steel and is blued like all Condor models. Monoblock sidewalls are machined polished. Looks decent, but terribly sensitive to scratches. The sights are customizable and made of brass. There is a ventilation rib between the trunks. The trigger is a simple, single trigger. Actual usability remains average. When the shotgun is only out of the box, it is difficult to break it if you are of average build. With regular use of the shotgun, the mechanism will reduce friction, and you will become stronger, therefore, it is guaranteed to become lighter. The manufacturer said about the shell extractors, but in fact, the shot casings must be removed manually. The extractor only pushes them for a more comfortable grip. As a nice touch added screw-in IC and M chokes. If your budget is limited and you need weapons for home defense or hunting small game, this offer may be the best for you. Besides, it’s an omnivorous gun. It will accept 2 1/2, 2 3/4, 3, and 3 1/2-inch cartridges.

  • Great price
  • A versatile shotgun for hunting, training, and home defense
  • Classic Western Design
  • Supplied with screw-in chokes IC and M
  • Seems rude
  • Single, non-selective trigger

#6 Stevens Model 555 Silver Over/Under Shotgun

Stevens Model 555 Silver Over/Under Shotgun

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To become part of a gang of hunters, you need to start somewhere. This shotgun is suitable for all beginners because it is lightweight, easy to handle, and has a very attractive price tag. You may have seen a Savage shotgun before and noticed a wide range of prices. Stevens Model 555 is available in two trim levels (basic and 555 Enhanced). The base model was created in 2014 and features extractors, a plain walnut finish, and a black unprinted receiver. The 555 Enhanced is considered an improved version of the basic shotgun. Added better wood, silver receiver, and ejectors. This should help avoid confusion when reading reviews or placing an order.

The Stevens Model 555 Silver Over / Under Shotgun features a lightweight aluminum alloy receiver with a steel insert. The insert is on the inside, just in front of the striker holes. Thanks to this arrangement, the optimal lightness of the entire shotgun and a very durable breech were obtained. Chrome lining has been added to the carbon steel barrels for a more uniform pattern. Barrel spacing helps improve ventilation and heat dissipation, and 1 brass front sight is probably the most popular and simplest sighting mechanism. When transporting or cleaning, you can easily disassemble the shotgun. The barrels are attached to steel trunnions with pivots, but the full-length pivot pin is not used.

The manufacturer decided to automate the inertial barrel sequence switching system, and he did it quite well. Mechanical triggers switch to the second barrel when the trigger is pulled (to fire from the first barrel). This means that the barrels do not switch from recoil after firing, but from pressing the trigger. If somehow the first barrel doesn’t fire, just pull the trigger again to fire the second barrel. You can change the sequence of triggering the barrels using the Tang selector fuse at the back of the head. Ejectors automatically clean the chamber for fast reloading. This gun is made in Turkey, so it is not surprising that the stock is made from Turkish walnut with an additional oil treatment. In addition to the kits, you will receive 5 screw fittings. This shotgun has a barrel length of 28 inches and a total length of 44.88 inches and weighs 6 pounds. In addition, this shotgun is available in different calibers (from 12 to .410), so please be careful when placing an order, some specifications may vary.

  • Good price
  • Optimum lightness and maneuverability
  • Mechanical switching of barrels from the trigger
  • The basic stock feels stiff

#7 Browning Citori 725 Field Over/Under Shotgun

Browning Citori 725 Field Over/Under Shotgun

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Citori 725 Field is another masterpiece by Browning. This is exactly the weapon that is worth every penny and will be gladly accepted by your children or grandchildren. The secret to the success of this low-profile vertical shotgun is its superior design and increased attention to detail. When creating this weapon, engineers took into account modern experience of use and added the most reliable solutions to the shotgun. The low-profile receiver in white steel with embossed engraving provides a more natural “shooting anatomy”. You get improved recoil control and a firm shoulder hold on the gun, while the back of the stock absorbs all excessive momentum. Even if you are 120 pounds, you can easily miss 100 rounds without any consequences.

The FireLite Mechanical Trigger is always smooth and precise. Even if the cartridge misfires, pull the trigger again and you will activate the second barrel. They don’t need to be afraid of a double shot either, only one barrel is activated. Corrosion resistance of metal parts of the receiver is provided by nitriding (similar to bluing, but reduces friction) and bluing for trunks, and the stock wood is treated with oil. The Browning Citori 725 Field comes with 3 Invector-DS fittings and Vector Pro extended nozzles (minimizes shot deformation). Attaching this shotgun to your shoulder will give you a sense of ease of control. This is ensured by the rounded design of the wooden parts and the moderately soft recoil cushion. The manufacturer also took care of the shooter by moving the ridge down from the shooter’s face. Now aiming has become even easier and more enjoyable.

  • Easy and pleasant control
  • Uncompromising quality and precision
  • Price above average

#8 Stoeger Condor Longfowler Over/Under Shotgun

Stoeger Condor Longfowler Over/Under Shotgun

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This is not the first Condor in our review, but we could not pass by and share it with you. The special feature of this hunting rifle is the 30-inch blued barrels at an affordable price. If you were looking for a simple and cheap beginner’s gun, check out this model. The first thing that catches your eye is the stock and handguard made of American class A walnut, decorated with decorative notches. The double vertical barrel with blued finish has a double ventilated bar and the additional possibility of installing muzzle pipes. The receiver is machined and does not have any exquisite patterns. This is a weapon whose main goal is to survive in harsh conditions. For the convenience of reloading, extractors have been added, which throw out spent cartridge cases. You will also find a regular brass sight (on the muzzle) and a single trigger here. A safety switch is installed in the upper part of the butt and receiver to ensure the safety of wearing.

If the fracture of the gun seems too hard, it can be corrected by removing bluing from the points of contact between the forend and the bolt. This will greatly improve your user experience. The design of this gun is really boring. This can be a good chance to get creative and make your own decoration. Just a few layers of polyurethane or stencils can make a huge difference to this gun. What is really an oversight is the lack of a selective trigger. Every single shot comes from the lower barrel. When fired, a mechanical switch will switch the barrels and the upper barrel becomes accessible. If you load the cartridge only into the upper barrel, a “misfire” will occur. You can either accept it or not, but it is better to know it before buying. This is the simplest and most durable weapon with which you can start your hunter’s path, shoot at a trap, or sports clay.

  • Good price
  • Simplicity and reliability
  • Boring design
  • Bottom barrel only for single fire

#9 Benelli 828U Sport Over/Under Shotgun

Benelli 828U Sport Over/Under Shotgun

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We have already written about the history of the Benelli 828U, but now we want to dwell on the Benelli 828U Sport modification. This is a heavier upright shotgun, but there are many more options for fine-tuning. You can change not only the balance of the gun by shifting the center of gravity towards the barrels or stock, but also change the position of the trigger. But let’s talk about everything in order. At the heart of the gun is, of course, the receiver and the locking system, here they are steel. This has increased the weight of the gun, but the reliability of the entire mechanism surpasses all possible competitors. More weight was reflected in the level of recoil. Thanks to the additional use of 3 flexible buffers, the recoil was reduced so much that it was decided to replace the shock-absorbing back of the stock with a progressive balancing system. Now with the help of 8 weights of different denominations, you can find the ideal balance that suits you.

The QuadraFit ™ modular stock deserves a special mention. In addition to adjusting the weights, the shooter can change the fall, cast, the height and length of the pull, the height of the ridge, – and all this in a few minutes. The ventilated top bar is made of carbon fiber and allows you to accurately target the built-in aiming channel with a white front sight, right into the bull’s eye. For Benelli barrels, 5 extended Crio muzzles were prepared (C, IC, M, IM, F). The less the granules will deform, the more accurate your drawing, and this you can also control. To keep this shotgun clean, you can easily remove the trigger group and clean it separately from the receiver. It is proposed to store weapons in a durable and soft case.

  • Full control and deep customization
  • AA grade satin walnut stock
  • Recoil system Progressive Comfort
  • Includes 5 extended Crio System fittings
  • The price seems substantial

#10 Franchi Instinct L Over/Under Shotgun

Franchi Instinct L Over/Under Shotgun

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For hunting small birds in the field, you need a lightweight and practical shotgun like the Franchi Instinct L. This Italian shotgun reflects a long tradition and many wishes of the company’s fans. Franchi is in direct dialogue with its customers, which is why we see models such as the Instinct L (or a model with an even lighter weight, for example, the Instinct SL). What do you get when buying a Franchi Instinct L? Rugged steel receiver housing with hidden ejectors for quick retrieval of used housings. The top of the stock in class A walnut has a barrel switch and fuse. The stock and forend are treated with satin oil and have a very tenacious notch at the grip points, which is pleasant to touch. The gold-plated trigger is single and the first to activate the barrel that you specified with the switch. The barrels are located vertically and have vented ribs and threads for fitting choke tubes. The upper barrel has a fiber optic front sight with which aiming at dusk turns into an easy game. Brass flies don’t provide that much light, so that’s another small benefit. By purchasing this shotgun you will be able to skip hundreds of rounds in one workout or hunt without any shock to your shoulder. The soft, shock-absorbing cushion absorbs most of the energy of the shot. Also, you receive three standard fittings (IC, M, F) and a wrench to install them. This gun does not look like a museum piece, so it is not a pity to take it on the hunt. Feels light and balanced (at 6.9 lbs).

  • Feels good in the hands
  • Barrel ejectors and switch
  • Walnut stock looks beautiful
  • Not found

#11 Stoeger Condor Over/Under Shotgun

Stoeger Condor Over/Under Shotgun

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We’ve reviewed a similar shotgun from Condor before, but this Stoeger® is quite competitive. This shotgun features a different American Grade-A walnut stock and a lighter oil finish. The metal parts of the receiver are CNC-machined and blued. The vertical barrels are supplemented with a ventilated bar with a brass front sight and a muzzle thread for attachments. This provides easy aiming and accurate shot firing. The trigger is single and quite stable. As a bonus, you also get (installed) polished case extractors and a set of IC and M choke tubes. You can choose the right model based on caliber, barrel length, or gun weight. At such a low price, you have to understand that not everything can go smoothly, and your weapon can be “naughty”. Among the popular complaints – you need to be prepared for the automatic activation of the fuse immediately after the first shot. This is a little tiring and makes you pay extra attention and waste time disabling the security system again. This is a significant hindrance in clay sport shooting.

  • Great price
  • Good accuracy
  • Machined parts
  • The security system can be activated after 1 shot

#12 Rizzini BR110 Over & Under Shotgun

Rizzini BR110 Over & Under Shotgun

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This weapon was created to delight its owner. Great attention is paid to small and almost invisible details. This means that the reliability of the entire mechanism is very high because the manufacturer is ready to painstakingly improve all design elements. The weight of this weapon is average, depending on the selected caliber it may differ slightly. On the official Rizzini website the BR110 12ga / 28″ shows a weight of 7.4 lbs (BR110 Light shows 6.3 lbs). BUT on this page, it says 6.6 lbs. Aside from that, everything else has not raised concerns or questions. The receiver of this shotgun has a matte black finish, but the internals are nickel-chromed steel and chrome-plated bore. It looks just amazing! The combination of bluing and internal chrome plating is really eye-catching. The stock of Turkish walnut is covered with oil, which very effectively emphasizes the structure of the fibers. In the grip points of the handle and forend, notches are made at 26 lines per inch. looks cool and feels very confident in the hands. Other nice features of this shotgun are: a single adjustable trigger, heavy-duty ejectors with large cams, a comfortable butt plate, a manual safety. The end of the barrels is rewarded with a neat front sight and a thread for fitting fittings. This kit includes five interchangeable screw-in fittings – cyclonic, refined, retrofit, refined, retrofit, and complete. This weapon is for people who appreciate beautiful and reliable weapons. For beginners, it can be too expensive and difficult to train. But even beginners will appreciate the aesthetic of this shotgun.

  • Stunning design
  • Processing and fitting of parts
  • Full set
  • Weight is incorrect
  • High price

#13 Franchi – Instinct SL O/U Shotgun

Franchi - Instinct SL O/U Shotgun

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We’ve already talked about Franchi and their legendary Instinct shotgun. It’s time to talk about the Instinct SL modification, a shotgun suitable for shooters of all sizes. The first thing that catches your eye is the branded orange case (made of plastic) with four fasteners, in which this “treasure” is delivered. Franchi carefully packs its products in a bright orange nylon bag and secures all components with the soft foam sides of the case. The shotgun comes unfolded, stock and barrels are separate. All you need to get started is to remove the forend, put on the barrel, put on the forend. Now load your ammo and you’re ready to fire. Model SL – (presumably) stands for “Super Light”. Indeed, the Instinct L (20 Gauge, 28″) weighs 6.1 pounds, the Instinct SL weighs 6 pounds. The use of lighter materials has made this weapon disproportionately light. Many reviewers show a simple trick, without any tension, hold this double-barreled shotgun on 1 finger. For long hunts this is a definite advantage, but the lower overall weight of the weapon makes the recoil a little more. To eliminate this unpleasant feature, an enlarged cushion of the stock is used.

  • Perfect fit of parts
  • Looks like a beautiful museum gun
  • Ultra-light weight
  • Feeling in complete control
  • The price is palpable

#14 Browning Citori CX White Over/Under Shotgun

Browning Citori CX White Over/Under Shotgun

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This weapon will become a reliable companion for sports shooting enthusiasts and avid hunters. Browning® developed the Citori® CX ™ White Over / Under Shotgun which features two 60/40 aiming points and lightweight profile barrels. Midas® nvector-Plus® fittings have an elongated structure for even less deformation and a sharper pattern. The flat ventilated strips allow for better barrel cooling and look quite attractive. In addition, the barrels are also awarded with a double ivory sight. The receiver of this shotgun is steel and plated with silver nitrate. A classic design complementing the blued barrels and steel receiver is the Grade II American walnut stock. The glossy surface features 18 LPI notches and ends with Browning Inflex Technology® shock absorbers. It is important to add that the Inflex recoil pad uses directional deflection. This allows the ridge to be deflected downward (away from the shooter’s face) and allows for an even faster next shot. We liked this gun, both externally and in use. All contact pads are covered with notches, which means you can move correctly without taking your eyes off your target.

  • Superior reliability
  • Looks like a weapon for an exhibition
  • 3 Invector-Plus Midas fittings
  • Varnishing collects all scratches
  • Perceptible weight 8 lb 3 oz.
  • High price

#15 Rizzini BR110 Sporter Competition Over/Under Shotgun

Rizzini BR110 Sporter Competition Over/Under Shotgun

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Large companies target the mass market, but small arms manufacturers can be surprising too. You may have already heard about Rizzini® and today one of the best shotguns from this manufacturer came to our review, namely the BR110 Sporter Competition. The first thing that catches your eye is a bed of Turkish walnut. The oil coating reveals the beauty of the wood fibers and creates a pleasant shine. The textured mesh with a 26 LPI notch in the gripping points looks a little lighter than the rest of the wood parts. Overall, it looks very elegant and expensive. The wood of the box merges smoothly into the steel frame, precisely continuing the lines of the bends. Ventilation ribs eliminate excess heat between shots, and double-sided scoring devices allow you to find your target quickly and easily. As a special feature, this shotgun has elongated nozzles and 5 interchangeable elongated chokes. You will become the center of attention with this gun. After all, these guns are very rare, but your accuracy in the competition will remain phenomenal.

  • Exclusive shotgun
  • Elegant design
  • 5 extended chokes
  • Double beads
  • Weighs 8 pounds
  • The price seems high

#BONUS: Browning Traditional Over/Under Fitted Gun Case

Browning Traditional Over/Under Fitted Gun Case

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If you become the owner of a long-barreled weapon, you must take care of a decent place for storage and transportation. A dedicated Browning gun case will help you meet this challenge. Browning Traditional Over / Under Fitted Gun Case – Designed for owners of 12–20-gauge guns and in fact suits almost everyone. The case is made in the style of an old suitcase with protective pads on the corners. The dark brown color of the nylon fabric resembles leather and works well with the wood stocks of most rifles. For added rigidity, you will find a wooden frame inside the suitcase. Double locks with keys are located along the edge of the suitcase and are weak burglary protection. Perhaps adding another combination lock (in the center) will make this suitcase even better, but it will inevitably affect the price. For careful storage of each weapon, the inner surface of the fleece case has a very lush and soft surface. Foam vinyl and deep bristles gently hug all parts of the gun and prevent slipping. For more convenient separation of equipment, compartments are provided in which it is convenient to store chokes, gloves, glasses, earplugs, and other trifles.

  • Case holds 1 stock, receiver, 1 barrel
  • Has internal compartments for small items
  • Vintage style
  • Not suitable for Citori® traps or skeet shotguns.
  • Double locks on the key don’t seem to be very secure
  • Not suitable for air travel


What is the advantage of an over under shotgun?
When hunting birds or skeet, you need less time to turn the barrel in the right direction. Also, you shoot with a shot, which means that you just need to shoot in the direction of the target and a few pellets will definitely hit it. The only condition is that you can’t hesitate. Every moment allows prey to increase the distance. That is why it is important to turn the barrel towards the target as quickly as possible.
What does over under mean on a shotgun?
Vertical shotguns allow 2 shots to be fired at shorter intervals. Compared to horizontal guns, the first shot of a vertical gun will cause the recoil to shift the barrels quite a bit (vertically). Less deflection allows you to quickly lock onto the target and fire a new shot.
Why do skeet shooters use over unders?
The vertical position allows you to make accurate shots much faster. When the gun is used for skeet shooting, every second count. The faster you aim the gun at a new target, the greater the chance of hitting it.


We recommend paying attention to these five winners:

Not all the best over under shotguns were included in our review. Write to us what legendary gun we missed, and perhaps in the next review we will take a closer look at it. Thank you for being with us. Happy hunting, survivalist!

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