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⚡️ Best Glock 26 Barrel: A Comprehensive Guide

The Glock 26, often referred to as the “Baby Glock,” is a favorite among concealed carry enthusiasts. Central to its design and function is the Glock 26 barrel. But what exactly is it, and why might you need one? Let’s dive in.

Best Glock 26 Barrel

What is a Glock 26 Barrel? 😏

This is the heart of this compact firearm. It’s where the bullet travels and gains its velocity before exiting the muzzle. The barrel’s design, length, and rifling all play a crucial role in the accuracy and performance of the firearm.

🤨 Why Do You Need It?

  • 1️⃣ Accuracy: The barrel is responsible for stabilizing the bullet as it exits the firearm. A high-quality barrel ensures that the bullet travels in a straight line, leading to better accuracy.
  • 2️⃣ Safety: A well-manufactured barrel can handle the pressures of a fired cartridge, ensuring the safety of the shooter.
  • 3️⃣ Performance: Different barrels can offer varied performances, such as reduced recoil or increased muzzle velocity.
Quick Summary

😏 The Glock 26 is a compact firearm popular among concealed carry enthusiasts. Central to its functionality is the barrel, which is responsible for stabilizing the bullet, ensuring accuracy, and handling the pressures of a fired cartridge.

✅ These barrels are primarily made from materials like 416R stainless steel, known for its durability and resistance to corrosion.

❌ Over time, some Glock barrels may exhibit signs of wear, such as peening, due to repeated impact during the cycling process.

✅ There are various aftermarket barrels available, offering features like improved rifling, different finishes, and compatibility with muzzle devices.

✅ When choosing a barrel, factors like material, rifling, finish, and price should be considered.

⚠️ Regular maintenance and inspection can ensure the barrel’s longevity and optimal performance.

Top picks of best Glock 26 barrels include:

1.🥇 True Precision Glock 26 Non-Threaded Barrel
2.🥈 Wilson Combat Match Grade Full-Fit Barrel
3.🥉 SilencerCo Glock Threaded Barrel

Benefits 🔥

The Glock 26 barrel isn’t just any barrel; it’s designed specifically for the Glock 26 pistol. Here are some benefits:

➡️ Benefits: 💬 Description:
Compact Design: The Glock 26 is designed for concealed carry, and its barrel reflects that. It’s short enough to be concealed but long enough to provide excellent accuracy.
Durability: Made from high-quality materials, these barrels are built to last. They can handle thousands of rounds without showing significant wear.
Versatility: With aftermarket barrels, you can shoot different types of ammunition, such as lead bullets, which are typically not recommended for stock Glock barrels.
Improved Accuracy: Some aftermarket barrels offer improved rifling patterns and tighter tolerances, leading to better accuracy.

Best Glock 26 Barrel

How to Choose? 🤔

When it comes to selecting the right barrel for your Glock 26, several factors come into play. ⬇️

1️⃣ First and foremost, you need to determine the primary purpose of your Glock 26. Are you using it mainly for concealed carry, competition shooting, or perhaps just for casual days at the range? ➡️ Your intended use can significantly influence the type of barrel that will best suit your needs.

2️⃣ Material is another crucial consideration. Barrels can be crafted from a variety of materials, including stainless steel and carbon steel. ➡️ Your choice should reflect both your needs and the environmental conditions where you’ll be using the firearm. For instance, if you’re in a humid environment, a stainless steel barrel might be preferable due to its resistance to rust.

Best Glock 26 Barrel

3️⃣ The rifling of the barrel is also a point of decision. ➡️ Traditional Glock barrels come with polygonal rifling, which offers a smooth bore and increased muzzle velocity. However, many aftermarket barrels provide traditional lands-and-grooves rifling, which some shooters prefer for its compatibility with a wider range of ammunition, especially if you’re considering shooting lead bullets.

4️⃣ Aesthetics, while secondary to function, also play a role for many gun enthusiasts. ➡️ Barrels come with various finishes, from a matte appearance to a polished shine. Your choice here is largely a matter of personal preference, but it’s worth noting that some finishes might offer added protection against wear and corrosion.

5️⃣ Also, budget is a factor that can’t be ignored. While it’s always recommended to prioritize quality, especially when it comes to firearm components, there’s a wide range of barrel options available at different price points. ➡️ It’s essential to find a balance between cost and quality, ensuring you get a reliable barrel that doesn’t break the bank.

🔘 In essence, choosing a Glock 26 barrel is a blend of understanding your specific needs, preferences, and budget. By considering each of these factors carefully, you can find a barrel that not only enhances the performance of your Glock 26 but also ensures its longevity and reliability.

Best Glock 26 Barrel

➡️ Types

There are several types of Glock 26 barrels available in the market, each designed for specific needs:

  • Stock Barrels: These are the barrels that come with the Glock 26 when you purchase it. They’re reliable and made to Glock’s exacting standards.
  • Threaded Barrels: These barrels have threads at the muzzle end, allowing you to attach muzzle devices like suppressors.
  • Conversion Barrels: Want to shoot a different caliber with your Glock 26? Conversion barrels allow you to do just that. For instance, you can convert your 9mm Glock 26 to shoot a .357 SIG.
  • Match-Grade Barrels: Designed for competitive shooting, these barrels have tighter tolerances and often provide better accuracy than stock barrels.
  • Extended Barrels: Slightly longer than the stock barrels, extended barrels can offer increased velocity and accuracy.
Our Top Pick
True Precision Glock 26 Non-Threaded Barrel
This barrel is precision-crafted from 416R stainless steel and undergoes a heat treatment process, achieving a hardness rating of 42-44 HRC, ensuring its durability over time. The heat treatment within this HRC range produces a barrel that strikes the ideal balance between strength and lightweight design, making it an excellent choice for competitive shooting or self-defence purposes.
Buy Now On OpticsPlanet
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🥇 Best Glock 26 Barrel Reviews

1# True Precision Glock 26 Threaded Barrel

True Precision Glock 26 Threaded Barrel

View on OpticsPlanet View on Brownells

This barrel is crafted from US-derived 416R match-grade stainless steel, ensuring its durability and precision. Its construction adheres to stringent standards, which enhances its accuracy and dependability compared to standard OEM and many aftermarket barrels.

The barrel benefits from PVD finishing, which bolsters its resistance to wear and corrosion. It comes with 1/2×28 threads, making it compatible with numerous muzzle devices. The barrel measures 3.88 inches in length.

Video review

  • PVD finishing provides superior durability and corrosion resistance
  • Broach cut rifling technique is inherently more accurate and longer lasting than traditional rifling
  • Polished feed ramp
  • X-Flute design shallow barrel fluting offers an aesthetically pleasing appearance
  • May be too tight for some Glock 26 models
  • PVD finishing may chip or wear over time


2# True Precision Glock 26 Non-Threaded Barrel

True Precision Glock 26 Threaded Barrel

View on OpticsPlanet View on Brownells

Constructed from 416R stainless steel and undergoing a 42-44 HRC heat treatment, this barrel is designed for durability. The heat treatment ensures a balance between strength and weight, making it suitable for both competitive shooting and self-defense.

Additionally, the Glock 26 Non-Threaded Barrel is versatile in its ammunition compatibility, even accommodating cast lead.

  • Machined from 416R stainless steel with a 42-44 HRC heat treatment
  • Proprietary broach cut rifling technique that is inherently more accurate and longer lasting than traditional rifling
  • Greater accuracy potential
  • May not be compatible with all Glock models


3# Lone Wolf Arms AlphaWolf Threaded Barrel

Lone Wolf Arms AlphaWolf Threaded Barrel

View on OpticsPlanet View on Brownells

For those seeking a barrel known for precision and dependability, the AlphaWolf Threaded Barrel from Lone Wolf Arms is a notable option. Made with meticulous care and top-tier materials, it’s designed for resilience and performance.

It’s suitable for various applications, from competitive shooting to self-defense.

Video review

  • Absolute accuracy
  • Combat reliability
  • Fine materials
  • May be too expensive for some shooters


4# SilencerCo Glock Threaded Barrel

SilencerCo Glock Threaded Barrel

View on OpticsPlanet View on Brownells

These barrels, suitable for multiple Glock models and generations, are made from 416R stainless steel, ensuring longevity. With a black nitride finish, they are designed to withstand challenging environments.

Additionally, each SilencerCo threaded barrel comes with a thread protector, facilitating the addition of a silencer to your firearm.

Video review

  • Made of 416R stainless steel
  • Finished in black nitride
  • Compatible with a variety of Glock models and generations
  • Comes with a thread protector
  • May be too large for some Glock models
  • Cannot be used without a silencer


5# Killer Innovations Velocity Threaded Barrel

Killer Innovations Velocity Threaded Barrel

View on OpticsPlanet

For individuals seeking precision and consistent performance in a barrel, the Killer Innovations Velocity Glock 26 Threaded Barrel might be worth considering. It features 11 target crowns and is finished to a high standard. Constructed from 416R Stainless Steel, it offers durability, suggesting potential longevity for users who prioritize reliability.

  • Exceptionally high-grade material
  • Precision machining
  • Unparalleled accuracy
  • May be too lightweight for some users


6# Wilson Combat Match Grade Full-Fit Barrel

Wilson Combat Match Grade Full-Fit Barrel

View on OpticsPlanet

The Wilson Combat Match Grade Full-Fit Barrel has been developed over several years by the pistol smiths at Wilson Combat. Constructed from billet aerospace grade 416R stainless steel, these larger barrels aim to enhance the accuracy of Glock pistols, potentially transforming them into more precise firearms.

  • Superb Accuracy
  • Polished feed ramp, bore, and supported chamber
  • Glass Smooth Chamber And Perfectly Concentric With The Bore
  • External chamber corners are chamfered to reduce friction
  • May require gunsmith installation


7# Zaffiri Precision Flush and Crown Barrel

Zaffiri Precision Flush and Crown Barrel

View on OpticsPlanet

This barrel is a notable barrel modification crafted from 416R Stainless Steel. It comes with a fully supported chamber and an enhanced feed ramp design. Additionally, it undergoes stress-relieving processes and heat treatment to RC 41, ensuring its durability.

Video review

  • Easy drop-in barrel upgrade
  • Fully supported chamber
  • Improved feed ramp design
  • Stress-relieved and heat-treated
  • May not be as durable as other barrel materials


8# Zaffiri Precision Glock 26 Flush and Crown Ported Pistol Barrel

Zaffiri Precision Glock 26 Flush and Crown Ported Pistol Barrel

View on OpticsPlanet

From what we’ve observed, this replacement barrel is meticulously crafted in specific facilities, ensuring quality and precision. Its chambers and bore are refined to accommodate various bullet types, including lead, plated, and jacketed.

For those seeking a straightforward barrel modification for their Glock 26, this could be a viable option.

  • Precision made in specialized factories
  • Fully supported chamber and improved feed ramp design
  • Stress relieved and heat treated to RC 41
  • The chamber and bore may not work well with all types of bullets


9# Grey Ghost Precision Match Threaded Pistol Barrel

Grey Ghost Precision Match Threaded Pistol Barrel

View on OpticsPlanet

These barrels are crafted from US-derived 416R stainless steel and come with a black nitride finish. They are intended to replace the factory Glock barrel seamlessly and come with the required installation hardware.

Some of the shorter versions can be fitted to reduce the overall length slightly, potentially making them suitable for backup or everyday carry purposes.

  • Black nitride finish
  • Exact replacement for the factory Glock barrel
  • Includes all necessary hardware for installation
  • May be not available in your area


10# Grey Ghost Precision Match Non-Threaded Barrel

Grey Ghost Precision Match Non-Threaded Barrel

View on OpticsPlanet

Crafted from 416R stainless steel, this barrel promises durability and a long lifespan. The barrel undergoes multiple precision borings to achieve a smooth and accurate finish.

Installation is straightforward: remove the magazine, insert the barrel, and then reinsert the magazine.

The barrel also features staking grooves for added stability. Its design ensures that no special tools or alterations to the firearm are necessary, making it suitable for a wide range of users.

  • Superior quality and construction
  • Precision bored multiple times for accuracy
  • Easy to install
  • Stake grooves keep the barrel securely in place
  • No threads may require modification for some users


11# Alpha Shooting Sports Match Grade Barrel

Alpha Shooting Sports Match Grade Barrel

View on OpticsPlanet

For those considering enhancing their Glock 26, the Alpha Shooting Sports Match Grade Barrel is an option. Made from 416R stainless steel, it has a TiN plating that not only provides added wear resistance but also gives it a distinctive gold appearance.

The barrel undergoes CNC machining using advanced equipment, resulting in a snug barrel lock-up. It’s designed to fit both 3rd and 4th-Gen G26s.

Such a barrel might contribute to better performance and precision of the Glock 26.

  • CNC Machined on state-of-the-art equipment
  • Compatible with 3rd & 4th Gen G26’s
  • Tighter barrel lock-up
  • Gas vacuum heat-treated and double-tempered to mitigate stress
  • The barrel may be too tight for some shooters


Installation 🔧

Installing a barrel in a Glock 26, or any Glock for that matter, is a relatively straightforward process. However, always ensure you’re working with an unloaded firearm and handle it safely. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

➡️ Step: 💬 Description:
1️⃣ Safety First: Before starting, ensure the Glock 26 is completely unloaded. Remove the magazine and visually inspect the chamber to make sure it’s empty.
2️⃣ Field Strip the Glock:
  • Hold the Glock in one hand and pull the slide back slightly.
  • On the other hand, pull down on both sides of the slide lock (located above the trigger on both sides of the frame).
  • While holding the slide lock down, push the slide forward and off the frame.
3️⃣ Remove the Recoil Spring Assembly:
  • Hold the slide upside down.
  • Push forward slightly on the recoil spring assembly and lift it out.
4️⃣Remove the Barrel:
  • With the slide still upside down, push the barrel slightly forward.
  • Lift the rear of the barrel and slide it out of the slide.
5️⃣ Install the New Barrel:
  • Slide the new barrel into the slide, ensuring it sits flat and is fully seated.
  • Reinstall the recoil spring assembly. One end of the assembly sits in a half-moon cutout at the front of the slide, and the other end sits against the barrel lug.
6️⃣ Reassemble the Glock:
  • Slide the slide back onto the frame.
  • Pull the slide back and release to ensure it’s operating smoothly.
7️⃣ Function Test:
  • With the gun still unloaded, point it in a safe direction.
  • Pull the trigger; you should hear a click.
  • Rack the slide and pull the trigger again to ensure the reset and function are working correctly.
8️⃣ Final Check: Before loading and firing, it’s a good idea to ensure everything is seated correctly and that the slide operates smoothly.

⭕️ Remember, if you’re ever unsure about any step in the process or feel uncomfortable, it’s always best to consult with a professional gunsmith or refer to the Glock owner’s manual. Safety should always be the top priority.

⬇️ Please watch this video to learn more information:


➡️ What materials are Glock 26 barrels made from?

These barrels, like many other firearm barrels, are primarily constructed from specific types of stainless steel known for their durability, strength, and resistance to corrosion.

➡️ One of the most commonly used materials for these barrels is 416R stainless steel. This particular grade of stainless steel is favored in the firearms industry because of its machinability and resistance to environmental factors that can lead to rust and degradation.

The 416R stainless steel is also known for its ability to withstand the high pressures and temperatures generated during firing. This ensures that the barrel remains reliable and safe over extended periods of use.

➡️ Additionally, some aftermarket barrels might undergo various treatments or finishes to further enhance their durability and performance. For instance, finishes like black nitride or Titanium Nitride (TiN) can be applied to increase wear resistance and reduce friction.

In essence, while there are variations in the specific materials and finishes used, especially in aftermarket options, the core material for Glock 26 barrels remains consistent in its focus on durability, safety, and performance.

➡️ What is the best coating for a Glock 26 barrel?

The “best” coating for a barrel often depends on the specific needs and preferences of the user. However, several coatings are popular due to their proven benefits in terms of durability, corrosion resistance, and aesthetics. Here’s a brief overview of some of the most commonly preferred coatings:

➡️ Coating: 💬 Description:
Black Nitride: This is a thermochemical treatment that enhances the surface hardness of the barrel, making it more resistant to wear and corrosion. It also provides a sleek, black finish that many find aesthetically pleasing. The process involves diffusing nitrogen into the barrel’s surface, which results in improved fatigue strength and lubricity.
Titanium Nitride (TiN): Recognizable by its gold color, TiN is a hard ceramic coating that offers excellent wear resistance. It’s not just for aesthetics; the coating reduces friction, which can lead to a longer lifespan for the barrel. Additionally, TiN is resistant to corrosion.
Melonite: Similar to black nitride, Melonite is a salt bath nitrocarburizing process. It provides a hard surface that’s resistant to wear, corrosion, and friction. The result is a barrel with enhanced longevity and reduced maintenance needs.
PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition): This is a process where a material is vaporized and then deposited onto the barrel in a thin, hard coating. PVD coatings can vary, but they generally offer good wear and corrosion resistance.
DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon): As the name suggests, DLC coatings have properties similar to natural diamonds, such as hardness and low friction. This coating is known for its slick, black appearance and offers excellent wear resistance and a low coefficient of friction.

While these coatings are among the most popular and effective, the “best” one often depends on individual preferences, intended use, and budget. For instance, a casual shooter might prioritize aesthetics, while someone using their Glock 26 for daily carry might prioritize corrosion resistance and durability.

⭕️ It’s always a good idea to research and, if possible, test different coatings to determine which one meets your specific needs best.

➡️ What causes bulged barrels in Glock pistols?

Bulged barrels, often referred to as the “Glock bulge,” are a phenomenon that some Glock pistol owners have reported over the years. This bulging typically occurs at the chamber’s base, right where the chamber transitions to the rifling.

⚠️ The primary cause of this bulging is the unique design of the Glock’s chamber.

Glock pistols are known for their reliability, in part because of their somewhat looser chamber tolerances. This design allows the pistol to cycle a wide variety of ammunition reliably, even in adverse conditions.

However, this same feature can lead to the brass casing expanding more than it would in a pistol with tighter chamber tolerances. When the cartridge is fired, the casing expands, and in Glocks, it can expand into the slightly oversized chamber area, leading to the base of the casing forming a slight bulge.

⚠️ Another contributing factor is the high pressure of modern ammunition.

When combined with the Glock’s chamber design, this can exacerbate the bulging effect on the spent casing. It’s worth noting that while the brass casing might exhibit this bulge, the Glock’s barrel itself typically remains undamaged. The bulge is more of an imprint left on the brass casing due to the chamber’s design and the pressure of the fired round.

➡️ In response to this, many reloaders who use spent Glock brass employ a process called “resizing,” which reforms the brass back to its original specifications. Additionally, some aftermarket barrel manufacturers offer “fully supported” chambers that mitigate this effect, appealing to those who might be concerned about the Glock bulge.

➡️ Will a stainless steel barrel rust?

Stainless steel is renowned for its corrosion resistance, which is why it’s often chosen for applications where rust is a concern. However, it’s essential to understand that while stainless steel is highly resistant to rust, it is not entirely rust-proof.

The resistance of stainless steel to rusting comes from its chromium content. When exposed to oxygen, chromium forms a thin protective layer of chromium oxide on the steel’s surface. This layer prevents oxygen from reaching the underlying steel, thereby preventing rust.

However, under certain conditions, this protective layer can break down or become compromised. Factors that can lead to rusting of stainless steel include:

  1. Exposure to Saline Environments: Coastal areas or environments with high salt content can accelerate the corrosion process.
  2. Exposure to Certain Chemicals: Some chemicals, especially chlorides, can be aggressive to stainless steel and compromise its protective layer.
  3. Lack of Oxygen: The chromium oxide layer needs oxygen to self-repair. If stainless steel is in an oxygen-deprived environment (like being buried underground), it can corrode.
  4. Contamination: Foreign iron particles that come into contact with stainless steel can initiate rusting. This is often seen in fabrication environments where regular steel and stainless steel are processed using the same tools.
  5. Type of Stainless Steel: Not all stainless steel are created equal. Some grades are more resistant to rusting than others, depending on their chromium content and other alloying elements.

⭕️ For a stainless steel barrel, regular maintenance, cleaning, and proper storage can help ensure that the barrel remains rust-free. If the barrel is exposed to harsh conditions, especially saltwater, it should be cleaned and dried promptly to prevent potential rusting.

➡️ What causes barrel peening in a Glock?

Barrel peening in a Glock, or any firearm, refers to the deformation or indentation that occurs on the barrel’s surface due to repeated impact or stress. In the context of Glock pistols, barrel peening is often observed at the points where the barrel makes contact with other parts of the gun during the cycling process. Here’s a deeper look into what causes barrel peening in a Glock:

➡️ Reason: 💬 Description:
Slide Impact: One of the most common areas where peening occurs is where the barrel hood (the flat, top portion of the barrel) makes contact with the slide during the cycling process. Each time the gun is fired, the barrel and slide move against each other, and over time, this repeated impact can cause small indentations or deformations on the barrel’s surface.
Locking Block Contact: The Glock’s design involves the barrel tilting during cycling. The area where the barrel interfaces with the locking block can also experience peening due to the repeated impact and stress during firing.
Material Hardness: The hardness of the barrel material and the parts it interacts with can influence peening. If there’s a significant difference in hardness between the interacting parts, the softer material is more likely to experience peening.
Manufacturing Variations: Small variations in manufacturing can lead to slight differences in fit between the barrel and other parts of the gun. If there’s an unusually tight or misaligned fit, it can result in increased stress and impact on specific areas, leading to accelerated peening.
High Round Count: Naturally, the more a gun is fired, the more wear and tear it experiences. A Glock that has seen a high round count is more likely to exhibit signs of peening simply due to the repeated cycling and impacts over its lifespan.

It’s worth noting that a certain degree of wear, including minor peening, is expected as a firearm is used. However, excessive peening can be a sign of an issue that might need addressing, such as a misalignment or a part that needs replacement.

⭕️ Regular inspection and maintenance can help identify and mitigate potential problems before they become significant.

Conclusion 🤩

In wrapping up, the Glock 26 barrel is a crucial component of the compact “Baby Glock” pistol, playing a pivotal role in the gun’s accuracy and overall performance. Made primarily from durable materials like 416R stainless steel, it’s designed to withstand the rigors of regular use.

Like any firearm component, the barrel isn’t immune to wear and tear over extended periods. However, with diligent maintenance and periodic inspections, it has consistently delivered for us. For those exploring further customization or seeking optimization, we’ve noticed the market is replete with aftermarket barrel options tailored for the Glock 26.

☑️ In our collective experience, the key takeaway is this: truly understanding and caring for the barrel for Glock 26 is instrumental in guaranteeing both a dependable and safe shooting journey.

Best Glock 26 Barrel

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1 month ago

I’m curious if it’s possible to install a Glock 19 barrel in a Glock 26. I know they’re both 9mm Glocks, but I’m not sure about compatibility.

    1 month ago
    Reply to  David

    🔴 No, you cannot directly install a Glock 19 barrel in a Glock 26. The Glock 19 has a longer barrel and slide than the more compact Glock 26.
    Specifically, the Glock 19 barrel is 4.02 inches long, while the Glock 26 barrel is only 3.42 inches long. The slide lengths are 6.85 inches on the G19 and 6.29 inches on the G26.
    If you attempted to install a Glock 19 barrel in a Glock 26 slide, the barrel would protrude out the front of the slide and prevent it from functioning properly.

      1 month ago
      Reply to  David

      The short answer is no, you can’t directly install a Glock 19 barrel into a Glock 26. They have different barrel lengths, and the locking lug geometry won’t match up.

        1 month ago

        I just got a Glock 26 and I’m wondering how to properly clean the barrel. Any tips or recommendations?

          1 month ago
          Reply to  Linton

          Here are some tips for properly cleaning a Glock 26 barrel:

          🟨 Always make sure the gun is unloaded before cleaning. Remove the magazine and visually inspect the chamber.
          🟨 Use a bore snake or a cleaning rod with barrel brushes to clean the entire length of the barrel bore. Soak the bore snake or brushes in solvent first.
          🟨 Run the bore snake or brushes through the barrel multiple times using a twisting motion to scrub away any fouling or residue.
          🟨 Use brushes of the appropriate caliber for the Glock 26 (9mm). Soft brass brushes are best for not damaging the bore.
          🟨 After scrubbing, run clean patches through the bore with more solvent to remove any loosened debris.
          🟨 Follow up with dry patches to completely remove all solvents and moisture.
          🟨 Finish by running a lightly oiled patch through the clean bore to protect it from rust and corrosion.
          🟨 A small amount of high quality gun oil is all that’s needed on the final pass. Wipe away any excess.
          🟨 Avoid over-oiling the barrel bore, as excess oil can attract fouling.
          🟨 The feed ramp, barrel hood, and full length of the barrel also need to be wiped down during cleaning.

            1 month ago
            Reply to  Linton

            I also like to use a cleaning rod with a patch holder to get into the nooks and crannies. It helps to remove any stubborn fouling or debris.

              1 month ago
              Reply to  Linton

              If you shoot lead bullets, be extra diligent about cleaning. Lead fouling can build up in the barrel over time, so use a bore brush designed for lead removal and follow up with a thorough cleaning.

                1 month ago
                Reply to  Linton

                If you’re in a humid environment, it’s a good idea to store your Glock with a silicone-impregnated gun sock or in a gun safe with a dehumidifier. This can help prevent rust and corrosion.

                  1 month ago

                  Hey everyone, I’m thinking about upgrading the barrel on my Glock 26. I’ve heard it can improve accuracy and performance. Any recommendations on which barrel to go for?

                    1 month ago
                    Reply to  Huxley

                    Upgrading the barrel on your Glock 26 can definitely make a difference in terms of accuracy and performance. Personally, I’ve had great results with the Lone Wolf AlphaWolf barrels. They’re well-made and reasonably priced.

                      1 month ago
                      Reply to  Huxley

                      Before you upgrade your barrel, also think about your intended use. Are you using your Glock 26 for concealed carry, competition, or just range fun? The barrel choice might vary depending on your needs.