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Gun lovers can be divided according to many criteria. We prefer to deal with those who value reliability and practicality, rather than a colorful appearance. To achieve high levels of reliability and trouble-free operation, you need to love your weapon and look into the “dark corners”.

Best AR 15 Buffer Tube - Editor's Choice

One of these “dark corners” is the buffer and buffer tube. They are hidden from public view, and therefore rarely deserve our attention. But at the same time, the well-coordinated work of the entire system directly depends on these lower parts. Let’s take a look behind the scenes of this performance together and take a look at the best deals in this segment.
We begin!

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Best AR 15 Buffer Tube | AR 15 Buffer Tube Review | AR 15 Buffer Spring

Geissele Premium AR-15 Mil-Spec Buffer TubeGeisseleBUY
Bravo Company MFG AR 15 Buffer TubeBravo CompanyBUY
Aero Precision AR15 Rifle Buffer TubeAero PrecisionBUY
Spikes Tactical Mil-Spec AR-15 Buffer TubeSpikes TacticalBUY
Guntec USA AR-15 Mil-Spec Buffer Tube Set (6-Position)Guntec USABUY
Phase 5 Weapon Systems Inc AR-15 Buffer TubePhase 5 Weapon Systems IncBUY
CMMG, Inc Receiver AR-15 Buffer TubeCMMG, IncBUY
Strike Industries AR-15 Buffer TubeStrike IndustriesBUY
Timber Creek Outdoors AR 15 Mil-Spec Buffer TubeTimber Creek OutdoorsBUY
Luth-AR 9mm Carbine Buffer Assembly - Mil-SpecLuth-ARBUY
TRYBE Defense AR-15 Buffer TubeTRYBE DefenseBUY
KAK Mil-Spec Carbine AR 15 Buffer Tube KitKAKBUY
Tacfire AR15 Pistol Buffer Tube KitTacfireBUY
JE Machine Tech AR-15/AR10 Mil-Spec Buffer TubeJE Machine TechBUY

#1 Geissele Premium AR-15 Mil-Spec Buffer Tube

Geissele Premium AR-15 Mil-Spec Buffer Tube


Finish: Type 3 Hard Coat Anodized
Material: 7075-T6 Aluminum
Gun Model: M4, AR-15
Weight: 3.7 oz

Geissele Premium AR-15 / M4 Mil-Spec Buffer Tube with Super 42 Spring will show you how far from ideal your base buffer is. With a 15% increased return force, the Super 42 Spring runs very quietly and smoothly. The secret is hidden in the special structure of the spring. It is woven from three independent veins, which reliably and softly absorb the impulse. You can choose between 6 models and find the best option for you. This buffer tube is constructed from 7075-T6 aluminum and is additionally coated with Type-3 hard anodizing. Buffer tubes and springs are strictly standardized and fit all models. The encoding in the name H1, H2, and H3 refer to the buffer weight. To select the correct buffer weight for your rifle, you need to rely on the caliber and length of the gas system. The H1 buffer is surprisingly smooth and quiet and fits most rifles instead of the base unit. It is easy to install and fits snugly. Easy to install and snug fit. If you’ve been looking for a supplement that can help you achieve tangible recoil softening, check out Super 42.

  • Works quietly and smoothly
  • Easy to install
  • Expensive but worth it

#2 Bravo Company MFG AR 15 Buffer Tube

Bravo Company MFG AR 15 Buffer Tube


Finish: MIL-A-8625F Type III, Class 2 Hard Coat Anodized
Material: 7075-T6 Aluminum
Gun Model: M16, M4, AR-15
Gun Type: Rifle

BCM has created one of the best solutions for the AR15 / M4 / M16. This is a complete receiver extension kit that works with a carabiner damper and action springs. It is compatible with the Sig Tac SB15 pistol stabilization bracket and is ATF compatible. The lower parts for AR15 are produced in 7075 T6 anodized aluminum. The coating complies with Mil-A-8625F, Type 3, Class 2. It is very tough and resistant to abrasion and corrosion. The finish is smooth and uniform to match the bottom of the AR15 perfectly. An important caveat, a pistol buffer tube will not work with a shock wedge gun retainer, as this requires a dedicated carbine buffer tube. Therefore, it will not work to put on the buffer tube from Bravo. The outer diameter of the buffer tube from BCM is 1.2 inches. Weight adjustment is not provided with this assembly. You will always get 2.9 ounces, but it will be a perfectly balanced system. As a nice addition, the Bravo pistol buffer has a QD mount suitable for one-point and two-point strings.

  • Robust construction with tank endurance
  • Works smoothly and stably
  • Worth the money
  • Not subject to modification, only this configuration

#3 Aero Precision AR 15 Rifle Buffer Tube

Aero Precision AR15 Rifle Buffer Tube


Gun Model: AR-15

This buffer is designed for use with a fixed butt carabiner. Longer spring and shock absorber smoother recoil momentum. Simply put, a kit for those who prefer a rifle to a carbine. The buffer sleeve is made of 6061-T6 aluminum. The fit was done with high quality, we have not met a processing tool. The finish is evenly applied and reliably protects against corrosion. With the purchase of this kit, you do not need any additional parts for installation. The kit has already included the correct screws. Since it is for AR15, it is compatible with buffer tube A2. This means that the update is suitable for AR.308, AR10, and other rifles with Magpul GEN3 stock, FAB Defense, and the like.

It’s easy to install, well done, and doesn’t drain your wallet. A great addition for lovers of comfortable shooting.

  • Good price
  • Well done
  • We have not found

#4 Spikes Tactical Mil-Spec AR-15 Buffer Tube

Spikes Tactical Mil-Spec AR-15 Buffer Tube


Finish: Black
Material: 7075-T6 Aluminum
Length: 7.25 in
Additional Features: Laser Engraved Positions
Weight: 3.6 oz

Is your AR build in need of an update? Check out Spikes Tactical Mil-Spec Buffer Tube, 6-Position. This underside from Spikes Tactical is specially designed for the AR15 and features a dry lubricating film. Previously, a gray lubricant coating was used that could wear off and did not look the best. This has now been corrected and the new coating creates a dry film that does not smudge leaving a sticky residue. The bottom is made of 7075 T6 anodized aluminum with a black nitride type 3 coating. The buffer tube has 6 positions to suit your AR folding stock. The position number is laser engraved and painted in neat white numbers for contrast. There are no excess parts in this kit, just a buffer tube. If you require an additional end-plate or castle nut, buy it separately. This is the set that you risk nothing with because the price is very affordable. If you haven’t become a fan of Spikes Tactical yet, this is the best deal to guarantee a pleasant first acquaintance.

  • Dry lubricating film does not create sticky residues
  • 6 position buffer tube
  • Well done and works great
  • The price is affordable for everyone
  • We didn’t know about this buffer tube before

#5 Guntec USA AR-15 Mil-Spec Buffer Tube Set (6-Position)

Guntec USA AR-15 Mil-Spec Buffer Tube Set (6-Position)


Gun Make: AR Platform
Gun Model: AR-15

This offer is used on many internet sites, but only the optical planet provides such a sweet price. If there is no difference in the products you buy, why pay more? 🙂 This Guntec USA AR-15 Mil-Spec 6 Position Buffer Tubing Set is made of T6 aluminum and comes in 5 different buffer tube colors. A set of Mil-Spec lower pieces fit snugly into the forend of your AR pistol. The CAR buffer has a constant weight of 3 ounces, which is achieved by an updated chrome-plated silicone spring. You get with this kit: Mil-Spec Buffer Tubing Kit (6-Position), Retrofit Spring, and Endplate. It feels well made, light and balanced. The true price of the welcome is absolutely a great upgrade for the pistol.

  • 5 buffer tube color options
  • Upgraded spring
  • Good price
  • The selling page on the planet does not reveal the benefits of the offer

#6 Phase 5 Weapon Systems Inc AR-15 Buffer Tube

Phase 5 Weapon Systems Inc AR-15 Buffer Tube


Finish: Anodized
Material: Aluminum
Gun Make: AR Platform
Gun Model: AR-15

Phase 5 Weapon Systems Inc AR-15 Pistol Buffer Tube Complete Assembly PBT-CA is an offer not to be missed. This offering is packed with everything you need for a quick setup right out of the box. The hallmark of these bottoms for your AR15 is thicker foam padding and improved spring-loaded cushioning. The aluminum buffer tube is CNC machined and carefully checked by the quality control department. For production, only certified billets made of 7075 T651 aluminum are used, which is why the creation process is so well-oiled. After processing, the part is covered with Type III hard black anodizing. The entire design is fully compliant with high Mil-Spec requirements.

The design of the bottom remains attractive thanks to the military-inspired finish. This is not only beautiful but also better protects against corrosion and abrasion of components. Installation is also very simple and even enjoyable. The bottom groove is machined to remain compatible with all Mil-Spec end plates and lanyard accessories. This is to ensure Phase 5 PBT-CA compatibility with Sig Sauer without unnecessary side movements while firing the pistol.

Now some exact numbers. The bottom is 7.4 inches long with a total diameter of 1.25 inches. Together with this, it weighs only 4.8 ounces, while the spring resistance does not exceed 3 ounces. It works perfectly with PBT-CA pistols and others like the AR-15.

The kit includes an endplate with a lock nut, a foam pad, a karabiner buffer, and a reinforced phase 5 buffer spring. This is all you need for installation and has already been carefully added by phase 5. The only addition that would make this assembly a flawless kit is the QD lanyard. at the end of the tube. Otherwise, it is a great product with excellent functionality.

  • Strict production control
  • Kit is ready to install right out of the box
  • Worth the money
  • We were unable to find significant flaws

#7 CMMG, Inc Receiver AR-15 Buffer Tube

CMMG, Inc Receiver AR-15 Buffer Tube


Finish: Black
Gun Model: AR-15
Gas System Length: Carbine Length

CMMG is adept at making top-notch weapon add-ons, and this time it’s an add-on for the AR-15 rifles. The receiver extension kit is designed to work with standard NATO rifles and, of course, supports 5.56mm caliber. The extended receiver kit is Mil-Spec 6-position compliant and will suit almost any build of yours. This tube is made of high-quality anodized aluminum. Unfortunately, we did not find the exact marking of which aluminum it is, but it is really durable. The matte black finish protects the lower parts from corrosion and hides small scratches. It looks very decent and pleasant to the touch.

This kit includes: a 6-position CMMG carabiner buffer tube, CMMG carabiner spring, CMMG carabiner shock absorber, castellated nut, and endplate. This kit from CMMG is designed to work correctly with NATO standard rifles (5.56mm caliber) and standard AR rifles. This update is well-stocked and will definitely fit one of your arsenal’s rifles. CMMG makes good components but does not know how to fill out a product card on the site. Anyway, we tested it on our builds and can now recommend it to you.

  • CMMG Lifetime Warranty
  • Quality matte finish
  • 6 position buffer tube fits many guns
  • The price seems significant
  • Only one color (matte black)

#8 Strike Industries AR-15 Buffer Tube

Strike Industries AR-15 Buffer Tube


Fabric: 7075-T6 Aluminum
Gun Model: AR-15
Additional Features: Mil-Spec

The 7-position bottom from Strike Industries was created specifically for the AR10 and AR15 but applies to other platforms as well. As an innovative addition, the buffer tube is rewarded with a characteristic ridge. The scallop reduces friction against the stock and reduces weight while maintaining the full strength of surfaces exposed to maximum stress.

If you want to make your unique build even better – take a closer look at the Strike Industries Advanced Buffer Tube with 4 color options. For the production of this buffer tube, 7075-T6 aluminum is used. Subsequent processing on machines grinds and polishes the ends and runs the thread many times. As an innovation that may surprise you, a front groove has been added for securing the buffer clip. Painstaking attention to detail turns this buffer into a piece of engineering.

All this is covered with durable anodizing of the selected color (black / red / blue / FDE). This is one of those cases where the chosen one may differ slightly from the one shown in the picture. FDE appears darker metallic and burnt like burnt bronze. Perhaps this is because aluminum has its natural grayness and absorbs some of the bright colors, leaving a matte base and a slight metallic sheen.

With an overall length of 7.28 inches, with a diameter of 1.145 and a weight of 3.8 ounces, it is fully Mil-Spec AR15 compliant, compatible with Strike Industries Pit Viper stock, can operate with an adjustable SBA lock, and fits the HK416 gun shackle adapter. More precise length adjustment and 7 positions guarantee you will find your ideal tension, without hesitation on the body. The only thing is that this tube cannot work with the A5 buffer system.

We still have two news about this offer. This offer does not include a spring, end plate, or castle nut. This is replacing your standard buffer tube with a Strike Industries buffer tube (color of choice). But there is also positive news, for all the US military and those who served in law enforcement (emergency response) a pleasant discount is provided. It’s cute and we love it.

  • 4 beautiful colors and flawless processing
  • 7 positions for maximum integration
  • US Military Discount
  • Includes buffer tube only
  • Color may differ from the picture
  • The price seems unreasonably high

#9 Timber Creek Outdoors AR 15 Mil-Spec Buffer Tube

Timber Creek Outdoors AR 15 Mil-Spec Buffer Tube


Fabric: Aircraft Grade Aluminum
Gun Make: AR Platform
Gender: Unisex

The Timber Creek Outdoors Mil-Spec Buffer Tubing is marketed as the best addition to an AR15 or AR308 build but is also compatible with other stocks from many manufacturers. The vial is available in 9 different colors and will definitely fit your build. This component is manufactured from T6-6061 aircraft-grade aluminum using high-precision CNC machining. The end of the recess has recesses for centering over the bumper stop. The last 3 holes in the tube are gouged, presumably for the discharge of water and debris without removing the buffer tube. If our assumption is correct, this is an interesting engineering solution that shows user care.

The anodized coating is evenly distributed on both the outside and the inside of the tube. We did not find any roughness that could catch in the spring or something similar. It may be difficult to screw on the box nut for the first time, but putting it back on will smooth it out. Timber Creek Outdoors Mil-Spec Buffer Tube will work with SBA as it meets Mil-Spec standards. Accordingly, the tube is 7.25 inches long, 1.148 inches in diameter, and 3.75 ounces weight. You will not find a castle nut, end-plate, or spring in this offer. This is just a colored test tube and nothing else. But along with that, it has a good price tag and a lifetime warranty.

  • Buffer tube adjustable in 6 positions along the length of the carabiner
  • Compatible with many rifles
  • Good quality manufacturing and finishing
  • Nice price and lifetime warranty
  • Buffer tube only included

#10 Luth-AR 9mm Carbine Buffer Assembly – Mil-Spec

10 Luth-AR 9mm Carbine Buffer Assembly - Mil-Spec


Finish: Hard-coat Anodized
Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum
Gun Make: AR Platform
Additional Features: Mil-Spec
Caliber: 9mm Luger

Another bright offer. This time to upgrade your pistol caliber carbine. This 9mm Mil-Spec buffer tube from Luth-AR is fully equipped to integrate with a 6-position karabiner stock. It looks good and works even better with many rifles like the AR-10 or AR-15. As expected, this Mil-Spec buffer tube is made of aluminum and weighs in at 5.3 ounces. The buffer is well finished and coated with anodized glaze. Added to this is a stainless-steel spring. Everything is designed and calculated for the use of 9×19 mm cartridges. Luth-AR attaches great importance to ensuring trouble-free reliability and security. The installation of this assembly is very simple and easy. Simply slide into any Mil-Spec lower barrel while still being compatible with the Luth-AR MBA-3/4 rifle buttstock. The kit also includes a plate retainer and retaining ring. Luth-AR has passed everything so that the buffer tube can please you and protect your new build from disappointment.

  • Complete installation kit
  • Suitable for pistol caliber.
  • Empty description on the planet of optics

#11 TRYBE Defense AR-15 Buffer Tube

TRYBE Defense AR-15 Buffer Tube


Color: Black
Finish: Anodized
Gun Model: AR-15

TRYBE Defense loudly declares itself as a manufacturer of high-quality and affordable rifle components. This time our review includes a buffer tube for AR10 / AR15 / AR308 rifles with a stylish black finish. Two offerings available, shock absorber with or without foam cheek pad. This is an anodized pistol shock absorber manufactured taking into account all the requirements for the reliability of weapon assemblies. This tubing is standard 7.25″ length and 1.24″ diameter suitable for a pistol or carbine. You will not find this information in the product description on the planet page, so we indicate this for our readers. If you are looking for a mod 1 shank buffer tube, do not buy this tube, it will not work for you. TRYBE Defense comes with a limited lifetime warranty and good value for money. Unfortunately, the package is reduced to only one component, so it is difficult to recommend this as a complete replacement of the lower part. It is a good replacement part with a quality finish and a black anodized finish.

  • Matches advertising description
  • It’s hard to find an even more attractive price
  • The description is not informative

#12 KAK Mil-Spec Carbine AR 15 Buffer Tube Kit

KAK Mil-Spec Carbine AR 15 Buffer Tube Kit


Gun Model: AR-15

Kak Industry did not want to stand aside and also joined the competition to create the best offer for the AR-15. This set for carabiner tubes meets all standards and is fully integrated with Mil-Spec. In the kit, you will find all the standard checklist that will be required when installing these lower parts. The anodized aluminum body of the 6-position tube is finished in matte black and will fit the vast majority of rifles. The silicone spring has a standard stiffness and glides well inside, especially after lubrication. If you’ve noticed the price of this kit, the richness of the package should surprise you. A standard karabiner buffer, lock nut, and endplate are added to the buffer tube and spring. That’s all you need and it is carefully added by Kak Industry. The main disadvantage of this proposal is the impressive weight of the kit. It weighs in at 9.8 ounces and we didn’t like it. Even an extra 5 ounces over the long haul turns into overwhelming pounds. This is perfectly acceptable at home, or the shooting range, but not on long hikes.

  • Price for a conservative budget
  • The kit has already added everything you need
  • Guaranteed value for money
  • Seems too heavy

#13 Tacfire AR15 Pistol Buffer Tube Kit

Tacfire AR15 Pistol Buffer Tube Kit


Color: Black
Gun Model: AR 15
Gun Platform: AR

This is a triple proposal for a low-budget build of the AR-15 Mil-Spec pistol. The first kit added an adapter for a two-loop lanyard, the second a set of buffer sleeves for a pistol with a vertical lanyard adapter, the third proposal was awarded the RegulAR endplate. The kits are a little heavy, but at the same time feel solid and well crafted. The buffer cylinder is made of 6061 T6 aluminum. The entire assembly is 8 inches (L) and 13 ounces. This weight seems overwhelming, but the price says “you get what you pay for.” Tacfire pre-packaged kits include: Classic Mil-Spec Gun Buffer Tube with Foam Insert, 3 Oz Buffer, Buffer Spring in Standard Carabiner Springs, Dual Loop Lanyard Adapter End Plate (Optional), and Castle Nut. There is a gasket on the buffer tube as well as a neoprene cover. This means you get a kind of “double gasket”, but the price is still very low. Of the shortcomings, we noticed 3 factors: the excess weight of the entire set, the buffer and the spring create a noticeable noise and unreliable staining (the paint is scratched and peeled off). Otherwise, we really liked this budget proposal, and of course, we recommend it.

  • All in one kit
  • The price is hard to beat
  • Weighs 13 ounces
  • Staining could be better

#14 JE Machine Tech AR-15/AR10 Mil-Spec Buffer Tube

JE Machine Tech AR-15/AR10 Mil-Spec Buffer Tube


Color: Black
Finish: Type III Hard Coat Anodized
Fabric/Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum
Gun Model: AR-10, AR-15

Our latest offering has many strong contenders, but still surpasses them in price and quality. JE Machine Tech has created a really high-quality buffer tube without turning out their fans’ pockets! This is a one-item offer but should definitely be considered. The JE Machine Tech AR-15 / AR10 Mil-Spec 6-Position Buffer Tube is made from impact-extruded 6061 T6 grade aluminum. Smooth blackening hides full compliance with MIL-A-8625 F, type III (class 2 anodizing). The philosophy of this product is to take care of its customer. By purchasing this for little money, you will definitely be glad you could save. Having experienced this, you will be able to assess the reliability and quality of production, which means you will rejoice at the conclusion of a successful deal. And now, after a while, you become a fan of JE Machine Tech, just like us. =)

  • Not the real price on the planet of optics
  • Excellent manufacturing quality
  • Cool anodized finish
  • Only one buffer tube included

How to Choose The Right Buffer for Your AR-15

The buffer tube may not be as critical as the trigger, barrel, or optics, but it keeps the entire system running smoothly. The selection of the appropriate buffer and buffer spring determines the cycling rate of your AR and should be based on the weight of the bolt carrier group (BCG), barrel length, barrel gas port size, gas block, gas tube length, and the type of ammunition used.

If you want to find your ideal buffer, focus on the amount of gas released. A slight excess of gas will make the pistol work even in extreme conditions but will increase the tangible recoil and wear of parts. Too little gas flow can result in feed or withdrawal failure, or failure of the bolt to lock after the last shot.

The factory-made AR-15 has a slightly enlarged gas port. This ensures that the required amount of gas is achieved for a normal gun cycle. A slight overabundance is good for the reliability and smoothness of the system and easy recoil, for example, for competitions. Changing to H or H2 buffers reduces recoil, muzzle jump and even better retains internal detail. Now let’s get down to the details.

A typical carabiner buffer almost always has 3 weights and weighs about 3 ounces, Heavy (H) buffer about 3.8 ounces, H2 buffer about 4.6 ounces, H3 about 5.4 ounces. Rifle buffers already include 5 weights and give about 5 ounces, which is necessary for the normal operation of a rifle-length buffer tube.

Aluminum is the most common buffer weight material (weighs 0.22 ounces). Steel is almost 3 times heavier (0.64 oz), yet durable. Tungsten yields about 1.5 ounces and is the heaviest supplement for the AR-15.


If you are not worried about recoil or reliability – stick to the established limits and use buffers of the same weight. If you have buddies with different buffer weights, visit a shooting range with a buddy and try shooting with his assembly. This will tell you if you need a heavier (or lighter) buffer.

When everything is clear with the buffer weight, let’s move on to the buffer springs. When cocking the gun or after firing, the bolt carrier must complete its cycle to load a new cartridge into the chamber. When the bolt carrier moves back, it hits the buffer and spring. The spring resistance pushes the bolt carrier forward so that it can pick up a new cartridge. The correct spring rate returns the retainer and bolt to the correct position and ensures smooth system operation.

The spring requires regular monitoring, as constant stress during operation leads to wear. A rifle spring in a loose state should be over 12 inches (41-43 turns) long, while a carabiner spring must be over 10 inches (37-39 turns) long. If the measurements showed an approximation to the threshold value (which we described above), the replacement time may be approaching.


Rifle and carbine springs are NOT interchangeable. In addition, the rifle buffer is too long for the carbine, therefore, these lower parts are NOT interchangeable (although they can work in emergency situations for a while).

Love your weapon and it will respond with reliable performance!


What does a heavier buffer do in an AR 15?
Heavy buffers like H2 need more time to move. They minimize the impact of recoil by using faster deceleration. Exceeding the optimal buffer weight usually results in too short a rifle travel. The gas system may not have enough capacity to cycle, which can lead to unstable recovery and release. But at the same time, when using the maximum (stable) weight values, it increases the “residence time” of the activated ammunition in the upper receiver. This in turn causes more gas and carbon to be pushed out. This makes the rifle run cleaner and reduces overheating. To determine the correct balance, you need to consider: the type and caliber of ammunition, the size of the gas vents, the configuration, and installation of the gas block, and smaller factors.
Does an AR 15 need a buffer tube?
The buffer assembly and its spring mechanism push the bolt back and then return it to the battery, can be positioned above the bottom. As a result, the entire structure becomes more compact and even a folding stock can be used. The AR platform uses an older design and traditionally has a buffer by slide. This leads to the mandatory use of the tube. It also directs recoil force to the shoulder rather than to the bent support, which reduces or even eliminates barrel lift. Simply put, the buffer tube is a necessary part of the design that aligns the center of mass to eliminate torque.
What is the purpose of the buffer tube on an AR 15?
Buffer tubes serve two main purposes: the ability to fit the stock to the rifle and the encapsulation of the buffer and buffer spring. This in turn makes it possible to move the bolt carrier forward and backward to push out the spent brass and load subsequent cartridges. As you can imagine, without the movement of the bolt carrier, automatic feeding of shells is impossible.
What buffer size should I use AR 15?
Buffers for the AR-15 have evolved over time. The original components for the older AR-15 are longer than the modern ones. Accordingly, a longer tube, M16 standard with old fixed stock, was required. The M16 evolved into the M4 with a shorter stroke and AR-15 followed the trend.

Buffers and tubes AR-10 and AR-15 can be interchangeable if you can create the correct buffer and tube duo. In this case, you have five options for buffers.

• Carabiner / AR-15 (7.125 inches)
• .308 / AR-10 (7.9375 in.)
• M16 A2 / Rifle (9.625 in.)

Is it difficult to combine lower parts intended for other weapons in assemblies, for a beginner – quite! Read (again) our review and your questions will be answered.

Will a heavier buffer reduce recoil?
Too light shock and your kickback will turn shooting into a nightmare. You will get a tremendous bang for your buck and increased wear on a large list of parts. Also, there is a possibility of premature unlocking of the bolt and jamming of the housing. A buffer that is too heavy will not cycle properly and will reward you with feed errors and stuck. Feel your weapon and it will show with its behavior what it lacks or what it doesn’t like.


We hope you have selected new lower parts for yourself that will delight you for many years to come. Thanks to regular reviews, our arsenal is now capable of surviving the zombie apocalypse. (joke =))

Returning to our review, we want to highlight those proposals that we liked the most:

Thank you for spending these minutes with us, we are pleased to make your life a little easier. See you! Good luck survivor!

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