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Weapon case is a special bag that can hold a pistol, shotgun, rifle, or machine gun, as well as some additional accessories. The legislation of any country directly requires that all types of weapons, including sports pneumatic ones, be transported only in disassembled and carefully packed form.

Best AR 15 Soft Case - Editor's Choice

In this review, we will look at the characteristics, features, and advantages of different AR 15 soft cases from the most popular manufacturers with a good reputation in the market. While all AR-15 cases have roughly the same functionality, they can be very different in design. You can verify this further.

TOP-15 AR 15 Soft Case

BlackHawk Discreet Weapons CaseBlackHawkBUY
Elite Survival Systems Assault Systems Submachine Gun CaseElite Survival SystemsBUY
Safariland Dual Rifle CaseSafarilandBUY
Uncle Mike's Law Enforcement Discreet Weapon CaseUncle Mike'sBUY
Bulldog Cases Ultra CompactBulldog CasesBUY
Daniel Defense SoftRifleCaseDaniel DefenseBUY
VISM Heavy Duty 28in Deluxe Soft Gun CaseVISMBUY
NcSTAR Vism Discreet Carbine CaseNcSTARBUY
Galati Gear 37in XT Premium Rifle CaseGalati GearBUY
Elite Survival Systems Assault Systems Rifle CaseElite Survival SystemsBUY
Voodoo Tactical 30in Single Weapon CaseVoodoo TacticalBUY
Galati Gear 30in. Breakdown AR CaseGalati GearBUY
VISM Discreet Carbine CaseVISMBUY
NcSTAR Vism Competition Range BagNcSTARBUY
VISM AR15 & AK Carbine Pistol CaseVISMBUY

#1 BlackHawk Discreet Weapons Case

BlackHawk Discreet Weapons Case

BlackHawk Discreet AR-15 Case ideally copes not only with the role of a cover but also bedding (rug) for convenient placement when hunting and shooting. This is possible thanks to the fully opening zipper, which is sewn along the entire length of the case. Here are a brand-new design and a completely redesigned modular weapon bag. This AR-15 case will be convenient to wear because of a removable shoulder strap on which a soft pad is sewn. This way, the bag will not put pressure on the shoulder, even though the contents are heavy. You can arrange the case inside however you want (you just need to buy separate cells for additional accessories). You can attach them with Velcro, sewn into the inner compartment of the case. With a cover case like this, you can go outside even in a rainstorm, because the closed-cell foam padding provides a waterproof effect.

  • safe transportation of weapons and shooting accessories;
  • removable waterproof foam lining;
  • comfortable handles and straps.
  • additional pockets are not included.

#2 Elite Survival Systems Assault Systems Submachine Gun Case

Elite Survival Systems Assault Systems Submachine Gun Case

Elite Survival Submachine AR-15 Case is an indispensable element for the work in law enforcement agencies, military personnel, and just fans of hunting or shooting. It is worth paying attention to the well-known brand of this model – Elite Survival Systems (United States), it manufactures the best tactical gear using quality and durable nylon. In addition to brand awareness and high-quality manufacturing, the buyer will have to face the unique design: the manufacturer takes into account all the gun-owner’s wishes and requirements – regarding the parameters of the cells, compartments for weapons, and accessories.

  • durable nylon (1000 denier);
  • reliable zippers;
  • individual parameters;
  • universal design;
  • convenient carrying strap.
  • sold in one color only.

#3 Safariland Dual Rifle Case

Safariland Dual Rifle Case

You won’t find a weapon case stronger than this Safariland Dual Ballistic AR-15 Case: material and lightning are extremely strong. Internal compartments for additional weapon accessories can be adjusted to suit you. Your weapon and you will be completely safe because you will store it in a double case that closes tightly and has good holding hooks and loops. As for the additional patches, there is foam padding and a 2-inch removable lining. Carrying the bag on the shoulder is not difficult, because the comfortable shoulder strap is individually adjustable for each owner. If not needed, it can be hidden in a specially designated pocket for storing the belt.

  • durable materials;
  • reliable protection;
  • completing from internal departments;
  • removable shoulder strap and padding.
  • only one color of the case.

#4 Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement Discreet Weapon Case

Uncle Mike's Law Enforcement Discreet Weapon Case

The stylish design of the bag does not even betray its true purpose. Looking at it, hardly anyone will think that it is precisely firearms that are stored in it. Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement Discreet AR-15 Case is equipped with a separate zippered compartment for storing additional weapon accessories. You can use it not only to carry your AR-15 but also as a comfortable and soft shooting mat.

  • strong zippers;
  • absolute safety;
  • reliable fasteners;
  • can serve as a shooting mat;
  • inconspicuous and stylish design.
  • only in black.

#5 Bulldog Cases Ultra Compact

Bulldog Cases Ultra Compact

Compactness is the main feature of this Bulldog AR-15 Case. There are no external compartments in this model but the internal one is so conveniently equipped that the weapon can be disassembled into two parts and safely stored unassembled or left completely assembled. There are also two slots for weapon accessories. When storing props in a bag, it does not deteriorate, because the soft lining between the layers of fabric reliably protects the details. Another advantage of the Bulldog Ultra Compact Case is its waterproof function. The design of this AR-15 case is quite comfortable: round handles and a long, strong zipper provide the best features.

  • soft lining;
  • ultra-compactness;
  • waterproofness;
  • resistance to damage;
  • soft carrying handles.
  • few pockets.

#6 Daniel Defense SoftRifleCase

Daniel Defense SoftRifleCase

Daniel Defense Soft AR-15 Case is a high-quality luxury model at an affordable price. Let’s talk about design: classic black color, rather voluminous parameters: 38 × 14 inches (ideal for AR15 / M4 gun owners), moreover, you can safely store optics and 30 cartridges in a specially designed cell. Looking inside the case, you will see a rectangular transparent pocket. Outside, there is also an additional zippered pocket that contains three medium-sized cells. Softening padding is sewn between the layers of fabric, which protects weapons and additional accessories from all kinds of damage.

  • cell for storing documents;
  • muzzle protection included;
  • lashing straps are included;
  • durable zippers and soft handles.
  • only one color available.

#7 VISM Heavy Duty 28in Deluxe Soft Gun Case

VISM Heavy Duty 28in Deluxe Soft Gun Case

In the VISM Heavy Duty Deluxe Soft AR-15 Case you can carry not one, but two weapons! It simultaneously houses such models as AR and AK. The weapon is tightly secured with strong straps, and between them is a dense and soft lining, it protects the weapon from contact and damage. Outside, there are three more compartments: two medium and one large, which are closed with fastexes and Velcro. The case can be carried either in the hand or hanging on the shoulder. After all, this set includes both short soft handles and an adjustable shoulder strap.

  • dense lining;
  • waterproofness;
  • diagonal pockets for fixing weapons;
  • simultaneous storage of two pistols;
  • presence of external additional pockets.
  • small lock is not included.

#8 NcSTAR Vism Discreet Carbine Case

NcSTAR Vism Discreet Carbine Case

NcSTAR Vism Discreet Case is designed for the ideal storing AR-15 / M4 weapons. A padded lining separates the three internal compartments for storing rifle parts. These parts are secured with Molle straps, which are fastened with Velcro and can be stored separately in each designated cell. In addition to the compartments, there are 2 mesh pockets on the other side of the case (10×10 size). Here you can store additional accessories or documents. This is a rarity, but the manufacturer decided to diversify the color scheme of weapon cases – now you can choose green or urban gray for the case.

  • many pockets;
  • you can choose the color of the case;
  • comfortable and soft division of cells.
  • no shoulder strap.

#9 Galati Gear 37in XT Premium Rifle Case

Galati Gear 37in XT Premium Rifle Case

Galati Gear XT Premium AR-1537-inch Case is equipped with four external pockets for storing additional weapon accessories and ammunition. You can choose from two colors of this line: black or olive.

  • premium quality;
  • high level of strength;
  • the toughest soft case in the industry;
  • two colors in the range.
  • no shoulder strap.

#10 Elite Survival Systems Assault Systems Rifle Case

Elite Survival Systems Assault Systems Rifle Case

This Elite Survival Systems AR-15 case is equipped with five small and one large external pocket for storing weapon accessories, documents, or ammunition.

  • original design;
  • quality materials;
  • many pockets of different sizes;
  • presented in different models and colors;
  • the set includes a shoulder strap with a soft pad;
  • dense lining to protect the weapon from damage.
  • none

#11 Voodoo Tactical 30in Single Weapon Case

Voodoo Tactical 30in Single Weapon Case

PALS straps on the inside and outside of the Voodoo Tactical Padded Weapon Case allow you to attach special or service pouches for more convenient equipment organization. Choose the Voodoo Tactical Modular Firearms Carrier for a sturdy, beautiful bag you can count on to protect your gear. The Voodoo Tactical AR-15 Case will hold absolutely everything you need for shooting: ammunition, goggles, masks, and other important accessories besides the weapon itself. A soft yet durable lining between the storage compartments protects the weapon from contact, impact, and damage. Strong straps hold the weapon securely with strong hooks and loops. You can carry the case in your hand or hang it on your shoulder. Thanks to the padded padding on the detachable shoulder strap, you won’t even feel the weight or pressure on the bone.

  • soft linings;
  • safe storage of weapons;
  • removable shoulder strap;
  • the ability to choose colors;
  • durable zippers, loops, and hooks.
  • not one size fits all.

#12 Galati Gear 30in. Breakdown AR Case

Galati Gear 30in. Breakdown AR Case

This Galati Gear Breakdown AR-15 case is designed for reliable protection and 100% safe-carrying of your AR 15. The package includes two internal compartments for Galati Gear pistols, folding rifles models AR-15 / M-16, SIG 556, Folding AK, MP5, FN PS90, and other models. The attached parts are separated by a soft pad, that will also protect the weapon from damage.

  • soft lining;
  • double zipper;
  • strong handles;
  • quality material;
  • durability of use;
  • fairly universal size.
  • few pockets;
  • only in black;
  • no shoulder strap.

#13 VISM Discreet Carbine Case

VISM Discreet Carbine Case

Even the heaviest rain is not a problem for your AR-15 as long as it is stored in the VISM Discreet case, – it completely protects the contents from moisture and dust penetration. The parameters of this model are designed for storing an AR-15 / M4 carbine with a 16-inch barrel. Carry your bag using short handles or a shoulder strap that fastens with D-rings.

  • soft separating pads;
  • customization of cells;
  • two colors in the range;
  • durable carrying handles;
  • removable shoulder strap;
  • convenient and safe storage of weapons.
  • zipper lock is not included.

#14 NcSTAR Vism Competition Range Bag

NcSTAR Vism Competition Range Bag

You have hardly ever seen a bag for storing firearms more spacious than this model. NcSTAR Vism Competition Range AR-15 Bag allows you to conveniently place everything you need: there are two pockets with holding straps for weapons with Velcro inside the bag. The compartments between the pockets are padded to protect the integrity of the weapon. Inside pockets, you can store at least 8 AR-15 magazines. Strong zip closes the bag securely. However, to increase protection, you can hang up a small padlock. In terms of design, there is a sticky area on the front of the bag that you can attach patches to. For easy portability, you can attach the shoulder strap, which is held firmly in place thanks to the metal D-rings.

  • spaciousness;
  • a large number of pockets;
  • strong zipper and Velcro fasteners;
  • there is a removable shoulder strap.
  • only one color in the range;
  • zipper padlock not included.

#15 VISM AR15 & AK Carbine Pistol Case

VISM AR15 & AK Carbine Pistol Case

This VISM AR-15 Case is notable for 4 external pockets for storing additional weapon accessories or cartridges, which are closed with Velcro. Zippers in this model meet all expectations and are even closed with a metal lock. With a soft handle and an additional shoulder strap, carrying the bag will not be hard work for you.

  • waterproofness;
  • soft and durable material;
  • removable shoulder strap;
  • convenient handles for carrying;
  • padlock not included;
  • there is no lining between the parts of the weapon.

BONUS: Fix It Sticks AR-15 Tool Kit with Soft Case

Fix It Sticks AR-15 Tool Kit with Soft Case

AR-15 requires proper care and timely maintenance. To do this, you should always have a set of necessary Fix-It Sticks AR-15 tools at hand. The kit includes a set of Fix-It sticks, Bolt Carrier Group scraper, metal punch, lock wrench, bronze scraper, steel pick, cleaning brush, A2 adjustment bit, 12 chrome-plated 1/4” bits, and a plastic punch that does not leaves scratches. Also, the kit includes sets of brass cleaning rods for 8-32 threaded nozzles and bit adapters for 8-32 threaded components (two adapters in total).

  • versatility of the kit;
  • quality of materials;
  • complete AR-15 toolset.
  • none.


Any AR-15 needs proper care, maintenance, and transportation. Only under this condition, AR-15 can serve its owner as long as possible. One of the most important attributes that you shouldn’t forget owning your AR is a special case, which allows you secure transportation and avoids undue attention. Such a case can protect your AR-15 from the negative effects of external factors – like dust, dirt, moisture, water, etc. We have reviewed the most affordable and high-quality AR-15 soft gun bags – the choice is yours!

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