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Best 7.62 x39 Upper

What is 7.62 X39 Upper? 🧐

It refers to the upper receiver part of an AR-15 rifle that is designed to handle and fire the 7.62x39mm cartridge. This ammunition is a popular choice among gun enthusiasts, notably for its effectiveness at medium-range targets, affordability, and widespread availability.

This upper typically includes the barrel, sights, and other components necessary for operation. It is interchangeable with the standard AR-15 lower receiver, allowing users to shoot 7.62x39mm ammunition from their AR-15 rifles.

Types ⭐

🟡 Standard Barrel Uppers: These feature a 16-inch barrel and a carbine-length gas system, making them versatile for a wide range of applications. The 16-inch barrel strikes a balance between accuracy and manoeuvrability, allowing for precise shots while maintaining ease of handling. 🟡 Long Barrel Uppers: These uppers are equipped with barrels longer than 16 inches, making them ideal for long-range shooting. The extended barrel length contributes to enhanced accuracy, allowing shooters to engage targets at greater distances with precision and confidence. 🟡 Free Float Handguard Uppers: These uppers feature a handguard that does not make contact with the barrel, offering several advantages. Eliminating barrel contact reduces interference and potential accuracy disruptions. This design enhances overall accuracy potential and allows for the attachment of accessories without compromising the firearm’s performance.
🟡 Short Barrel Uppers: With a barrel length of less than 16 inches, these uppers are specifically designed for close-quarters combat scenarios. Their compact size enhances manoeuvrability in tight spaces, providing a tactical advantage in confined environments. 🟡 Pistol-Length Gas System Uppers: Designed for use with short barrels, these uppers ensure reliable cycling of the action. The pistol-length gas system optimizes the performance of the firearm, providing smooth and consistent operation even in compact configurations. 🟡 Quad Rail Handguard Uppers: These uppers are equipped with a handguard featuring four Picatinny rails, offering ample space for attaching various accessories. The quad rail design provides versatility and customization options, allowing users to personalize their firearm setup according to their specific needs and preferences.

Our Top Pick
Radical Firearms AR-15 RF Upper Assembly 16in 7.62x39mm
This upper assembly comes equipped with a pre-installed rail system, enhancing accuracy and providing effective heat dissipation during prolonged shooting sessions. Moreover, it seamlessly fits with any MIL-STD lower receiver. All you need to do is attach your Bolt Carrier Group (BCG) and charging handle, and you're good to hit the range!
Buy Now On OpticsPlanet
If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

Features 🎯

🔘 The features are manifold, each enhancing the overall performance and adaptability of the firearm. One of the standout features of this type of upper is its compatibility with the 7.62x39mm cartridge, a popular ammunition choice among firearm enthusiasts due to its effectiveness at medium-range targets, affordability, and widespread availability.

🔘 When it comes to the specifics of the upper, the barrel’s length is a key feature that directly impacts the firearm’s function. Standard Barrel Uppers, with their 16-inch barrel and carbine-length gas system, provide a balance between precision and handling, making them versatile for various applications.

  • On the other hand, the Short Barrel Uppers, with a barrel length of less than 16 inches, are tailored for close-quarters combat scenarios. The compact size of these uppers bolsters manoeuvrability in confined spaces, providing a tactical edge in such environments.
  • In contrast, Long Barrel Uppers are equipped with barrels exceeding 16 inches in length, which enhances the firearm’s accuracy. This makes them suitable for long-range shooting, allowing users to engage targets at greater distances.

🔘 To accommodate the 7.62x39mm cartridge, these uppers will typically have an enlarged ejection port to allow for reliable case ejection. They also use specific bolt carrier groups and magazines designed for the tapered 7.62x39mm cartridge. The barrel will have a bore diameter of .310″ to stabilize the larger 7.62mm bullet. Barrel lengths commonly range from 10.5 to 16 inches.

Cleaning 🧼

Cleaning your upper is crucial for its longevity and optimal performance. Start by ensuring the firearm is unloaded before beginning the cleaning process.

✅ Remove the upper from the lower receiver of the gun. Once separated, focus on cleaning the bolt carrier group (BCG), which frequently comes into contact with grime and residue. Use a quality gun cleaner to wipe off the bolt carrier, bolt, and firing pin. A brush may be useful in removing stubborn grime.

✅ Proceed to clean the barrel using a bore brush and rod, working from the breach to the muzzle to avoid damaging the firearm. Apply a firearm cleaning solution and scrub the inside of the barrel to remove any fouling. Following this, use a clean cloth to wipe out the residue.

✅ Next, focus on the upper receiver. Wipe down the interior, paying particular attention to the chamber and feed ramps. A chamber brush will be useful in this process to remove any fouling or brass particles. Use a clean dry cloth to remove any residual cleaner.

✅ Finally, reassemble your firearm. Apply lubricant to the necessary parts, ensuring a thin, even layer is spread across all moving components. Regular cleaning and proper maintenance of the upper is integral to maintaining its efficiency and reliability.

Best 7.62 x39 Upper Reviews

1# Radical Firearms AR-15 Complete Upper Receiver 7.62x39mm HBAR

Radical Firearms AR-15 Complete Upper Receiver 7.62x39mm HBAR

View on OpticsPlanet

The Radical Firearms AR-15 Complete Upper Receiver is the perfect choice for those looking for a high-quality, feature-rich upper receiver at an affordable price. This flat-top receiver is made from aircraft-grade aluminium and is mil-spec compliant, making it perfect for use with any Mil-Spec AR-15 lower receiver. It comes complete with an upper receiver, forward assist, ejection port door, RF barrel nut, HBAR barrel, and A2 flash hider. The free-float handguard provides ample room for accessories and can add Magpul Moe attachments and rail sections. With its superior craftsmanship and durability, the Radical Firearms AR-15 Complete Upper Receiver is the perfect addition to any AR-15.

Video review

  • Aircraft-grade aluminium
  • Mil-spec compliant
  • Flat top receiver
  • High quality
  • The barrel is not threaded


2# Radical Firearms AR-15 RF Upper Assembly 16in 7.62x39mm

Radical Firearms AR-15 RF Upper Assembly 16in 7.62x39mm

View on OpticsPlanet

If you’re searching for a top-quality, MIL-STD upper assembly that’s perfect for novice or experienced shooters, then note the Radical Firearms AR-15 RF Upper Assembly 16in 7.62x39mm. This upper assembly comes with the rail system installed for increased accuracy and to keep your hands cool during extended shooting sessions. Plus, it’s compatible with any MIL-STD lower receiver. Simply add your BCG, and charging handle, and you’re ready to go!

  • MIL-STD upper assembly
  • A rail system was installed for increased accuracy and cooling
  • Perfect for novice or experienced shooters
  • May not be compatible with all lowers


3# Radical Firearms Complete Upper Assembly 10.5 inch 7.62x39mm

Radical Firearms Complete Upper Assembly 10.5 inch 7.62x39mm

View on OpticsPlanet

The Radical Firearms 10.5″ Hbar profile 7.62×39 is the outstanding choice for anyone wishing for a complete MIL-STD upper ready to drop on any MIL-STD Lower Receiver. Whether you’re a novice or an advanced shooter, this upper assembly is perfect for your next build. It features the 9″ MHR free float rail system for increased accuracy and keeping your hands cool. No matter what your style of shooting is, Radical Firearms has you covered.

  • Reliable
  • Reasonably priced
  • 9″ MHR free float rail system
  • May be not available


4# CMMG Mk4 Resolute 7.62×39 Upper Receiver Group

CMMG Mk4 Resolute 7.62x39 Upper Receiver Group

View on OpticsPlanet

Do you require a top-quality upper receiver group to complete your AR15 build? Check out the CMMG Mk4 Resolute Upper Receiver Group. This upper group is precision machined from billet 6061 T6 aluminium and features a black armour coating. It’s specifically designed to be paired with an AR15 lower group and comes with a CMMG Zeroed muzzle brake for added performance. Don’t settle for less than the best – go with the CMMG Mk4 Resolute Upper Receiver Group.

Video review

  • Precision machined from billet 6061 T6 aluminium
  • Black armor coating
  • AR15 lower group compatible
  • Comes with a CMMG Zeroed muzzle brake
  • Zeroed muzzle brake may not be to everyone’s liking


5# Maxim Defense Industries MDX 505 URG Upper Receiver

Maxim Defense Industries MDX 505 URG Upper Receiver

View on OpticsPlanet

The CMMG Mk4 Resolute 7.62×39 Upper Receiver Group is an excellent choice when concealment and personal defence are non-negotiable. With a 14″ overall length and 5.5″ barrel, this upper receiver group is designed for close-quarter encounters and provides maximum energy on target without sacrificing accuracy at distance. The PDXU.R.G. is also equipped with the newly invented Maxim HatebrakeMuzzle Booster which significantly reduces recoil, decreases the flash signature, and pushes gasses and concussion waves downrange away from the operator – improving overall execution in short barrel pistols and rifles.

  • Lightweight and compact for easy concealment
  • Handbrake muzzle booster significantly reduces recoil
  • Direct Impingement system
  • 14″ overall length and 5.5″ barrel for close-quarter encounters
  • Only ships with a Mil-Spec bolt carrier group
  • Limited availability


6# Ghost Firearms Elite Upper Receiver

Ghost Firearms Elite Upper Receiver

View on OpticsPlanet

Ghost Firearms Elite 7.62 Upper Receiver is a reliable upper receiver. This is fabricated with some of the most heavy-duty and dependable materials available, ensuring that it will last you for many years to come. Ghost Firearms has been producing high-quality products for a long time, and the Elite 7.62 Upper Receiver is their way of showing just how much they care about their customers. With its Carbine Length gas system and 1-10 barrel twist rate, this upper receiver is ideal for anyone seeking a great addition to their AR15. Plus, it comes with an A2 Flash Hider and M-LOK gun rail for added convenience and versatility.

  • Heavy-duty and reliable
  • Manufactured with some of the most sturdy materials available
  • Carbine Length gas system
  • 1-10 barrel twist rate
  • Chambering in 7.62x39mm may not be ideal for all shooters


7# CBC Industries AR-15 16 inch 7.62x39mm Complete Upper Receiver

CBC Industries AR-15 16 inch 7.62x39mm Complete Upper Receiver

View on OpticsPlanet

Want to purchase a top-quality AR-15 upper receiver that can handle anything you throw at it? Take a look at the CBC Industries AR-15 16-inch 7.62x39mm Complete Upper Receiver. This is built to last with a forged CNC Machined 7075-T6 Aluminum upper receiver and a 4150 Chrome Moly steel barrel with a 1:10 twist rate. It also comes with a detachable 15 CBC Gen ll Keymod rail for endless attachment options. Plus, the large rubber butt-pad is removable for your convenience. It even comes with a 6-position Buttstock Locking clip to ensure placement. So don’t wait any longer, pick up the CBC Industries AR-15 16-inch 7.62x39mm Complete Upper Receiver today!

Video review

  • Chrome Moly steel
  • The gas block is .750 low-profile
  • The upper receiver is forged CNC machined 7075-T6 aluminium
  • May not be compatible with other AR-15 parts


8# TRYBE Defense 16 inch 7.62x39mm AR-15 Complete Upper Receiver

TRYBE Defense 16 inch 7.62x39mm AR-15 Complete Upper Receiver

View on OpticsPlanet

The TRYBE Defense AR-15 16″ Upper Receiver is the perfect choice for anyone looking to build a high-quality AR rifle. Featuring a durable 4140 CMV steel barrel with 5R rifling and a 1:10″ twist, a 15″ M-LOK free float rail, an A2 flash hider, and a mil-spec charging handle, this upper receiver has everything you need to take your AR to the next level. Don’t settle for less than the best – pick up the TRYBE Defense AR-15 16″ Upper Receiver and enjoy shooting your AR with confidence.

  • Durable 4140 CMV steel barrel with 5R rifling
  • MIL-SPEC charging handle
  • Bolt Carrier Group Included
  • The barrel may be too short for some users


9# Jacob Grey Firearms 7.62x39mm Complete Upper Assembly

Jacob Grey Firearms 7.62x39mm Complete Upper Assembly

View on OpticsPlanet

If you are looking for a versatile and reliable upper assembly for your AR-15, then you need to check out the Jacob Grey Firearms 7.62x39mm Complete Upper Assembly. This upper assembly is designed to work with the 7.62x39mm round, which is becoming increasingly popular among shooters. The JG-47 Upper receiver features a reinforced extractor on the BCG bolt, making it more reliable and durable than other upper assemblies on the market. Additionally, the Jacob Grey Firearms 7.62x39mm Complete Upper Assembly comes with a standard A2 front sight base, making it easy to install and use.

  • Easy to install
  • Features a No-forward assist function
  • Includes the JG 7075 billet machined aluminium dust cover
  • May seem expensive for some


10# Jacob Grey Firearms Ultralight 7.62x39mm Complete Upper Assembly

Jacob Grey Firearms Ultralight 7.62x39mm Complete Upper Assembly

View on OpticsPlanet

Jacob Grey Ultralight Complete Upper Assembly is a sleek, lightweight, and custom AR-15 complete upper assembly. This top-of-the-line AR-15 upper is designed with the next generation of shooters in mind, with features like a 7075-T6 billet receiver that is machined and cut to reduce weight and wear. The free float 7-sided M-LOK handguard leaves plenty of room for customization and accessory add-ons, while the 4150 chrome-moly steel barrel is chambered in 7.62x39mm with a 1:10 twist rate. Don’t sacrifice style or function with your AR-15 – get the best of both worlds with the Jacob Grey Ultralight Complete Upper Assembly.

  • Reinforced to reduce wear
  • Individually headspace to the Carpenter 158 bolt
  • Black Nitride finish on all metal parts for corrosion resistance and smooth shooting
  • Compatible with most aftermarket/OEM handguards
  • May not be compatible with all AR-15 Lower Receivers
  • May be too heavy for some shooters


Popular Troubleshoots 😎

There are a few potential issues that can arise when using an upper on an AR-15-style rifle. Here are some common problems and possible solutions:

🟣 Feeding Issues: The tapered, rimmed 7.62x39mm cartridges can have feeding problems in AR platforms originally designed for straight-walled 5.56mm rounds. This can result in jamming, misfeeds, and failure to extract. Using an enhanced bolt carrier group and magazines specifically designed for 7.62x39mm can improve reliability. The magazine and upper receiver may also need minor fitting for optimum performance.
🟣 Extraction Issues: The shape of 7.62x39mm cases can cause extra friction during extraction. This is exacerbated by the location of the AR-15 ejection port. An oversized ejection port, possibly with additional tuning, is often needed to ensure smooth extraction and ejection of spent 7.62x39mm brass.
🟣 Broken Extractors: Standard AR-15 extractors are often not robust enough for continual 7.62x39mm use. Replacing them with heavy-duty 7.62x39mm-specific extractors reduces the chance of breakage. O-ring reinforced extractors can also help.
🟣 Gas System Issues: Since 7.62x39mm operates at lower pressures than 5.56mm, it may not reliably cycle some AR actions without adjustments. An adjustable gas block, heavier buffer, or lighter action spring may be required to ensure proper functioning.
🟣 Magazine Wobble: The loose fit of 7.62x39mm in standard AR-15 magazines can allow the rounds to move and wobble excessively while firing. Aftermarket magazines with proper dimensioning for 7.62x39mm help feed the round more smoothly.


Can I put a 7.62 x 39 upper on any lower?
When it comes to pairing this upper with a lower, it is crucial to ensure compatibility for optimal functionality and safety. Typically, the 7.62 x 39 Upper can fit on any standard AR-15 lower receiver, thanks to their interchangeable nature. This allows for a quick and easy switch from a .223/5.56 to a 7.62 x 39 calibre, greatly enhancing the flexibility of the firearm.

Moreover, this compatibility offers shooters the ability to utilize the 7.62 x 39 cartridge’s superior stopping power and effective range for various shooting applications, including hunting, self-defence, and target shooting.

However, it is always recommended to verify this information with the manufacturer or a firearms professional, as there can be exceptions based on specific models or brands. Taking the time to ensure proper compatibility will not only optimize performance but also provide peace of mind when using the firearm.

What are the advantages of 7.62 x39 Upper?

✴️ Utilizing this upper in your AR-15 platform offers several significant advantages, each contributing to a unique shooting experience. Firstly, the standout characteristic of the 7.62×39 cartridge is its remarkable stopping power.

The larger calibre of this round compared to the standard 5.56x45mm NATO gives it superior kinetic energy upon impact. ➡️ This translates into more substantial terminal ballistics, making it an excellent choice for hunting applications, particularly for medium-sized games.

✴️ Another notable advantage is the versatility that the upper brings to your AR-15. This cartridge supports a wide variety of bullet types and weights, from soft-point and hollow-point for hunting to full metal jackets for target shooting.➡️  This adaptability allows you to tailor your ammunition selection to suit the intended purpose, whether it’s precision shooting or rapid-fire scenarios.

✴️ Cost-effectiveness is also a strong point in favour of the 7.62×39 upper. Ammunition for this calibre is often more affordable than some of the alternatives, such as .223 or .308. ➡️ This affordability enables enthusiasts to engage in more extended shooting sessions and training without the financial burden often associated with shooting larger calibres.

✴️ Additionally, this upper seamlessly integrates with the AR-15 platform. You can easily attach it to your existing lower receiver, retaining compatibility with your preferred trigger, stock, and accessories. ➡️ This adaptability allows you to leverage the familiarity and comfort of your AR-15 while enjoying the advantages of a more powerful cartridge.

What should I consider when buying a 7.62 x39 Upper?

When purchasing an upper, several factors should be considered to ensure you invest in the right component that best suits your requirements.

🔘 The primary consideration should be the type of shooting you intend to do. If you intend to shoot at close quarters, a shorter barrel upper might be more suitable due to its enhanced manoeuvrability. However, for long-range shooting, opt for a long barrel upper, as it provides greater accuracy over extended distances.

🔘 The type of handguard you choose should correspond with your intended use as well. For instance, if you plan on attaching multiple accessories to your firearm, a Quad Rail Handguard Upper may be the best choice for you. This provides ample space for customization, allowing you to tailor your setup according to your specific needs. Conversely, a Free Float Handguard Upper may be a better option if you’re seeking improved accuracy as it reduces potential disruptions from interference with the barrel.

🔘 Another important factor to consider is the quality of the upper. The construction and design quality can significantly affect its reliability and performance. Try to seek out uppers made from durable materials and designed to withstand repeated use. Additionally, consider the reputation of the manufacturer and read reviews from other users when determining the quality of  Upper.

🔘 Lastly, consider the compatibility of the upper with your existing lower. While most of them will fit any standard AR-15 lower, it’s always a good idea to confirm this with the manufacturer or a firearms professional to avoid any potential issues.

What does a complete upper consist of?

A complete upper typically consists of several key components that work together to ensure the overall functionality and performance of the firearm. These components include the upper receiver, which houses the bolt carrier group and the charging handle. The bolt carrier group itself is a vital component, consisting of the bolt carrier, the bolt, and the firing pin.

The barrel is another integral part of the complete upper, directly impacting the firearm’s accuracy and range. The length and twist rate of the barrel can vary, affecting the bullet’s velocity and stability.

Additionally, the complete upper includes a handguard, which protects the user’s hand from the heat generated by firing and offers a place to mount accessories like sights, lights, and grips.

Lastly, the complete upper consists of a muzzle device, like a flash suppressor or muzzle brake, which can help control recoil and muzzle rise, and in some cases, reduce the firearm’s noise signature.

How to change the upper on my AR?

Changing the upper on an AR-style firearm is a fairly straightforward process that can be done with minimal tools. However, it is essential to take safety precautions throughout the procedure. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. ✅ Clear your Firearm: First, make sure your firearm is unloaded. Remove the magazine and check the chamber to ensure it’s clear.
  2. ✅ Remove the Existing Upper: Locate the two takedown pins on your AR lower receiver. These are typically found on the left side of the receiver. Push these pins out from left to right. Once the pins are removed, the upper receiver should separate from the lower receiver.
  3. ✅ Attach the New Upper: Align the new upper receiver with the lower receiver. The holes in the upper receiver should line up with the holes in the lower receiver where the takedown pins were removed. Once aligned, insert the takedown pins from right to left.
  4. ✅ Check Functionality: After the new upper is installed, it’s vital to check the functionality of the firearm. Cycle the bolt a few times and pull the trigger (with the firearm pointing in a safe direction) to ensure everything is working as it should.

Remember, if you’re ever unsure or uncomfortable performing these steps, it’s best to seek help from a professional. It’s crucial that changes to your firearm are done correctly to ensure safety and functionality.

Conclusion 🤩

The 7.62 X39 Upper is a versatile and adaptable firearm component that offers users a range of options to match their specific needs and preferences. Its compatibility with the popular 7.62x39mm cartridge, combined with the various configurations available, makes it a preferred choice among firearm enthusiasts.

Configurations range from standard and short barrel uppers for balance and close-quarter tactical advantages, to long barrel uppers for precision at greater distances, the upper caters to all shooting requirements. Enhanced with features like the free float and quad rail handguards for improved accuracy and customization, the upper stands out in its class.

However, like any firearm component, it necessitates regular cleaning and maintenance for optimal performance and longevity.

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4 months ago

I have a 7.62 upper. I bought it 5 years ago. It is accurate, and extremely reliable too. Never any problems.

    4 months ago

    The post is great! I just ordered one upper from your list and the magazine. I will get the firing pin later. I just started with the AR platform

      4 months ago

      Greetings to everyone! What type of optics are recommended for a 7.62×39 upper?

        4 months ago
        Reply to  Lifer

        The choice of optics for a 7.62×39 upper, just like with any AR-15 platform, depends on your intended use and personal preferences. Here are some considerations and recommended optics for different purposes:

        🔷 Red Dot Sights: Red dot sights are a popular choice for 7.62×39 uppers, especially for close to intermediate range shooting. They offer rapid target acquisition and are parallax-free, making them excellent for fast-paced shooting scenarios, such as home defense or 3-gun competitions.

        🔷 Holographic Sights: Holographic sights are similar to red dot sights but provide a different reticle display. They offer a clear, consistent aiming point and are known for their durability. They are suitable for both close-quarters and mid-range shooting.

        🔷 Variable Magnification Scopes: For those who want to shoot at longer distances, a variable magnification scope (e.g., 3-9x, 4-12x) provides the ability to zoom in on distant targets. This is particularly useful for precision shooting or hunting where accuracy at extended ranges is crucial.

        🔷 Night Vision or Thermal Optics: If you plan to use your 7.62×39 upper for nighttime shooting or in low-light conditions, consider night vision or thermal optics. These specialized optics allow you to see and engage targets in complete darkness.

        🔷 Backup Iron Sights (BUIS): Regardless of your primary optic choice, it’s a good idea to have a set of flip-up or co-witnessed iron sights as backup. They can be invaluable in case your primary optic fails or if you need to engage targets at very close range.

          4 months ago

          I’m considering purchasing a complete AR upper assembly chambered in 7.62x39mm and would greatly appreciate recommendations on reputable brands to explore. Additionally, I’m looking for guidance on which brand of 7.62x39mm AR magazines to invest in for reliable performance.

          I’m also curious about the compatibility of steel-case ammunition with a direct-impingement (DI) AR system. Any insights or suggestions regarding whether steel-case ammo will function reliably in this setup would be greatly appreciated.

          Thank you in advance for any valuable suggestions or comments you can provide.

            Ben Srtesr
            Ben Srtesr
            4 months ago
            Reply to  Dave

            I’ve noticed that 7.62×39 ARs often encounter a range of problems, including issues with magazines and ammunition compatibility. However, I’ve found that PWS consistently delivers reliable performance in this caliber, and they are one of the few manufacturers I trust for 7.62×39 AR platforms.

            Additionally, there are a handful of boutique manufacturers like Maxim Defense that produce high-quality 7.62x39mm ARs. These manufacturers prioritize precision and reliability, offering enthusiasts reliable options in this caliber.

              4 months ago
              Reply to  Dave

              I own several AR pattern 7.62×39 guns, including PSA and PWS models. I’ve experimented with various setups, and it’s been a lot of fun. I’m inclined to agree that PWS is the most logical choice, mainly because it replicates the piston concept of the rifle the caliber was originally designed for (the AK). However, I’ve found that the potential weak points are often the lower receiver and the magazines it’s paired with.

                4 months ago

                Good day! Can I use a suppressor with a 7.62×39 upper?

                  4 months ago
                  Reply to  Leo

                  ✅ Yes, you can typically use a suppressor (also known as a silencer) with a 7.62×39 upper, just as you would with other AR-15 upper assemblies.
                  ✔️ To use a suppressor, your 7.62×39 upper must have a threaded barrel. Most suppressors attach to the muzzle of the firearm via threads, so you’ll need the appropriate threading on your barrel to accommodate the suppressor.
                  ✔️ Ensure that the suppressor you intend to use is rated for the 7.62×39 caliber. Different suppressors are designed for specific calibers, and using the wrong one can lead to safety issues and reduced effectiveness.