There are no unnecessary trifles in the optics unit and its mounting equipment, as everything operates as one integrated system.

Best Scope Rings - Editor's Choice

Precise shooting depends on high-quality optics and proper adjustment. Without correctly fitting to size rings it is impossible to align the scope with the rifle.

Why do we need scope rings?

There are low, medium, and high scope rings. The correctly chosen size of the ring influences reliable scope performance and comfort adjustment while clearing the rifle barrel and receiver. The scope rings of some brands may need lapping to enhance surface contact between the scope tube and ring, and ensure proper alignment, but for high-quality ones it’s unnecessary.

Best Scope Rings For The Money | Best Rifle Scope Rings

Vortex Precision Matched Riflescope RingsVortexBUY
Leupold Standard Riflescope RingsLeupoldBUY
Vortex Tactical 30mm Riflescope RingVortexBUY
Leupold PRW2 Riflescope RingsLeupoldBUY
Vortex Hunter Riflescope RingsVortexBUY
Seekins Precision 30mm Tube Riflescope RingsSeekins PrecisionBUY
Leapers UTG Max Strength LE Grade Quick Detach Picatinny Riflescope RingsLeapers UTGBUY
MDT Premier Scope RingsMDTBUY
Browning Riflescope RingsBrowningBUY
Sig Sauer Alpha Stainless Steel Hunting Riflescope RingsSig SauerBUY
Talley Tactical Riflescope RingsTalleyBUY
Trijicon 30 mm Steel AccuPoint Riflescope RingsTrijiconBUY
Leupold Mark 4 Riflescope RingsLeupoldBUY
Steiner T-Series Riflescope RingsSteinerBUY
Wheeler Engineering Picatinny Rail Scope RingsWheeler EngineeringBUY
Seekins Precision 1in Tube Riflescope RingsSeekins PrecisionBUY
Badger Ordnance MAX-50 Riflescope RingBadgerBUY
Warne Mountain Tech 34mm, Matte Scope Mount RingsWarne Mountain TechBUY
Steiner H-Series Lightweight Riflescope Ring, 30mmSteinerBUY
American Defense Manufacturing Riflescope RingsAmerican Defense ManufacturingBUY
Thompson Center 1 Piece Scope Mount Ring Combo, 1in MediumThompson CenterBUY
Leupold 177093 Mark AR Integral Mounting System 1-Pc Base & 1in Ring ComboLeupoldBUY
Burris AR-PEPR Tactical Riflescope Rings with MountBurrisBUY

#1 Vortex Precision Matched Riflescope Rings

Vortex Precision Matched Riflescope Rings

A pair of precision matched rings with rugged Grade 8 fasteners, 7075 T6 billet aluminum, and included Torx wrench will help to mount a rifle scope or flashlight on the firearm. There are 14 models of Vortex rings with different attachment types (Picatinny, Weaver), ring heights (low, medium, high), and tube diameters (35, 34, 30 mm, 1 in). These rings operate with Picatinny mounts with .0005 tolerance, reached due to the Computer Numeric Controlled mill.

What I liked:
  • Sturdy and lightweight (2.8 oz);
  • Solid construction;
  • No lapping: ready to use out of the box;
  • Scratch-resistant;
  • Vortex Warranty;
  • Easy to install.
What I didn’t like:
  • Price.

#2 Leupold Standard Riflescope Rings

Leupold Standard Riflescope Rings

The Leupold Standard (STD) Rings ensure to hold tight standard-size scope or flashlight, easily match up with STD 1-Piece and 2-Piece Bases. These Extension Ring kits provide 5/8 inches of extra regulation to lengthen or shorten ring spacing on rifles. This pair of rings is produced of forged machined steel, coming with a dovetail mount type.

What I liked:
  • Windage regulable;
  • While bullet dropping at long ranges, the rings compensate this, ensuring a built-in elevation 15-MOA slope;
  • Reasonable price;
  • Standart ring set fits all Leupold systems;
  • Lock screws are included;
  • Rings are wide and ensure reliable grip;
  • Following the instructions, fast and easy installation.
  • Warranty;
  • Made in the USA.
What I didn’t like:
  • A bit heavy.

#3 Vortex Tactical 30mm Riflescope Ring

Vortex Tactical 30mm Riflescope Ring

Tactical Riflescope Ring with 30-mm tube diameter, comes with mount and base and can be installed on both Weaver and Picatinny type rails. These Vortex riflescope rings are crafted from 6061-T6 Aircraft Grade aluminum with a matte finish, designed in 5 models: for low position, medium height, high position, extra-high positions for lower or absolute 1/3 co-witness on AR15.

What I liked:
  • Unlimited Lifetime Warranty;
  • Come with install tool and Torx screws;
  • Good value for the money;
  • Eliminates scope movement;
  • Can always find something to tighten or loosen on the rail.
What I didn’t like:
  • Made in China.

#4 Leupold PRW2 Riflescope Rings

Leupold PRW2 Riflescope Rings

To install scopes the Leupold Picatinny mounting bases or QRW bases can be used. Constant cross-slot stability is provided due to the proven steel rings cross-slot design, ensuring easy matching up with cross-slot bases.

What I liked:
  • Solid support;
  • Perfect fit;
  • Precision machined and nice finish;
  • While mounting the scope, rings don’t twist the scope, when you tighten them down.
What I didn’t like:
  • Heavy;
  • Poor alignment.

#5 Vortex Hunter Riflescope Rings

Vortex Hunter Riflescope Rings

A pair of Vortex riflescope rings are crafted of aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum with a matte finish. The rings are equipped with bases and mounts and can be mounted on Weaver or Picatinny type rails.

What I liked:
  • Inexpensive;
  • Unlimited Lifetime Warranty;
  • Easy return process and installation;
  • Lightweight, but solid;
  • Can use a quarter to loosen or tighten mount screws, and holds a zero.
What I didn’t like:
  • Doesn’t have flip levers to tighten the rings;
  • Not high enough for scope objective bell;
  • Loose on rail;
  • Only one screw per cap;
  • The Picatinny attachment system is poorly designed.

#6 Seekins Precision 30mm Tube Riflescope Rings

Seekins Precision 30mm Tube Riflescope Rings

Precision Riflescope rings, with 30-mm tube diameter, are outfitted with a center lug, machined directly into the bottom; this construction is more durable than cross bolt lug. These rings ensure always reliable fastening, without stripping out after being tightened. Seekins scope rings are flawlessly CNC machined of 7075-T6 Billet, coated with hard anodized finish (Type III, Class 2), and come with Grade 8 T25 Torx screws, and Slim Line clamps.

What I liked:
  • Center lug machined into place;
  • One of the lowest profile among existing rings;
  • Good weight for size;
  • Simple instructions;
  • Great fit no lapping needed;
  • Solid with perfect machining;
  • Mounting type is 1913 Picatinny Mil-Spec;
  • Serialized well-constructed pairs.
What I didn’t like:
  • A bit larger than some other brands.

#7 Leapers UTG Max Strength LE Grade Quick Detach Picatinny Riflescope Rings

Leapers UTG Max Strength LE Grade Quick Detach Picatinny Riflescope Rings

Leapers Quick Detach Riflescope Rings are designed for a Picatinny style rail, but medium height rings can fit duly when mounting them over the receiver as well. Reliable 6-screw medium-profile Dragon rings with fully adjustable lock lever to fit on any Picatinny Rail, ensuring repeatable positive locking. Leapers’ rings are made of precision machined from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy with anodized coating and a black matte finish. Leapers used a protective synthetic tape of high quality on the internal surface of rings.

What I liked:
  • Solid scope hold;
  • Affordable;
  • The best re-zero performance and tight tolerance control;
  • Field-tested and approved by Law Enforcement;
  • Quick Detach is ergonomic, hard-duty, and user-friendly;
  • Simple to install and well-built.
What I didn’t like:
  • Сan come loose when unlocking riflescope when the locking levers are in the open position;
  • Screw material;
  • Not a real Picatinny size;
  • Ring Height is a little higher than normal; get a low one in the 6 screw QD if medium is needed.

#8 MDT Premier Scope Rings

MDT Premier Scope Rings

These scope rings were checked with CMM to 1.5-inch millionths tolerance. MDT machined the rings from Billet 6061 Aluminum and outfitted them with four oversized Grade 8 (#8-32) fasteners, necessary for clamping the scope. Due to the stepped base-to-cap connection, the fasteners can be tightened on one side, before customizing the final riflescope alignment.

What I liked:
  • No need to be lapped;
  • Meets to STANAG 4694 specification (NATO spec): rings fit tight to the scope base rail top, passing applied pressure to the angled rail surfaces underside, to support a rigid interface;
  • Fitting on out-of-spec rails is possible due to MDT construction as well;
  • Can be mounted to scope base rails, crafted to both the MIL-STD and STANAG specs.
  • STANAG attachment method improves the connection reliability, enhancing alignment repeatability.
What I didn’t like:
  • A bit difficult to make the riflescope to “stay level”, when tightening the screws down;
  • Expensive.

#9 Browning Riflescope Rings

Browning Riflescope Rings

Browning offers rings, mounts, and bases in the set. The riflescope rings are presented in 19 models with high, standard, and intermediate heights for 1″ and 30″ tube diameters, made mostly from steel, and some from alloy. Browning rings are compatible with the X-Lock bases for X-bolt rifles, and the 2-piece scope bases for BAR, A-Bolt. Browning developed a tough vertically-split with oversize hardware to provide simple installation and additional durability.

What I liked:
  • Good fit and look;
  • Lightweight and secure.
What I didn’t like:
  • Had to modify the slots in the base;
  • Rings are not well-built without logo;
  • False advertising.

#10 Sig Sauer Alpha Stainless Steel Hunting Riflescope Rings

Sig Sauer Alpha Stainless Steel Hunting Riflescope Rings

Sig Sauer produced hunting rings from proprietary machined stainless-steel alloy, featuring ductility and durability to ensure a perfect fit around a scope without damaging it under correct fitting. The steel rings are resistant to tough weather conditions, cleaning solutions, gun oils, and oxidation due to the epoxy powder coating.

What I liked:
  • Hold the scope tight and in place without slipping due to the recoil;
  • Very sturdy and mounted without issues;
  • Stylish and clean machining.
What I didn’t like:
  • California’s Proposition 65;
  • Screws are broken at less than recommended torque;
  • Ring top is thin material, cannot be used on tactical weapon;
  • Bad threads and raised ridges.

#11 Talley Tactical Riflescope Rings

Talley Tactical Riflescope Rings

Talley designed a wide range of tactical rings in 19 models (Dark Earth and Black colors), with high, medium, and low ring heights for 1″, 30″, 34″ tube diameters. These rings are crafted from solid machined 7075 T6 alloy with Cerakote finish, and stainless-steel fasteners. Riflescope Rings fit any mil-spec 1913 Picatinny rails.

What I liked:
  • Solid Mounting;
  • Cerakote finish makes the rings more durable, improving their resistance to wear and corrosion;
  • Strong to maintain zero and handle repeated high caliber recoil;
  • Stable scope platform.
What I didn’t like:
  • Poor machining;
  • A bit pricey;
  • Odd crossbones design;
  • Far below the quality of similarly priced rings.

#12 Trijicon 30 mm Steel AccuPoint Riflescope Rings

Trijicon 30 mm Steel AccuPoint Riflescope Rings

Trijicon produced Riflescope Rings from heavy-duty steel with parkerized finish, coming with four Torx head top screws, to withstand harsh recoil and thought operational conditions. These rings with 30-mm tube are available in 4 models for Standard TR107, Intermediate TR108, or Extra High TR109 ring heights.

What I liked:
  • Solid rings work flawlessly;
  • Trijicon name.
What I didn’t like:
  • Made by PRI.

#13 Leupold Mark 4 Riflescope Rings

Leupold Mark 4 Riflescope Rings

Riflescope Rings, made from rigid aircraft-grade aluminum, come with AR-15/M16 handle mount, Flat Top Mounting Bracket (CQ/T), A.R.M.S. throw lever mount, and the innovative 8-40 screws. These rings fit a 50-mm objective riflescope in any Picatinny rails. Leupold developed a spline-and-slot cross design for Mark 4 scope rings to mount tightly in place despite increased rifle recoil.

What I liked:
  • No stressed screws due to the tighter tolerances and superb integrity;
  • Lightweight;
  • Sturdy and well-designed;
  • Quality and nice looking.
What I didn’t like:
  • A little too tall.

#14 Steiner T-Series Riflescope Rings

Steiner T-Series Riflescope Rings

Steiner Rings guarantee to be the reliable base of an accurate tactical shooting system to provide exact optical alignment. The T-Series rings, due to a rear ring bubble level, ensure maximum stability. There are 8 models of Steiner Riflescope rings with some ring heights (low, medium, high, extra high), and tube diameters (34 and 30 mm).

What I liked:
  • The Steiner Heritage Warranty: valid in U.S. and Canada only on items produced since 2014;
  • Lightweight;
  • Heavy-duty with stylish design;
  • Built-in level;
  • Fit great and hold the scope securely;
  • Easy to get the scope level with the small gaps on the sides.
What I didn’t like:
  • High cost;
  • Scope level hard to see;
  • The torque is a bit high on the bottom nut, so it’s difficult to strip the heads on the rings because of the larger screw heads.

#15 Wheeler Engineering Picatinny Rail Scope Rings

Wheeler Engineering Picatinny Rail Scope Rings

Wheeler offers 8 models of Riflescope rings with 3 types of ring heights (low, medium, and high), and different tube diameters (34, 30 mm, and 1in). These rings are constructed from 6061 aluminum with a flat top on them, which is convenient to use for leveling.

What I liked:
  • Sturdiness;
  • Good clamping and holding;
  • Well-built and take abuse.
What I didn’t like:
  • Can fit not well, after putting rings on and tighten them, they are still loose;
  • Head screws instead of torch;
  • After some use, opening them, all the steel parts had rust on the ring and little scratches like they return;
  • Screws and a cross-bolt break even under usual use while following torque specifications;
  • The little level is useless: not precise at all.

#16 Seekins Precision 1in Tube Riflescope Rings

Seekins Precision 1in Tube Riflescope Rings

Seekins designed scope rings with a 1-in tube, 0.76-in ring height, and 8in-wide with a 4-screw cap, ensuring more surface area for clamping. Serialized pairs of machined riflescope rings, made from 7075-T6 aluminum with a black matte finish, can be mounted on either Weaver or Picatinny rails.

What I liked:
  • Snag-free due to the smooth rings’ edges;
  • Corrosion-resistant;
  • Durable non-glare finish due to Anodized Hardcoat (Type III);
  • Lightweight;
  • Fit into the rail perfectly.
What I didn’t like:
  • None yet.

#17 Badger Ordnance MAX-50 Riflescope Ring

Badger Ordnance MAX-50 Riflescope Ring

Badger Ordnance developed a heavy-duty mounting ring with 6 Torx screws (#8-40) to spread the load and ensure the maximum holding power, reducing the riflescope break. The MAX-50 scope rings are manufactured from aluminum alloy or steel, providing a secure mounting platform for holding zero.

What I liked:
  • Corrosion-resistance coating;
  • Sturdiness;
  • Take the recoil well: help reduce felt recoil.
What I didn’t like:
  • As rings are steel, they are heavy.

#18 Warne Mountain Tech 34mm, Matte Scope Mount Rings

Warne Mountain Tech 34mm, Matte Scope Mount Rings

These Scope CNC machined Rings are crafted from 7075-T6 aluminum to be mounted on lightweight and durable platforms: fit both Picatinny and Weaver-style mounting bases. Warne Mountain Tech precision 34-mm rings come with Mil-Spec tactical nut attachments for securely clamping to the rail.

What I liked:
  • Hold tight;
  • Corrosion- and abrasion- resistance is provided with mil-spec hard coat anodized finish;
  • “Element Proof” protection due to the stainless-steel hardware;
  • NATO-STANAG compatible;
  • Quality and well-built.
What I didn’t like:
  • None yet.

#19 Steiner H-Series Lightweight Riflescope Ring

Steiner H-Series Lightweight Riflescope Ring, 30mm

This H-Series Riflescope Ring has the same peculiarity as all Steiner’s rings: there is a bubble level on the rear ring to provide accuracy of the whole shooting system. There are 3 models of Steiner 30-mm rings available, varying in height and weight.

What I liked:
  • Lightweight Construction, heavy-duty;
  • Holds zero without any movement in the rings;
  • Has the torque specs;
  • Ensure exact optical alignment;
  • Stylish Design.
What I didn’t like:
  • None yet.

#20 American Defense Manufacturing Riflescope Rings

American Defense Manufacturing Riflescope Rings

A pair of Riflescope Rings are made from 6061-T6 Aluminum, having a hard coat Mil-Spec Anodized finish (type 3). American Defense Manufacturing offers 16 rings models with various tube diameters (40, 36, 35, 34, 32, 30 mm, and 1in), in two finish colors: Flat Dark Earth, Black.

What I liked:
  • Modular and fit most of the bases;
  • Available 36-mm rings, which are usually difficult to find;
  • Quality and sleek.
What I didn’t like:
  • None yet.

BONUS 1: Thompson Center 1 Piece Scope Mount Ring Combo

Thompson Center 1 Piece Scope Mount Ring Combo, 1in Medium

Thompson developed Mount Ring to provide the rifle with optimal scope placement, including necessary mounting hardware. This mount machined, anodized billet aluminum combo comes with a one-piece medium Scope Base and 2 rings on it. There are 3 models Scope Mount Ring Combo with black finishing, varying height (high, medium), and tube diameter (30mm, 1in).

What I liked:
  • Lightweight;
  • Machined, anodized billet aluminum;
  • Easy and fast installation;
  • Strong and take some abuse;
  • Compatible with rifle platforms: T/C Impact, T/C Encore, T/C Omega, and T/C Triumph.
What I didn’t like:
  • None yet.

BONUS 2: Leupold 177093 Mark AR Integral Mounting System

Leupold 177093 Mark AR Integral Mounting System 1-Pc Base & 1in Ring Combo

A pair of black matte aluminum mounts for the AR platform consists of a one-piece Base and two in 1 rings combo. This Leupold Mark mounting system is designed to withstand severe operating conditions and rigid recoil.

What I liked:
  • The riflescope will be solid and true to zero;
  • Secure holding ensures 5 bolt design;
  • Precise machining;
  • Punisher is Verified and duly Tested;
  • Custom-fit;
  • Lightweight due to the aluminum construction.
What I didn’t like:
  • A bit expensive;
  • Missing screws.

BONUS 3: Burris AR-PEPR Tactical Riflescope Rings

Burris AR-PEPR Tactical Riflescope Rings with Mount

Burris ensures the AR-PEPR mounting system will fit either the largest or the longest optics reliably to any AR rifle on ring top Picatinny bases. These 2-inches Tactical Riflescope single-unit ring base with forward scope positioning allows getting a full overview field and superb eye relief from strong recoil.

What I liked:
  • Burris Forever Warranty;
  • Ready to duly eye position;
  • Fast Detach options;
  • Returns to zero;
  • Good alignment;
  • Two sets of top pieces. One with, and one without the rail sections;
  • Lightweight;
  • Good fit and finish.
What I didn’t like:
  • California’s Proposition 65;
  • Made in China.


Do scope rings matter?
Mounting rings are important for scope, as they are an optical system integral connection to the firing unit. Quality rings provide the scope and rifle with the duly alignment. Poorly made rings can make the general performance worse or even damage the scope.
How many inch-pounds do you tighten scope rings?
It is better to follow the supplied instructions to reach the exact torque setting. Usually, the mounting screws should be tightened with an adjustable torque wrench from 15 to 18 inch-pounds; 16 inches for ring cap screws, 30 inches for base screws.
Do you really need to lap scope rings?
Lapping is necessary to reach better performance: between the scope tube and ring can be increased the surface contact, and between the scope rings make duly alignment.
What size scope rings do I need for a 40mm scope?
For scope with 40-mm outside objective diameter (1.574 inches) .270 inches ring height for 1 Inch tubes is necessary, objective lens should be close to the barrel.
What happens if you over tighten scope rings?
Don’t hold the top of the ring cap screws to the bottom half of the ring, as overtightening can cause scope tube deformation (1” tubes can loosen, resulting in the erector system instability).
Should you put Loctite on scope rings?
According to the rings and mount manufacturers’ recommendations, it’s not necessary to use Loctite. But it’s possible for rings made of steel or aluminum, or depending on screw shape.
Do vortex scope rings need to be lapped?
As the Vortex rings are high quality, there is no need to be lapped.
Do I need medium or high scope rings?
To keep the objective lens of scopes close to the barrel low or medium rings can be used, although too low rings can’t mount the scope properly. Too high rings are not good for consistency, it’s inconvenient not to put a face to the cheek-piece. It is better to use rings, which after mounting on the scope, give to clear the rifle barrel or receiver.


Proper alignment, withstanding harsh recoil, tight-fitting, holding zero, having the torque specs, quality material are all these “want-to-have” features should be included in the mounting part – rifle scope ring, and in the end influence the main aim – precise shooting. It’s important to define correctly needed ring height and tube diameter. American Defense Manufacturing offers comparatively rare 36-mm rings at the market. Just stick with your budget and choose the scope rings from the reviewed list.

  • Best pick:

Vortex Precision Matched Riflescope Rings. A pair of these scratch-resistant rings has a solid construction, but lightweight as well.
Vortex ensures good work without the necessity of lapping and offers a Warranty.

  • Budget Pick:

Leupold Standard Riflescope Rings – these Extension Ring kits provide 5/8 inches of extra regulation to lengthen or shorten ring spacing on rifles. Rings ensure reliable grip due to their width.

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