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Firearms don’t stand frivolity about the basic aspects of safely storing and maintaining your pistol in a home with children. The best way to safely carry a weapon with you is to use a high-quality, reliable pistol lock.

Best Trigger Lock - Editor's Choice
In the next article, we will list the most popular types of pistol locks used by law enforcement officers and ordinary citizens to always be both safe and keep their pistols under control at the same time.

Trigger Lock Review | Best Gun Lock

Identilock GLK-A1 Biometric Trigger LockIdentilockBUY
Remington Trigger Block Keyed AlikeRemingtonBUY
Bison L1 Finger Trigger LockBisonBUY
Bulldog Cases & Vaults Trigger LockBulldog Cases & VaultsBUY
Bison L2 Biometric Fingerprint Trigger LockBisonBUY
DAC Technologies Winchester Keyed Trigger LockDAC TechnologiesBUY
Allen ALC Trigger Gun Lock Single KeyedAllen ALCBUY
Firearm Safety Devices Keyed Trigger LockFirearm Safety DevicesBUY
DAC Technologies Winchester Single 1 PK Trigger LockDAC TechnologiesBUY
Identilock SPR-C1 Biometric Fingerprint Trigger LockIdentilockBUY
Trigger Lock 3 Code Password Gun LockSURBUY
Mizzuco Trigger LockMizzucoBUY
Identilock GLK-A1 Biometric Trigger LockIdentilockBUY
DAC Technologies Triple Pack Metal Trigger LockDAC TechnologiesBUY
California DOJ-Approved Combination Trigger LockFSDCBUY

#1 Identilock GLK-A1 Biometric Trigger Lock

Identilock GLK-A1 Biometric Trigger Lock


Color: Black
Lock Type: Biometric

A biometric lock is a guarantee of peace of mind for the owners of the house if they store firearms for protection purposes. The patented lock from the IDENTILOCK company has a 360-degree fingerprint recognition function, so in case of danger, you can quickly access your firearm in just a matter of seconds.Thanks to the rechargeable lithium-ion battery, this biometric lock’s trigger lock will work perfectly offline for more than six months. The innovative and adaptive IDENTOLOCK GLK-A1 trigger lock for Glock pistols will give you peace of mind and a sense of security for years to come.

Video review

  • Type-C USB Charging Port;
  • 360 Degree Fingerprint Recognition;
  • LED Indicators;
  • Quality issues.

#2 Remington Trigger Block Keyed Alike

Remington Trigger Block Keyed Alike


Color: Black
Material: Hardened Steel
Quantity: 3
Included Accessories: 2 Keys

This set of biometric locks is an extremely reliable tool for locking your firearms. Only authorized owners of the weapon will be able to access it. Shooting and hunting accessories have specially designed this lock model to ensure maximum durability and safety. High-quality rubber inserts completely prevent scratches and damage. The set includes two identical keys. With this set of three trigger blocks, you will be able to protect your family and prevent strangers from activating your weapon.

  • 3 in a pack;
  • Durable construction;
  • Hardened steel center;
  • Slow shipment.

#3 Bison L1 Finger Trigger Lock

Bison L1 Finger Trigger Lock

This model of a pistol lock is officially certified by the California Firearms Agency and has a design approved by the US Department of Justice. Astounding fingerprint reading speed of less than 0.3 seconds. Thanks to the use of unique fingerprint scanner technology, finger recognition is provided in a 360-degree range. The quick and easy addition of a user profile and the device memory for 10 user profiles ensures comfortable use. Thanks to the backup auxiliary control system, you can use the digital key to unlock it. Due to the special design, the wear time of the weapon surface is significantly increased. The pistol lock with a fingerprint reader Bizon, model L1, is waterproof and dustproof — it has IP65 class. Ideal for a variety of pistol models available on the market today. The fingerprint recognition error rate delivers just 0.001 percent.

Video review

  • Micro USB charging socket;
  • 10 fingerprints profiles;
  • 360-degree recognition;
  • Glock 17 compatibility issues.

#4 Bulldog Cases & Vaults Trigger Lock

Bulldog Cases & Vaults Trigger Lock


Model Header: Keyed Locks – 3 Pack
Master Model Header: Trigger Locks

The latest development of one of the best modern companies producing accessories and add-ons for firearms. Thanks to the improved design, the possibilities of use are significantly expanded in almost any conditions of combat. The patented design allows you to quickly and easily lock the lock, making your weapon inaccessible to unauthorized persons even in the most stressful situations.
The kit includes interchangeable keys that allow you to access the weapon even if the main key is lost. The use of the highest quality materials on the market today guarantees long-term and comfortable use.

  • 3-in-1 pack;
  • Durable construction;
  • High-density material;
  • Long-term using issues.

#5 Bison L2 Biometric Fingerprint Trigger Lock

Bison L2 Biometric Fingerprint Trigger Lock


Color: Black
Lock Type: Biometric
Battery Type: Stand Alone Lithium

Your weapon will be under complete control. The instant access hook provides the fastest possible access to the weapon in the event of an emergency. Thanks to the universal installation of the trigger fuses, the dimensions are only 2.67×1.37×0.70, so you can install this model of the lock on a wide range of weapon models. Unlocking occurs in just 0.3 seconds, and the error rate is only 0.001%. Biometric blocking occurs as quickly and reliably as possible. Easily programmable for 10 different users. If the built-in battery dies, the lock will operate from the backup butterfly key. The biometric pistol lock ensures the complete safety of the weapon in your home, providing almost instant unlocking.

Video review

  • Increased tensile strength;
  • Pick and drill resistant tumble key lock;
  • Smart reading;
  • Compatibility issues.

#6 DAC Technologies Winchester Keyed Trigger Lock

DAC Technologies Winchester Keyed Trigger Lock


Color: Silver
Material: Steel

The latest universal weapon lock model guarantees quick and hassle-free access to your pistol, even in the most stressful conditions. Thanks to the use of high-quality rubber, the coating of the gun remains intact even with extremely frequent use.
The manufacturer guaranteed long-term and comfortable use thanks to the use of the highest quality materials on the market today. The memory of the device stores up to 10 different profiles of gun owners, thanks to which the range of successful use is significantly expanded.

  • Stylish appearance;
  • Compatible with a broad range of firearms;
  • Rubber bumpers protect firearms finish;
  • Long-term-working issues.

#7 Allen ALC Trigger Gun Lock Single Keyed

Allen ALC Trigger Gun Lock Single Keyed

The Allen Pistol Lock is a reliable locking device that fits on the trigger in seconds and locks securely. You need a firearm to open the lock — just insert the supplied key, turn and the lock will open quickly and easily. Fully certified for use with most rifles, revolvers, and pistols. A spare key is supplied in the kit. Officially approved by the California Department of Justice, fully complies with section 12088 of the California Penal Code and all regulations issued under it.

  • Heavy-duty stiff bristles;
  • Reliable locking mechanism;
  • Comes with two keys;
  • Design issues.

#8 Firearm Safety Devices Keyed Trigger Lock

Firearm Safety Devices TL3050RKD Keyed Trigger Lock

The latest model of a lock for firearms from the most famous company in the world. Ensures that your gun is securely locked and quickly accessible when needed. Manufactured from high-quality materials to provide you with unique carrying comfort while using pistols, rifles, other gun types. Thanks to the patented mechanism, the correct functionality is guaranteed for many years.

  • Stylish appearance;
  • Versatile and reliable;
  • High-quality materials.;
  • No spare key.

#9 DAC Technologies Winchester Single 1 PK Trigger Lock

DAC Technologies Winchester Single 1 PK Trigger Lock

The latest model of the trigger lock from the world-famous Winchester company provides additional protection for the storage and transportation of firearms. The lock is compatible with most types of firearms. Not suitable for use with linkage or Derringer rifles. This model of the lock has TOP-quality rubber bumpers to protect the finish of your weapon from mechanical damage.

  • High-quality rubber bumpers;
  • Stylish silver color;
  • Progressive materials;
  • Versatility issues.

#10 Identilock SPR-C1 Biometric Fingerprint Trigger Lock

Identilock SPR-C1 Biometric Fingerprint Trigger Lock

The latest model of a firearm lock with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery from the world’s leading manufacturer. Ensures the safety of your weapon during transportation and storage. Standby time is over six months. USB Type-C port added for quick charging. Recognizes fingerprints in a matter of moments. Equipped with LED indicators for ease of operation. Has Omni-directional recessed keys. Weight — only 11.3 ounces, which will not burden you while carrying an overweight pistol or rifle.

  • LED indicators;
  • Type-C USB charging port;
  • 360 fingerprint recognition;
  • Slow shipment.

#11 Trigger Lock 3 Code Password Gun Lock

Trigger Lock 3 Code Password Gun Lock

The latest model of trigger lock, characterized by quick and easy installation. To install and lock, simply press the reset button with a paperclip. Blocking the opening of the lock when entering the password is set by the user at choice. The operated combination lock mechanism ensures fast and reliable keyless operation.Extremely durable material was used in the manufacture. The lock is equipped with an adjustable ratchet mechanism with active locking. A protective rubber pad prevents scratches on the body of your pistol or rifle. Ideal for the AR-15 rifle, 1911, a wide range of pistols and rifles.

  • Suitable for AR-15, 1911 and broad range of pistols and rifles;
  • Durable material structure;
  • Easy to install;
  • Poorly fits European weapons.

#12 Mizzuco Trigger Lock

Mizzuco Trigger Lock

An innovative pistol or rifle lock equipped with an extremely durable 15” steel cable. To close, simply set the combination of your choice by pressing a paperclip on the reset button. This model is the safest way to store your firearms. The design prevents cartridges from getting into the chamber, any unnecessary actions, cylinder movements. The pistol locks are easy to install and remove, and the preset combination locking mechanisms can be locked without a key. The lock’s body is extremely resistant to burglary. The 4-pin tone switch is extremely tamper-resistant. Fully precedes the movement of the pistol to the firing position. The heavy-duty steel cable is versatile and will fit a wide variety of pistols, handguns, and rifles.

  • Stylish appearance;
  • Prevents rounds from being chambered;
  • Supremely tamper-resistant;
  • Quality issues.

#13 Identilock GLK-A1 Biometric Trigger Lock

Identilock GLK-A1 Biometric Trigger Lock

This model of a gun lock is made of high-quality steel and zinc for maximum durability. Protective rubber pads protect the surface of your favorite weapon from scratches and other mechanical damage. The manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty. Structurally, the lock doesn’t guarantee that all firearms will be locked. When installed correctly, it will block the operation of multiple guns. Some lever-action rifles and firearms without a trigger guard around the triggers cannot be effectively locked with this lock. Experts recommend not to use this model of the lock on a loaded pistol. If the lock doesn’t fit your firearm, do not try to use it.

  • Versatile;
  • Steel and zinc body for maximum durability;
  • Rubber cushion pads protect the gun’s finish;
  • Doesn’t disable firearms.

#14 DAC Technologies Triple Pack Metal Trigger Lock

DAC Technologies Triple Pack Metal Trigger Lock

The newest model of the lock for weapons, unique in its kind and as easy to use as possible. It is made of high-quality metal, due to which it demonstrates exceptional strength properties. The triple pack contains 3 metal release locks in a heat-sealable folding bed. The kit includes one key and instructions for use. High-quality rubber inserts guarantee the safety of your rifle or pistol body.

  • Heat-sealed clamshell;
  • Fits most firearms;
  • High-quality rubber bumpers protect forearms finish;
  • Long-term using issues.

#15 California DOJ-Approved Combination Trigger Lock

California DOJ-Approved Combination Trigger Lock

The innovative model of the three-digit combination lock completely prevents accidents and unauthorized access to your weapon. Perfect for most pistols, rifles, and shotguns. Thanks to the complete set of reliable rubber bumpers, it prevents the appearance of scratches on the body of your favorite weapon.

  • 3 lock in-a-box;
  • High-quality materials;
  • Rubber bumpers for your weapon visual appearance safety;
  • Counterfeit issues.


What locking device for firearms is safest?
Among listed, the safest locking device is model #2;
Are gun locks effective?
Yes. they are efficiently preventing accidents while using firearms;
Are cable locks bad for your gun?
They are more suitable for shotguns and rifles than for pistols;
Can you cut a gun lock?
Mostly, it manufactured durable and efficiently resist mechanical damage;
Is it illegal to not lock up your guns?
In many US states, it’s quietly preferable to have a weapon lock to avoid problems with the law;
If I’ve got a gun lock, do I still need a gun safe?
Yes. If you are a gun owner and you keep your weapon at home, you still need a weapon safe;
Can I change the number on a combination gun lock?
Yes, it may be simply changed at any time.


Gun safes and locks are an excellent way to keep your firearms in check. Thanks to the complete set of modern weapon locks with extremely highly functional locking systems, you can rely on your weapon in any convenient situation. Modern weapon locks are made of extremely durable materials and are convenient and easy to use. Our article lists the most common and reliable models of gun locks. If you need the most functional armory, then it is recommended to use model number #8. If you are looking for the most versatile lock models, then pay attention to model numbers #5 and #12. The most durable model of the listed ones is number #11.

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