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Best Suppressor Cover - Editor's Choice

What is Suppressor Cover? 💡

It is a specialized accessory designed to provide protection and enhance the performance of your firearm suppressor. It acts as a shield, safeguarding your valuable suppressor from external elements and minimizing heat mirage. These covers come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, each offering unique advantages and features.

Best Suppressor Cover

Features 🎯

Heat Dissipation: Suppressors can get scorching hot during prolonged shooting sessions. Quality covers utilize advanced materials and insulation layers to dissipate heat effectively, preventing damage to the suppressor and ensuring consistent performance.
Durability: A durable cover is essential to withstand the rigors of shooting, outdoor activities, and adverse weather conditions. Look for covers made from robust materials such as high-temperature-resistant fabrics or rugged polymers that can endure intense use.
Adjustability: Many covers feature adjustable closures or fasteners, allowing for a snug fit regardless of the suppressor’s diameter. This feature ensures a secure and custom fit for your specific firearm, reducing the risk of unwanted movement or slippage.
Modularity: Some covers offer modular designs, enabling you to add or remove sections as needed. This versatility allows customization to accommodate different suppressor lengths and accessories, making them suitable for a range of firearms.
Camouflage Options: For the stealthy shooter, certain covers come in a variety of camouflage patterns. These covers not only protect your suppressor but also blend seamlessly into your surroundings, minimizing the risk of detection.

Please watch this video to learn more information 📺

Purposes 💥

✅ Mirage Reduction: Heat mirage caused by a hot suppressor can distort your sight picture, affecting accuracy and making target acquisition challenging. With a cover in place, heat mirage is significantly reduced, providing clearer optics and improved shooting performance.
✅ Protection: Suppressors are an investment, and protecting them from scratches, dings, and other external damage is crucial. It forms a protective barrier around the suppressor, shielding it from impact, debris, and moisture, preserving its pristine condition.
✅ Tactical Advantages: By reducing the thermal signature emitted by your suppressor, a cover can help enhance your stealth capabilities during hunting or tactical operations. Additionally, certain covers provide sound suppression, further aiding in noise reduction.
Our Top Pick
KRYDEX Tactical Airsoft Suppressor Cover
Have a fantastic suppressor cover that you're sure to love. The Krydex suppressor cover has a soft inner lining that eliminates mirage and ensures you can shoot with ease. It also includes shock straps that can be tightened and regulated for custom fit and retention. Additionally, this cover is made of high-quality nylon fabric that is resistant to heat, chemicals, and abrasion.
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Materials ⚙️

🛑 High-Temperature Fabrics: Nomex, Kevlar, and other heat-resistant fabrics are popular choices due to their excellent thermal insulation properties. These fabrics can withstand high temperatures and provide effective heat dissipation, ensuring the cover remains cool to the touch.
🛑 Silicone: Silicone-based covers offer exceptional heat resistance and flexibility. They are easy to install and remove, making maintenance and cleaning a breeze. Silicone covers are known for their durability and resistance to abrasions, making them ideal for rigorous shooting activities.
🛑 Polymer Composites: Covers made from advanced polymer composites combine heat resistance, durability, and lightweight characteristics. These covers often feature modular designs and adjustable closures, allowing for a versatile and customizable fit.
🛑 Metal Braids: Metal braided covers provide additional heat dissipation and robust protection. The interwoven metal construction increases durability and can withstand extreme temperatures, ensuring the cover’s longevity.

Best Suppressor Cover | Suppressor Cover Review

Silent Legion Suppressor Cover/Heat ShieldSilent LegionBUY
KRYDEX Tactical Airsoft Suppressor CoverKRYDEXBUY
Burn Proof Gear Suppressor CoverBurn ProofBUY
Manta Defense 50 Cal Suppressor CoverManta DefenseBUY
Rifles Only HAD Suppressor CoverRifles OnlyBUY
Burn Proof Gear Suppressor Cover HeavyBurn ProofBUY
Rifles Only MAD 8.5" Suppressor CoverRifles OnlyBUY
Sub-Tac Alpha Suppressor Cover 9 inch BlackSub-TacBUY
IDOGEAR Suppressor Cover Airsoft 7''IDOGEARBUY
Sub-tac Alpha Suppressor CoverSub-Tac Alpha Suppressor CoverBUY

1# Silent Legion Suppressor Cover/Heat Shield

Silent Legion Suppressor Cover/Heat Shield

Silent Legion suppressor does an excellent job of reducing the mirage that can match high-volume shooting. This suppressor cover possesses hook-and-loop straps which makes it possible for you to modify them to fit suppressors with diameters from 1.375 to 1.625 inches. Apart from it, it’s made of great heat-resistant materials. By the way, the price is really reasonable and corresponds to quality.

  • Heat-resistant steel buckles
  • Resistant to high temperatures protecting against burns
  • Fits diameters from 1.375 to 1.625 inches
  • Adjustable hook-and-loop straps
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Low price
  • Available in 3 colors
  • none


2# KRYDEX Tactical Airsoft Suppressor Cover

KRYDEX Tactical Airsoft Suppressor Cover

Here is another great suppressor cover, and we know for sure what can persuade you to choose this one. Based on our experience the Krydex suppressor has a soft inner for eliminating mirages and allowing you to shoot without any hindrance. It is also featured shock straps enabling to tight cover and regulated shock providing custom fit and retention. And another pleasant benefit – it is made of high-quality nylon fabric which is resistant to heat, chemicals, and abrasion.

  • Very low price
  • Can be adjusted 1.3″ up to 1.75″ in diameter
  • Soft inner
  • Featured with shock straps
  • Made of the high-quality nylon fabric
  • none


3# Burn Proof Gear Suppressor Cover

Burn Proof Gear Suppressor Cover

It is a nice option for those who appreciate high quality. This suppressor consists of two pieces – an inner one made of fiberglass, and an outer made of Kevlar. They can endure extremely high temperatures of 2000 F and 1000 F respectively and make it possible for you to avoid burns. So you can be 100% sure that this suppressor cover very effectively minimizes heat mirage and lets you be safe and sound.

  • Available in 3 colors
  • Two-piece design
  • Ultimate heat resistance
  • none


4# Manta Defense 50 Cal Suppressor Cover

Manta Defense 50 Cal Suppressor Cover

Meet another excellent suppressor cover – it promises to never let you down! And we have enough reasons to believe it: it perfectly resists extreme heat and protects you and your gun from accidental burns as well as decreases mirage and IR signature. Its genius thermal mitigation is reached through heat control by using proprietary material specifically designed for a series of vented ribs and radial fins. Our findings show that the Manta Defense suppressor can be used on all weapon platforms utilizing suppressors which seems extremely convenient. Another useful point of this «flame arrester» is that it is constructed to fit suppressors from 2.3 to 2.75 inches in diameter. It should be mentioned that the cover can be installed and removed by hand, and you even don’t need any tools! So we can see that this model has everything to accomplish its main mission to reduce mirage and the IR signature. We also should warn you about the fact that this suppressor is not recommended for use above 100 rounds of cyclic or continued rapid-fire and of 50 rounds with Titanium suppressors.

Video review

  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Can fit suppressors from 2.3 to 2.75 inches in diameter
  • The great effect of thermal mitigation
  • be used on all weapon platforms utilizing suppressors
  • none


5# Rifles Only HAD Suppressor Cover

Rifles Only HAD Suppressor Cover

We have some more nice examples for you. We are glad to introduce the Rifles Only suppressor to you! It deals with heat and mirage and will certainly protect you from both. The main feature of this device – it has a two parts cover: the inner core can endure the temperature of 3000 degrees while the outer layer can resist the temperature of 2000 degrees. And the cover is interchangeable which makes the usage of the gun extremely convenient. This model is available in 5″, 6″, 7″, 7.5″, 8″, 8.5″, 9″, and 10″ and fits suppressors from 1.3″ up to 2″ in diameter.

  • Consists of two parts
  • Handles greatly with mirage and heat
  • Interchangeable cover
  • Fits suppressors from 1.3″ up to 2″ in diameter.
  • none


6# Burn Proof Gear Suppressor Cover Heavy

Burn Proof Gear Suppressor Cover Heavy

If you haven’t chosen the suppressor cover yet, have a look at this model. Believe us, when you get to know more about it, you are sure to like it! First of all, it has an absolute fire-retardant construction providing your safety and convenient usage. It is very lightweight, low-profile, and designed not to slide off while shooting. What is more, it can reduce mirage, heat, and IR even better than birds can fly. And the most surprising fact – you can wash it in a washing machine!

Video review

  • Fire retardant construction
  • Light-weight and low-profile
  • Convenient design
  • Machine washable
  • 222


7# Rifles Only MAD 8.5″ Suppressor Cover

Rifles Only MAD 8.5" Suppressor Cover

Let us show you the Rifles Only MAD suppressor cover. It’s really «a mad one» because its features are so exciting! This suppressor is designed for bolt rifles and consists of two parts. The inner layer can take up to 3000 degrees. As to the outer part, it is interchangeable which allows you to change the cover according to your preferences and demands. It can fit suppressors from 1.3″ up to 1.75″ in diameter. An important thing to tell about – this «flash hider» is designed only for bold guns, not for semi or full auto platforms. But it is available in a great diversity of colors which is doubtlessly an advantage.

  • Designed for bolt rifles
  • Interchangeable cover
  • The inner part takes up to 3000 degrees
  • Fits suppressors from 1.3″ up to 1.75″ in diameter.
  • A lot of colors are available
  • Available in 6″, 7″, 7.5″, 8″, 8.5″, 9″ and 10″.
  • none


8# Sub-Tac Alpha Suppressor Cover 9 inch Black

Sub-Tac Alpha Suppressor Cover 9 inch Black

Without any further ado – meet a stunning sub-tac ALHA suppressor which decorates your gun look and operates the way you need. This suppressor cover is adjustable so it can fit any 9-inch-long suppressor. The inner material can endure temperatures to 1800 degrees F. The compressor cover perfectly protects against burns and stops mirage during long-distance shooting.

  • Adjustable
  • Heat resistant (up 10 1800 degrees F)
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Protection against burns and mirages
  • none


9# EMERSONGEAR Tactical Suppressor Cover

EMERSONGEAR Tactical Suppressor Cover

Here we have a suppressor cover that guarantees you only successful and safe shots. It is made of original Cordura 500D fabrics, so you have no reasons to doubt its highest quality. This device isn’t afraid of extreme heat, chemicals, and abrasion – so it can protect you from any danger and make it possible for you to shoot without any interference. It is featured with shock straps enabling to tighten the cover. Besides, the adjustable cord provides a custom fit and reliable retention. We should also say some words about the inner part – which wonderfully eliminates the entire mirage caused by the radiant heat emitted. One important point – this cover is suitable for airsoft use only.

Video review

  • Made of original Cordura 500D fabrics
  • Extremely durable
  • Featured with shock straps
  • Adjustable cord
  • For airsoft use only
  • Fits suppressors from 1.3″ up to 1.75″ in diameter
  • none


10# IDOGEAR Suppressor Cover Airsoft 7”

IDOGEAR Suppressor Cover Airsoft 7''

If all the previous suppressor covers didn’t impress you (which is very surprising), let us show you something really worthy. It is excellent from each side – first of all, it’s made of 500D superior nylon fabric featured with a water-resistant coating. Based on our observations its shock straps and cord make it possible for you to be sure about the tightened cover and proper custom fit and retention of your cover. IDOGEAR  cover implies multipurpose use – hunting, combat, shooting, and CS game. It will protect you from burns in any case and situation. But you should take into consideration that it is created for airsoft skirmish only!

  • Perfectly protects you and your equipment
  • Shock straps to tighten the cover
  • Made up of high-quality nylon
  • For airsoft use only
  • Adjustable shock cord
  • Very cheap
  • none


11# Sub-Tac Alpha Suppressor Cover

Sub-tac Alpha Suppressor Cover

We are glad to present you with the last but still, one of the best covers you can ever find. Its usage is very convenient as the device is adjustable and fits any 7.5-inch-long suppressor. It is a great protector against burns and mirages – you can successfully shoot at long distances. Moreover, its inner material can endure crazy temperatures up to 1800 degrees F.

  • Fits any 7.5-inch long suppressor
  • Enables to shoot long distances without mirage
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Takes up to 1800 degrees F
  • none


#Bonus: SureFire SOCOM Closed Tine

1 SureFire SOCOM Closed Tine

Let me introduce you to the first model, our favorite – SureFire muzzle brake. Why do we consider this suppressor cover the best one? First of all, its unique design is known to minimize side blast and rear-directed concussion effects enabling you to shoot with maximum comfort. Besides, this suppressor has blind pilot holes which provide the opportunity of fine-tuning recoil characteristics and indexing the adapter at the bottom blind spot. What is more, it is made of heat-treated stainless steel covered with a black Ionbond DLC coating which assures ultimate durability and maximum protection.

  • SureFires No-Hassle Guarantee
  • Black Ionbond DLC coating
  • Suitable for M4, M16, and variants with 1/2-28 muzzle threads.
  • Pilot holes for tuning
  • Can be used as a rock-solid mounting adapter for sound suppressors
  • none


Cleaning 🧼

🧽 Step 1: Prepare Your Cleaning Supplies. Gather the necessary supplies before you begin:

  • Mild detergent or soap
  • Warm water
  • Soft brush or sponge
  • Clean, lint-free cloth
  • Optional: Cleaning solution recommended by the manufacturer (if specified)

🚿 Step 2: Check the Manufacturer’s Instructions. Refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines or instructions. They may provide cleaning recommendations or precautions that are important to follow.

🌬️ Step 3: Remove the Cover. Take off the cover from your firearm’s suppressor carefully. Ensure that the suppressor and cover have cooled down sufficiently to avoid any risk of burns.

🧼 Step 4: Prepare the Cleaning Solution. If the manufacturer recommends a specific cleaning solution, prepare it according to the instructions provided. Otherwise, you can use a mild detergent or soap diluted in warm water.

🧽 Step 5: Gently Wash the Cover. Dip a soft brush or sponge into the cleaning solution and gently scrub the cover. Pay attention to any areas with accumulated dirt, debris, or carbon residue. Be cautious not to use excessive force or scrub too vigorously, as it may damage the cover.

💦 Step 6: Rinse Thoroughly. After scrubbing, rinse the cover under warm water to remove any soap or cleaning solution residue. Ensure that all the cleaning solution is thoroughly rinsed off.

🌬️ Step 7: Air Dry or Pat Dry. Allow the cover to air dry naturally. If desired, you can pat it gently with a clean, lint-free cloth to speed up the drying process. Ensure that it is completely dry before reattaching it to your suppressor.

👀 Step 8: Inspect and Reinstall. Once the cover is dry, carefully examine it for any signs of damage, such as tears or wear. If any damage is found, it may be necessary to replace the cover. If the cover is in good condition, reinstall it onto your suppressor, following the manufacturer’s instructions for proper attachment.

🧹 Step 9: Clean Regularly. To maintain the cleanliness and performance of your cover, it’s recommended to clean it regularly, especially after extended shooting sessions or exposure to dirt and debris.

👌 Step 10: Enjoy a Clean and Protected Suppressor. With your cover clean and well-maintained, you can now enjoy its protective benefits during your shooting adventures.

Remember, always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for specific cleaning guidelines and recommendations tailored to your cover. Happy shooting! 🔫🎯


How To Install Suppressor Cover?
  • 🔍 Step 1: Choose the Right Cover 🔍 Ensure you have a cover for the suppressor that is compatible with the dimensions and design of your specific firearm suppressor. Different covers may have unique attachment mechanisms, so choose one that suits your needs.
  • 🧤 Step 2: Put on Protective Gloves 🧤 Wearing protective gloves will help prevent fingerprints, oils, or dirt from transferring onto the cover for the suppressor during installation. This helps maintain the cover’s cleanliness and appearance.
  • 👌 Step 3: Prepare the Suppressor 👌 Ensure your firearm and suppressor are unloaded and safely handled. Allow the suppressor to cool down if it has been recently used or exposed to heat.
  • 📐 Step 4: Adjust the Cover Size (if applicable) 📐 If your cover for the suppressor has adjustable sizing options, modify it according to the diameter and length of your suppressor. This ensures a proper fit and functionality.
  • 🌬️ Step 5: Slide the Cover onto the Suppressor 🌬️ Carefully slide the cover for the suppressor onto the suppressor from the rear or open end. Ensure the cover is aligned and centered properly along the length of the suppressor.
  • 🖐️ Step 6: Smooth out any Wrinkles or Creases 🖐️ As you slide the cover on, use your fingers to smooth out any wrinkles or creases that may form. Ensure the cover sits evenly and snugly against the suppressor’s surface.
  • 🛠️ Step 7: Adjust for Proper Positioning 🛠️ Once the cover is on, adjust it to achieve the desired positioning. Ensure that any logo or markings on the cover align with the top or preferred orientation of your suppressor.
  • 🔀 Step 8: Secure the Cover (if applicable) 🔀 Depending on the design of your cover for the suppressor, it may have specific mechanisms or fasteners to secure it in place. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to secure the cover and prevent unwanted movement during use.
  • 🔧 Step 9: Test for Proper Functionality 🔧 Confirm that the cover for the suppressor does not impede the suppressor’s function, including the attachment system, gas release, or any other critical features. Ensure that the cover does not interfere with the suppressor’s ability to operate safely and efficiently.
  • 👀 Step 10: Admire Your Installed  Cover 👀 Take a moment to appreciate your newly installed cover. Not only does it add protection and functionality, but it can also enhance the overall aesthetics of your firearm.

We believe this video can be helpful for you 📺

How To Lace cover for the suppressor?
  • 🔍 Step 1: Prepare the cover for the suppressor🔍 Ensure you have a  cover that is compatible with your specific firearm and suppressor. Lay the cover flat on a clean surface, making sure the interior side is facing up.
  • 🎯 Step 2: Start at the Bottom 🎯 Begin lacing at the bottom of the cover. Thread the lace or cord through the first set of grommets or attachment points, starting from the inside and pulling it through to the outside.
  • Step 3: Crisscross the Lace ➰ Cross the lace over the cover, moving from the outside to the inside through the next set of grommets or attachment points. This crisscross pattern helps ensure even tension and a secure fit.
  • 🔄 Step 4: Repeat the Crisscross Pattern 🔄 Continue the crisscross pattern, threading the lace through the grommets or attachment points on opposite sides of the cover for the suppressor. Alternate between the inside and outside, creating a lacing pattern that extends upward.
  • ⬆️ Step 5: Lace Upward ⬆️ As you progress upward, continue lacing the cover for the suppressor through the remaining grommets or attachment points, maintaining the crisscross pattern. Take your time to ensure the lace is properly threaded through each opening.
  • 🔀 Step 6: Adjust for Tension 🔀 Periodically check the tension of the lacing as you go. Adjust the tightness of the lace to achieve a snug fit on the suppressor without being too tight or constricting its functionality. The cover should be secure but not overly compressed.
  • 🔁 Step 7: Secure the End 🔁 When you reach the top of the cover, secure the end of the lace or cord by tying a knot or using the designated fastening method provided by the manufacturer. Ensure the knot is tight enough to prevent the lace from coming undone during use.
  • 🔒 Step 8: Double Check and Make Adjustments 🔒 Double-check the entire lacing to ensure it is even, secure, and properly aligned. Make any necessary adjustments to the tension or lacing pattern to achieve the desired fit and appearance.
  • 🔫 Step 9: Reattach to Your Suppressor 🔫 Carefully reattach the laced cover for the suppressor onto your firearm’s suppressor, following the manufacturer’s instructions for proper attachment. Ensure it is centered and aligned correctly for optimal performance.

Watch this video to find more information 💻

How do suppressor covers prevent heat mirage?
🔥 Heat Generation: When you fire a firearm, the suppressor rapidly heats up due to the combustion gases and friction. This intense heat can create a visual distortion known as a heat mirage.
❄️ Heat Dissipation: They are designed with materials that provide excellent heat dissipation properties. They act as insulating layers, absorbing and spreading the heat generated during shooting.
🌬️ Heat Conduction: The cover’s material conducts heat away from the surface of the suppressor. It helps distribute the heat more evenly, preventing localized hotspots that contribute to heat mirage.
💨 Air Gap Creation: The cover creates a small air gap between the hot suppressor and the cover itself. This gap acts as an additional barrier, slowing down heat transfer and reducing the impact of heat mirage.
🔄 Heat Insulation: The insulating properties of the cover materials help to trap the heat within the cover itself. By preventing the heat from radiating directly from the suppressor, it reduces the temperature difference between the suppressor and the surrounding air.
👁️ Mirage Reduction: By mitigating heat transfer and minimizing temperature differentials, covers significantly reduce the occurrence and intensity of heat mirages. This, in turn, helps maintain a clear and undistorted sight picture.
🔃 Continuous Airflow: Some of them feature built-in vents or gaps that promote continuous airflow around the suppressor. This constant airflow aids in heat dissipation and further reduces the potential for heat mirage.
🎯 Improved Accuracy: By reducing heat mirage, covers contribute to improved accuracy by providing a clearer view of the target. This allows shooters to maintain better aim and make more precise shots.
🔆 Enhanced Performance: They not only combat heat mirage but also help to maintain consistent suppressor performance. By regulating the temperature and reducing thermal fluctuations, they contribute to optimal suppressor function during prolonged shooting sessions.
Can suppressor covers withstand extreme temperatures?

They are designed to withstand high temperatures, ensuring durability and performance even in demanding shooting conditions. Let’s dive into this topic:

  • 🔥 Intense Heat Resistance: They are crafted from materials that offer excellent heat resistance, allowing them to endure the extreme temperatures generated by firearms. These materials can withstand the scorching heat without compromising the cover’s integrity.
  • ❄️ Cool to the Touch: Despite the intense heat surrounding the suppressor, high-quality covers remain cool to the touch. They utilize advanced insulation and heat dissipation mechanisms to protect the shooter from burns and discomfort during prolonged shooting sessions.
  • 🔥🌡️ Temperature Thresholds: Different items have varying temperature thresholds. Some are designed to handle temperatures exceeding 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit (538 degrees Celsius) without showing signs of damage or degradation.
  • 🌋 Extreme Shooting Conditions: Whether you’re shooting in scorching desert environments, freezing cold climates, or anything in between, they are built to withstand extreme conditions. They maintain their functionality and protective properties regardless of temperature extremes.
  • 🛡️ Robust Construction: They feature robust construction using specialized materials such as high-temperature fabrics, silicone, polymer composites, or metal braids. These materials are selected for their ability to endure extreme temperatures and rugged shooting activities.
  • 🔥🌡️ Proper Selection: When choosing an item, it’s essential to consider the temperature ranges associated with your firearm and shooting habits. Ensure that the cover you select is specifically designed to handle the temperature extremes you expect to encounter.
  • 📈 Safe Operating Range: While covers are engineered to withstand extreme temperatures, it’s important to operate within the safe range recommended by the manufacturer. Respect the guidelines provided and avoid subjecting the cover to temperatures beyond its designated threshold.
  • 🌡️🔀 Cooling Periods: After prolonged shooting sessions or during rapid-fire activities, it’s advisable to allow the suppressor to cool down gradually. This helps maintain the cover’s performance and prolong its lifespan.
  • 👀 Monitor for Signs of Wear: Regularly inspect your cover for any signs of wear, including discoloration, degradation, or tears. Extreme temperatures over extended periods may gradually affect the cover’s integrity, warranting replacement if necessary.
Can suppressor covers be used for rapid-fire or fully automatic firearms?
🔫 Rapid-Fire Compatibility: They are designed to withstand the rigors of rapid-fire shooting. Their construction and materials are specifically chosen to endure the increased heat generated during sustained shooting sessions. 🔥🔫 Temperature Management: They play a crucial role in managing the extreme temperatures generated during rapid or full-auto fire. By dissipating heat and reducing thermal transfer, they help maintain optimal suppressor function, prolonging its lifespan.
🔀 Wide Range of Firearms: Suppressors covers are designed to be versatile and compatible with various firearms, including those used for rapid-fire or fully automatic shooting. They can be adapted to fit different suppressor sizes and styles, accommodating a wide range of firearms. 💥 Reduced Risk of Damage: The heat generated during rapid-fire or fully automatic shooting can potentially cause damage to the suppressor itself, as well as surrounding components. They act as a shield, protecting against impact, scratches, and other external hazards.
⚙️ Durability for Intense Use: Suppressors covers are constructed with durability in mind. They are built to handle the demands of high-volume shooting, maintaining their protective and functional properties even under sustained use. 🔄 Heat Dissipation: When shooting rapidly or in full-auto mode, suppressors can reach extremely high temperatures. These covers excel at dissipating heat, ensuring effective cooling, and preventing damage to the suppressor or cover.
🔒 Secure Attachment: Properly installed items offer a secure attachment to the suppressor, minimizing the risk of movement or dislodging during rapid-fire or fully automatic shooting. This ensures consistent protection and performance. 🎯 Accuracy Enhancement: By dissipating heat and minimizing thermal mirage, covers contribute to improved accuracy, even during rapid or automatic fire. This allows shooters to maintain a clearer sight picture and make more precise shots.
🔫🔥 Proper Maintenance: It’s important to regularly inspect and clean items used in rapid-fire or fully automatic shooting. This ensures that any carbon buildup or debris accumulation is removed, maintaining the cover’s performance and prolonging its lifespan.

Conclusion 🙂

Suppressor covers are more than just protective accessories for your firearm suppressor; they are essential tools that enhance your shooting experience. By dissipating heat, reducing mirage, and providing added durability, these covers offer a range of benefits that every shooter can appreciate. When choosing it, consider the features that matter most to you, such as heat dissipation, adjustability, durability, and the specific purposes you seek to fulfill. Whether you opt for high-temperature fabrics, silicone, polymer composites, or metal braids, ensure that the cover you select aligns with your needs and shooting style. Now, go forth and shoot with confidence! Happy shooting!  🔫🎯

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6 months ago

I bought a lot of different covers for my 3 suppressors, but the Armageddon covers are my favourite. However, I have been having trouble keeping them on as they always slide off. So now, I run my suppressors with no covers and I am satisfied. I heard about Wekatech silicone covers and I am considering trying them out.

    6 months ago

    Can suppressor covers fit different suppressor sizes?

      6 months ago
      Reply to  Fad

      🌐 Many suppressor covers come with adjustable closures or fasteners, allowing them to accommodate various suppressor diameters. However, it’s important to check the specifications and compatibility of the cover to ensure a proper fit.

        6 months ago

        Hello. I have doubts to buy or not to buy. And if yes – what to choose?

          6 months ago
          Reply to  Donil

          Suppressor covers are used to protect your gun from dirt, dust, and water. You can make your own suppressor cover if you want. But it is best to buy one from a store that sells gun supplies because they will have the best ones available.

            6 months ago
            Reply to  Donil

            I have discovered that having heat shields for my equipment is essential, as it helps combat mirages. Through trial and error, I have found that the ones with velcro straps tighten the best, while the ones that use strings tend to walk forward and are not effective. Additionally, heat shields with an inner layer are particularly impressive.

              6 months ago
              Reply to  Donil

              I recommend using this item that TBAC also sells and recommends for their cans. It never shifts forward. Its performance is excellent.

                6 months ago
                Reply to  Donil

                From all the covers I’ve seen, I always end up choosing AG hi-temp covers because they don’t slip forward and are reasonably priced. Compared to AG, the price of PU is 50% higher.

                  6 months ago

                  Hi! Are suppressor covers waterproof or water-resistant?

                    6 months ago
                    Reply to  Martin

                    🟨 While some suppressor covers may have water-resistant properties, most are not fully waterproof. It’s important to check the manufacturer’s specifications regarding water resistance. If water exposure is a concern, consider additional protective measures or opt for covers specifically designed to handle wet environments.