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If you have found yourself on this page, you must be an amateur or a professional hunter, so you are expected to have a clear idea of suppressor covers. But in case you need some refinement, we have a little useful information.

Best Suppressor Cover - Editor's Choice

A suppressor cover is a device to reduce a flash from a gunshot. It also excludes blinding the shooter with muzzle flame and increases its camouflage. Suppressor covers are subdivided into some categories – they can be on standard size or shortened. Besides, there are suppressor covers of a conical, slit, or combined form. A key factor in the choice of a suppressor cover is compatibility with the small arms to be fitted. Design characteristics of a gun should also be taken into consideration. Now, when we possess enough information and are ready to choose, let’s have a look at the best examples of suppressor covers!

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Best Suppressor Cover | Supressor Cover Review

Silent Legion Suppressor Cover/Heat ShieldSilent LegionBUY
KRYDEX Tactical Airsoft Suppressor CoverKRYDEXBUY
Burn Proof Gear Suppressor CoverBurn ProofBUY
Manta Defense 50 Cal Suppressor CoverManta DefenseBUY
Rifles Only HAD Suppressor CoverRifles OnlyBUY
Burn Proof Gear Suppressor Cover HeavyBurn ProofBUY
Rifles Only MAD 8.5" Suppressor CoverRifles OnlyBUY
Sub-Tac Alpha Suppressor Cover 9 inch BlackSub-TacBUY
IDOGEAR Suppressor Cover Airsoft 7''IDOGEARBUY
Sub-tac Alpha Suppressor CoverSub-Tac Alpha Suppressor CoverBUY


#1 Silent Legion Suppressor Cover/Heat Shield

Silent Legion Suppressor Cover/Heat Shield

Silent Legion suppressor does an excellent job in reducing the mirage that can match high-volume shooting. This suppressor cover possesses hook-and-loop straps which makes it possible for you to modify them to fit suppressors with diameters from 1.375 to 1.625 inches. Apart from it, it’s made of great heat-resistant materials. By the way, the price is really reasonable and corresponds to quality.

  • Heat-resistant steel buckles
  • Resistant to high temperatures protecting against burns
  • Fits diameters from 1.375 to 1.625 inches
  • Adjustable hook-and-loop straps
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Low price
  • Available in 3 colors
  • none

#2 KRYDEX Tactical Airsoft Suppressor Cover

KRYDEX Tactical Airsoft Suppressor Cover

Here is another great suppressor cover, and we know for sure what can persuade you to choose this one. First of all, the Krydex suppressor has a soft inner for eliminating mirage and allowing you to shoot without any hindrance. It is also featured with shock straps enabling to tight the cover and with regulated shock providing custom fit and retention. And another pleasant benefit – it is made of high-quality nylon fabric which is resistant to heat, chemicals, and abrasion.

  • Very low price
  • Can be adjusted 1.3″ up to 1.75″ in diameter
  • Soft inner
  • Featured with shock straps
  • Made of the high-quality nylon fabric
  • none

#3 Burn Proof Gear Suppressor Cover

Burn Proof Gear Suppressor Cover

It is a nice option for those who appreciate high quality. This suppressor consists of two pieces – an inner one made of fiberglass, and an outer made of Kevlar. They can endure extremely high temperatures of 2000 F and 1000 F respectively and make it possible for you to avoid burns. So you can be 100% sure that this suppressor cover very effectively minimizes heat mirage and lets you be safe and sound.

  • Available in 3 colors
  • Two-piece design
  • Ultimate heat resistance
  • none

#4 Manta Defense 50 Cal Suppressor Cover

Manta Defense 50 Cal Suppressor Cover

Meet another excellent suppressor cover – it promises us to never let you down! And we have enough reasons to believe it: it perfectly resists the extreme heat and protects you and your gun from accidental burns as well as decreases mirage and IR signature. Its genius thermal mitigation is reached through heat control by using proprietary material specifically designed for a series of vented ribs and radial fins. Besides, the Manta Defense suppressor can be used on all weapon platforms utilizing suppressors which seems extremely convenient. Another useful point of this «flame arrester» is that it is constructed to fit suppressors from 2.3 to 2.75 inches in diameter. It should be mentioned that the suppressor cover can be installed and removed by hand, and you even don’t need any tools! So we can see that this model has everything to accomplish its main mission to reduce mirage and the IR signature. We also should warn you about the fact that this suppressor is not recommended for use above 100 rounds of cyclic or continued rapid-fire and of 50 rounds with Titanium suppressors.

  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Can fit suppressors from 2.3 to 2.75 inches in diameter
  • Great effect of thermal mitigation
  • be used all weapon platforms utilizing suppressors
  • none

#5 Rifles Only HAD Suppressor Cover

Rifles Only HAD Suppressor Cover

We have some more nice examples for you. We are glad to introduce the Rifles Only suppressor to you! It deals with heat and mirage and will certainly protect you from both. The main feature of this device – it has a two parts cover: the inner core can endure the temperature of 3000 degrees while the outer layer can resist the temperature of 2000 degrees. And the cover is interchangeable which makes the usage of the gun extremely convenient. This model is available in 5″, 6″, 7″, 7.5″, 8″, 8.5″, 9″ and 10″ and fits suppressors from 1.3″ up to 2″ in diameter.

  • Consists of two parts
  • Handles greatly with mirage and heat
  • Interchangeable cover
  • Fits suppressors from 1.3″ up to 2″ in diameter.
  • none

#6 Burn Proof Gear Suppressor Cover Heavy

Burn Proof Gear Suppressor Cover Heavy

If you haven’t chosen the suppressor cover yet, have a look at this model. Believe us, when you get to know more about it, you are sure to like it! First of all, it has an absolute fire-retardant construction providing your safety and convenient usage. It is very lightweight, low-profile, and designed not to slide off while shooting. What is more, it can reduce mirage, heat, and IR even better than birds can fly. And the most surprising fact – you can wash it in a washing machine!

  • Fire retardant construction
  • Light-weight and low-profile
  • Convenient design
  • Machine washable
  • 222

#7 Rifles Only MAD 8.5″ Suppressor Cover

Rifles Only MAD 8.5" Suppressor Cover

Let us show you the Rifles Only MAD suppressor cover. It’s really «a mad one» because its features are so exciting! This suppressor is designed for bolt rifles and consists of two parts. The inner layer can take up to 3000 degrees. As to the outer part, it is interchangeable which allows you to change the cover according to your preferences and demands. It can fit suppressors from 1.3″ up to 1.75″ in diameter. An important thing to tell about – this «flash hider» is designed only for bold guns, not for semi or full auto platforms. But it is available in a great diversity of colors which is doubtlessly an advantage.

  • Designed for bolt rifles
  • Interchangeable cover
  • The inner part takes up to 3000 degrees
  • Fits suppressors from 1.3″ up to 1.75″ in diameter.
  • A lot of colors available
  • Available in 6″, 7″, 7.5″, 8″, 8.5″, 9″ and 10″..
  • none

#8 Sub-Tac Alpha Suppressor Cover 9 inch Black

Sub-Tac Alpha Suppressor Cover 9 inch Black

Without any further ado – meet a stunning sub-tac ALHA suppressor which decorates your gun look and operates the way you need. This suppressor cover is adjustable so it can fit any 9-inch-long suppressor. The inner material can endure temperatures to 1800 degrees F. The compressor cover perfectly protects against burns and stops mirage during long-distance shooting.

  • Adjustable
  • Heat resistant (up 10 1800 degrees F)
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Protection against burns and mirage
  • none

#0 EMERSONGEAR Tactical Suppressor Cover

EMERSONGEAR Tactical Suppressor Cover

Here we have a suppressor cover which guarantees you only successful and safe shots. It is made of original Cordura 500D fabrics, so you have no reasons to doubt in its highest quality. This device isn’t afraid of extreme heat, chemicals, and abrasion – so it can protect you from any danger and make it possible for you to shoot without any interference. It is featured with shock straps enabling to tight the cover. Besides, the adjustable cord provides a custom fit and reliable retention. We should also say some words about the inner part – which wonderfully eliminates the entire mirage caused by the radiant heat emitted. One important point – this suppressor cover is suitable for airsoft use only.

  • Made of original Cordura 500D fabrics
  • Extremely durable
  • Featured with shock straps
  • Adjustable cord
  • For airsoft use only
  • Fits suppressors from 1.3″ up to 1.75″ in diameter
  • none

#10 IDOGEAR Suppressor Cover Airsoft 7”

IDOGEAR Suppressor Cover Airsoft 7''

If all the previous suppressor covers didn’t impress you (which is very surprising), let us show you something really worthy. It is excellent from each side – first of all, it’s made of 500D superior nylon fabric featured with a water-resistant coating. Besides, its shock straps and cord make it possible for you to be sure about the tightened cover and proper custom fit and retention of your suppressor cover. IDOGEAR suppressor cover implies multipurpose use – hunting, combat, shooting, CS game. It will protect you from burns in any case and situation. But you should take into consideration that it is created for airsoft skirmish only!

  • Perfectly protects you and your equipment
  • Shock straps to tighten the cover
  • Made up of high-quality nylon
  • For airsoft use only
  • Adjustable shock cord
  • Very cheap
  • none

#11 Sub-Tac Alpha Suppressor Cover

Sub-tac Alpha Suppressor Cover

We are glad to present you the last but still one of the best suppressors covers you can ever find. Its usage is very convenient as the device is adjustable and fits any 7.5-inch-long suppressors. It is a great protector against burns and mirage – you can successfully shoot at long distances. Moreover, its inner material can endure crazy temperatures up to 1800 degrees F.

  • Fits any 7.5-inch long suppressor
  • Enables to shoot long distance without mirage
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Takes up to 1800 degrees F
  • none

#Bonus: SureFire SOCOM Closed Tine

1 SureFire SOCOM Closed Tine

Let me introduce you to the first model, our favorite – SureFire muzzle brake. Why do we consider this suppressor cover the best one? First of all, its unique design is known to minimize side blast and rear-directed concussion effects enabling you to shoot with maximum comfort. Besides, this suppressor has blind pilot holes which provide the opportunity of fine-tuning recoil characteristics and indexing the adapter at the bottom blind-spot. What is more, it is made of heat-treated stainless steel covered with a black Ionbond DLC coating which assures ultimate durability and maximum protection.

  • SureFires No-Hassle Guarantee
  • Black Ionbond DLC coating
  • Suitable for M4, M16, and variants with 1/2-28 muzzle threads.
  • Pilot holes for tuning
  • Can be used as a rock-solid mounting adapter for sound suppressors
  • none


Will #1 fit on an ATI Omni Hybrid Maxx AR Pistol and a Daniel defense MK18 upper?
Yes, it will, it can be defined by the size of a barrel
Will the cover hold up to a 30cal titanium phantom? The dimensions are 8.5 x 1.60
The cover will fit diameters from 1-3/8 to 1-5/8 as far as “holding up”, so absolutely no problem.
What material is this suppressor cover #11 made of?
IDOGEAR suppressor cover is made of 500D high-density nylon fabric, provides extra comfort and abrasion resistance, durable.


In conclusion, we would like to remind you that if you have a gun you must be very careful with it especially and take some measures to secure yourself and the people around you. As we have seen, there is a great variety of suppression covers, made of different materials, and having different features. So even if you are a discerning person, you certainly will find something that meets all your demands. Good luck!

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