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When selecting a Ruger American muzzle brake, there are several factors to consider to make an informed decision. They come in various designs and can be used for different purposes. In this buyer’s guide, we will discuss these factors to help you make an informed choice when shopping. Let’s start! 😊🔥

Best Ruger American Muzzle Brake

What is a Ruger American Muzzle Brake? 🤔

It is a muzzle brake specifically designed for Ruger American rifles. It’s made of high-quality materials and provides superior recoil reduction as well as maximum accuracy for shooters. This muzzle brake helps reduce felt recoil and also reduces muzzle climb.

Our Top Pick
Southern Precision Tool HuDu Muzzle Brake
Constructed with reliability and dependability as a priority, this innovative product offers maximum performance without compromising quality. Enjoy the confidence of knowing that each shot will be accurate and on target when you equip yourself with the HuDu Muzzle Brake. This industry-leading device was designed to provide exceptional performance to best meet any gun enthusiast’s needs.
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Features 🔥

When selecting a Ruger American muzzle brake, there are several factors to consider to make an informed decision.

It comes in two types:

  • ✔️Ported – holes along the length of the brake allow gasses to escape more efficiently, reducing felt recoil and muzzle rise substantially.
  • ✔️Non-ported – rely on baffles inside the brake to redirect and disperse gases away from the shooter, reducing felt recoil and muzzle rise.

You should also consider the materials used in construction. They are typically made from steel, aluminum, or titanium alloys for optimal strength and durability.

  • ✳️ It can also come with features such as a combination of ports and baffles, adjustable timing to adjust the gas flow for different loads, a thread-on design for easy installation and removal, corrosion resistance coatings for extra protection against weather conditions, and more.
  • ✳️Additionally, muzzle brakes come in different sizes depending on the caliber choice.
  • ✳️It also comes with different thread patterns to fit various firearms, as well as adjustable rotation for precise installation and alignment.

With the right Ruger American muzzle brake, you can ensure that your gun is performing at its best!

Our Top Pick
CMMG Zeroed Muzzle Brake
The Zeroed Muzzle Brake maximizes accuracy while controlling recoil and muzzle climb during rapid fire. Its angled side ports and top ports are expertly designed to reduce felt recoil, increasing your shooting performance. The perfect solution for shooters who crave precision and smoothness in their shots, this everyday carry muzzle brake also adds style points to any setup thanks to its sturdy construction and great looks.
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Benefits 💥

  • ☑️ They offer superior recoil reduction compared to other types of brakes on the market today. This helps you shoot more accurately and with greater confidence.
  • ☑️ The muzzle brakes also reduce noise levels, making them an ideal option for anyone who wants to practice their shooting without disturbing their neighbors or nearby wildlife.
  • ☑️ Additionally, it is designed for easy installation and removal so you can quickly switch between different weapons as needed.
  • ☑️ Finally, they come in a variety of styles and colors to meet your needs and aesthetic preferences.

Best Ruger American Muzzle Brake Reviews

1# Southern Precision Tool HuDu Muzzle Brake

Southern Precision Tool HuDu Muzzle Brake

View on OpticsPlanet

With the Southern Precision Tool HuDu Muzzle Brake, you can be sure that your gun will perform exactly as you need it to. This carefully designed product was created with reliability and dependability in mind, so you can use your muzzle brake confidently over long periods, knowing that it won’t let you down. This muzzle brake is a must-have for anyone looking for the highest-quality accessory. Get reliable performance at an unparalleled level of excellence with the Southern Precision Tool HuDu Muzzle Brake today.

  • Constructed from Chromoly steel
  • Reduces recoil up to 87%
  • Reliable performance over long periods
  • High-quality materials
  • Does not reduce muzzle flash
  • Can be difficult to install


2# CMMG Zeroed Muzzle Brake

CMMG Zeroed Muzzle Brake


View on Cabela’s View on OpticsPlanet

The CMMG Zeroed Muzzle Brake is sure to give you an edge over the competition. Outfitted with angled side ports and top ports, this device allows you to utilize recoil mitigation for faster split times and easier mobility. With its steel construction and nitride finish, the Zeroed Muzzle Brake looks good and works even better; reducing recoil for smooth shooting performance, as well as aiding in muzzle climb control. Utilize the Zeroed Muzzle Brake from CMMG for increased accuracy and a smooth shooting experience no matter what your shooting environment.

  • Angled side ports
  • Reduced muzzle climb
  • Nitride finish for enhanced durability
  • Easy mobility under recoil
  • More expensive than some other muzzle brakes
  • It may add weight



How much recoil does a muzzle brake reduce?
They are designed to reduce the amount of recoil felt by a shooter when firing. Most Ruger American muzzle brakes are designed to divert pressure away from the shooter, resulting in less felt recoil. The exact amount of recoil reduction achieved will depend on the specific design and its construction materials. Generally speaking, they have been proven to reduce felt recoil by up to 70%.
Do muzzle brakes make guns louder?
The short answer to this question is no, muzzle brakes do not make guns any louder. Muzzle brakes work by redirecting the gasses that are expelled from a gun when it is fired to reduce the recoil and kickback felt by the shooter. While there is some increase in noise due to the change in direction of these gasses, it is typically minimal. In comparison to other components of a firearm such as its barrel length or action type, a muzzle brake will have little effect on an overall sound level.
Do muzzle brakes affect accuracy?

The Ruger American muzzle brake is designed to reduce muzzle jump and felt recoil which can affect accuracy.

  • ☑️ When properly installed, it will help keep you on target by diminishing the effects of recoil while shooting.
  • ☑️ It also helps in reducing noise pollution that comes out of your gun when firing.
  • ☑️ It is easy to install with no additional modifications or gunsmithing required.
Do muzzle brakes need to be cleaned?
  • 📌 Generally, it should be disassembled and cleaned with gun oil regularly (usually every few months).

A  muzzle brake is an important part of your firearm and should be taken care of accordingly.

  • ➡️ Make sure you remove all dirt, dust, and other particles from the surface and internal components of the muzzle brake by using a brush or solvent-soaked cloth.
  • ➡️ Gently scrub it with a soft brush, paying particular attention to the vents and other openings that accumulate debris.
  • ➡️ Once you’ve finished cleaning the muzzle brake, make sure to dry it thoroughly before reassembling it.
  • ➡️ Oil all internal components and surfaces of it before putting them back together. This will help ensure your muzzle brake is fully functional and ready for use whenever you need it.
Do muzzle brakes cause more muzzle flash?
The Ruger American muzzle brake is designed to reduce felt recoil and muzzle rise. While there can be a noticeable increase in muzzle flash when using a muzzle brake, the muzzle brake helps to minimize this effect while still providing excellent performance. This muzzle brake features a unique design that ensures maximum efficiency without causing an increase in a flash.

Conclusion 🙂

Ruger American muzzle brakes are an essential part of a rifle. Whether you’re a hunter, target shooter, or competition shooter, having the right muzzle brake can make all the difference in your accuracy and comfort when shooting. In this Buyers Guide, we have provided useful information to help you find the best muzzle brake for your needs. We hope that our reviews and tips will give you valuable insight into selecting the perfect one for you. Thanks for reading! 😊❤️

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