The 5.7x28mm round is a small, fast cartridge that’s perfect for shooters looking for extra firepower in a compact package. In this article, we’ll take a look at the five best 5.7x28mm rounds on the market today and discuss what makes them so great. So if you’re looking to add some more punch to your shooting game, read on!

Best 5.7x28mm Ammo

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Best 5.7x28mm Ammo Reviews

1# TMJ – Federal American Eagle – 5.7x28mm – 40 Grain

TMJ - Federal American Eagle - 5.7x28mm - 40 Grain

500 Rounds  50 Rounds

Reliable, accurate, and hard to find – Federal American Eagle is now producing 5.7x28mm in limited production runs! This top-quality ammo is perfect for target practice and range training with your Five-Seven. Federal manufactures this ammo to the same exacting tolerances that have made them a leader in the industry, ensuring reliable feeding and performance. The brass-cased, boxer-primed, non-corrosive rounds are reloadable for even more value. Get your hands on this rare ammo while you still can!

  • Reliable feeding
  • Boxer primed
  • Non-corrosive
  • Reloadable
  • Slightly less powerful than some 5.7x28mm rounds


2# JHP – FNH – 5.7x28mm – 27 Grain – 50 Rounds

JHP - FNH - 5.7x28mm - 27 Grain - 50 Rounds

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The JHP – FNH – 5.7x28mm – 27 Grain – 50 Rounds is the perfect round to use at indoor rifle ranges or where the use of lead bullets is restricted. It is manufactured by FN Herstal, developer of the 5.7x28mm cartridge, and is brass-cased, boxer-primed, non-corrosive, and reloadable. This ammo is loaded with a lead-free 27-grain metallic core jacketed hollow point bullet and primed with a lead-free primer. It is highly accurate and perfect for target practice or plinking. Order your box of 50 rounds today!

  • Lead-free ammo
  • Brass casing
  • Boxer-primed brass
  • May not work in all firearms


3# Hornady V-MAX Polymer Tip – FN Herstal – 5.7x28mm – 40 Grain – 50 Rounds

Hornady V-MAX Polymer Tip - FN Herstal - 5.7x28mm - 40 Grain - 50 Rounds

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Searching for the perfect round of ammunition for your FN Herstal Five-Seven? Look no further than the Hornady V-MAX Polymer Tip! These 50 rounds are loaded with Hornady’s V-Max projectiles, which are manufactured by FN Herstal themselves – the developers of the 5.7x28mm cartridge. The V-Max bullets feature an incredibly accurate design, with a premium polymer tip that provides ultra-flat trajectories. The match-grade jacket on these bullets also provides maximum accuracy at all ranges, making this an excellent choice for competition shooting or varmint hunting. With its explosive expansion on impact, the Hornady V-MAX Polymer Tip is sure to give you the results you’re looking for.

  • V-MAX bullets feature a premium polymer tip and streamlined design that yields ultra-flat trajectories
  • The match-grade jacket design provides maximum accuracy in all ranges
  • Explosive expansion on impact for superior terminal performance
  • Pricier than some other brands


4# FMJ – Federal Premium Centerfire – 5.7x28mm – 40 Grain – 50 Rounds

FMJ - Federal Premium Centerfire - 5.7x28mm - 40 Grain - 50 Rounds

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Need a high-quality American-made ammunition option for your 5.7x28mm firearm? Check out Federal Premium’s Centerfire Handgun Ammunition. Featuring superior accuracy and reliability, as well as clean burning powders for reduced weapon maintenance, this is an excellent choice for serious shooters. The hand-selected propellant and meticulously weighed and profiled bullets make each round consistent and effective. So you can shoot with skill and confidence every time you pull the trigger. Pick up a box or two today – your 5.7x28mm firearm deserves the best ammo!

  • Superior accuracy
  • Clean burning propellant
  • Reduced weapon maintenance
  • Can be difficult to find


5# JHP – Speer Gold Dot – 5.7x28mm – 40 Grain – 50 Rounds

JHP - Speer Gold Dot - 5.7x28mm - 40 Grain - 50 Rounds

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The Gold Dot line from Speer remains a benchmark in both self-defense and duty use for law enforcement officials worldwide. The pressure-formed lead core is bonded to an extremely uniform jacket one atom at a time, virtually eliminating separation on impact for more retained weight and penetration to crucial depths. Additionally, the Gold Dot hollow-point design expands consistently through a full range of barriers. employees can have confidence in its ignition and cycling thanks to sealed primers and nickel-plated brass. Get your hands on some 5.27×28 ammo today!

  • Extremely uniform jacket
  • Pressure-formed lead core
  • Uniform expansion
  • Sealed primers
  • Could potentially cause jams in some firearms



What is the 5.7 x28 Good For?

The 5.7mm x28 is a great round for many different applications. It is popular among competitive shooters, varmint hunters, and those who want a powerful yet compact round for self-defense. The 5.7mm x28 has a high velocity and is very accurate, making it a great choice for many different uses.

What caliber is a 5.7 x28 comparable to?

This round is often compared to the .22LR in terms of performance. The 5.7 x28 has a slightly higher velocity and energy than the .22LR, making it a good choice for self-defense.

Are 5.7 rounds armor piercing?

One of the most popular questions we get asked is whether 5.7 rounds are armor piercing. The answer is no. 5.7x28mm ammunition is not designed to penetrate body armor. It is a high velocity, small caliber round that is designed for target practice, plinking, and varmint hunting.

What are the different 5.7 rounds?

There are three main types of 5.7x28mm ammunition:

  • FMJ (Full Metal Jacket): FMJ 5.7x28mm rounds are typically used for target practice and plinking. FMJ 5.7x28mm rounds have a lead core with a full metal jacket.
  • JHP (Jacketed Hollow Point): JHP 5.7x28mm rounds are typically used for self-defense and hunting. JHP 5.7x28mm rounds have a lead core with a hollow point opening in the bullet tip.
  • AP (Armor Piercing): AP 5.7x28mm rounds are designed to penetrate armor and hard targets. AP 5.7x28mm rounds have a steel core with a full metal jacket.

Is a 5.7 more powerful than a 9mm?

The 5.7x28mm was designed as effective law enforcement and military round, offering more stopping power than a 9mm Luger while having less recoil and being able to hold more rounds in the magazine. It is also popular among sports shooters due to its low recoil and high velocity.

Is 5.7 x28 the same as 223?

5.7 x28 is not the same as 223. 5.7 x28 is a cartridge designed for use in pistols, while 223 is a rifle cartridge. 5.7 x28 has less recoil and muzzle blast than 223 and is therefore easier to control in rapid fire. 5.7 x28 also has a higher velocity and is more effective against body armor than 223.



5.7x28mm ammo is a great choice for self-defense, target shooting, and hunting. It offers excellent accuracy and stopping power, making it an ideal round for personal protection. In this article, we’ve highlighted some of the best 5.7x28mm ammo on the market and shared some tips on how to select the right rounds for your needs. Whether you’re looking for affordable practice ammo or top-of-the-line defensive rounds, we have something for everyone in the roundup of the best 5.7x28mm ammo. Thanks for reading!


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