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Best Crossbow Case - Editor's Choice

What is a crossbow case?🤔

It is a type of protective covering that allows archers to store and transport their equipment safely. It typically has a hard outer shell, cushioning foam padding on the inside, and an adjustable strap to secure it closed.

Crossbow cases


Crossbow cases are designed to protect and carry your crossbow safely and securely. They come in a variety of styles, sizes, and materials so that you can get one that fits your needs perfectly.

  • Size: First and foremost, you should make sure that the case is big enough to fit your crossbow without being too bulky or cumbersome. If possible, look for cases with adjustable or removable features so you can customize them if needed.
  • Weight: It should not be too heavy, as this can be a burden when carrying for long distances. If possible, look for cases made of lightweight materials such as nylon or polyester to keep your load light.
  • Material: Generally, cases are made from high-quality materials, such as ballistic nylon or cordura fabric which are resistant to punctures and abrasions. Also, check for weatherproofing features like waterproof zippers and durable water-resistant linings.
  • Storage Capacity: Many cases come with additional pockets and compartments for storing arrows, broadheads, cockers, scopes, etc. Check to make sure that the case is large enough to store all of your equipment, and look for compartments with soft linings to keep them safe from scratches or dents.
  • Overall Protection: Some models come with thick padding on the inside, heavy-duty zippers, reinforced stitching, and durable construction overall. This will ensure that your crossbow and accessories are secure during transport.
Our Top Pick
Killer Instinct Slayer Crossbow Case
It is specially designed to meet the needs of modern, compact crossbows. Inside the case, you'll find ample padding to cushion your crossbow and prevent any damage during transport. The heavy corner trim adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring that your crossbow remains in pristine condition. The case features a total of four storage compartments, three on the outside and one on the inside, offering plenty of space to store all your essential accessories. For added convenience, it also includes a built-in adjustable shoulder strap for comfortable and easy transportation.
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Crossbows are delicate and expensive pieces of equipment that deserve proper protection from dust, debris, humidity, and other elements.

  • 🔥 The extra layer of security provided by a good crossbow case also extends to its contents. The interior of these cases provides compartments for storing bolts, scopes, cocking ropes, waxes, cleaning kits, and more – all in one convenient space.
  • 🔥 The padded interior also helps to protect the crossbow and its accessories from bumps and scratches during transport.
  • 🔥 In addition, many cases come with adjustable straps on the exterior that can be used to secure additional items such as a quiver or closer-to-hand snacks for hunting trips.

Benefits of crossbow case

How to transport it?🚗

Crossbow cases provide an important layer of protection to ensure your bow stays in perfect condition while transporting it. Here are some tips:

  • ➡️ Choose the Right Case: Selecting the right type of case can help protect your crossbow from damage and wear during transportation. Look for a sturdy case with extra padding to absorb impacts and secure straps that will keep everything in place inside the case.
  • ➡️ Prepare Your Crossbow: Before packing up your crossbow for transportation, make sure it is completely disassembled. Take off any arrows or other accessories attached to your bow so that they don’t get lost or damaged during travel.
  • ➡️ Pack Properly: When packing up your crossbow in its case, make sure all parts are secure and protected from potential damage or moisture exposure. If there is room remaining inside the case after packing all of the components properly, consider filling the space with cushioning material such as foam or bubble wrap so that nothing shifts around during transit.
  • ➡️ Store Carefully: Once you have packed up your bow properly, store it securely in a safe location away from high temperatures or direct sunlight (which can cause warping).

TOP 15 Crossbow Case

Ravin R9/10/15/20 Crossbow Hard CaseRavinBUY
Excalibur Crossbow Deluxe Crossbow CaseExcaliburBUY
Ravin R9/10/15/20 Crossbow Soft CaseRavinBUY
SKB Cases ATA Crossbow Case WheelsSKBBUY
Excalibur Crossbow Crypt Crossbow CaseExcaliburBUY
TenPoint Crossbow Technologies Universal Compact Soft Crossbow CaseTenPointBUY
Killer Instinct Slayer Crossbow CaseKiller InstinctBUY
Plano Molding Spire Crossbow CasePlanoBUY
Excalibur Crossbow Explore Case - Take-Down Crossbow CaseExcaliburBUY
Ravin R26/R29 Crossbow Soft CaseRavinBUY
Allen Scorpion Narrow Crossbow CaseAllen ScorpionBUY
Crosman CP400 Narrow Crossbow BagCrosmanBUY
30-06 Outdoors Crossbow Case Alpha AXBC-130-06 OutdoorsBUY
CenterPoint Soft-Sided Crossbow BagCenterPointBUY
Allen Hornet N1 Edge Crossbow CaseAllen HornetBUY

1# Ravin R9/10/15/20/10X/5X/500 Series Crossbow Hard Case

Ravin R9/10/15/20 Crossbow Hard Case

Safeguard your bow using state-of-the-art technology with the cutting-edge Ravin R9/10/15/20/10X/5X/500 Series Crossbow Hard Case. This archery equipment offers generous storage space for additional arrows, a rangefinder, binoculars, and other essentials. Crafted with reinforced polymer, it ensures water resistance and airtight protection. Offering superior quality and exceptional value, the Ravin R9/10/15/20/10X/5X/500 Series Crossbow Hard Case is undoubtedly your ultimate choice for all your archery needs.

  • Generous storage space for additional arrows
  • Crafted with a reinforced polymer
  • Water resistance and airtight protection
  • Easy to transport
  • Cost-effective
  • Expensive compared to other crossbow cases
  • No padding or cushioning inside the case


2# Excalibur Deluxe Crossbow Case

Excalibur Crossbow Deluxe Crossbow Case

Ensure the safety and protection of your crossbow while traveling with the Excalibur Deluxe Crossbow Case. This deluxe case features a padded, T-shaped design specifically tailored to accommodate your crossbow. The foam-lined interior ensures a secure and cushioned fit for your crossbow, while convenient pockets allow for the storage of a full quiver and other accessories. With carrying straps for easy and comfortable transportation, this case is a must-have for crossbow owners. Its durable fabric exterior, complemented by a black padded lining, guarantees optimal protection during storage and transport. Choose the Excalibur Deluxe Crossbow Case to save your crossbow with style and functionality.

  • T-shaped design
  • Foam-lined interior ensures a secure and cushioned fit
  • Carrying straps for easy transportation
  • Durable fabric exterior with black padded lining
  • Not suitable for use with other brands of crossbows
  • Limited colors available


3# Ravin R9/10/15/20 Crossbow Soft Case

Ravin R9/10/15/20 Crossbow Soft Case

Ensure the utmost protection for your crossbows and shafts with the Ravin R9/10/15/20 Crossbow Soft Case. Designed with a sleek, slim profile, it features backpack-style strapping that makes transportation effortless. The two exterior zippered pockets and two interior zippered pockets provide convenient storage for smaller components or personal items. Astonishingly, this soft carrying case can accommodate a fully-assembled crossbow with a mounted scope, quiver, and bolts, allowing for quick and easy use. Our research has shown that it has sufficient space to accommodate a bipod as long as its legs do not extend beyond the end of the crossbow. While offering comfort during transportation, this case prioritizes your crossbow’s safety with ample internal padding. Don’t embark on your next hunting expedition or a trip to the archery range without the reliable protection of the Ravin R9/10/15/20 Crossbow Soft Case.

  • Backpack-style straps for easy transportation
  • Accommodates bipod as long as legs do not extend beyond the end of the crossbow
  • Ample internal padding to prioritize safety
  • Not water resistant


4# SKB Cases ATA Crossbow Case w/ Wheels

SKB Cases ATA Crossbow Case Wheels

Introducing the SKB Cases ATA Crossbow Case w/ Wheels, a top-of-the-line solution designed to safeguard your crossbow. Engineered with an ABS exterior and rigid molded EPS foam inserts, this case is compatible with a wide range of crossbow models. For easy transport, the case features convenient wheels and a molded-in pull handle, along with a comfortable carrying handle. Inside, the case offers ample capacity to accommodate larger scopes, along with strategically placed compression pads that prevent movement during transit. Trust the SKB Cases ATA Crossbow Case w/ Wheels to provide unparalleled protection for your valuable crossbow investment.

  • Engineered with an ABS exterior and rigid molded EPS foam inserts
  • Features convenient wheels
  • Compression pads prevent movement during transit
  • Comfortable carrying handle
  • Heavyweight
  • Higher cost compared to other cases


5# Excalibur Crossbow Crypt Crossbow Case

Excalibur Crossbow Crypt Crossbow Case

Check out the Excalibur Crossbow Crypt Crossbow Case. This case offers reliable and secure protection for your crossbow during transportation and storage. Crafted from heavy-duty 600D polyester, the case ensures durability and longevity. The high-density PE foam-lined walls and panels provide excellent protection and rigidity, safeguarding your crossbow from potential impacts. Inside, the case is lined with an extra-soft padded Tricot, ensuring a gentle and cushioned environment for your valuable equipment. For convenient carrying, the case comes with a sturdy carrying handle and a shoulder strap, allowing for comfortable transportation wherever your adventures take you. Trust the Excalibur Crossbow Crypt Crossbow Case to keep your crossbow well-protected and in optimal condition.

Video review

  • Heavy-duty 600D polyester construction
  • High-density PE foam-lined walls and panels
  • Extra soft padded tricot lining
  • Sturdy carrying handle and shoulder strap
  • Not waterproof
  • Can be too big for smaller crossbows


6# TenPoint Crossbow Technologies Universal Compact Soft Crossbow Case

TenPoint Crossbow Technologies Universal Compact Soft Crossbow Case

The TenPoint Crossbow Technologies Universal Compact Soft Crossbow Case is a premium accessory designed to provide optimal protection and convenience for your TenPoint crossbow. Crafted from double-stitched high-grade Cordura, this soft case ensures durability and reliability in all your outdoor endeavors. With a large zipper-accessible storage compartment, it offers ample space to store and carry your arrows, quiver, and other essential accessories. As a result of our tests, we determined that the case comes with a removable and adjustable shoulder strap, allowing you to customize the carrying experience according to your preferences. Trust the TenPoint Crossbow Technologies Universal Compact Soft Crossbow Case to keep your crossbow protected and your gear organized!

  • Construction with double-stitched high-grade Cordura
  • Large zipper-accessible storage compartment
  • Comes with a removable and adjustable shoulder strap
  • May take up a lot of space


7# Killer Instinct Slayer Crossbow Case

Killer Instinct Slayer Crossbow Case

Do you need a specially designed solution to ensure the utmost protection for your compact crossbow? The Killer Instinct Slayer Crossbow Case combines ample padding, a durable rip-stop exterior shell fabric, and heavy corner trim to create a secure and safe space for your crossbow. With four storage compartments in total (three external and one internal), you’ll have more than enough room to store all your crossbow accessories. The padded divider within the case allows for the safe storage of your quiver with bolts, ensuring quick unpacking and convenient hunting. One unique feature of this case is the exclusive top carry handle, which securely holds the crossbow in a horizontal position and prevents side tipping. Choose the Killer Instinct Slayer Crossbow Case for reliable protection and effortless handling of your compact crossbow.

Video review

  • Durable rip-stop exterior shell fabric
  • The padded divider
  • Built-in adjustable shoulder strap
  • Four storage compartments (three external, one internal)
  • Inconsistent sizing between models
  • Limited color options


8# Plano Spire Crossbow Case

Plano Molding Spire Crossbow Case

Ensure the safety of your crossbows during transportation to and from hunting or the archery range with the reliable Plano Spire Crossbow Case. This top-notch archery equipment is designed to protect your valuable crossbows from impacts, shocks, and bumps. Whether you’re driving on smooth roads or rugged off-road terrain to reach your campsite, this case will keep your crossbows and arrows intact and undamaged. The compact size of the case accommodates various crossbow sizes, offering a versatile storage solution. The foam padding provides optimal cushioning and protection for your crossbow, while the padlock clasps ensure added security. Trust the Plano Spire Crossbow Case to keep your crossbows in pristine condition, ready for your next hunting adventure.

Video review

  • Accommodates various sizes of crossbows
  • Three heavy-duty latches for secure closure
  • Dedicated quiver storage
  • Internal lashing straps to secure the crossbow in place
  • Foam padding provides cushioning
  • Does not feature a built-in backpack system for hands-free carry
  • Not designed to float in case of accidental water contact


9# Excalibur Explore Take-Down Crossbow Case

Excalibur Crossbow Explore Case - Take-Down Crossbow Case

Presenting the Excalibur Explore Take-Down Crossbow Case, a revolutionary solution for protecting and transporting your crossbow. The main compartment of the case is padded and equipped with two Velcro straps to securely hold your stock in place, while the limb assembly rests comfortably in an internal sleeve. Additional storage compartments include three external pockets, three internal pouches, and a document sleeve, providing ample room for all your hunting essentials. Constructed from heavy-duty 1000D Cordura nylon and featuring ultra-strong zippers with rugged bungee-style pull cords, this case guarantees durability and reliability. With its multi-functional design and generous storage capacity, the Excalibur Explore Take-Down Crossbow Case is the perfect companion for all your hunting endeavors.

Video review

  • The main compartment is padded and equipped with two Velcro straps
  • Provide ample storage space
  • Constructed from 1000D Cordura nylon material
  • Equipped with ultra-strong zippers and rugged bungee-style pull cords
  • Not suitable for full-size crossbows
  • Can be expensive for some budgets


10# Ravin R26/R29 Crossbow Soft Case

Ravin R26/R29 Crossbow Soft Case

If you are searching for the ultimate solution for protecting your crossbow from any potential damage, notice the Ravin R26/R29 Crossbow Soft Case. The case features a durable black and grey exterior, ensuring long-lasting performance. With its padded construction, your crossbow is shielded with extra-thick padding, providing maximum protection during transportation and storage. Because of our knowledge gained through practice, this case offers ample storage space with two large exterior zippered pockets and two interior storage areas, allowing you to store additional accessories. Equipped with heavy-duty handles, this case is built to withstand rugged use. Safeguard your crossbow with confidence using the Ravin R26/R29 Crossbow Soft Case.

  • Extra-thick padding provides maximum protection
  • Backpack-style strapping
  • Ample storage space
  • The inner lining prevents scratches or damage
  • Heavy-duty handles ensure rugged use
  • Can only fit the R26/R29 models
  • Not waterproof


11# Allen Scorpion Narrow Crossbow Case

Allen Scorpion Narrow Crossbow Case

Introducing the Allen Scorpion Narrow Crossbow Case, designed to perfectly fit modern crossbows. With a width of 16 inches, it provides a secure and spacious solution for transporting your crossbow. The case features three external pockets, allowing you to conveniently store various tools and hunting implements. A molded external handle ensures a comfortable grip and effortless transport. The soft brushed tricot lining adds an extra layer of protection, safeguarding your crossbow from scratches and damage while in the case. Trust the Allen Scorpion Narrow Crossbow Case to securely store and transport your modern crossbow, ensuring peace of mind and convenience during your hunting adventures.

  • Secure and spacious solution for transporting crossbow
  • Three external pockets for storing various tools
  • The molded external handle ensures a comfortable grip
  • Adjustable internal quiver pocket/divider
  • Soft brushed tricot lining
  • May not fit all accessories such as optics, quivers, and scopes
  • External pockets are only accessible with the case open


12# Crosman CP400 Narrow Crossbow Bag

Crosman CP400 Narrow Crossbow Bag

The Crosman CP400 Narrow Crossbow Bag is designed to provide maximum protection and comfortable carrying for your crossbow. With its adjustable padded backpack straps, you can enjoy a customized and comfortable fit during transportation. The bag is equipped with two adjustable interiors Velcro tie-down straps, ensuring that your crossbow remains secure and in place. The bag is constructed with a heavy-duty 100% Poly 600D outer shell, providing excellent resistance against wear and tear. Inside the bag, you’ll find two internal zipper accessory pockets designed to accommodate arrows and other gear, keeping them organized and within reach. Invest in the Crosman CP400 Narrow Crossbow Bag for optimal protection, comfort, and convenience while transporting your crossbow.

  • Adjustable padded backpack straps
  • Two adjustable interiors Velcro tie-down straps
  • Heavy-duty #10 zippers
  • Constructed with heavy-duty 100% Poly 600D outer shell
  • Not designed to protect against extreme temperatures


13# 30-06 Outdoors Alpha Crossbow Case

30-06 Outdoors Crossbow Case Alpha AXBC-1

Check out the 30-06 Outdoors Alpha Crossbow Case, designed to provide exceptional protection for your valuable gear. This case is built to withstand the elements, with reinforced heavy padding and waterproof rip-stop nylon construction. The attractive graphics add style to this functional and reliable case. It features two large external compartments, providing ample storage space for your crossbow and accessories. The adjustable shoulder strap allows for comfortable carrying, whether storing or hauling your bow. Invest in the 30-06 Outdoors Alpha Crossbow Case to ensure the safety and security of your crossbow and accessories, no matter where your adventures take you.

Video review

  • Durable and rugged construction
  • Reinforced heavy padding for optimal protection
  • Waterproof rip-stop nylon material
  • Two large external compartments for ample storage space
  • Adjustable shoulder strap for comfortable carrying
  • Expensive compared to other cases
  • No locking mechanism on the case


14# CenterPoint Soft-Sided Crossbow Bag

CenterPoint Soft-Sided Crossbow Bag

Elevate your travel experience with this stylish soft-sided case designed specifically for CenterPoint crossbows. With its strategic padding, your crossbow will be protected in all the right places. Our analysis of this product showed that the case features a convenient carry handle and an adjustable, detachable shoulder strap, allowing for easy transportation. The durable, heavy-duty #10 zippers ensure reliable and secure closure, while the heavy-duty 100% Poly 600D outer shell guarantees exceptional durability. The case also features a semi-rigid arrow compartment, providing additional protection and organization for your arrows. Invest in the CenterPoint Soft-Sided Crossbow Bag and travel confidently, knowing that your crossbow is safe and secure.

  • Strategically padded to protect the crossbow
  • Large accessory pocket perfect for storing
  • Heavy duty 100% Poly 600D outer shell
  • Semi-rigid arrow compartment provides additional protection
  • Not suitable for heavier, larger crossbows
  • Low maximum capacity of 36″ x 28″


15# Allen Titan Hornet N1 Edge Crossbow Case

Allen Hornet N1 Edge Crossbow Case

Introducing the Allen Titan Hornet N1 Edge Crossbow Case. This case goes above and beyond to ensure your crossbow is well-protected. It features a molded EVA scope cover and tail, providing extra protection for the sensitive areas of your crossbow. With two large external pockets, you have plenty of space to store tools and accessories, while the narrow external pocket is perfect for narrower tools and hunting implements. The case also includes an adjustable internal quiver pocket with a divider, keeping your extra bolts securely in place during storage. With its molded external handle, you can enjoy a comfortable grip and easy transport. Trust the Allen Titan Hornet N1 Edge Crossbow Case to provide optimal protection and organization for your crossbow, allowing you to enjoy peace of mind during your hunting adventures.

  • Accommodates modern crossbows with its 16.5-inch width
  • Adjustable internal quiver pocket with divider
  • Soft brushed Tricot lining
  • Glove-like fit ensures full protection for your crossbow
  • Price may be more expensive than in other cases
  • The rear patch cannot be removed once attached


⚙️How to assemble such a case?⚙️

Assembling a crossbow case is not a difficult task, but it is important to get it right so that your gear is safe and secure.

  • 🔷 First, choose the right case for your crossbow and make sure all of the pieces are included in the package. Unpack the case and make sure it’s free of any foreign objects or debris.
  • 🔷 Once you’ve checked everything is there, it’s time to start putting together your case. If your case includes foam inserts that have been cut to fit the shape of your crossbow, place them into their respective slots inside the outer shell and secure them with protective cloth tape if necessary.
  • 🔷 If no pre-cut foam inserts were included in your case, you can customize the interior by cutting pieces of foam to size and arranging them however you like inside of the outer shell. Foam blocks work well for this purpose and can be purchased at most outdoor retailers. Once the foam is in place, use a hot glue gun to adhere it to the case.
  • 🔷 Lastly, make sure that all of your accessories are secured inside the case before closing up the lid or cover. These cases come with built-in straps or locks to help keep your gear safe and secure while traveling. With everything securely in place, you’re ready to hit the range!

📺 One example in this video:


Does your crossbow need to be in a case?

☑️ Using a case for your crossbow is highly recommended for several reasons. Here are some of them:

  • Protection: It provides a protective barrier for your crossbow, safeguarding it from bumps, scratches, and other potential damage. It helps prevent accidental impacts during transportation, ensuring that your crossbow remains in optimal condition.
  • Organization: Many cases come with multiple storage compartments, allowing you to keep all your crossbow accessories and bolts organized in one place. This makes it convenient to transport your equipment and ensures that you have everything you need for your hunting or shooting sessions.
  • Safety: Keeping your crossbow in a case adds an extra layer of safety, especially if you have children or pets at home. It helps prevent unauthorized access to the crossbow, reducing the risk of accidents or mishandling.
  • Longevity: By using a case, you can extend the lifespan of your crossbow. The case helps protect the sensitive parts of your crossbow, such as the limbs, scope, and trigger mechanism, from dust, moisture, and other elements that could cause corrosion or damage over time.
What is the best material for a crossbow case?

🟣 When considering the material for a case, durability, protection, and portability are important factors to consider. Here are some commonly used materials:

  • ✔️ Hard plastic cases are known for their durability and impact resistance. They offer excellent protection against shocks, bumps, and external elements. Hard plastic cases often have foam or customizable inserts to securely hold the crossbow and accessories in place. They are also lightweight and usually feature secure latches or locks for added security.
  • ✔️ Soft padded nylon cases provide a balance between protection and portability. These cases are made of durable nylon fabric with added padding for shock absorption. They are lightweight and often feature adjustable straps or handles for easy carrying. Soft padded nylon cases may have multiple pockets for storing accessories, and some models are even water-resistant.
  • ✔️ Hardshell fabric cases are constructed with a combination of rigid, durable fabric and foam padding. These cases offer good protection against impacts while being lightweight and easier to carry than hard plastic cases. They often feature reinforced corners and heavy-duty zippers for added durability. Hardshell fabric cases may also have additional storage compartments for accessories.
  • ✔️ Hybrid cases combine the benefits of hard plastic and soft padded materials. They typically feature a hard outer shell for maximum protection and a soft padded interior to cradle and protect the crossbow. Hybrid cases often come with multiple storage pockets, adjustable straps, and handles for convenience.
Are all cases the same?

🤨 No, not all crossbow cases are the same. They can vary in terms of size, design, material, features, and intended use. Here are some factors that differentiate such cases:

  • 🔍 Size and Fit: These cases come in different sizes to accommodate various crossbow models. It’s important to choose a case that is specifically designed for your crossbow’s dimensions to ensure a proper fit and maximum protection.
  • 🔍 Material and Construction: They can be made from materials like hard plastic, soft padded nylon, hardshell fabric, or a combination of materials. The choice of material affects the case’s durability, protection, and weight.
  • 🔍 Protection and Padding: The level of protection and padding can vary among cases. Some models feature thicker foam padding or customizable inserts to provide better cushioning and shock absorption.
  • 🔍 Carrying Options: Cases may come with different carrying options, such as handles, shoulder straps, or backpack-style straps. The choice of carrying options depends on your preference and the ease of transporting the case.
  • 🔍 Closure Mechanisms: They can feature different closure mechanisms, such as zippers, buckles, or latches. The type of closure can affect the ease of access and the security of your crossbow.
  • 🔍 Specialized Features: Some cases may include specialized features like waterproofing, extra reinforcement in high-impact areas, built-in locking mechanisms, or removable backpack straps for versatility.
What is the size of such cases?

📝 The size of a crossbow case can vary depending on the specific model and brand. They are designed to accommodate different crossbow sizes, so it’s important to choose a case that fits your particular crossbow.

  • 🧩 When looking for it, you’ll typically find information about the case’s dimensions or the maximum length it can accommodate. Crossbow cases can range in length from around 36 inches to 45 inches or more, depending on the specific model.

➡️ To determine the appropriate size, measure the length of your crossbow from the tip of the limb to the buttstock or the furthest point when the crossbow is uncocked. Make sure to account for any additional accessories or attachments on your crossbow, such as scopes or quivers, to ensure a proper fit.

Is it safe to carry a loaded crossbow?

🤨 No, it is not safe to carry a loaded crossbow. Carrying it poses a significant risk, as any unintentional trigger engagement or accidental release of the string could result in serious injury or damage.

💡 It is essential to always handle and transport a crossbow safely and responsibly. Here are some key safety guidelines to follow:

  • ✒️ Never carry it while moving or traversing through challenging terrain. Always unload the crossbow before moving.
  • ✒️ When not actively engaged in hunting or shooting, it is recommended to uncock the crossbow and remove any bolts from the device.
  • ✒️ Store bolts separately from the crossbow and ensure they are secure to prevent any accidental discharges.
  • ✒️ Treat a loaded crossbow with the same respect and caution as you would a loaded firearm. Keep it pointed in a safe direction and never point it at anything you do not intend to shoot.
  • ✒️ Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper handling, loading, and unloading of your specific crossbow model.
  • ✒️ Educate yourself on local laws and regulations regarding the transportation and handling of crossbows, as they may vary by jurisdiction.


Choosing the best crossbow case can be a daunting task, but with this buyer’s guide, you now have all the information you need to make an informed decision. We’ve highlighted some of the most important factors that should influence your purchase and provided our favorite product recommendations for each category. So consider these tips when shopping around for a new model and enjoy many years of safe storage!🥰❤️‍🔥


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Fisher Martinez
Fisher Martinez
7 months ago

I’m in search of a suitable hard case to provide my crossbow with the protection it deserves. However, I’m facing a bit of a challenge in finding the right one. It’s difficult to judge the size accurately without seeing them in person, as some local stores only have them in boxes. Any suggestions or experiences would be greatly appreciated.

    7 months ago

    I use 30-06 Outdoors Crossbow Case Alpha AXBC-1. I think it has enough space because I can put my crossbow with a scope just in it. Try it!

      Boone Murphy
      Boone Murphy
      7 months ago

      I used to own the Killer Instinct Slayer Crossbow Case, it offered ample space and storage for all my gear. It is very functional and I can clean it easily.

        7 months ago

        I’m looking for a decent-quality affordable crossbow case. I appreciate any guidance you can provide, as I navigate the world of crossbows and make an informed decision.

          Vito Jackson
          Vito Jackson
          7 months ago
          Reply to  Frostycrest

          I advise you to try an Allen Scorpion Narrow Crossbow Case – it helps me to protect my crossbow when transporting. Ultimately, it’s important to find a crossbow that aligns with your preferences and requirements.

            7 months ago
            Reply to  Frostycrest

            Please excuse any formatting issues as I’m typing this on my mobile device. I used to work at an archery shop until about a year ago, and based on my experience, I wouldn’t trust my life with a crossbow if it came down to it. However, to address your question, when it comes to crossbows case, you generally get what you pay for. During my time at the shop, there was an Allen Hornet N1 Edge Crossbow Case that I found reliable, and customers have not had complaints about them.

              Quirino Johnson
              Quirino Johnson
              7 months ago

              I am seeking some advice on which crossbow case to consider and which ones to avoid, as I am a beginner. Any guidance or tips would be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

                7 months ago

                In my opinion, Excalibur Crossbow Deluxe Crossbow Case is the optimal choice. I believe that Excalibur produces the finest products that should be worth considering.

                  Uriel Roberts
                  Uriel Roberts
                  7 months ago

                  I suggest taking a look at the Plano Molding Spire Crossbow Case. Currently, I use it and it’s awesome and durable!