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Best Remington 870 Stock Review

What is Remington 870 stock? 🤔

It refers to the shoulder stock or buttstock of the shotgun. The Remington 870 is a popular pump-action shotgun used for various purposes, including hunting, sport shooting, and home defense. It is available with different stock options to suit the preferences and needs of shooters.

Remington 870 stock

Features 📝

Stocks for the Remington 870 shotgun come in various configurations and offer different features to suit the shooter’s needs and preferences. Here are some common characteristics:

Material: Stocks can be made of different materials, including wood, synthetic, and composite. Wood stocks are traditional and often appreciated for their aesthetics, while synthetic and composite stocks are more durable and weather-resistant.

Fixed vs. Adjustable: Some models are fixed, meaning they have no adjustment options for length of pull or cheek height. Adjustable stocks allow shooters to customize the fit of the shotgun to their body size and shooting style.

Length of Pull (LOP) Adjustment: Adjustable stocks often have LOP adjustment capabilities. This allows the shooter to increase or decrease the distance between the butt plate and the trigger, which can improve comfort and accuracy.

Pistol Grip: Some models have a pistol grip design that allows for a more ergonomic and comfortable grip on the shotgun. Pistol grips can come in various shapes and styles.

Finish: They may have different finishes, including matte, gloss, or camo patterns, depending on the intended use and personal preferences of the shooter.

Our Top Pick
FAB Defense M4 Buttstock For Remmington 870
This modular M4-style collapsible buttstock and pistol grip system brings a host of benefits to your shotgun, enhancing both its functionality and aesthetics. One of the standout features of this product is its user-friendly, one-piece adapter design. Installing it is a breeze – simply drop it in, and you're good to go. The textured finish of this stock ensures a secure and comfortable grip, which is vital for maintaining control and accuracy when using your shotgun. It's designed to provide you with a confident hold even in challenging conditions.
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Benefits 💥

A well-chosen stock for your Remington 870 shotgun can offer several benefits that enhance your shooting experience and performance. Here are some of the key advantages:

🔰 A stock that fits you properly can significantly improve your comfort when shooting. This can reduce fatigue during extended shooting sessions and help you maintain better control of the shotgun.

🔰 Some models come equipped with recoil pads or recoil-absorbing materials. These features help reduce the felt recoil when firing, making it more comfortable and less punishing to shoot, especially with heavier loads.

🔰 Stocks with built-in sling swivel studs or attachment points allow you to easily add a sling to your shotgun, making it more convenient to carry in the field or transition between shooting positions.

🔰 Tactical stocks often come with accessory attachment points like Picatinny rails, M-Lok, or KeyMod slots, allowing you to mount accessories like lights, lasers, or optics for improved functionality.

Benefits of Remington 870 stock

How to measure the length of the pull? ✒️

Measuring the length of pull (LOP) is an important step when ordering a custom stock for your shotgun to ensure it fits you properly. Here’s how to measure the LOP:

1️⃣ Safety First: Ensure the shotgun is unloaded and that there is no ammunition in the vicinity.
2️⃣ Grip Your Shotgun: Hold your Remington 870 shotgun as you normally would for shooting. This means mounting it to your shoulder with your shooting hand comfortably on the grip or stock.
3️⃣ Position: Assume your natural shooting position, with your head up and looking forward as if you were aiming at a target. Make sure your shooting arm is fully extended and comfortable.
4️⃣ Measure the LOP: Have your friend or helper hold the straight edge or dowel along the top of the shotgun’s stock, so it’s parallel to the barrel. Make sure the straight edge touches the top of the butt plate or recoil pad, if applicable. The straight edge should also be in line with the axis of the barrel.
5️⃣ Mark the Grip: While maintaining your shooting position, ask your helper to place a small piece of masking tape or an adhesive marker on the straight edge or dowel where it lines up with the center of the grip or where your shooting hand comfortably rests.
6️⃣ Measure the Marked Length: Carefully remove the straight edge or dowel from the shotgun, keeping the marker in place. Measure the distance from the marker to the end of the straight edge or dowel. This measurement is your LOP.
7️⃣ Record the Measurement: Write down or remember the LOP measurement in inches or centimeters, depending on your preference and the units used by the stock maker.
8️⃣ Provide the Measurement: When ordering your custom stock, provide the LOP measurement to the stock maker, along with any other specific customization requests or preferences you may have.

📌 It’s important to measure the LOP with your shooting attire on, including any clothing and gear you typically wear while shooting, as this can affect the fit of the stock. Additionally, if you plan to use the shotgun for different shooting disciplines (e.g., hunting and sport shooting), you may want to take multiple LOP measurements to ensure the stock is versatile for your needs.

Best Remington 870 Stock

These stocks refer to the part of the Remington 870 shotgun that is primarily responsible for providing a grip and a point of contact for the shooter’s shoulder. It is a crucial component of the firearm and can come in various styles and materials to suit different shooting preferences and purposes.

1# Magpul SGA Remington 870 Stock

Magpul SGA Remington 870 Stock

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The Magpul SGA Stock for Remington 870 12 Gauge shotgun is the perfect upgrade for your time-tested American classic firearm. This stock delivers adjustability to your tactical shotgun system with a spacer system that allows for the length of pull adjustment and a recoil-reducing butt pad. Using this product, our team found that the optional cheek riser can be used to improve the use of this stock with optics and other accessories. With improved ergonomics and robust construction, it is a must-have for serious shooters.

Video review

  • Recoil-reducing butt-pad
  • Optional cheek riser
  • Improved ergonomics
  • Robust construction
  • Might be too short or long for some people


2# Mesa Tactical Urbino Pistol Grip Stock

Mesa Tactical Urbino Pistol Grip Stock

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The Mesa Tactical Urbino Pistol Grip Stock is a necessary addition to your tactical shotgun. Injection-molded in glass-filled nylon, the stock features a 12 1/2-inch length of pull (LoP) for ease of use while wearing body armor or other bulky clothing. The shock-absorbing, soft rubber grip sleeve reduces shooter fatigue, and the durable, easy-to-shoulder design will not slip. The stock includes Benelli-style rear sling loops for 1 1/4-inch sling webbing and a QD-style sling swivel that fits in a hole in the lower rear of the stock. Flexible sling mounting options make this stock perfect for a wide variety of tactical shotgun applications. All hardware is included, and no gunsmithing is necessary to install it. This stock comes with a lifetime warranty.

Video review

  • Injection-molded in glass-filled nylon
  • Shock-absorbing, soft rubber grip sleeve
  • Durable, easy-to-shoulder design
  • Benelli-style rear sling loops
  • QD sling swivel
  • The stock is not adjustable


3# Hogue Less Lethal Shotgun Stock w/forend for the Remington 870

Hogue Less Lethal Shotgun Stock w/forend for the Remington 870

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The Hogue Less Lethal Shotgun Stock w/forend for the Remington 870 is unbeatable in terms of quality, durability, and reliability. This stock is made from a tough and durable Over-molded material that is designed to withstand heavy use, making it ideal for law enforcement, military, and security personnel who need a stock that can stand up to the rigors of daily use. The orange color makes it highly visible and perfect for Less Lethal applications. The stock also features a textured grip and a forend that provides a comfortable and secure grip while shooting.

Video review

  • Tough and durable construction
  • Ideal for less lethal applications
  • Textured grip and forend for comfort and security
  • The orange color may not be suitable for all situations


4# BlackHawk Knoxx Specops Gen 3 Shotgun Stocks

BlackHawk Knoxx Specops Gen 3 Shotgun Stocks

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The BlackHawk Knoxx Specops Gen 3 Shotgun Stock is designed for tactical shooters who demand the utmost in performance and comfort. This stock features a two-stage recoil reduction system that drastically reduces felt recoil, allowing you to stay on target even during rapid fire.

Additionally, the innovative patent-pending recoil pad technology ensures maximum comfort while shooting. The straight cheek weld provides a more comfortable and stable shooting platform, while the six-position adjustable stock gives you the ability to tailor the fit to your individual needs. The buttstock tensioner removes any unwanted play or rattle, and the ergonomic pistol grip is optimized for tactical shooting techniques.

Video review

  • Reduces recoil by up to 50%
  • Six-position adjustable stock for a perfect fit
  • The tensioner removes unwanted play or rattle
  • Pistol grip optimized for tactical shooting techniques
  • High price tag


5# ATI Outdoors Ravenwood T3 Shotgun Stock for 12 Gauge

ATI Outdoors Ravenwood T3 Shotgun Stock for 12 Gauge

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The ATI Outdoors Ravenwood T3 Shotgun Stock for 12 Gauge is the perfect choice for those who demand the very best in terms of quality and performance. Based on our experience this stock is designed to provide a compact, yet highly effective shooting platform that is perfect for transport and carrying. The X Series recoil-reducing pistol grip comes with a built-in backstrap that absorbs recoil impact, making it a perfect choice for high-powered loads. Additionally, the slot for tactical sling attachment makes it easy to add a sling for convenient carrying. Finally, the adjustable/removable cheek rest provides extended comfort and improved accuracy.

Video review

  • Dual-sided QD attachment point for snag-free experience
  • X2 recoil-reducing butt-pad provides extended comfort and improved accuracy
  • The slot for tactical sling attachment makes it easy to add a sling
  • May be too compact for some shooters


6# Phoenix Technology KickLite Recoil Reduction 6 Position Shotgun Stock

Phoenix Technology KickLite Recoil Reduction 6 Position Shotgun Stock

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The Phoenix Technology KickLite Recoil Reduction 6 Position Shotgun Stock is simple to install and sure to make an impression. This incredible product features an integrated recoil-reducing system that offers felt recoil reduction of up to 50%, making it an ideal choice for shooters who need to reduce their discomfort. With multiple lengths of pull positions, you can experiment with them until you find your perfect setting, and the easy installation means you’ll be up and running in no time.

Video review

  • Reduces recoil by up to 50%
  • Multiple lengths of pull positions
  • Easy installation
  • May be too stiff for some shooters


7# Phoenix Technology Remington 870 KickLiteE Tactical Buttstocks

Phoenix Technology Remington 870 KickLiteE Tactical Buttstocks

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The Phoenix Technology Remington 870 KickLiteE Tactical Buttstock is an easy and efficient way to upgrade your pump shotgun into a formidable self-defense weapon. This easy-to-install kit includes an adjustable, six-position buttstock and ergonomic pistol grip, both of which are designed to enhance control and accuracy. The M4-style buttstock includes a generous rubber recoil pad and a built-in spring-loaded recoil suppression system that reduces felt recoil by up to 50%. This makes it ideal for shooters of all sizes, skill levels, and body types. The included sling swivel adapter and five-shot shell carrier make this a complete self-defense solution that’s ready to go when you are.

Video review

  • Enhances control and accuracy
  • Reduces felt recoil by up to 50%
  • Ideal for shooters of all sizes, skill levels, and body types
  • Complete self-defense solution
  • May be too bulky for some shooters


8# Choate Tool Remington 870 Conventional Skeletonize Stock

Choate Tool Remington 870 Conventional Skeletonize Stock

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The Choate Tool Standard Remington 870 Sendero Skeletonized Stock is good for those who need strength without weight. Our analysis of this product showed that these Gun Stocks by Choate Tool are skeletonized, or hollowed out, to reduce weight and shave off extra material that is not needed. The standard Remington 870 skeletonized stock is great for those who need the strength to add the weight of speed and have found this to be set up better than the taper-style stock.

  • Reduced weight
  • Increased speed
  • Enhanced accuracy
  • May be difficult to install


9# Adaptive Tactical EX Performance Forend And M4-Style Stock

Adaptive Tactical EX Performance Forend And M4-Style Stock

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The Adaptive Tactical EX Performance Forend and M4-Style Stock is the perfect upgrade for your Remington 870 12g pump shotgun. Made from durable high-performance polymer, the forend features a 2-inch Picatinny rail concealed under the nose cap, perfect for attaching tactical accessories. This adjustable stock with pistol grip features an easy-to-reach rapid adjust lever for custom length-of-pull and includes an integrated sling attachment point. Compatible with Mossberg 500 & 88, 590 series 12g pump shotguns. This quality-made stock is an awesome choice for your needs!

Video review

  • Durable high-performance polymer construction
  • 2-inch Picatinny rail for accessories
  • Rapid adjust lever for custom length-of-pull
  • Integrated sling attachment point
  • No sling swivel attachment point


10# FAB Defense M4 Buttstock for Remmington 870

FAB Defense M4 Buttstock for Remmington 870

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FAB Defense’s M4 Buttstock for Remmington 870 is a modular buttstock and pistol grip system for your Remington 870 shotgun. As a result of using this product, we found that its rugged one-piece adapter design features drop-in installation and is textured for a secure grip. Plus, the pistol grip features a storage compartment to hold extra batteries. So you can be sure you’re always prepared in the field. Say goodbye to complicated jobs and hello to the simplicity and quality of this buttstock!

  • The adapter design is rugged and features drop-in installation
  • One-piece design
  • The grip is textured for a secure grip
  • It’s made of plastic, so it might not be as durable as other stocks


11# Wood Plus Pre-Finished Replacement Shotgun Buttstock

Wood Plus - Pre-FinishedReplacement Shotgun Buttstock

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Introducing the Wood Plus Pre-Finished Replacement Shotgun Buttstock! This beautifully crafted buttstock is made of high-quality walnut with straight grain and no figure, making it the perfect replacement for your old, worn-out stock. It accepts original hardware and matches the factory length of pull, making installation a breeze.

  • Beautifully crafted
  • Accepts original hardware
  • Matches the factory length of the pull
  • Easy installation
  • Only available in walnut


Best Remington 870 Stock Kit

A stock kit typically refers to a package or set of components designed to replace or upgrade the stock of a Remington 870 shotgun. These kits are popular among firearm enthusiasts, hunters, and shooters who want to modify or personalize their shotguns to better suit their preferences, shooting style, or intended use.

1# Mesa Tactical High Tube Telescoping Stock Kit

Mesa Tactical High Tube Telescoping Stock Kit

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The Mesa Tactical High Tube Telescoping Stock Kit is good for anyone looking to use AR-15 stocks and grips on their pump-action shotgun. Our findings show that this system adapts AR-15 pattern stocks, grips, and accessories to shotguns from Remington and Mossberg, giving you plenty of tactical options. The included 9 1/2″ Picatinny rail provides ample space for mounting tactical optics and accessories, while the aluminum construction ensures durability.

  • Increased stability
  • Enhanced accuracy
  • Compatible with a variety of weapons
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Can be challenging to find the right fit
  • Limited colour options


2# Mesa Tactical Remington 870 Leo Gen II Telescoping Stock Kit

Mesa Tactical Remington 870 Leo Gen II Telescopung Stock Kit

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The Mesa Tactical Remington 870 Leo Gen II Telescoping Stock Kit is a great solution for those who want to upgrade their shotgun to have similar handling characteristics to the AR-15. The stock adapters are investment cast aircraft grade aluminum, CNC machined and powder coated black with a tough, chemical resistant finish. The adjustable length-of-pull (LoP) allows you to customize the fit to your stature or for use with body armor and other equipment. The collapsible stock makes the shotgun easier to stow, transport, and deploy. The pistol grip configuration allows for increased control and user comfort. Sling attachment points are included. Optional SureShell aluminum carriers can be added to the M4 Carbine buttstock.

  • It is made of durable materials that will last for years
  • The stock kit is designed to be comfortable and ergonomic to use
  • It has a tactical look that will make your shotgun stand out
  • The kit does not include a shell carrier


3# Hogue Remington 870 20 ga OverMold Shotgun Stock Kit

Hogue Remington 870 20 GA. OverMold Shotgun Stock Kit

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The Hogue Remington 870 20 ga OverMold Shotgun Stock Kit is a high-quality, durable stock kit that is perfect for your Remington 870 20 Gauge shotgun. The stock and forend are both made from a super tough fiberglass-reinforced polymer, ensuring stability and accuracy. Our research has shown that the grip and forend are both over-molded for outstanding handling characteristics. This superior stock kit is weatherproof and non-slip, with a standard length of pull and ambidextrous ergonomic palm swell. It also features a soft recoil cushioning butt pad for added comfort.

Video review

  • Super tough fiberglass reinforced polymer construction
  • Weatherproof and non-slip
  • The standard length of pull
  • The ambidextrous ergonomic palm swell
  • The fit is not as snug as it could be


4# Hogue Remington 870 12 Gauge Shotgun Kit with Forend

Hogue Remington 870 12 Gauge Shotgun Kit with Forend

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The Hogue Remington 870 12 Gauge Shotgun Kit with Forend is perfect for anyone wanting a reliable and weatherproof shotgun stock. This superior stock is molded from a super tough fiberglass-reinforced polymer, ensuring stability and accuracy. The grip area of the stock and the entire forend are over-molded with soft rubber for outstanding shotgun handling characteristics. This facilitates fast easy mounting and sight acquisition. The cobblestone texture provides an efficient non-slip, non-irritating stippling pattern. And with a 14″ length of pull, this stock is perfect for nearly any shooter. Get the performance you demand in a shotgun stock with this shotgun kit with the forend.

  • Super tough fiberglass-reinforced polymer construction
  • Moulded for stability and accuracy
  • Fast easy mounting and sight acquisition
  • May be too short for some shooters


5# Choate Tool Remington 12 Ga M-4 Folding Kit

Choate Tool Remington 12 Ga M-4 Folding Kit

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The Choate Tool Remington 12 Ga M-4 Folding Kit is excellent for those who want a compact, easily stored shotgun that still packs a punch. As a result of using this product, we found that the steel hinge mechanism and Choate M4 telescoping buttstock make this a durable and reliable gun that can take on any challenges you throw its way. With a length of pull from 14 to 17 inches, this gun is perfect for any situation.

  • It is constructed of a lightweight polymer
  • This kit also includes a pistol grip, an extended magazine tube, and a bead sight
  • It installs easily with no gunsmithing required
  • Steel hinge mechanism may not be as durable as desired


6# Magpul Remington 870 SGA Stock & Forend Set

Magpul Remington 870 SGA Stock & Forend Set

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The Magpul Remington 870 SGA Stock & Forend Set is the upgrade for your 12ga shotgun. The SGA Stock features an adjustable length of pull with a spacer system, recoil-absorbing butt-pad, and improved ergonomics. The MOE M-Lok Forend is compatible with Remington 870 12ga shotguns and features reinforced polymer construction, increased length for improved pump manipulation, and M-Lok slots for direct attachment of accessories. The installation wrench is included.

Video review

  • It is lightweight
  • It is made of durable polymer materials
  • This set allows for a custom fit with adjustable length of pull and cheek height
  • This sett has a QD sling swivel attachment point
  • The set is not adjustable
  • They may be difficult to install for beginners


7# Adaptive Tactical EX Stock & Forend 12g Kit

Adaptive Tactical EX Stock & Forend 12g Kit

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Check out the Adaptive Tactical EX Stock & Forend Kit in Less Lethal Orange! This easy-to-install kit comes with everything you need to give your gun a whole new look, feel, and functionality. The M4-style stock with pistol grip and adjustable length-of-pull (LOP) makes it easy to handle and maneuver, while the integrated sling attachment points make it easy to carry. Based on our observations, the accessory rail concealed under the forend nose cap gives you the option to add extra accessories. With this kit, you can transform your boring old shotgun into a powerful and versatile weapon that’s ready for anything!

  • M4-style stock with pistol grip for easy handling
  • Adjustable LOP to fit any shooter
  • Integrated sling attachment points for easy carrying
  • Accessory rail under the forend nose cap for added accessories
  • Looks cool and transforms your shotgun into a powerful weapon
  • May be too flashy for some shooters
  • The kit may be difficult to install for some people


8# ProMag Archangel Tactical Shotgun Stock System

ProMag Archangel Tactical Shotgun Stock System

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The ProMag Archangel is the best addition to your tactical shotgun. With its molded-in hard points for QD sling swivels and patented anti-snag recoil pad, this stock system is built for optimum performance. The six-position collapsible buttstock is adjustable for length, and the ergonomic pistol grip provides superior weapon retention and control. The detachable cheek riser gives you the option to use raised sights or optics (sights not included), and the military-length, textured forend provides a stable platform for attaching accessories. The smooth polymer and aluminum tri-rail Picatinny accessory adapter is included, making it easy to add your favorite accessories.

  • Six-position collapsible buttstock is adjustable for length
  • Ergonomic pistol grip provides superior weapon retention and control
  • A detachable cheek riser allows for raised sights or optics
  • Military-length, textured forend provides a stable platform for accessories
  • May be too short for some shooters
  • Some users have reported that the stock is a bit wobbly


Stock Removal & Installation 🛠️

Installing a new stock on a Remington 870 shotgun can be a straightforward process, but it’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions that come with your specific stock, as the installation method can vary depending on the type of stock and any additional features it may have.

⚙️ Materials Needed:

  • 🔶 New stock for the Remington 870;
  • 🔶 Appropriate tools (typically a screwdriver or Allen wrench);
  • 🔶 A bench vise (optional but helpful).

📚 General Steps:

☑️ Safety First: Ensure your shotgun is unloaded, with no ammunition in the chamber or magazine tube, and the action is open. Make sure the firearm is pointing in a safe direction.

☑️ Disassemble the Shotgun: If your Remington 870 is already assembled, you’ll need to disassemble it to access the stock. To do this, remove the barrel, slide, and forend by following the manufacturer’s instructions for your specific shotgun model.

🟦 Remove the Old Stock: 🟦 Attach the New Stock:

✔️ On a traditional Remington 870 stock, there are typically two bolts securing the stock to the receiver. These are often found in the rear of the stock. You may need a screwdriver or Allen wrench to remove them.

✔️ For a folding or collapsible stock, there may be different attachment mechanisms. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for your specific stock.

✔️ Carefully unscrew and remove the bolts while holding onto the stock. Be mindful not to lose any washers or spacers that may be present.

✔️ Place the new stock onto the shotgun’s receiver, aligning the screw holes on the stock with the corresponding holes on the receiver.

✔️ Insert the bolts or attachment hardware through the stock and into the receiver.

✔️Tighten the bolts or screws securely, but be careful not to overtighten, as this could damage the stock or receiver. Use the appropriate tool to achieve a snug fit.

✔️ Ensure that the new stock is correctly aligned with the receiver and that there is no wobble or play. The stock should be securely attached.

☑️ Reassemble the Shotgun: Reattach the barrel, slide, and forend to the shotgun, following the manufacturer’s instructions for your specific model.

☑️ Function Test: Before using the shotgun, perform a function test to ensure that it operates safely and correctly. Make sure the action cycles smoothly, and the safety functions properly.


Does a stock reduce recoil?

🤔 A Remington 870 stock, by itself, does not significantly reduce recoil. The primary function of the stock on a shotgun is to provide a stable platform for holding the firearm and for shouldering it properly while aiming and shooting. Recoil reduction in a shotgun primarily depends on other factors and components, such as:

🧩 Recoil Pad: Many shotguns come equipped with recoil pads on the buttstock. These recoil pads are designed to absorb and spread out some of the recoil energy, making the shotgun more comfortable to shoot. Upgrading to a thicker or more advanced recoil pad can provide further recoil reduction.
🧩 Ammunition: The type of ammunition you use can significantly affect felt recoil. Lighter loads typically generate less recoil than heavy loads. Reduced-recoil or low-recoil ammunition options are available for those who want to minimize recoil.
🧩 Shotgun Design: The design of the shotgun itself can influence recoil. Shotguns with gas-operated actions, like some semi-automatic models, tend to have less felt recoil compared to pump-action shotguns like the Remington 870. The weight and design of the firearm also play a role in how recoil is experienced.
🧩 Recoil Reduction Accessories: There are aftermarket accessories available, such as recoil-reduction stocks or recoil-reducing butt pads, which are designed specifically to help mitigate recoil. These accessories can be added to the Remington 870 to reduce felt recoil.
🧩 Proper Shooting Technique: Proper shooting technique, including a good stance, a firm but not overly tight grip, and a proper cheek weld on the stock, can help manage and control recoil effectively.

❗ It’s important to note that while upgrading to a recoil-reducing stock pad or using lower-recoil ammunition can make a noticeable difference in felt recoil, shotguns, especially those in larger gauges, will still produce significant recoil compared to other firearms like rifles or handguns.

Are such stocks interchangeable?

🧐 Remington 870 stocks are generally interchangeable to some extent, but there are important considerations to keep in mind:

🟣 Receiver Type: The Remington 870 shotgun has two main types of receivers: the “old style” and the “new style”. The old style features a single action bar and is typically found on older 870 models. The new style has twin action bars and is used in most modern 870 shotguns. Stocks designed for one receiver type may not fit the other without modification or an adapter. Ensure compatibility when choosing a stock.
🟣 Gauge: Remington 870 shotguns are available in different gauges, such as 12-gauge, 20-gauge, and .410 bore. Stocks are usually specific to a particular gauge. Make sure the stock you choose matches the gauge of your shotgun.
🟣 Model-Specific Stocks: Remington offers a wide range of 870 models, each with its specifications. Some stocks are designed specifically for certain models or configurations. For instance, stocks intended for tactical models may not fit hunting models without modification.
🟣 Stock Attachment Method: Remington 870 stocks can attach to the shotgun using different methods, such as bolt-on stocks, snap-on stocks, or specialized attachment systems. The attachment method must match the receiver and stock you plan to use.
🟣 Stock Length: Stocks come in various lengths of pull (LOP). It’s essential to select a stock with an appropriate LOP for your body size and shooting comfort. Some stocks are adjustable, allowing you to customize the LOP.
🟣 Accessories and Modifications: Some stocks may have specific features or attachment points for accessories like slings, cheek risers, or recoil reduction systems. Ensure that the stock you choose accommodates any additional accessories you plan to use.

📌 In summary, while Remington 870 stocks can be interchangeable to some degree, it’s crucial to carefully consider compatibility factors like receiver type, gauge, model-specific requirements, attachment methods, and stock length to ensure a proper fit and functionality. Always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines and consult with experts if you have any doubts or specific customization needs.

What is the best finish for it?

🔍 The choice of the best finish for a stock depends on your personal preferences, the intended use of the shotgun, and your environment. Different finishes offer various advantages and aesthetics. Here are some common finishes:

❇️ Wood Finish (Natural or Stained)

 If you have a traditional wood stock on your Remington 870, the best finish is typically a clear natural finish or a stained finish that enhances the wood’s natural beauty. Wood finishes often provide an elegant and classic appearance. They can be protected with clear varnish or oil finishes to provide durability and resistance to moisture.

❇️ Synthetic or Composite Finish

Synthetic or composite stocks are often black or come in various solid colors. They are durable, weather-resistant, and low-maintenance. The best finish for these stocks is often the one that comes from the manufacturer, as it’s designed to be resistant to scratches and UV damage. Additional coatings or finishes may not be necessary.

❇️ Camo Finish

Camouflage patterns are popular for hunting shotguns. These finishes help blend the shotgun into the environment. The best camo finish depends on the specific terrain and vegetation you’ll be hunting in. Common camo patterns include Mossy Oak, Realtree, and others. It’s essential to choose a pattern that matches your hunting environment.

❇️ Cerakote or Duracoat

Cerakote and Duracoat are aftermarket coatings that provide excellent durability, corrosion resistance, and a wide range of color options. These finishes can be applied to metal and synthetic parts, including the stock, to customize the appearance of your Remington 870.

❇️ Oil Finish

Some shooters prefer a traditional oil finish on wood stocks. This type of finish can enhance the wood’s grain and provide a classic appearance. It may require periodic maintenance to maintain its appearance and protect against moisture.

❇️ Hydro-dip or Water Transfer Printing

This is a process that allows intricate patterns, including camouflage, to be applied to stocks. It can provide a unique and aesthetically pleasing finish while maintaining durability.

🛑 The best finish ultimately depends on your personal preferences and how you plan to use your Remington 870 shotgun. For hunting, camouflage or a weather-resistant synthetic finish may be preferable. If you want a classic and timeless appearance, a natural wood finish could be your choice. Additionally, if customization is a priority, Cerakote or Duracoat may be the best option to achieve your desired look and protection.

What are the 4 parts of a stock?

✏️ The stock of a Remington 870 shotgun typically consists of four main parts:

  • 🔷 Buttstock: The buttstock is the rear part of the stock that provides a surface for the shooter to shoulder the shotgun. It often includes a recoil pad or butt-plate to help absorb some of the recoil energy when firing. The buttstock also houses the mechanism for adjusting the length of pull (LOP) on some models.
  • 🔷 Pistol Grip (Optional): Some Remington 870 stocks come with an integrated pistol grip, which is a handle-like protrusion from the stock. The pistol grip allows for a more ergonomic and comfortable grip on the shotgun, particularly in tactical or home defense configurations.
  • 🔷 Forend (or Forearm): The forend is the front part of the stock that you hold while cycling the shotgun’s action. It is typically located below the barrel and is used to pump the action on pump-action models like the Remington 870. Some forends have textured or checkered surfaces for better grip.
  • 🔷 Attachment Hardware: Various screws, bolts, and other hardware are used to secure the stock and forend to the shotgun’s receiver. This hardware is essential for ensuring a secure and stable fit of the stock and forend to the shotgun.

What type of wood is used for stocks?

✍️ Shotgun stocks, when made of wood, are typically constructed from hardwoods known for their durability, strength, and suitability for firearm stocks. Some common types of wood used for stocks include:

⭐️American Walnut: ⭐️Birch: ⭐️Laminated Wood:
✔️ American black walnut is one of the most popular and traditional choices for Remington 870 shotgun stocks. It is valued for its rich, dark color, attractive grain patterns, and overall strength. Walnut stocks are often found on higher-end Remington 870 models and provide a classic and elegant appearance. ✔️ Birch wood is sometimes used for Remington 870 stocks, particularly on more affordable models. It is durable and can be stained to resemble walnut, although it typically has a lighter color and less distinct grain pattern. ✔️ Some aftermarket and custom Remington 870 stocks are made from laminated wood. Laminated stocks are constructed by layering thin strips of wood together with adhesive and then compressing them. This process creates a stock that is stable, resistant to warping, and can feature a variety of color patterns and grain styles.

🚩 The choice of wood for a Remington 870 stock can impact the shotgun’s appearance, feel, and overall aesthetics. Higher-grade models often feature more refined and aesthetically pleasing wood stocks, while more budget-friendly models may use less expensive wood or synthetic materials.

Conlusion 😊

When it comes to finding the best Remington 870 stock, there are a lot of things to consider. We’ve reviewed some of the top products on the market and have provided our top picks for you. Whether you’re searching for a synthetic or wooden stock, we’ve got you covered. We hope after checking out our buyer’s guide for more tips you can choose the right stock for your needs. Good luck! 😎👍

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Ricardo Reed
Ricardo Reed
1 month ago

I’m in the market for a stock for my Remington 870 shotgun. The challenge I’m facing is that my shotgun is in camouflage, and I’d like the new stock to match that pattern. Any advice or information on this would be greatly appreciated.

    1 month ago
    Reply to  Ricardo Reed

    Phoenix Technology KickLite Recoil Reduction 6 Position Shotgun Stock seems like it could be a suitable choice for what you are looking for. It is easy to install and has a different camouflage color.

      Jacob Murphy
      Jacob Murphy
      1 month ago

      I have a firearms-related question: can you help me explore Remington 870 stock options?

        1 month ago
        Reply to  Jacob Murphy

        🔍 The Remington 870 is a popular pump-action shotgun that has been in production for many decades. One of the customizable aspects of the Remington 870, like many firearms, is the stock. The stock is the part of the shotgun that you shoulder when firing, and it plays a significant role in how comfortable and effective the shotgun is to use. Here are some common stock options:
        Fixed Stock: This is the standard stock that comes with most shotguns. It’s a solid, non-adjustable stock that is usually made of wood or synthetic materials. Fixed stocks come in various lengths and shapes to fit different shooter preferences.
        Folding Stock: Folding stocks allows the user to fold or collapse the stock, making the shotgun more compact and easier to transport. This can be particularly useful for tactical or home defense shotguns. Some folding stocks are designed to be side-folding, while others are under-folding.
        Adjustable Stock: These stocks have features that allow for adjustments in length of pull (the distance from the trigger to the end of the stock) and sometimes cheek height. Adjustable stocks are popular for shooters who want to customize their shotgun’s fit to their body type and shooting style.
        Pistol Grip Stock: Instead of a traditional shoulder stock, some Remington 870s are equipped with pistol grip stocks. These stocks lack a conventional buttstock and are designed to be held more like a handgun. They are popular for tactical and close-quarters applications.
        Collapsible Stock: Collapsible stocks are adjustable stocks that can be extended or collapsed to different lengths. They are often used on tactical shotguns, allowing the shooter to adapt the shotgun’s length for various situations.
        Recoil-Reducing Stock: Some aftermarket stocks come with built-in recoil reduction systems or recoil pads. These stocks are designed to absorb some of the shotgun’s recoil, making it more comfortable to shoot, especially when firing heavy loads.
        Tactical Stock: Tactical stocks are designed with features like pistol grips, adjustable lengths of pull, and accessory mounting options for adding accessories like lights, lasers, and sling attachment points.
        😉 When choosing a stock for your Remington 870, consider your intended use for the shotgun. For hunting, a traditional stock or one with adjustable length may be preferred. For tactical or home defense purposes, a pistol grip or collapsible stock might be more suitable.

          1 month ago
          Reply to  Jacob Murphy

          I’ve got the BlackHawk Knoxx Specops Gen 3 Shotgun Stocks installed on my shotgun, and I must say, it’s incredibly comfortable to shoot. There’s a noticeable reduction in recoil when compared to the factory stock. Just wanted to share my two cents on this.

            Frederick Bell
            Frederick Bell
            1 month ago
            Reply to  Jacob Murphy

            Mesa Tactical produces excellent products, and ultimately, the choice comes down to whether you prefer. I’m a fan of the Mesa Tactical Remington 870 Leo Gen II Telescoping Stock Kit.

              1 month ago

              I’m relatively new to owning a Remington 870, as I just purchased it today. With the plethora of stock options available, I find myself a bit overwhelmed. However, I’d appreciate hearing from those with hands-on experience with various stocks. What do you like about the stocks you’ve used, and why would you recommend them? Your insights would be immensely helpful.

                West Taylor
                West Taylor
                1 month ago
                Reply to  Gammidge

                Are you specifically interested in finding a stock with an active recoil-reducing system? In my experience, a well-fitted stock, a good recoil pad, and a proper shooting technique can often suffice to maintain control over a shotgun, especially when using express or low-recoil defensive loads. For the Remington 870, there’s a wide selection of adjustable stocks available. I lean towards the Choate Tool Remington 12 Ga M-4 Folding Kit.

                  1 month ago
                  Reply to  Gammidge

                  A great option that could work well for you and your wife is the Mesa Tactical Urbino Pistol Grip Stock. It’s a fixed stock with a length of 12.5 inches, and it’s known for its comfort, strength, and recoil-reducing qualities. This stock comes with a rubberized pistol grip, an adjustable cheekpiece, and a Limbsaver butt pad, making it a very solid choice for the Remington 870. I stand at 5’10”, and I’ve found it to be a comfortable fit for me. It should be worth considering for your wife as well. Take a look at it; it might be a suitable option for your needs.

                    1 month ago

                    I’m in the process of converting my Remington 870 from a field shotgun to a more domestic, home-defense setup. When it comes to choosing a stock, I’ve been considering my options. I stand at only 5’6″ and have shorter arms. Can you give me some advice?

                      Philip Sanders
                      Philip Sanders
                      1 month ago
                      Reply to  Brandybuck

                      I chose the Magpul SGA Remington 870 Stock for my Remington 870 conversion, and it’s been a decent choice. It is very robust and has a cheek riser. I highly recommend it!