Best 6mm Remington Ammo - Editor's Choice

What is 6mm Remington ammo? 🧐

It also known as the 6mm Rem, is a popular centerfire rifle cartridge primarily used for hunting and target shooting. It was introduced by Remington Arms Company in 1955 and is based on the .257 Roberts cartridge case necked down to accept a 6mm (.243-inch) caliber bullet.

6mm Remington ammo

Features ✍️

The features of 6mm Remington ammunition can vary depending on the specific manufacturer, bullet type, and load, but here are some general characteristics commonly associated with it:

Bullet Types: This ammunition is available with a wide range of bullet types, including soft point (SP), hollow point (HP), ballistic tip, boat-tail, and more. These bullet types are designed for various purposes, from varmint hunting to big game hunting to long-range precision shooting.

Bullet Weights: Such ammo typically comes in various bullet weights, commonly ranging from 55 grains for varmint and small game hunting to 100 grains or more for larger game and long-range target shooting.

Velocity: The velocity can vary depending on the specific load, but it often falls in the range of 2,800 to 3,400 feet per second (fps) for standard loads. Some specialized loads may exceed this range.

Recoil: The recoil is considered moderate, making it manageable for most shooters. This is one reason why it’s a popular choice for both hunting and target shooting, as it allows for accurate follow-up shots.

Our Top Pick
Federal Premium Power-Shok 6mm 100 Grain Jacketed Soft Point Centerfire Rifle Ammunition
What stands out about this ammunition is the proven power it offers, combined with the reliable soft points and expanding lead cores. These elements work together to deliver consistent and effective results in the field. Federal offers a range of options within its ammo lineup, including jacketed and soft point rounds with lead cores, catering to various hunting scenarios. The convenience of factory-fresh ammunition means you don't have to worry about reloading, saving you time and effort for your hunting trips. In summary, this ammo proves to be a dependable choice for hunters, offering the performance and quality needed for successful hunting experiences.
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Benefits 🤩

6mm Remington ammunition offers several benefits that make it a popular choice for a variety of shooting applications. Here are some of the key advantages:

⭐️ This cartridge is known for its flat trajectory, which means that the bullet travels relatively straight and doesn’t drop as quickly as some other cartridges over longer distances. This flat trajectory is advantageous for both hunting and long-range target shooting.

⭐️ The versatility is one of its standout features. It is suitable for a wide range of shooting applications, including varmint hunting, small game hunting, medium-sized game hunting (like deer), and target shooting. Shooters can choose from various bullet types and weights to match their specific needs.

⭐️ While it may not be the largest caliber available, it is still effective for hunting medium-sized games like deer, providing appropriate bullet choices and shot placement. Many hunters appreciate its combination of flat trajectory and adequate terminal performance.

⭐️ Firearms chambered in 6mm Remington are widely available, and many reputable rifle manufacturers produce rifles in this caliber. This allows shooters to choose from a range of rifles to suit their preferences and needs.

Benefits of 6mm Remington ammunition

Is 244 Remington the new 6mm Remington? 🔍

The .244 Remington is not a separate or distinct cartridge from the 6mm Remington. The .244 Remington is an older designation for the cartridge that is now commonly known as the 6mm Remington. The two names refer to the same cartridge.

🔰 The confusion arises because Remington initially introduced the cartridge in 1955 as the .244 Remington. However, there were some issues with the early cartridge, including a relatively slow twist rate in some rifles that didn’t stabilize heavier bullets well.
🔰 As a result, Remington renamed the cartridge to the 6mm Remington in the early 1960s and modified the twist rates in their rifles to better accommodate a wider range of bullet weights.

📌 So, if you come across references to the .244 Remington or the 6mm Remington, they are typically referring to the same cartridge. The change in the name was primarily a marketing and design adjustment made by Remington to improve the cartridge’s performance and versatility.

6mm Remington Ammo Review | Top-5 6mm Remington Ammo

Winchester SUPER-X RIFLE 6mm Remington Ammo 100 grainWinchesterBUY
Remington Core-Lokt 6mm Remington Ammo 100 GrainRemingtonBUY
Federal Premium VITAL-SHOK 6mm Remington Ammo 100 grainFederal PremiumBUY
Federal Premium Power-Shok 6mm Remington Ammo 100 grainFederal PremiumBUY
Hornady Superformance 6mm Remington Ammo 95 GrainHornadyBUY

1# Winchester Super-X Rifle 6mm Remington 100 grain Power-Point Centerfire Rifle Ammunition

Winchester SUPER-X RIFLE 6mm Remington Ammo 100 grain

View on OpticsPlanet

One notable feature is its heavy metal-free metal nose cavity, which contributes to its exceptional performance. Winchester offers a variety of bullet types, but the standard load we examined was the Winchester Soft Point, known for its soft lead core. Based on our observations this design is specifically engineered to deliver significant knock-down power for all your hunting needs. What sets this ammo apart is its contoured jacket, which ensures maximum expansion, resulting in highly efficient and effective results in the field. Whether you’re heading to the range or venturing into the forest, this rifle ammunition provides the accuracy and power you’d expect from a well-established and reputable company.

  • Exceptional deer hunting performance
  • Significant knock-down power
  • Maximum expansion
  • The ammunition consistently delivers accuracy
  • The level of recoil can be noticeable


2# Remington Core-Lokt 6mm 100 Grain Core-Lokt Pointed Soft Point Centerfire Rifle Ammunition

Remington Core-Lokt 6mm Remington Ammo 100 Grain

View on OpticsPlanet

This ammunition is crafted by the experts at Remington Shooting and Handgun Ammo, and it’s known for its dependable and proven controlled expansion design. What’s remarkable about this ammo is its consistent performance shot after shot. It’s designed to ensure controlled expansion upon impact, and the harder the impact, the more effectively it delivers results while maintaining bullet stability. This specific load features a 100-grain pointed soft point bullet that provides exceptional 2x expansion, weight retention, and consistent on-game results. Overall this centerfire rifle ammunition is a reliable choice for shooters and hunters who value consistent performance and controlled expansion, especially when it comes to semi-automatic rifles.

  • Reliable performance shot after shot
  • Effective expansion
  • Maintain bullet stability even upon harder impacts
  • Designed to meet government specifications for semi-automatic rifles
  • Offers accurate shot placement
  • It may be relatively more expensive compared to budget ammunition options
  • It ideal only for hunting


3# Federal Premium Vital-Shok 6mm 100 Grain Nosler Partition Centerfire Rifle Ammunition

Federal Premium VITAL-SHOK 6mm Remington Ammo 100 grain

View on OpticsPlanet

What sets the Nosler Partition apart is its innovative design, featuring a partitioned lead core. This unique construction allows the bullet to behave distinctively upon impact. The front half mushrooms, creating a powerful energy release upon striking the target, while the back half remains intact, ensuring deep penetration. The result of this distinctive design is twofold. Based on our own experience, it generates a significant wound channel due to the bullet’s flat base, making the Nosler Partition highly effective with the initial shot. This design often necessitates seating the bullet at or near the minimum pressure. Secondly, the partitioned lead core facilitates high weight retention upon entry into the vital zone, ensuring that the energy release effect impacts the entire body of the target. This contributes to quick and humane takedowns. Over time, this ammo has established itself as the gold standard for consistency and reliability.

  • Revolutionary design
  • Controlled expansion
  • Deep penetration into the target
  • Facilitates high weight retention upon entering the vital zone
  • Achieving the desired performance often requires the bullet to be seated at or near the minimum pressure


4# Federal Premium Power-Shok 6mm 100 Grain Jacketed Soft Point Centerfire Rifle Ammunition

Federal Premium Power-Shok 6mm Remington Ammo 100 grain

View on OpticsPlanet

In our evaluation of Federal Power-Shok 6mm Remington Ammo, we found it to be an excellent choice for hunters targeting medium to large game. This ammunition packs a punch, thanks to the proven power and explosive energy delivered by Power-Shok bullets. It’s a reliable option that offers consistent performance at an affordable price point. One key factor instilling trust in this ammo is the company’s commitment to rigorous quality control. They maintain strict standards throughout the manufacturing and packaging processes. Skilled professionals adhere to these high standards, ensuring reliability and consistency with every shot. Hunters can confidently rely on this ammunition for their favorite hunting adventures, knowing that Federal prioritizes quality and consistency in their product.

  • Effective for medium to large game
  • Features Power-Shok bullets
  • Quality control
  • Limited availability


5# Hornady Superformance 6mm Remington 95 Grain Super Shock Tip Centerfire Rifle Ammunition

Hornady Superformance 6mm Remington Ammo 95 Grain

View on OpticsPlanet

Hornady Superformance ammunition is designed to provide the confidence needed to take that important shot. Our findings show that these rifle rounds are engineered to be exceptionally accurate, allowing shooters to achieve precise and repeatable results. One standout feature of Hornady Superformance is its ability to deliver an extra 200 feet of muzzle velocity without introducing additional chamber pressure, recoil, muzzle blast, or temperature sensitivity. This means you can maximize your rifle’s speed and power without sacrificing comfort or accuracy. Furthermore, such ammo maintains its performance even in terms of fouling and accuracy, ensuring consistent results with every shot. It’s an option that allows you to optimize your shooting experience without concerns about unwanted side effects.

Video review

  • Recoil mitigation
  • Increased muzzle velocity
  • Exceptional accuracy
  • Economical choice for shooters
  • Not corrosion-resistant


6mm Creedmoor vs 6mm Remington Cartridge 💡

The 6mm Creedmoor and the 6mm Remington are both popular cartridges for shooting sports and hunting, and they have some similarities as well as differences. Here’s a comparison between the two cartridges:

🔶 6mm Creedmoor: 🔶 6mm Remington:
🟣 Origins:  The 6mm Creedmoor is a relatively new cartridge that was designed in 2007 by Hornady, a renowned ammunition manufacturer. It was developed specifically for long-range precision shooting and competitive shooting disciplines.  The 6mm Remington, on the other hand, has been around since 1955. It was developed by Remington primarily for hunting purposes but has also been used in target shooting.
🟣 Cartridge Design: The 6mm Creedmoor is based on the .30 TC (Thompson Center) cartridge case, necked down to accommodate a 6mm (.243-inch) bullet. It has a shorter case length compared to the 6mm Remington. The 6mm Remington is based on the .257 Roberts cartridge case, necked down to accept a 6mm (.243-inch) bullet. It has a longer case length than the 6mm Creedmoor.
🟣 Performance: The 6mm Creedmoor is designed with long-range precision shooting in mind. It is known for its excellent accuracy, moderate recoil, and good ballistic performance, making it a popular choice for competitive shooting disciplines like PRS (Precision Rifle Series) and long-range target shooting. The 6mm Remington offers versatility, with a longer case allowing for various bullet weights and hunting applications. It has a flatter trajectory compared to many larger caliber cartridges, making it suitable for medium-sized game hunting and target shooting.
🟣 Bullet Selection: While there is a good selection of bullets available for the 6mm Creedmoor, it is often associated with high ballistic coefficient (BC) bullets designed for long-range shooting. The 6mm Remington also has a variety of bullet options, including those suitable for varmint hunting, medium game, and target shooting.
🟣 Recoil: The 6mm Creedmoor typically generates less recoil compared to the 6mm Remington, making it more user-friendly for shooters, especially in precision shooting where recoil management is crucial.
🟣 Availability: The 6mm Creedmoor has gained popularity in recent years, and as a result, ammunition is widely available from various manufacturers. While it may not be as common as the 6mm Creedmoor, 6mm Remington ammunition is still available from multiple manufacturers.

📌 In summary, the choice between the 6mm Creedmoor and the 6mm Remington depends on your specific shooting needs and preferences. If you’re primarily interested in long-range precision shooting or competitive shooting, the 6mm Creedmoor’s design and lower recoil may be advantageous. However, if you want a more versatile cartridge for hunting and general shooting purposes, the 6mm Remington offers a wider range of bullet options and has been a reliable choice for many years.


What is this ammo good for?

✳️ 6mm Remington Ammo is a versatile cartridge that can be used for various shooting applications, including hunting and target shooting. Here’s what it is good for:

🎯 Medium Game Hunting:  6mm Remington is well-suited for hunting medium-sized game such as deer, antelope, and wild hogs. It offers a good balance of power and manageable recoil, making it effective for ethical game harvesting.
🎯 Varmint Hunting:  It is also suitable for varmint hunting, including animals like coyotes and groundhogs. The flat trajectory and high velocity of 6mm bullets make it effective for hitting small targets at longer ranges.
🎯 Target Shooting:  This cartridge can be used for target shooting, including precision and long-range shooting competitions. Its accuracy and flat trajectory make it a popular choice among competitive shooters.
🎯 Recreational Shooting:  Shooters who enjoy plinking or recreational shooting can use a 6mm Remington for an enjoyable and affordable shooting experience.
🎯 Varied Bullet Selection:  The cartridge offers a variety of bullet options, including different weights and types, allowing shooters to tailor their ammunition to specific needs and preferences.
🎯 Minimal Recoil:  It typically generates moderate recoil, making it accessible to a wide range of shooters, including those who may be recoil-sensitive.

👍 In summary, 6mm Remington Ammo is versatile and suitable for hunting medium-sized game, varmint hunting, target shooting, recreational shooting, and more. It’s valued for its accuracy, flat trajectory, and manageable recoil, making it a popular choice among hunters and shooters with various interests.

What is the chamber pressure of a 6mm Remington ammo?

📝 The chamber pressure of 6mm Remington ammunition can vary depending on the specific load and type of ammunition.

💥 However, in general, the SAAMI (Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute) standard maximum average pressure (MAP) for the 6mm Remington cartridge is around 52,000 PSI (pounds per square inch) or approximately 3,600 bar (bars).

🚨 It’s important to note that ammunition manufacturers may produce loads with varying pressures within safe limits, and shooters should always refer to the specific ammunition manufacturer’s recommendations and consult their firearm’s manual to ensure safe and appropriate ammunition is used. Using ammunition with pressures exceeding the firearm’s design specifications can be dangerous and may result in damage to the firearm or injury to the shooter.

What is the most accurate type of bullet?

✏️ The accuracy of a bullet depends on various factors, including the firearm, the shooter’s skill, and the intended use (e.g., target shooting, hunting, long-range shooting). Here are some factors to consider:

➡️ Match Grade Bullets: For precision target shooting, match-grade bullets are often preferred. These bullets are carefully manufactured with tight tolerances to ensure uniformity in weight, shape, and dimensions. They are designed for accuracy and consistency.
➡️ Boat-Tail Bullets: Boat-tail bullets are known for their aerodynamic design, which reduces drag and helps maintain stability in flight. They are often used in long-range shooting where accuracy at extended distances is crucial.
➡️ BTHP (Boat-Tail Hollow Point) Bullets: BTHP bullets combine the benefits of boat-tail design with a hollow point for improved aerodynamics and accuracy. They are commonly used in long-range precision shooting competitions.
➡️ VLD (Very Low Drag) Bullets: VLD bullets are engineered for maximum ballistic efficiency and are favored by long-range shooters. They are designed to minimize wind drift and maintain stability over long distances.
➡️ Bullet Weight: The choice of bullet weight should match the twist rate of the firearm’s barrel. A twist rate that is too slow for a particular bullet weight can affect accuracy negatively.
➡️ Consistency in Reloading: Handloaders should pay meticulous attention to the reloading process, ensuring that cases, primers, powders, and bullets are consistent in every round to maximize accuracy.
➡️ Barrel Quality: The quality of the firearm’s barrel, including its rifling and crown, can significantly impact accuracy. High-quality barrels with precise rifling tend to produce more accurate results.
➡️ Shooter Skill: Ultimately, the shooter’s skill, including marksmanship fundamentals, consistency in shooting technique, and familiarity with the firearm, plays a crucial role in achieving accuracy.

📢 In conclusion, the most accurate type of bullet depends on the specific shooting application and the factors mentioned above. For precision shooting, match-grade bullets, boat-tail designs, and bullets designed for long-range accuracy are often preferred. It’s essential to choose the right bullet for your intended use and ensure that all elements of your shooting setup are optimized for accuracy.

What is the best bullet for 6mm Remington?

📚 The best bullet for a 6mm Remington cartridge depends on your specific shooting or hunting application. Here are some common bullet types and their suitability for different applications:

  • 🔷 Varmint Bullets: If you’re primarily targeting varmints like groundhogs, prairie dogs, or coyotes, lightweight varmint bullets with high velocity and explosive expansion can be effective. These bullets are designed to provide rapid fragmentation and energy transfer upon impact.
  • 🔷 Match Bullets: For precision target shooting or competitive shooting, match-grade bullets are often preferred. These bullets are engineered for accuracy and consistency. Boat-tail hollow point (BTHP) bullets or very low drag (VLD) designs can excel at long-range target shooting.
  • 🔷 Hunting Bullets: When hunting medium-sized game such as deer or antelope, you’ll want a bullet that balances expansion and penetration. Soft point bullets or controlled expansion bullets are good choices. Weight retention and controlled expansion are essential for ethical game harvesting.
  • 🔷 Ballistic Tip Bullets: Some shooters and hunters prefer bullets like the Nosler Ballistic Tip, which combines a polymer tip for better ballistic performance with controlled expansion upon impact. These can be versatile for hunting and can be effective at various distances.
  • 🔷 Boat-Tail Bullets: Boat-tail bullets are known for their aerodynamic design, which reduces drag and can improve accuracy and downrange performance. They are often chosen for long-range shooting scenarios.
  • 🔷 Heavy Bullets: Heavier bullets in the 6mm Remington cartridge can offer better penetration and energy transfer for larger games or longer shots. Be sure to consider your rifle’s twist rate, as it should be compatible with the bullet weight you choose.

📌 Ultimately, the best bullet for your 6mm Remington will depend on your specific needs, the type of game you’re hunting, and your shooting preferences. It’s essential to match the bullet’s characteristics to your intended use, and experimentation may be necessary to find the load that works best for your rifle and shooting scenario. Always consult your firearm’s manual and consider local hunting regulations when selecting ammunition for hunting purposes.

How far can it shoot?

⏰ The effective shooting range of 6mm Remington ammo can vary depending on several factors, including the specific rifle, bullet type, environmental conditions, and the shooter’s skill. Here are some general guidelines for the effective shooting range:

🎯 Short to Medium Range: For hunting medium-sized game such as deer or antelope, the effective shooting range of 6mm Remington ammunition is typically considered to be within 300 to 400 yards. Within this range, the cartridge is capable of delivering the necessary accuracy and energy for ethical game harvesting.
🎯 Long-Range Shooting: With the right rifle setup, optics, and match-grade ammunition, shooters can extend the effective range of the 6mm Remington cartridge for precision long-range shooting. Competent shooters have achieved accurate hits on targets beyond 800 yards with this cartridge. However, long-range shooting requires advanced marksmanship skills and specialized equipment.
🎯 Varmint Hunting: When used for varmint hunting (e.g., groundhogs, prairie dogs, coyotes), the 6mm Remington cartridge can be effective at extended distances. Lightweight bullets with high velocity can provide flat trajectories, making them suitable for shots well beyond 500 yards, depending on the specific load.
🎯 Target Shooting: In target shooting competitions, shooters may use 6mm Remington ammunition for various distances, including long-range shooting disciplines. Accurate shots can be made at 600 yards or more in these scenarios.

☑️ Ultimately, the effective range of the 6mm Remington cartridge can be quite versatile, allowing shooters to tailor their ammunition and equipment to their specific shooting needs, whether it’s hunting, target shooting, or long-range precision shooting.


6mm Remington ammo is a great choice for anyone searching for an all-around round for hunting. With so many great ammo options on the market, it can be tough to choose the right one for you. However, by taking into consideration the above factors, you can narrow down your choices and find the best ammo for your specific needs!🥰❤️‍🔥

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Hank Scott
Hank Scott
4 months ago

The 788 rifle in 6mm Remington that I have was originally my grandmother’s. I’m curious about how well the 6mm Remington cartridge performs at longer ranges. Has anyone here had any experience with it? And how can I checked a twist rate on my rifle?

    4 months ago
    Reply to  Hank Scott

    🎯 The 6mm Remington cartridge can perform quite well at longer ranges, making it suitable for various shooting applications, including long-range target shooting and hunting. Here’s a breakdown of how it performs at longer ranges:
    🔷 Flat Trajectory: It is known for its flat trajectory, which means the bullet doesn’t drop as quickly over distance compared to some other cartridges. This flat trajectory is advantageous for long-range shooting because it allows shooters to hold on target more easily.
    🔷 High Velocity: The cartridge offers high muzzle velocities, especially when using lighter bullets. This velocity helps maintain energy and accuracy at longer distances.
    🔷 Bullet Selection: There are various bullet options available for the 6mm Remington, including high ballistic coefficient (BC) bullets designed for long-range shooting. These bullets offer improved aerodynamics and better resistance to wind drift, making them effective at extended ranges.
    🔷 Twist Rate: The 6mm Remington often features a twist rate that can stabilize heavier bullets effectively, which is essential for long-range accuracy. Shooters can choose bullets that match their rifle’s twist rate to maximize performance.
    🔷 Precision Rifles: Some rifles chambered in 6mm Remington are specifically designed for precision shooting and long-range accuracy. These rifles often feature heavy barrels and other enhancements to optimize accuracy at extended distances.
    🔷 Shooter Skill: Long-range shooting requires advanced marksmanship skills, including knowledge of ballistics, wind reading, and consistent shooting techniques. Skilled shooters can maximize the potential of the 6mm Remington cartridge at longer ranges.
    ✍️ In summary, this cartridge can perform well at longer ranges due to its flat trajectory, high velocity, and bullet selection. With the right rifle, optics, and skilled shooter, it is capable of accurate and consistent hits on targets or game at distances beyond 500 yards. However, achieving success at longer ranges requires a thorough understanding of ballistics and wind conditions, making it a rewarding challenge for experienced shooters.

      4 months ago
      Reply to  Hank Scott

      The 6mm Remington cartridge has some advantages that might not be immediately apparent. Unlike the standard .243 with a 1-10 twist rate, the 6mm Remington boasts a 1-9 twist rate. This means it can stabilize heavier, higher ballistic coefficient (BC) bullets effectively. Additionally, it offers slightly higher velocities due to its slightly larger case. There’s a notion that the longer neck of the 6mm Remington helps dissipate some of the gases and potentially extends throat life compared to the .243, but I haven’t personally tested this claim. Another advantage is that the shape of 6mm Remington brass tends to resist stretching better than .243 brass.

        Wilmer Green
        Wilmer Green
        4 months ago
        Reply to  Hank Scott

        I recently checked the twist rate on my 6mm Remington rifle using a cleaning rod and a patch. I marked a straight line on the rod and, as it made a full revolution in the barrel, I measured the length on the rod it took to complete that revolution. This is a simple method to determine the twist rate of your rifle’s barrel. The .244 Remington initially had a slow twist rate, which limited it to shooting lighter bullets. To address this, Remington rebranded it as the 6mm Remington and equipped it with a faster twist barrel. This change allowed it to effectively stabilize heavier bullets, enhancing its performance. As for the Remington 788, it indeed has a reputation for exceptional accuracy. Some shooters believe it surpasses the accuracy of the older Model 700, partly due to the rear bolt lugs. While I haven’t personally experienced it, these stories highlight its accuracy potential.

          4 months ago

          I’m in search of the best all-around load for my 6mm rifle. My intention is to use this rifle as an all-purpose firearm for hunting coyotes, pigs, and occasionally deer. I appreciate high velocity, so lighter bullets are preferable, but I also want a load that ensures ethical and effective takedowns of pigs and deer. Do you have any recommendations for suitable ammunition that would meet these requirements?

            Penn King
            Penn King
            4 months ago
            Reply to  Ashes

            I’ve been using a load of 44 grains of IMR 4350 powder behind Hornady Superformance 6mm Remington 95 Grain Super Shock Tip Centerfire Rifle Ammunition for more than four decades, and it consistently delivers outstanding results. These bullets typically create tight groupings, essentially forming a single hole on targets. Over the years, this load has proven highly effective in harvesting many deer, hogs, as well as a few coyotes and even a couple of cats. It’s been a reliable choice for my hunting needs.

              4 months ago

              I recently came into possession of a bolt-action rifle chambered in 6mm Remington. I’m curious to hear about your preferred ammunition or handloads. Additionally, I’m interested in learning about your scope setups and sight-in procedures for this cartridge. Have you found the 6mm Remington to be effective as a hunting cartridge, and if so, what kind of game have you had success with?

                Quent Rogers
                Quent Rogers
                4 months ago
                Reply to  Glint

                I once owned a Browning B-78 rifle chambered in 6mm Remington, and it was hands down the most accurate rifle I’ve ever had. This rifle consistently produced tight 1/2-inch or so five-shot groups at 100 yards. I primarily used this rifle with Federal Premium Power-Shok 6mm 100 Grain Jacketed Soft Point Centerfire Rifle Ammunition for both varmint hunting and deer hunting. However, I should note that I never took a quartering shot at a deer. I always waited for a side presentation or chose to pass up the shot. Quartering shots weren’t something I was comfortable with, as I preferred to ensure a clean and ethical harvest.

                  4 months ago
                  Reply to  Glint

                  Twist rate is a critical consideration when it comes to the 6mm Remington cartridge. Initially, the 6mm Remington had a 1:14 twist rate, which was well-suited for lightweight varmint bullets. In contrast, its competitor, the .243 Winchester, typically came with a 1:10 twist rate, which was more appropriate for deer-hunting loads. When using varmint loads, the 6mm Remington can achieve slightly higher muzzle velocities, but the .243 Winchester often demonstrates tighter groupings with deer-hunting loads. It’s essential to take the twist rate into account when choosing the right cartridge for your specific shooting or hunting needs. Therefore, you should to check the twist rate of your rifle to ensure you’re using ammunition that aligns with its intended purpose.

                    Kane Brown
                    Kane Brown
                    4 months ago

                    I currently have a set of RCBS .243 dies and have been reading about Remington rifles post-1958 being interchangeable with both 6mm and .243 ammunition. However, I’m a bit confused because the parent cartridges aren’t the same, are they?

                      4 months ago
                      Reply to  Kane Brown

                      Initially, Remington introduced the 244 Remington with a 1-12 twist barrel, which couldn’t effectively stabilize heavier, longer bullets. This put them at a disadvantage compared to the .243, which had a 1-10 twist barrel and could handle both varmint and deer hunting roles. Recognizing this, Remington rebranded the 244 Remington as the 6mm Remington with a 1-10 twist barrel. The 6mm Remington is indeed a fantastic cartridge, but it falls somewhat in between when it comes to action length – a bit long for a short action and a bit short for a long action. I had a 6mm Rem Ackley in a single-shot platform once, and I absolutely loved it. I even entertained the idea of a 6.5-6mm Rem Ackley, which I thought would be incredible. The only drawback, as you pointed out, is the limited options for brass.