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Best 50 Cal Ammo

What is 50 Cal Ammo?😏

It is a type of ammunition used by the US military and law enforcement. It is one of the most powerful rifle cartridges available, offering long-range accuracy and high stopping power. It is often used in sniper rifles for its ability to penetrate barriers such as brick walls, steel doors, and other heavy objects.

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This has prominent features that make it one of the preferred choices among shooters.

Firstly, it is renowned for its long-range performance. The bullet’s heavy weight and high velocity ensure it maintains a flat trajectory, enabling accurate shots even at extended distances.

Secondly, it showcases remarkable penetrating power. This is primarily attributed to its exceptionally high kinetic energy upon impact, which enables it to effectively pierce through armoured vehicles, fortified structures, and other similar targets. The sheer force and velocity of the bullet enable it to overcome formidable barriers, making it a formidable choice for situations that demand unsurpassed penetration capabilities.

Thirdly, this ammo type is designed with excellent precision, ensuring consistent performance and reliability. The manufacturing process involves rigorous quality control standards, resulting in ammo that feeds smoothly and fires accurately.

Lastly, its high stopping power makes it suitable for big game hunting and military applications. Its impact power is substantial enough to take down large animals or disable vehicles effectively.

Our Top Pick
FMJ – Federal American Eagle – 50 BMG – 660 Grain – 10 Rounds
Experience authentic M33 ammunition – an ideal choice for training as if you're enrolled in the U.S. Army Sniper Course. The 50 BMG caliber delivers a substantial impact, featuring a 660-grain bullet combined with an impressive propellant charge that propels it to a muzzle velocity of 2,940 fps. Whether you're facing the need to neutralize personnel or unarmored targets, this ammunition is your ultimate solution. Secure your box today to ensure you're equipped for any scenario that comes your way.
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  1. ✔️ Power and Range: It is renowned for its exceptional power and range. It is capable of delivering devastating damage at extended distances, making it a favourite choice for long-range engagements.
  2. ✔️ Versatility: This ammunition is versatile, being used in a variety of firearms including the M2 Browning machine gun, the Barrett M82 sniper rifle, and various other rifles and machine guns.
  3. ✔️ Reliability: It is reliable and consistent. It’s designed to high standards which ensures that it performs consistently across different conditions.
  4. ✔️ Penetration: The round is known for its superior penetration. It can pierce through multiple targets and even some armour, making it effective in combat situations.
  5. ✔️ Availability: Despite being a high-power round, this ammunition is relatively easy to find and purchase, especially in the United States. This accessibility makes it a practical choice for shooters.
  6. ✔️ Ideal for Hunting and Sport Shooting: Its power and range make it a popular choice not just for military and law enforcement use, but also for hunting large game and competitive shooting.


🟡 .50 Browning Machine Gun (BMG): This is a standard issue for NATO forces and other military outfits worldwide. It’s designed for use in the Browning M2 machine gun.

🟡 .50 Action Express (AE): Popular in the civilian market, the .50 AE is commonly used in certain models of handguns for self-defence and hunting.

🟡 .500 Smith & Wesson Magnum: This is a half-inch lead bullet designed for revolvers. It’s often used in big game hunting.

🟡 .50 Alaskan: Developed for big-bore lever action rifles, it is a favourite among hunters seeking large game in challenging terrains.

🟡 .50 Beowulf: It is designed to generate devastating stopping power at short to moderate ranges, making it a popular choice for law enforcement and civilian self-defence.

Best 50 Cal Ammo Reviews

1# FMJBT – PMC – 50 Cal BMG – 660 Grain – 200 Rounds

FMJBT - PMC - 50 Cal BMG - 660 Grain - 200 Rounds

200 Rounds  10 Rounds

Need an affordable and reliable option for 50 Cal BMG ammo? Consider PMC’s new offering! This ammunition is perfect for target practice or range training and is both precision manufactured and economical. Each round contains a boat-tail bullet for improved long-range accuracy seated in a boxer-primed, reloadable brass casing. With a muzzle velocity of 3080 fps and muzzle energy of 13688 ft-lbs, this ammunition is sure to put a smile on any marksman’s face. So don’t miss your chance – grab a case today!

  • Affordable
  • Reliable
  • Precisely Manufactured
  • Economical
  • May be difficult to find


2# FMJ M33 – Lake City – 50 BMG – 660 Grain – 50 Rounds Loose

FMJ M33 - Lake City - 50 BMG - 660 Grain - 50 Rounds Loose

View on LuckyGunner

Want to purchase some top-quality ammunition for your 50 BMG rifle? Note the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant’s FMJ M33 ammo. This ammo is perfect for both target practice and hunting, and with 50 rounds in each box, you’ll have plenty of shots to perfect your aim. Each round features a 660-grain full metal jacket bullet, giving you the precision and accuracy you need to take down your target. The boxer-primed brass casings are also reloadable, so you can reuse them again and again. Plus, with LuckyGunner.com, you can be sure that you’re getting your ammo at a great price. Order now and be ready to shoot!

  • 660-grain full metal jacket (FMJ) projectile
  • Suitable for long-distance shooting
  • Brass shell casing is heat-treated
  • Boxer-primed brass
  • Expensive


3# FMJ – Federal American Eagle – 50 BMG – 660 Grain – 10 Rounds

FMJ - Federal American Eagle - 50 BMG - 660 Grain - 10 Rounds

View on LuckyGunner

Searching for some serious firepower? Then check out this box of 10 rounds of FMJ – Federal American Eagle – 50 BMG. This is the real deal, genuine M33 ammunition, perfect for training like you’re in the U.S. Army Sniper Course. The 50 BMG packs a serious punch, with a 660-grain bullet and a huge propellant charge that gives it a muzzle velocity of 2,940 fps. When you need to take down personnel or unarmored targets, this is the ammo you want. Order your box today and be prepared for anything.

  • Loaded with a 660-grain bullet
  • The huge propellant charge that the bullet needs to achieve 2,940 fps muzzle velocity
  • Enough energy to down a small aeroplane
  • New brass cases and non-corrosive primers
  • Can’t be used at indoor ranges that ban magnetic projectiles
  • Cost more than some other 50 Cal ammo


4# Solid Copper – Prvi Partizan – 50 BMG – 725 Grain – 5 Rounds

Solid Copper - Prvi Partizan - 50 BMG - 725 Grain - 5 Rounds

View on LuckyGunner

Introducing Prvi Partizan’s Match Line ammunition for the M82! This Serbian manufacturer is known for producing some of the most accurate and reliable 50 BMG rounds on the market, and their new solid copper bullets are no exception. These 725-grain bullets are composed entirely of copper, making them legal to fire in many places that have banned traditional lead or steel bullets. They’re also incredibly accurate, thanks to their solid bar stock construction and in-flight stability. With Prvi Partizan’s Match Line ammo, you’ll be able to hit your target every time.

  • 100% copper bullets
  • Legal to fire in many places that have banned traditional lead or steel bullets
  • Incredibly accurate
  • Solid bar stock construction
  • Only comes in a box of 5 rounds


5# SBT – Hornady Match – 50 BMG – 750 Grain – 10 Rounds

SBT - Hornady Match - 50 BMG - 750 Grain - 10 Rounds

View on OpticsPlanet

For long-range precision shooting, you need ammo you can depend on. Hornady Match .50 BMG A-MAX Brass Cased Centerfire Rifle Ammunition is loaded with high-performance bullets for pinpoint accuracy. The brass casing ensures reliable feeding and ejection, and the Spitzer Boat Tail bullet design minimizes drag for maximum downrange energy. Stringent quality control ensures proper bullet seating, consistent charges and pressures, optimal velocity, and consistent overall length for repeatable accuracy shot after shot. So when you need to make that once-in-a-lifetime shot, choose Hornady Match ammo and know you’re getting the very best.

  • Consistent
  • Dependable
  • Precise
  • Pricey


6# FMJ – Ammo, Inc. High Accuracy – 50 BMG – 640 Grain – 10 Rounds

FMJ - Ammo, Inc. High Accuracy - 50 BMG - 640 Grain - 10 Rounds

View on OpticsPlanet

Do you wish for high-quality ammunition that is designed for extreme accuracy and reliability? Pay attention to the FMJ – Ammo, Inc. High Accuracy – 50 BMG– 10 Rounds. This superior ball and hollow point ammunition are faultless for personal protection, with a balanced velocity and recoil for easy handling. The full metal jacket ensures maximum penetration, while the brass casing is durable and can be reloaded for reuse. With ten rounds in each box, you’ll have plenty of firepower to keep you safe in any situation. Don’t settle for less than the best – choose Ammo, Inc. for all your shooting needs.

  • Superior ball and hollow point ammunition for extreme accuracy and reliability
  • Balanced velocity and recoil for easy handling
  • Full metal jacket for maximum penetration
  • It can be reloaded
  • The brass casing may not be as durable as some users would like


7# Frangible – Ultimate Ammunition – 50 BMG – 650 Grain – 10 Rounds

Frangible - Ultimate Ammunition - 50 BMG - 650 Grain - 10 Rounds

View on OpticsPlanet

The Ultimate ammunition 50 BMG Sinterfire Frangible Centerfire Rifle Ammunition is perfect for indoor and steel target shooting. Assembled with a lead-free, frangible bullet, it has military tolerances and cycles in semi-auto 50 BMG rifles. This high-quality ammunition is designed for maximum accuracy and reliability.

  • Military-grade tolerance
  • Frangible bullet
  • Cycles in semi-auto 50 BMG rifles
  • Perfect for steel targets
  • Price
  • Only 10 rounds per box


8# Solid Ultimate Ammunition – 50 BMG – 720 Grain – 10 Rounds

Solid Ultimate Ammunition - 50 BMG - 720 Grain - 10 Rounds

View on OpticsPlanet

The Solid Ultimate Ammunition 50 BMG 10 Rounds is dedicated to extreme accuracy. With selected components and a handmade, EMMA production process, this is the most reliable and consistent ammunition on the market. It’s perfect for competition or tactical use in any weather condition. The UA technicians who work on these lines of cartridges are specifically trained and dedicated to making the most accurate ammunition possible.

  • Extreme accuracy
  • Selected components
  • Handmade production process
  • EMMA technology
  • Tuned for your weapon platform
  • Expensive
  • It is not the ideal choice for novice users


9# FMJ – Rangemaster – 50 BMG – 625 Grain – 120 Rounds

FMJ - Rangemaster - 50 BMG - 625 Grain - 120 Rounds

View on OpticsPlanet

Looking for some serious firepower? PPU’s Rangemaster 50 BMG Full Metal Jacket round is just what you need. This massive round has a muzzle velocity of 2940 ft/s and energy of 11994 ft-lbs, making it perfect for long-range target practice or taking down large games. The FMJ design means that this round will penetrate deep into your target, ensuring maximum damage. And with 120 rounds in a box, you’ll have plenty of ammunition to take on whatever you’re up against. So don’t mess around – get your hands on PPU’s Rangemaster 50 BMG rounds today.

  • Massive firepower
  • Penetrates deep into your target
  • Perfect for long-range target practice
  • May be too powerful for some users


10# FMJ – TR&Z Match – 50 BMG – 725 Grain – 5 Rounds

FMJ - TR&Z Match - 50 BMG - 725 Grain - 5 Rounds

View on OpticsPlanet

PPU’s Match line ammunition is designed for precise shooting at both short and long ranges. The exceptional accuracy of PPU Match ammunition is the result of special production and control processes that demand holding very narrow tolerances. PPU uses reliable primers of extreme consistency and carefully chosen powders for loading, ensuring uniform ballistics. TR&Z PPM50 Match 50 BMG 725 gr Full Metal Jacket 5 Bx/ 20 Cs is outstanding for your next match.

  • Exceptional accuracy
  • Tight tolerances
  • Reliable primers
  • Carefully chosen powders
  • It is not always available in stores


Typical Appliances🛡️

Military and Law Enforcement:  This ammunition is a standard issue in many military and law enforcement operations worldwide due to its power, range, and penetrating abilities. The .50 Browning Machine Gun (BMG) is typically used in mounted and vehicular weapons like the M2 machine gun, providing heavy support in combat situations. Additionally, the .50 BMG is often used in sniper rifles like the Barrett M82 for long-range engagements, where its accuracy and barrier penetration are crucial.
Sport Shooting: In the realm of sport shooting, this ammunition is favoured for its impressive range and consistency. Shooters require ammunition that offers both power and precision, and the .50 cal delivers on these fronts. It is used in various shooting competitions, especially those involving long-range targets.
Hunting: It is also a popular choice for hunting, particularly large game hunting. Whether it’s the .500 Smith & Wesson Magnum for revolver users or the .50 Alaskan for lever-action rifles, these rounds provide the stopping power needed to take down a large game. Its effectiveness at long ranges allows hunters to maintain a safe distance from potentially dangerous animals.
⭕ Self-Defense:  For self-defence, particularly in home defence situations, rounds like the .50 Action Express (AE) and .50 Beowulf offer immense stopping power. Handguns chambered for the .50 AE provide a significant deterrent against potential threats, while firearms chambered for the .50 Beowulf are renowned for their close-quarters stopping
Collectors and Enthusiasts: The .50 BMG also holds a spot in the hearts of firearm enthusiasts and collectors. Its historical significance, coupled with its power and performance, makes it an interesting round for those who appreciate the evolution and engineering of firearms and ammunition.

This ammunition is versatile and powerful, finding applications in various sectors. It is widely used in military and law enforcement operations for its range and penetrating abilities. In sport shooting, it is favoured for its impressive range and consistency. For hunting, the .50 cal provides the stopping power required for a large game. In self-defence, rounds like the .50 AE and .50 Beowulf offer immense stopping power. Additionally, the .50 cal round holds a special place among firearm enthusiasts and collectors due to its historical significance and performance.


What is the effective range of a 50-cal round?

The effective range can vary greatly depending on the firearm used. However, it is typically effective up to distances of 1,500 to 2,000 meters in rifles specifically designed for long-range shooting, such as the Barrett M82.

🔘 It is known for its exceptional power and precision, and is capable of delivering lethal force at extended distances. With a maximum effective range of up to 6,800 meters, it stands as a formidable choice for long-distance engagements in military operations and sports shooting alike.

Its remarkable range and accuracy make the .50 BMG round a preferred option for snipers and marksmen seeking to engage targets at extreme distances. The round’s ability to retain lethal potential even at its maximum effective range is a testament to its outstanding ballistic performance.

Whether in the field of military tactics or the realm of competitive shooting, the .50 BMG round continues to demonstrate its prowess as a reliable and effective ammunition choice for long-range precision shooting.

What is the most destructive 50 cal bullet and why?
The .50 Browning Machine Gun (BMG) round is often considered the most destructive .50 calibre bullet. The primary reason for this is its remarkable power and extraordinary range. Originally developed for and used in the M2 Browning machine gun, the .50 BMG possesses exceptional ballistic performance and is capable of delivering devastating damage to targets at extended distances. Its superior penetration capabilities allow it to punch through multiple targets, and even some armour, making it highly effective in both military and law enforcement scenarios. Furthermore, its availability and versatility for use in a wide range of firearms, from machine guns to high-powered sniper rifles, underscore its destructive potential.
What are the weights of a 50 cal ammo?

The weight can vary depending on the specific type.

  • The .50 Browning Machine Gun (BMG) round is typically available in several weights, with the most common being the M33 Ball round which weighs approximately 661 grains (or about 43 grams).
  • The .50 Action Express (AE), commonly used in handguns, typically features bullets that weigh between 300 and 350 grains (or about 19 to 23 grams).
  • The .500 Smith & Wesson Magnum, designed for revolvers, generally has bullets that weigh between 275 and 500 grains (or about 18 to 32 grams), offering a range of options for different shooting scenarios.
  • The .50 Alaskan, typically used for hunting, usually features bullets that weigh between 400 and 600 grains (or about 26 to 39 grams).
  • ⚫ Lastly, the .50 Beowulf, known for its stopping power in close-quarters situations, generally has bullets that weigh between 300 and 400 grains (or about 19 to 26 grams).

The aforementioned weights can differ based on the specific manufacturer and intended use, so it’s always best to consult with the ammunition provider for exact specifications.

Can be 50 cal ammo reloaded?

Yes, it can indeed be reloaded, and this process can be an economical way for shooters to continue to enjoy their .50 cal firearms without breaking the bank. Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. ⚪ Safety First: Before starting, ensure you have a safe, clean, and well-lit workspace. Reloading involves handling potentially dangerous materials, so it’s crucial to have safety goggles, and a pair of gloves, and follow all safety guidelines.
  2. ⚪ Gather Your Materials: You will need to spend .50 cal casings, new bullet projectiles, powder, and primers. Moreover, you’ll need a reloading press, a set of dies, a primer-removing tool, a hand primer, and callipers.
  3. ⚪ Remove Spent Primers: First, place the spent casing in the reloading press and use the primer-removing tool to punch out the spent primer.
  4. ⚪ Resize the Case: Next, use the resizing die in your press to bring the casing back to its original dimensions. This step may require lubrication, so ensure to consult the instructions provided with your die set.
  5. ⚪ Prime the Case: Using your hand primer, insert a new primer into the casing. Ensure it’s seated flush with the bottom of the casing.
  6. ⚪ Measure and Add Powder: Consult a reloading manual to determine the correct amount of powder for your round. Use a scale to measure this amount accurately, then pour the powder into the casing.
  7. ⚪ Seat the Bullet: Place the new bullet into the casing and use the bullet seating die in your press to press the bullet into place.
  8. ⚪ Check Your Work: Finally, use your callipers to measure the overall length of the reloaded round to ensure it meets the recommended specs in your reloading manual.

Reloading ammunition can be a rewarding experience, providing shooters with a better understanding of their firearms and the ammunition they use. However, it should be noted that caution and attention to detail are vital in this process to ensure safety and reliability. Always follow the instructions provided by the manufacturers of your reloading equipment and components.

Remember, this guide provides a general overview of the reloading process. Some steps may vary based on the specific type of .50 cal ammunition you are reloading, so it’s always important to refer to a trusted reloading manual.

What metal can stop a 50 cal?

While this round exhibits formidable power, certain metals can stop it, depending on their thickness and composition.

  1. ☑️ Steel: High-quality, hardened steel such as AR500 or AR550 can stop. These types of steel are often used in body armour and targets due to their high resistance to penetration. However, the thickness needed to stop a round can be substantial. Generally, it is estimated that 1.125 inches of AR500 steel should be sufficient.
  2. ☑️ Titanium: Known for its high strength-to-weight ratio, Titanium can also stop a round if it’s thick enough. It’s often used in armoured vehicles and military aircraft.
  3. ☑️ Armoured Glass: While not metal, armoured glass incorporates layers of plastic and glass, sometimes with metal elements, to create a material that can withstand a round.
  4. ☑️ Composite Armor: Composite armour, often used on military vehicles, incorporates layers of different materials such as ceramics and metals. This layered approach can effectively stop this round.

Please note, that these estimates are generalized, and actual performance can vary based on the specific bullet type, range, and angle of impact. Always refer to certified ballistic data when evaluating the protective performance of materials.



The 50 cal ammo is a powerful and versatile ammunition type that is widely used in a variety of applications, from military and law enforcement to sport shooting and hunting. Its outstanding long-range performance, penetrating power, and reliability are some of the key characteristics that underscore its popularity. The different types cater to the unique requirements of different users and scenarios. Despite its intense stopping power, this ammunition is relatively accessible, making it an effective and practical choice for diverse shooting needs.


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2 months ago

Hi! How far can a 50 cal shoot under water?

    2 months ago
    Reply to  Miron

    🌊 The distance a .50 calibre round can travel underwater varies greatly depending on a number of factors including the specific bullet type, its velocity, and the angle at which it enters the water. However, as a general rule, bullets tend to lose velocity very quickly when they hit water due to their density compared to air.
    ☑️ Research conducted by the Mythbusters, a popular science TV show, revealed that higher velocity rounds like a .50 cal would likely not travel more than a few feet underwater before losing lethal velocity. In their experiments, they found that bullets fired into water stopped within 3-7 feet, depending on the angle of entry and velocity of the bullet.
    ⭕ It’s important to note that these findings are not definitive, and actual results may vary. Furthermore, shooting firearms underwater can potentially damage the weapon and is generally considered unsafe. Always prioritize safety and legality when using firearms

      2 months ago

      Has anyone tried subsonic .50 cal ammo? I’ve heard that it’s quieter and can be useful for certain applications. Wondering how it affects accuracy compared to standard supersonic rounds.

        2 months ago
        Reply to  Frank

        Subsonic .50 caliber ammunition is designed to travel at speeds less than the speed of sound, which is approximately 1,126 feet per second at sea level under standard conditions.
        ✴️ The main advantage of subsonic ammunition is its markedly reduced noise level. This is achieved by the bullet not breaking the sound barrier, thereby avoiding the sonic boom or “crack” that standard ammunition produces.
        ✴️ Subsonic .50 cal ammo is particularly useful in situations where noise discipline is a priority, such as in certain military or hunting scenarios. It’s also often preferred for shooting in areas where noise pollution could be a concern.
        🚫 However, it’s important to note that due to the lower velocity, subsonic .50 cal ammunition generally has a different trajectory and less energy upon impact compared to their supersonic counterparts. Therefore, understanding the performance characteristics and making necessary adjustments to shooting technique and expectations are crucial when using this type of ammunition.
        🚫 Additionally, not all firearms are designed to cycle subsonic ammunition reliably, so it’s always recommended to check with the firearm manufacturer or trusted sources before use.

          2 months ago
          Reply to  Frank

          Keep in mind that while subsonic ammo is quieter, it usually sacrifices some of the long-range performance associated with supersonic rounds. Bullets fired at subsonic speeds can experience more significant bullet drop and reduced accuracy at extended distances.

            2 months ago
            Reply to  Frank

            A good friend who served in army used this bullet for his engagements. He says it’s also a great option for training purposes, helping shooters practice without disturbing the surrounding environment as much.

              2 months ago

              Hey everyone, I’ve been researching different types of .50 cal ammo for my rifle. I’m interested in knowing which ones are the most accurate for long-range shooting. Any recommendations?

                2 months ago
                Reply to  Konnor

                Please check our post 👆 We provided some infprmation about different types of 50 cal ammo🙂

                  2 months ago
                  Reply to  Konnor

                  If you’re looking for accuracy, you might want to consider match-grade .50 cal ammo. Brands like Federal Premium and Hornady have offerings that are well-known for their consistency and precision. They might cost a bit more, but the results can be worth it, especially at longer ranges.

                    2 months ago
                    Reply to  Konnor

                    Don’t forget about armor-piercing incendiary (API) rounds. While accuracy might not be their primary focus, they can definitely pack a punch and are designed to penetrate hard targets. Just make sure you’re adhering to all local laws and regulations regarding their use.