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Best 204 Ruger Ammo - Editor's Choice

What is a 204 Ruger Ammo?🧐

It is a high-velocity centerfire rifle cartridge developed by Hornady and Ruger. Introduced in 2004, it quickly gained popularity among varmint hunters and target shooters due to its flat trajectory and light recoil. The cartridge is known for its speed, being the second fastest commercial round, and maintaining its velocity over long distances, making it an excellent choice for long-range shooting.

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✴️ Firstly, one of the most appealing features is its unrivalled speed. With the capability to reach velocities of over 4,000 feet per second, it stands as one of the fastest commercially available rounds. This speed is not just impressive on paper, it translates to real-world benefits, such as flatter trajectories and minimal wind drift.

✴️ Moreover, it is highly accurate. Precision is paramount in shooting, and this cartridge doesn’t disappoint, often delivering sub-MOA (Minute of Angle) performance with the right rifle. It ensures a straight, true flight path, allowing you to hit your target with pinpoint accuracy.

✴️ Finally, it is renowned for its light recoil. This is a significant advantage for both new and experienced shooters as it allows for comfortable shooting and quick follow-up shots. The reduced recoil also means less muzzle rise, enabling the shooter to maintain their sight picture after firing, which is especially valuable when engaging multiple targets.

Our Top Pick
Hornady Superformance 204 Ruger Ammo
The Hornady Superformance .204 Ruger Ammunition sets a new benchmark in performance for the dedicated marksman or hunting enthusiast. Packed with a robust selection of tried-and-true bullets, this ammunition remains unparalleled in potency. Its innovative progressive powder technology propels ballistics performance and accuracy into new territories. Each facet of this ammunition is meticulously designed to prioritize precision and dependability.
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Full Metal Jacket (FMJ): FMJ is the most common type of ammo because of its affordability and availability. The bullet in an FMJ has a soft lead core encased in a shell of harder metal. Known for its penetration power, it’s generally used for target shooting and practice. Soft Point (SP): The SP is designed for controlled expansion upon impact, making it an excellent choice for hunting. It provides the perfect balance between deep penetration and substantial expansion, ensuring ethical, one-shot kills.
Hollow Point (HP): HP bullets are designed for rapid expansion upon impact. These bullets have a hollowed-out centre, designed to expand when it hits the target, causing a larger wound channel. This makes it an excellent choice for varmint hunting. Polymer Tip: The polymer tip ammo is a premium choice among 204 Ruger enthusiasts. This type boasts high ballistic coefficients, which means the bullet maintains velocity and flattens its trajectory over long distances, making it a desirable choice for long-range shooting.


The .204 Ruger ammunition is a remarkable cartridge that has gained popularity among shooters and hunters for its unique attributes and versatile applications. Let’s delve into the various typical uses of this outstanding calibre, combining the perfect blend of accuracy, velocity, and effectiveness:

  1. 🔰 Varmint Hunting: It shines brightest in the realm of varmint hunting. It’s impressive velocity and flat trajectory ensure precise shots at extended distances, making it a preferred choice for taking down pesky varmints like prairie dogs, ground squirrels, and even elusive coyotes.
  2. 🔰 Predator Hunting: When it comes to pursuing cunning predators such as foxes and bobcats, this ammo offers a compelling advantage. Its ability to deliver rapid and humane kills at medium ranges proves invaluable for controlling predator populations.
  3. 🔰 Small Game Hunting: It is a capable option for hunting small game like rabbits and raccoons. With its low recoil, hunters can focus on accuracy, ensuring ethical shots that bring down small game cleanly.
  4. 🔰 Long-Range Target Shooting: For enthusiasts seeking precision and challenging long-range shots, it doesn’t disappoint. Its inherent accuracy and exceptional ballistic performance make it a reliable choice for competitive long-range shooting and target practice.
  5. 🔰 Plinking and Recreational Shooting: Enjoyment and relaxation find a perfect companion in this ammunition. The mild recoil and flat trajectory contribute to a pleasant shooting experience, making it ideal for casual plinking and recreational shooting.
  6. 🔰 Pest Control: In rural areas, it serves as an effective tool for pest control. Whether dealing with nuisance animals damaging crops or causing problems, the cartridge’s swift and accurate performance ensures a practical solution.
  7. 🔰 Coyote Hunting: The .204 Ruger’s combination of velocity and flat trajectory proves beneficial for coyote hunting. The cartridge’s effectiveness in taking down these wily predators offers hunters an exciting challenge in the field.
  8. 🔰 Rifle Competitions: In certain shooting competitions where minimal recoil and precise shots are essential, this Ruger may find its way into the hands of competitive shooters. Its performance at extended ranges can give competitors a competitive edge.
  9. 🔰 Urban Pest Management: In urban settings, where safety and precision are paramount, it may be employed for managing pest populations, such as feral cats or rats, with minimized risk to nearby structures.
  10. 🔰 Personal Defense Against Dangerous Animals: In situations where encounters with dangerous wild animals are possible, it can serve as a means of self-defence for hikers or outdoorsmen due to its accuracy and power.

204 Ruger Ammo Review | Best 204 Ruger Ammo

Hornady Superformance 204 Ruger Ammo 32 GrainHornadyBUY
Hornady Superformance 204 Ruger Ammo 40 GrainHornadyBUY
Sierra Prairie Enemy 204 Ruger Ammo 36 GrainSierraBUY
Remington Premier Accutip 204 Ruger Ammo 40 GrainRemingtonBUY
Nosler 204 Ruger Ballistic Tip Ammo 32 grainNoslerBUY
Winchester VARMINT X RIFLE 204 Ruger Ammo 32 grainWinchesterBUY
Federal Premium HORNADY V-MAX 204 Ruger Ammo 32 grainFederal PremiumBUY
Federal Premium V-SHOK 204 Ruger Ammo 40 grainFederal PremiumBUY
Remington Premier Accutip 204 Ruger Ammo 32 GrainRemingtonBUY
Nosler Varmageddon 204 Ruger Ammo 32 GrainNoslerBUY

#1 Hornady Superformance 204 Ruger Ammo 32 Grain

Hornady Superformance 204 Ruger Ammo 32 Grain View on OpticsPlanet

In pursuit of ultimate performance, the Hornady Superformance Centerfire Rifle Ammunition stands out as a reliable and versatile option for all hunting endeavours. This ammunition boasts a proven selection of this brand’s bullets, ensuring optimal performance regardless of the game you’re targeting. The heart of this ammunition lies in its progressive powders, which bring about a new era of superior ballistic performance.

Hornady’s commitment to consistency is evident in its use of high-quality cases and primers for the rounds. This consistency translates to reliable and precise shooting experiences in the field.

Video review

  • Reliability in Components: The use of top-quality cases and primers ensures consistent shooting results, minimizing any chances of misfires or inconsistencies.
  • Precision Engineering: Hornady’s attention to detail and precision engineering is evident in the design, construction, and performance of this ammunition, instilling confidence in shooters.
  • Enhanced Ballistics: Thanks to the bullet designs, this ammunition achieves superior ballistics, making it a dependable choice for long-range shooting.
  • The lighter 32-grain bullets may produce slightly more recoil, which could be a consideration for shooters sensitive to recoil.

#2 Hornady Superformance 204 Ruger Ammo 40 Grain

Hornady Superformance 204 Ruger Ammo 40 Grain View on OpticsPlanet

For the discerning hunter or sharpshooter, the Hornady Superformance .204 Ruger Ammunition offers a cutting-edge solution to elevate your shooting performance. This ammunition is packed with a formidable lineup of proven bullets. At the core of its exceptional capabilities are the progressive powders, revolutionizing ballistic performance and accuracy. Every aspect of this ammunition is built with precision and reliability in mind. The high-quality cases and primers employed in the performance rounds provide consistency and confidence in the field, translating into consistent shooting experiences.

  • Performance Versatility: The Superformance ammunition’s diverse selection of proven Hornady bullets caters to various hunting scenarios and game types, offering consistent and impressive performance across the board.
  • Ballistic Advancement: With its progressive Hornady powders, this ammunition sets new standards for ballistic excellence, delivering enhanced velocity and accuracy, and giving you an edge in challenging shooting situations.
  • Reliability in Action: Hornady’s commitment to quality is evident through the use of top-notch cases and primers, providing shooters with the assurance of reliable performance, shot after shot.
  • Calibre Specificity: While available in various calibres, the .204 Ruger chambering might not be as widespread as some more common calibres, limiting accessibility for some users.

#3 Sierra Prairie Enemy 204 Ruger Ammo 36 Grain

Sierra Prairie Enemy 204 Ruger Ammo 36 Grain View on OpticsPlanet

The Sierra Prairie Enemy .204 Ruger ammunition featuring the renowned Sierra BlitzKing bullets in nickel-plated brass casings offers a world-class solution for competitive shooters and long-range enthusiasts. They have long been the pride of the Sierra Bullet family, boasting unparalleled consistency and accuracy that has secured state, national, and world records for decades. Designed specifically for PALMA competition at extended ranges, the bullet has garnered high acclaim from long-range competitive shooters globally.

The bullets have set the industry standard for precision and accuracy, making them equally exceptional choices for handguns and rifles. With a reputation for flat trajectory, superb accuracy, and minimal sensitivity to crosswinds, these bullets deliver reliable and consistent performance at all ranges.

  • Proven Excellence: These ammo have a legacy of consistent accuracy and performance, earning accolades and setting records worldwide.
  • Long-Range Mastery: It is an ideal choice for extended-range shooting challenges.
  • Versatile Use: MatchKing bullets have proven their mettle in both handguns and rifles, providing superb accuracy across platforms.
  • Flat Trajectory: The famous design ensures a flat trajectory, enabling precise shots at varying distances.
  • Low Sensitivity to Crosswinds: Shooters can rely on these bullets to maintain accuracy even in challenging crosswind conditions.
  • Niche Use: These bullets are optimized for precision and accuracy, making them less suitable for general hunting purposes.

#4 Remington Premier Accutip 204 Ruger Ammo 40 Grain

Remington Premier Accutip 204 Ruger Ammo 40 Grain View on OpticsPlanet

The Remington Premier Accutip ammunition is purpose-built for match-grade accuracy and exceptional on-game performance, making it the go-to choice for serious hunters worldwide. With extensive development and testing, this ammunition offers a combination of truer flight, flatter trajectory, and devastating terminal energy, delivering dynamite results in the field. The AccuTip-V design in varmint calibres ensures outstanding flight characteristics and match-grade accuracy, optimized for explosive on-game results.

The gold polymer tip drives the thin jacket and soft lead core to fragment violently upon impact, maximizing the effectiveness of each shot. Above all, this ammunition consistently delivers precise performance, making it the most accurate varmint bullet available.

  • Match-Grade Accuracy: This ammunition is optimized for match-grade accuracy, ensuring precise shots time and time again.
  • Stunning On-Game Performance: With its combination of truer flight, flatter trajectory, and devastating terminal energy, this ammo delivers remarkable results in the game.
  • Explosive Terminal Effect: The gold polymer tip drives fragmentation of the thin jacket and lead core upon impact, maximizing the bullet’s stopping power.
  • Varmint Caliber Excellence: AccuTip-V design in varmint calibres provides superb flight characteristics and match-grade accuracy, making it the preferred choice for varmint hunting.
  • Cost: The high-performance features of the Premier AccuTip ammunition may result in a higher price compared to standard ammunition.
  • Limited Application: While optimized for hunting and varmint shooting, this ammunition may not be the best choice for other shooting activities.

#5 Nosler 204 Ruger Ballistic Tip Ammo 32 grain

Nosler 204 Ruger Ballistic Tip Ammo 32 grain View on OpticsPlanet

The Nosler 204 Ruger Ballistic Tip Ammunition is specifically designed for varmint hunting, offering a unique combination of downrange performance and deep penetration to take down bobcats, coyotes, and other pesky critters. With its boat tail design, this ammunition delivers heavy long-range blows while maximizing accuracy and consistency. Its high-performance bullet ensures extreme results at very high velocities, making it an excellent choice for varmint hunting rifles seeking optimal performance.

The versatility of this ammunition shines through its ability to maintain effectiveness even at lower velocities, offering a well-rounded solution for different hunting scenarios. The powerful impact of the tiny 32-grain bullet on small targets showcases the round’s precision and effectiveness.

  • Unique Varmint Design: The ammunition features uniquely designed varmint bullets, ensuring both downrange performance and deep penetration to take out bobcats, coyotes, and other pests.
  • Boat Tail for Long-Range Blows: The boat tail design enhances accuracy and enables the ammunition to deliver heavy long-range blows.
  • High-Performance Bullet: Nosler’s high-performance bullet guarantees extreme results at very high velocities, making it a powerful option for varmint hunting.
  • Versatility: The ammunition remains effective even at lower velocities, making it suitable for various hunting situations.
  • Precision and Effectiveness: The 32-grain bullet’s powerful impact on small targets highlights the round’s precision and effectiveness in varmint hunting.
  • Not Ideal for Large Game: The 32-grain bullet is tailored for varmint hunting and may not be suitable for larger game hunting.

#6 Winchester VARMINT X RIFLE 204 Ruger Ammo 32 grain

Winchester VARMINT X RIFLE 204 Ruger Ammo 32 grain View on OpticsPlanet

Winchester Varmint X Rifle ammunition is purpose-built to meet the unique demands of predator and varmint hunters. Featuring sleek polymer-tipped bullets, this ammunition guarantees explosive impact upon target contact. The polymer tip is engineered for maximum long-range performance, promoting rapid expansion for swift takedowns. The alloy jacket with an engineered sidewall profile further ensures explosive fragmentation, making it highly effective against varmints and predators. This ammo combines the brand’s renowned dependability with cutting-edge technology, offering hunters the ideal ammunition for pursuing a range of targets, from prairie dogs to coyotes.

  • Long-Range Performance: The polymer tip is engineered to maximize long-range performance, providing superior accuracy and terminal ballistics.
  • Rapid Expansion: The lead core is designed for rapid fragmentation upon impact, promoting quick and humane takedowns.
  • Dependability and Technology: This ammunition combines the brand’s trusted dependability with the latest technology, offering hunters reliable and efficient performance.
  • Availability: Due to its popularity and demand, this ammunition may experience occasional scarcity in the market.

#7 Federal Premium HORNADY V-MAX 204 Ruger Ammo 32 grain

Federal Premium HORNADY V-MAX 204 Ruger Ammo 32 grain View on OpticsPlanet

Federal Premium Varmint & Predator 204 Ruger ammunition, featuring the Hornady V-Max bullet, is designed to deliver explosive performance upon impact, making it a top choice for varmint and predator hunting. The bullet ensures consistent accuracy, allowing shooters to place precise shots with confidence. Federal’s commitment to quality is evident in the use of reliable brass, bullet, and primer components, ensuring consistent and dependable performance in the field. The combination of consistent accuracy and reliable components makes this ammunition a reliable and efficient choice for taking down elusive and fast-moving targets.

  • Explosive Performance: The bullet delivers explosive performance upon impact, ensuring swift and decisive takedowns of varmints and predators.
  • Consistent Accuracy: Shooters can rely on this ammunition for consistent accuracy, enabling precise shot placement.
  • Reliable Components: Federal’s use of reliable brass, bullet, and primer components ensures consistent and dependable performance in the field.
  • Specialized Application: While optimized for varmint and predator hunting, this ammunition may not be the best choice for larger game or other shooting activities.

#8 Federal Premium V-SHOK 204 Ruger Ammo 40 grain

Federal Premium V-SHOK 204 Ruger Ammo 40 grain View on OpticsPlanet

Federal Premium V-SHOK .204 Ruger ammunition is a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and quality. With a uniquely patented design process, this ammunition showcases the care and concern the Federal has for its consumers. Having a long-standing presence in the industry, Federal has continuously pursued advancements in rifle ammo technology, resulting in ultimate designs that shooters can trust.

It features a thin jacket, producing violent energy release and minimal penetration, making it ideal for varmint and predator applications. Its boat-tail design and colour-coded polymer tip work together to reduce bullet drop and wind drift, ensuring precision and accuracy at longer distances. The concentric jacket design further contributes to excellent downrange accuracy, making this ammunition a top choice for varmint and predator hunters seeking reliable performance.

  • Quality and Trust: With years of experience, Federal is a well-established brand known for delivering high-quality and reliable ammunition.
  • Thin Jacket for Maximum Impact: The thin jacket design ensures a violent energy release upon impact, maximizing effectiveness on varmint and predator targets.
  • Boat-Tail and Polymer Tip: The boat-tail design and colour-coded polymer tip enhance ballistics, reducing bullet drop and wind drift for accurate long-range shots.
  • Excellent Downrange Accuracy: The concentric jacket design contributes to excellent downrange accuracy, crucial for precise targeting.
  • Specialized Application: While perfect for varmint and predator hunting, this ammunition may not be the best choice for larger game or other shooting activities.

#9 Remington Premier Accutip 204 Ruger Ammo 32 Grain

Remington Premier Accutip 204 Ruger Ammo 32 Grain View on OpticsPlanet

The Remington Premier AccuTip-V ammunition is a purpose-built varmint round that guarantees a flat trajectory and explosive results, making it a must-have for varmint hunters. With its thin jacket design, these AccuTip-V loads deliver reduced recoil and reliable expansion upon impact. The projectile’s impact energy causes the thin jacket to break, driving the projectile violently and deeply into the target. Remington’s premium ammunition line utilizes a polymer tip and soft lead core for match-grade accuracy, ensuring shooters stay on target with precision.

Designed for maximum knockdown power on small games such as squirrels and rabbits, the high velocity of these bullets ensures swift and humane takedowns. The loud impact noises offer assurance that the varmint is neutralized, not simply frightened.

  • Reduced Recoil and Reliable Expansion: The thin jacket design delivers reduced recoil while allowing for reliable expansion of the projectile upon impact.
  • Match-Grade Accuracy: Utilizing a polymer tip and soft lead core, this ammunition offers match-grade accuracy, keeping shooters on target with precision.
  • Maximum Knockdown Power: The high velocity of these bullets ensures maximum knockdown power on small games, delivering swift and humane takedowns.
  • Assured Neutralization: The loud impact noises provide assurance that the varmint is neutralized, not simply frightened
  • Cost: The premium features of Remington ammunition may result in a higher price compared to standard options.

#10 Nosler Varmageddon 204 Ruger Ammo 32 Grain

Nosler Varmageddon 204 Ruger Ammo 32 Grain View on OpticsPlanet

The Nosler Varmageddon 204 Ruger Flat Base Tipped ammunition is a specialized line designed for high-volume varmint shooters who demand the utmost precision. Whether it’s loaded ammunition or component bullets, Varmageddon products incorporate a highly accurate polymer tip or hollow point combined with a flat base design. This unique combination ensures exceptional accuracy and reliable performance for varmint hunters seeking top-tier results.

Nosler’s dedication to quality is evident in the use of Nosler brass for their ammunition, providing the highest levels of performance. With a focus on precision and reliability, It caters to the needs of varmint hunters who require consistent and efficient takedowns.

  • Highly Accurate Polymer Tip or Hollow Point: The combination of a highly accurate polymer tip or hollow point with a flat base design ensures exceptional accuracy in the field.
  • Loaded with Nosler Brass: It utilizes Nosler brass for superior performance and reliability.
  • Top-Tier Precision: The products offer unmatched precision and consistency, crucial for successful varmint hunting.
  • Cost: It can have a higher price compared to standard options.
  • Limited Bullet Weight Options: The .204 Ruger chambering may have limited bullet weight options compared to more mainstream calibres.


Reloading Guide 📘

Reloading involves a sequence of careful steps that requires focus, precision, and patience. Let’s dive into the process:

  1. 🔘 Case Preparation: Start by inspecting each case for any visible defects, and clean the cases properly. You can use a specialized case-cleaning machine to do this efficiently.
  2. 🔘 Primer Removal: Using a depriming tool, gently punch out the old primer from the case. Remember, safety comes first. Always use eye protection.
  3. 🔘 Resizing: Next, you’ll need to resize the case using a full-length resizing die. Apply a thin layer of lubricant to the case before running it through the die. This process helps the case regain its original shape.
  4. 🔘 Primer Insertion: Now, insert a new primer into the case using a hand priming tool. Ensure the primer is seated flush or slightly below the case base.
  5. 🔘 Powder Measurement: Using a powder measure, carefully weigh the correct charge of powder and pour it into the case. Accuracy is paramount here, as an incorrect powder charge can lead to dangerous pressures.
  6. 🔘 Bullet Seating: Finally, place the bullet into the case mouth and use a seating die to press it into place.

This detailed guide should assist you in reloading ammo efficiently and safely. Always remember, each step is crucial, and precision cannot be compromised. Happy reloading!

Please watch this video to learn more information📺


What is Ballistic Performance of 204 Ruger Ammo?
The ballistic performance is impressive, with muzzle velocities ranging from 3,800 to 4,200 feet per second (fps) and muzzle energies ranging from 1,100 to 1,300 foot-pounds (ft-lbs). This makes it a very effective cartridge for varmint hunting, as it can deliver a high level of energy to small targets.

It is capable of delivering a high level of energy, even with the lightest bullet weights. This makes it a good choice for varmint hunting, as it can take down even small targets with a single shot. It also has a flat trajectory, making it easy to hit moving targets. This is because the high muzzle velocity of the cartridge helps to keep the bullet in the air for longer.

It is important to note that it is a relatively low-recoil cartridge, making it comfortable to shoot for most people. This is because the small bullet diameter and high muzzle velocity help to reduce the amount of recoil that is generated.

What is a 204 Ruger Ammo compared to?

It is a varmint cartridge that was introduced in 1998. It is a rimfire cartridge that uses a .204″ diameter bullet. It is often compared to the .223 Remington, which is a more popular cartridge for general-purpose use.

Here is a table comparing the two cartridges:

Characteristic .204 Ruger .223 Remington
Calibre .204″ .224″
Bullet weight 24-40 grains 35-75 grains
Muzzle velocity 3,800-4,200 fps 3,200-3,500 fps
Muzzle energy 1,100-1,300 ft-lbs 1,000-1,200 ft-lbs
Recoil Low Moderate
Effective range 100-200 yards 200-300 yards
Intended use Varmint hunting General-purpose


🎯 As you can see, the .204 Ruger has a slightly smaller bullet diameter and a higher muzzle velocity than the .223 Remington. This makes it a better choice for varmint hunting, as it can deliver more energy to small targets. However, the .223 Remington has a larger bullet weight and a longer effective range, making it a better choice for general-purpose use.

Ultimately, the best cartridge for you depends on your specific needs and preferences. These cartridges all have similar muzzle velocities and energy levels, making them good choices for varmint hunting. However, they all have different bullet diameters, so you will need to choose the cartridge that best suits your needs.

Are there any specific safety precautions for using .204 Ruger ammo?

Yes, there are a few specific safety precautions that should be taken when using ammo. These include:

  • ⭕ Always use the correct ammunition for your firearm. Using the wrong ammunition can damage your firearm and/or injure you or others.
  • ⭕ Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for loading and unloading your firearm. Improper loading or unloading can cause a firearm to discharge, which can be dangerous.
  • ⭕ Keep your firearm pointed in a safe direction. This means pointing the muzzle of your firearm away from yourself, other people, and any property that you do not want to damage.
  • ⭕ Always wear eye and ear protection when shooting. This will help to protect you from the dangers of flying debris and noise.
  • ⭕ Be aware of your surroundings when shooting. Make sure that there are no people or animals in the line of fire.
  • ⭕ Never shoot at anything that you are not willing to destroy. This includes varmints, as well as inanimate objects.

By following these safety precautions, you can help to ensure that your use of ammo is safe and responsible.

What is the bullet weight commonly used in .204 Ruger ammo?

The most common bullet weights used in .204 Ruger ammo are 24, 32, and 40 grains. These bullet weights offer a good balance of velocity, energy, and penetration for varmint hunting.

  • 📌 24-grain bullets: These bullets are the lightest option. They offer high velocity and are very effective at taking down small game, such as prairie dogs and ground squirrels. However, they do not have as much energy as heavier bullets, so they may not be as effective at taking down larger varmints, such as coyotes.
  • 📌 32-grain bullets: These bullets are a good all-around option. They offer a good balance of velocity, energy, and penetration. They are effective at taking down a wide variety of varmints, from small game to larger animals.
  • 📌 40-grain bullets: These bullets are the heaviest option. They offer the most energy, making them effective at taking down larger varmints. However, they also have the most recoil, so they may not be as comfortable shooting for some people.

Ultimately, the best bullet weight depends on the specific varmint you are hunting and your personal preferences. If you are hunting a small game, a 24-grain bullet may be a good option. If you are hunting larger varmints, a 40-grain bullet may be a better choice. You should also consider your own recoil tolerance when choosing a bullet weight.

What makes .204 Ruger popular for varmint hunting?

It is a popular varmint cartridge for a number of reasons, including:

  • ✔️ High velocity and energy: It is capable of delivering high velocity and energy, which makes it effective at taking down small games and varmints.
  • ✔️ Low recoil: It has relatively low recoil, making it a comfortable cartridge to shoot, even for those with smaller frames.
  • ✔️ Flat trajectory: It has a flat trajectory, making it easy to hit moving targets.
  • ✔️ Small size and weight: It is a small and lightweight cartridge, making it easy to carry and shoot.
  • ✔️ Variety of ammunition available: There is a wide variety of ammunition available for the .204 Ruger, including high-velocity rounds, hollow-point rounds, and even suppressed rounds.

Overall, this ammo is a versatile and effective cartridge that is well-suited for varmint hunting. It is a good choice for hunters who are looking for a cartridge with high velocity, low recoil, and a flat trajectory.


The 204 Ruger ammo provides a blend of speed, accuracy, and reduced recoil, making it an impressive choice for all shooting enthusiasts. Its diverse variations cater to a range of shooting scenarios, from target practice to long-range hunting. Furthermore, its reloading process, while requiring precision and patience, offers an in-depth understanding of the ammo, enhancing the overall shooting experience. In summary, it is a versatile, high-performing cartridge that fits the needs of all types of shooters, thereby standing as a testament to the innovation and excellence of Hornady and Ruger.

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3 months ago

The Vmax 32 I utilized in my .204 demonstrated impressive performance. I experimented with a 40 gr Nosler and found its performance equally satisfactory.

    3 months ago

    Greetings! Can .204 Ruger ammo be used for home defense?

      3 months ago
      Reply to  rich

      While it’s technically possible to use .204 Ruger ammo for home defense, it is not a common or recommended choice for this purpose. .204 Ruger is primarily designed as a varmint hunting cartridge, optimized for shooting small game at extended ranges.

      🟣 For home defense, it’s generally better to use ammunition specifically designed for self-defense or personal protection. Cartridges like 9mm, .40 S&W, or .45 ACP are more commonly chosen for home defense because they offer better stopping power and are designed to perform well in close-quarters defensive situations.

      🟣 Additionally, the high velocity and light weight of .204 Ruger bullets may pose over-penetration risks, meaning they could potentially go through walls or barriers, posing a danger to others in adjacent rooms or neighboring properties.

        3 months ago

        I recommended to consider purchasing either the 32gr or 39gr loads, as these have proven to be the most compatible with 204R rifles. It’s worth noting that the 40gr loads often do not perform as well with these rifles, based on general experience.

          3 months ago

          I love these rounds. Originally, I purchased a CZ 527 American when the round was newly introduced. I was completely taken by both the rifle and the round. However, as I have often done in the past, I ended up selling the rifle, a decision I have regretted many times over. I recently sought to rectify that mistake by buying a CZ 527 Varmint – an excellent rifle in my experience! Unfortunately, locating a wide array of ammo has proven to be challenging. Local stores don’t even stock the caliber. I use online shops.

            3 months ago
            Reply to  King

            You are right. I work at a firearm sales counter, and I’ve noticed the demand for 204s has significantly dropped. However, during my visit to Montana, a local store mentioned their 204 sales were still strong. It’s becoming difficult to find ammunition and brass options for the 204, with Winchester and Remington brass being particularly scarce.

              3 months ago

              Hello. Is .204 Ruger suitable for target shooting?

                3 months ago
                Reply to  Englishman

                Yes, .204 Ruger is suitable for target shooting. The cartridge’s high velocity, flat trajectory, and inherent accuracy make it an excellent choice for precision shooting at long ranges. Shooters often use .204 Ruger for target shooting and precision rifle competitions due to its consistent performance and relatively low recoil. With proper ammunition selection and a capable rifle, shooters can achieve excellent accuracy and tight groups on the target.