If you are just getting started with crossbows, or are looking for a quiet and powerful weapon for hunting large animals, be sure to check out the products from review. We bet you might not expect such incredible performance from these small shoulders, but they are. Today we will look at the legendary line of crossbows that at one time changed the very concept of “crossbow accuracy”.

Ravin Crossbow Review - Editor's Choice

All presented crossbows have sniper accuracy. If you put in the effort and set up your tactical scope correctly, you can achieve rifle accuracy even at distances of up to 100 yards. But if you use a more expensive telescopic sight, you can send arrows with deadly accuracy and long distances. Let’s move on to an overview of these deadly “babies”.

Best Ravin Crossbow | TOP-7 Ravin Crossbow Review


#1 Ravin R29X CROSSBOW


The Ravin R29X sniper crossbow weighs only 6.75 pounds; length 29 inches; width between axles (cocked) 6 inches; width between axles (not cocked) 10.5 inches; working stroke of the bowstring is 12.5 inches. The crossbow has two configurations R040 (basic) and R041 (advanced).

Equipped with HeliCoil technology and a fully integrated silent cocking system. This technology twists the cables from the top and bottom of the cams in helical grooves and keeps the cams in balance. This balance will allow the cams to pivot 340° while remaining completely horizontal when pulled in and out. The Ravin (R041) sniper crossbow features a tactical crossbow sight, premium 0.001 field-tipped arrows (400 grain), and an adjustable jack-up mount. The jack is adjustable in height, which allows you to adjust the distance from 20 to 200 yards by simply turning the dial. This makes the crossbow the ideal setting for those looking for high speed and maximum accuracy. The arrow speed fired from this crossbow is 450 frames per second.

In the base R040, you won’t be able to enjoy the elite tactical scope and the premium arrows will be replaced with the cheaper 0.003 field-tipped (400 grain) arrows.

Video review

  • 6 arrows in each set
  • Easy regulation distance from 20 to 200 yards
  • Floating arrows have high accuracy and speed
  • Includes tactical sight and quiver
  • Factory line requires replacement after 150 shots
  • Price seems overpriced

#2 Ravin R29 CROSSBOW


The Ravin R29 is the 2020 sniper crossbow. It is based on the tried and tested R20, but with some modifications. The length of the crossbow has decreased by an incredible 5.5 inches. This makes the weapon more agile, but most importantly, the arrow speed remains the same, 430 FPS with impeccable accuracy. This hunter has a striking design and many flowing lines. The Predator’s Twilight camouflage looks very cool and is only available for Ravin’s crossbows. Center distance is 6 inches and weighs 6.75 pounds. The ergonomic front grip allows you to quickly switch to a new target, without long stabilization and aiming.

This is a very technologically advanced crossbow. HeliCoil – Allows you to silently cock your crossbow with 12 pounds of force and gain a tactical advantage on the battlefield. This technology also provides zero friction for arrows and bowstrings for increased durability. The tactical crossbow sight provides good target control and is sufficient for accurate hits at 200 yards. 6 premium arrows with branded Ravin .001 arrowheads (400 grain total) are also included. The height-adjustable Jack Plate and scope level allow a simple turn of the dial to achieve incredible accuracy from 20 to 200 yards.

This crossbow uses many technological advances to make your shooting as accurate, quiet, and safe as possible. Some configurations are supplemented with a belt (for comfortable carrying the crossbow on the back, like a backpack), luminous arrowheads (for effective night shooting), and other pleasant little things.

Video review

  • 6 arrows included
  • Incredible precision
  • Reduced size
  • High price

#3 Ravin R26 CROSSBOW


The RAVIN R26 crossbow is the most compact and lightweight crossbow. Has an amazing 5.75″ center width when fully stretched and weighs just 6.5 pounds. The R26 is considered the most compact and maneuverable crossbow on the market. Helicoil technology allows speeds of up to 400 frames per second, with a stroke of just 9.5-inches, and is only 26 inches long. With this technology, cables are unwound from the top and bottom of the cams at the same time, keeping the limbs and cams perfectly balanced and allowing the cams to rotate 360°.

When the bow is pulled, the Trac-Trigger TM firing system glides smoothly along the rail and locks in the center of the bowstring during each cocking. This system provides the perfect balanced thrust for the bull’s eye. The Versa-Draw TM cocking system requires 12 pounds of force, allowing the crossbow to be used by any hunter. This system ideally complements the Trac-Trigger firing system.

The Frictionless TM flight system allows the boom and bowstring to glide over the rail without wasting energy in friction. This improves the accuracy and speed of each shot and extends the life of the bowstring. The set includes: fully assembled crossbow, illuminated sight, quiver, 3 arrows 003 (total 400 grains), removable handle, mounting bracket.

Video review

  • Quiet and compact
  • Incredible precision
  • Five-year limited warranty
  • Lateral arches are fragile
  • Price seems overpriced

#4 Ravin R20 CROSSBOW


What about Outdoor Life’s “Best Crossbow of 2019”? The Ravin R20 is a deadly precision crossbow that propels the bolt to an incredible 430 FPS in 13 inches of travel, with 164 ft-lbs of kinetic energy. This allows you to send an arrow to a distant target and at the same time remain deadly. Don’t forget that HeliCoil technology ensures that the string winds evenly along the spiral grooves of the cams, which rotate 340 degrees.

It is because of this that the transmitted impulse has a stable speed and the boom receives reduced vibration.
This crossbow has the accuracy of a rifle and with proper preparation, you should be able to get an accuracy of <2 inches at 80 yards. Given the quiet operation, incredible strength, and accuracy of the Ravin R20 crossbow, it is a deadly weapon with which you can hunt even large deer. The offered configurations differ from each other in details. The 6 standard .003 (400 grain) tipped bolts with Ravin’s logo can be swapped for Elite .001 (400 grain) arrows or light toe arrows for night shooting. A flexible quiver for 3 arrows can also be included. It is a handy and useful gadget. For sniper shooting, you need a Vortex scope and this important addition can be standard on the R20 Sniper.

This crossbow most often comes with a very nice illuminated reticle, red or green, with multiple reticles ranging from 20 to 100 yards. Don’t forget about safety. All crossbows are secured against an accidental shot and are equipped with field glasses. Given the high bid price, this is not surprising. You must understand that you are paying not only for the best crossbow but also for Ravin’s impeccable reputation.

Video review

  • Good accuracy and power of the shot
  • Crossbow ready to fire from the box
  • Slightly noisy cocking

#5 Ravin R10 CROSSBOW


Ravin Crossbows R10 is a living classic. Just 2 years ago, it was the explosion of a new star in the crossbow world. With an absolutely small size of 33 inches and a weight of 6.8 pounds, the crossbow is capable of generating 400 frames per second. This was made possible by the introduction of HeliCoil technology. The whole point is in the uniform rotation of the cams with spiral grooves at 340 degrees. This made it possible to develop the maximum power of the shot with a small span of the arcs and maintain the accuracy of rifles. The Predator and Gunmetal Gray camouflages are equally good and will help you stay undetected when hunting in the forest.

For long walking, the crossbow can be worn on the back using the special straps that come with the kit. The removable quiver can only store 3 arrows out of the 6 included. Considering that the fourth arrow will be loaded into the crossbow, this is quite enough for hunting. It is unlikely that you will be able to make more than 2 shots in a row at the same animals. This crossbow is ready to fire right from the box. All you have to do is install and adjust the sight and cocking with a special handle. If you are having difficulty installing a scope, or you are a beginner and just discovering the world of weapons, contact your local weapons store.

It won’t take long, but it will allow you to get to know your new weapon better. Special attention should be paid to the issue of uncocking. This is a rather dangerous process and you need to carefully study the instructions or watch video tutorials on the manufacturer’s official website (https://ravincrossbows.com/). In case of incorrect operation, there is a danger of injury or even damage to the crossbow or sight. Be very careful and take care of yourself – we want you to stay with us and get only the most pleasant experience.

Video review

  • High arrow speed
  • Ravin impeccable quality
  • Quite noisy cocking mechanism
  • Standard arrows may drop feathers


Of course, the 2020 model is the pinnacle of engineering. So many small features were taken into account here that it becomes even difficult to guess what can be done even better! When fully loaded, this silent and very powerful weapon provides an arrow speed of 450 frames per second.

Earlier models have their own characteristics and a little less power but also deserve your attention. Considering that the R10 trim is more than half the price of the R29, this is an important refinement for hunters on a budget.

This is to be expected, but we must remind you that the review recommends using only its own branded arrows. Separately, it should be said that even the best arrows (and especially their plumage) experience enormous loads at a flight speed of 450 frames per second. And if you consider that a 400-grain crossbow arrow has tremendous kinetic power, and deep penetration into the target becomes fatal for both the target and the arrow. Reading reviews from other authors about the poor quality of branded arrows, believe me, this is not a bad option.

Choose a crossbow based on your task. If you want a toy for experimentation, this proposal is not for you. This is a real hunter combat weapon with sniper precision and ninja stealth.

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