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Best 300 PRC Ammo

What is 300 PRC Ammo?🧐

It is a powerful, long-range shooting round developed by Hornady, a prominent American ammunition manufacturer. Launched in 2018, this cartridge is renowned for its precision and consistency, delivering superior performance at extended ranges. Designed to fit standard magnum bolt faces, it is popular among both hunters and precision shooters for its ballistic efficiency and flat trajectory.

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Ballistic Characteristics🎯

  1. ⚪ Superior Ballistic Coefficient: Due to its meticulously designed bullet shape and weight, this ammo has an outstanding ballistic coefficient. This makes the bullet less affected by wind drift and more resistant to loss of velocity, allowing it to maintain a straight and stable flight path, even at long distances.
  2. ⚪ Flat Trajectory: It is known for its low-drop, flat trajectory. This means that the bullet doesn’t drop significantly as it travels, enhancing the shooter’s ability to hit the target accurately, particularly at long ranges.
  3. ⚪ Consistent Velocity: With this ammo, shooters can expect a high level of velocity consistency. This consistency ensures that the bullet speed doesn’t significantly decrease as the bullet travels, which improves accuracy and performance over long distances.
  4. ⚪ Efficient Energy Transfer: It is engineered to deliver a high degree of energy upon impact, ensuring quick and ethical kills when hunting game. This efficiency in energy transfer also benefits precision shooters, as it enhances the bullet’s penetrative power.

Embracing the 300 Precision Rifle Cartridge Ammo means choosing a cartridge that marries precision, consistency, and power. For those serious about their long-range shooting, this round definitely deserves attention.

Our Top Pick
300 PRC – Hornady Precision Hunter
Crafted for precision, this cartridge incorporates a 212-grain ELD-X projectile, ensuring consistent and exceptional ballistic performance with each shot. The ELD-X bullet, renowned for its Extremely Low Drag eXpanding design, maintains its meplat integrity even at elevated velocities, courtesy of its Heat Shield tip. Upon impact, the ELD-X achieves remarkable expansion, while retaining a substantial 60 percent of its original mass, resulting in devastating stopping power.
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  1. Remarkable Accuracy 🟡: The consistent velocity and superior ballistic coefficient of the 300 Precision Rifle Cartridge Ammo contribute to its remarkable accuracy. Whether you’re hunting or engaged in precision shooting, this round provides pinpoint accuracy at extended ranges, making every shot count.
  2. Extended Range Capability 🟡: With its flat trajectory and high velocity, it offers impressive performance at longer distances. This extended-range capability ensures that hunters and precision shooters can make confident, accurate shots, even at extreme distances.
  3. Powerful Impact 🟡: It is known for its efficient energy transfer. It delivers a powerful impact upon striking the target, providing quick, ethical kills when hunting. For precision shooters, this powerful impact improves bullet penetration.
  4. Versatility 🟡: It fits standard magnum bolt faces, making it a versatile option compatible with a variety of firearms. This flexibility allows you to experience exceptional performance without the need for specialized equipment.
  5. Consistent Performance 🟡: This ammo’s consistency is one of its standout features. Regardless of environmental conditions, you can expect this ammo to deliver consistent performance in every shot, an asset to both hunters and precision shooters alike.

Popular Uses📌

  1. Hunting 🟢: The 300 Precision Rifle Cartridge’s energy efficiency and powerful impact make it an ideal choice for hunting. Its ability to deliver a high-energy impact ensures swift, ethical kills, reducing the suffering of the game. The round’s consistent accuracy, even at long distances, is another boon for hunters who often have to take shots from far distances.
  2. Precision Shooting 🟢: The impeccable accuracy coupled with its high velocity and consistency, makes it a favourite for precision shooting.
  3. Competitive Shooting 🟢: In competitive shooting scenarios where every millimetre counts, this ammo shines. Its superior ballistic coefficient, consistent velocities, and flat trajectory can give shooters the edge they need to score high.
  4. Wildlife Management 🟢: In wildlife management tasks that require an accurate, high-impact round for humane kills, it proves its worth. Its high energy transfer and long-range capabilities make it a reliable option for such critical tasks.

The 300 Precision Rifle Cartridge Ammo is a versatile, powerful round that offers consistent performance across a range of applications.

Best 300 PRC Ammo

1# 300 PRC – Hornady – 225 Gr – 20 Rounds

1. 300 PRC - Hornady - 225 Gr - 20 Rounds

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When it comes to accuracy, there’s simply no room for error. That’s why Hornady created the 300 PRC (Precision Rifle Cartridge) with their technologically advanced 225-grain ELD Match projectile. The ELD Match features a Heat Shield tip that shrugs off the heating caused by air friction, preserving its symmetrical and pointed meplat. The ballistic coefficient is heightened even further by the boat tail design, secant ogive profile, and AMP jacket. With select brass casing and powder that is precisely formulated to deliver a muzzle velocity of 2,810 fps, you can trust that every shot will hit its mark. So whether you’re hitting the target at the range or taking down a big game animal, make sure you’re doing it with the precision of the Hornady 300 PRC.

  • Highly accurate
  • Heat Shield Tip for consistent meplat
  • Increased ballistic coefficient
  • Consistent velocity
  • More target/match than hunting round


2# 300 PRC – Hornady Precision Hunter – 212 Gr – 20 Rounds

300 PRC - Hornady Precision Hunter - 212 Gr - 20 Rounds

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If you’re on the prowl for a hunting round that will serve you well in any situation, the Hornady Precision Hunter 300 PRC is your best bet. This cartridge is designed accurately and uses a 212-grain ELD-X projectile to deliver superior ballistic performance every time. The Extremely Low Drag eXpanding bullet is designed to maintain its meplat at high velocities, thanks to its Heat Shield tip. And when it hits its target, the ELD-X delivers devastating expansion while still retaining up to 60 per cent of its mass. For those times when you need to take down the game at lower velocities, the ELD-X boasts impressive mushrooming performance, retaining up to 90 per cent of its mass. So whether you’re looking for long-range accuracy or close-quarters power, the Hornady Precision Hunter 300 PRC has you covered.

Video review

  • Match accurate hunting bullet
  • Devastating conventional range performance
  • Best extended-range terminal performance available
  • Available as component bullets or in factory-loaded Precision Hunter ammunition
  • Might not be best for all applications


3# 300 PRC – Hornady Outfitter – 190 Gr – 20 Rounds

300 PRC - Hornady Outfitter - 190 Gr - 20 Rounds

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Trust your hunt to Outfitter ammunition. Hornady Outfitter CX bullets are designed for uniform, controlled expansion, and deep penetration, while our sealed primer and case mouth provide watertight protection. Nickel-plated cases are corrosion-resistant and waterproofed to ensure reliability in even the most challenging environments. So whether you’re hunting in California or another state that requires nontraditional bullets, you can trust Hornady Outfitter ammunition to get the job done.

  • Nickel-plated cases are corrosion-resistant and waterproofed
  • Uniform, controlled expansion
  • Deep penetration and +95% weight retention
  • Sealed primer and case mouth provide watertight protection
  • May be difficult to find in stores


4# 300 PRC – Federal Premium Terminal Ascent – 215 Gr – 20 Rounds

300 PRC - Federal Premium Terminal Ascent - 215 Gr - 20 Rounds

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Any hunt. Any range. Federal Premium Terminal Ascent takes you beyond what you ever thought possible. With Bonded construction that penetrates deep on close targets and a patented Slipstream polymer tip that initiates expansion at velocities 200 fps lower than comparable designs, this is the ultimate in precision rifle ammunition. Our findings show that the bullet’s long, sleek profile offers an extremely high ballistic coefficient, and its AccuChannel groove technology improves accuracy and minimizes drag. So whether you’re looking to take down that trophy buck at long range or simply want the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re prepared for any hunt, Terminal Ascent is a perfect choice.

  • Terminally challenged terminal ascent
  • Unmatched terminal performance on a variety of game animals
  • Unmatched terminal ballistics
  • Federal Premium’s most trusted and relied-upon large-game ammunition
  • Not lead-free



When considering reloading your own ammo, there are certain pieces of equipment you’ll need, safety rules to observe, and a set of sequential steps to follow, not to mention the myriad advantages associated with this practice.

List of Equipment 💼:

  1. Reloading Press
  2. Shell Holder
  3. Die Set
  4. Case Trimmer
  5. Primer Seater
  6. Powder Measure
  7. Reloading Scales
  8. Case Lube
  9. Reloading Bench
  10. Calipers

Step-by-Step Guide 📝:

  1. Case Inspection: Start with carefully inspecting your cases for any signs of wear or damage. Any faulty cases should be discarded.
  2. Lubrication: Next, lubricate the cases to ensure ease of resizing.
  3. Resizing and Depriming: Insert the case into the reloading press to resize and remove the spent primer.
  4. Priming: Install a new primer using a priming tool.
  5. Powder Charge: Measure the correct powder charge and pour it into the case.
  6. Bullet Seating: Finally, place the bullet into the case mouth and press it into place using the press.

Safety Rules 🚦:

  • Always wear safety glasses when reloading.
  • Keep your reloading area clean and organized.
  • Double-check all powder charges.
  • Never smoking while reloading.
  • Store primers and powder properly and away from each other.
  • Follow load data from reliable reloading manuals.

Advantages 🏆:

  • Cost-Effective: Reloading your own ammo can save you a significant amount of money in the long run.
  • Customization: You can customize your loads to suit your specific needs, improving accuracy and performance.
  • Availability: You’re not reliant on store availability; you can make your own whenever you need it.

Reloading your own ammo can be an incredibly rewarding experience that not only enhances your understanding of ballistics but also allows you to tailor your rounds to your specific shooting needs. Just remember—safety should always be your priority. Happy reloading!

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What are the types of 300 PRC ammo bullets?

There are various types of this ammo bullet, each with its own unique characteristics and applications:

  1. Soft Point (SP): These bullets have an exposed lead tip that expands on impact, providing a slower and more controlled expansion. They are a good choice for hunting as they offer deep penetration and good energy transfer.
  2. Hollow Point (HP): Hollow point bullets feature a cavity at the tip which causes the bullet to expand rapidly upon impacting the target. This results in a larger wound channel, making them ideal for hunting and self-defence.
  3. Full Metal Jacket (FMJ): FMJ bullets are designed with a soft lead core encased in a shell of harder metal. This design prevents the bullet from expanding or fragmenting on impact, making them ideal for target shooting and training.
  4. Open Tip Match (OTM): OTM bullets are designed for precision. They are made with exacting standards to ensure minimal deviation, offering extreme accuracy. Ideal for competition and precision shooting.
  5. Ballistic Tip: These bullets are essentially hollow points with a plastic tip, designed to enhance long-range performance. They offer rapid expansion upon impact, making them a good choice for long-range hunting.
  6. Frangible: Frangible bullets are designed to break apart upon impact, minimizing the risk of over-penetration. They are often used in shooting ranges and in situations where a ricochet can be hazardous.
What ammo is better - 300 PRC or 300 Win Mag?

The choice largely depends on the specific applications and individual preferences of the shooter. Both cartridges are renowned for their long-range capabilities and energy, making them excellent choices for varied shooting scenarios.

🔘 The 300 PRC excels in terms of consistency and precision. Its design minimizes bullet jump and promotes excellent bullet alignment – making it an ideal choice for precision shooters or those engaged in competitive shooting. Moreover, its versatility and reloadability add to its appeal, making it a well-rounded cartridge for diverse shooting applications.

🔘 Meanwhile, the 300 Win Mag has a legacy of performance and is time-tested in the field, with countless hunters and shooters swearing for its reliability and effectiveness. It offers a higher velocity and has a slightly flatter trajectory, which can be beneficial in certain hunting scenarios.

Ultimately, both ammo holds their own merits. The choice between them should be guided by your specific needs, the shooting application, and personal comfort with the cartridge.

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What is the difference between 6.5PRC vs 7 PRC vs 300PRC?

When comparing this ammo, it is important to understand that each of these cartridges has its own distinct strengths and applications.

✴️ The 6.5 PRC (Precision Rifle Cartridge) is a popular choice for precision rifle shooters, offering high velocity and exceptional long-range precision. It is known for its flat trajectory, and its light-recoiling nature makes it an excellent choice for long-range hunting and precision shooting.

✴️ The 7 PRC, on the other hand, is a newer development with a larger bullet. This translates into greater stopping power and energy transfer, making it a great fit for larger game hunting. Its larger diameter bullet tends to have better wind-cheating abilities but it typically recoils more than the 6.5 PRC.

✴️ The 300 PRC, as discussed earlier, is a highly versatile round. It showcases superior energy transfer, and long-range capabilities, making it a reliable choice for a range of applications from hunting to precision shooting. It also stands out for its high consistency and reloadability.

Your choice should depend on your specific needs. Whether it’s precision shooting, hunting, or a blend of both, each of these cartridges offers unique advantages that make them well-suited to certain applications.

We believe this video can be helpful for you📺

What is the origin of the 300 PRC cartridge?

It was developed by Hornady, an American ammunition company, with the primary goal of offering superior long-range performance.

Introduced to the public in 2018, the 300 PRC was designed to handle heavy, high-performance bullets with exceptional accuracy. It’s worth noting that before this cartridge was released to the civilian market, it had already been selected by the Department of Defense for its Advanced Sniper Rifle program, underscoring the 300 PRC’s capabilities in precision shooting.

In essence, it is a product of Hornady’s relentless innovation and commitment to delivering highly efficient cartridges for a variety of shooting applications.

What is the maximum overall length of a 300 PRC cartridge?
The maximum overall length of a 300 Precision Rifle Cartridge is typically around 3.700 inches. However, it’s essential to note that this length may slightly vary depending on the bullet type and the manufacturer’s specifications. Therefore, for the most accurate measurements, it is recommended to consult the specific ammunition manufacturer’s guidelines.


The 300 PRC Ammo presents itself as an exceptional choice for a myriad of shooting applications, from hunting and precision shooting to competitive scenarios and wildlife management. Its superior energy transfer, long-range capabilities, and consistent performance remain standout features. Moreover, the possibility of reloading this ammo at home adds to its appeal, affording shooters the advantages of cost-effectiveness, customization, and constant availability. With the right equipment, a clear step-by-step guide, and adherence to safety rules, anyone can enjoy and benefit from this practice. Consequently, both in usage and reloading, this Ammo undeniably holds significant value in the world of shooting.

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5 months ago

Without a doubt, the 300 PRC is a contemporary cartridge and makes a compelling case against purchasing any other sizeable 30 caliber cartridge.

    5 months ago

    Hello! Did someone test this ammo in windy conditions?  How does 300 PRC perform against wind drift?

      5 months ago
      Reply to  Simens

      ☑️ The 300 PRC demonstrates commendable performance against wind drift due to its high ballistic coefficient and efficient design. Its aerodynamic profile minimizes the effects of wind, making it more resistant to wind drift compared to many other cartridges. This characteristic enhances its accuracy and predictability, particularly during long-range shooting scenarios where wind can significantly impact bullet trajectory. As a result, shooters can expect improved consistency and better results when dealing with varying wind conditions while using 300 PRC ammunition.

        5 months ago

        The 300 PRC’s halting force, combined with its precision at extensive ranges and its capacity to fire heavy, high ballistic coefficient bullets, is unrivaled. It’s my preferred round of all time.

          5 months ago

          Some impressive info. Thank you. I consider a rifle chambered in either 300 WM or PRC. And it is important to me learn something about ammo

            5 months ago

            Quite informative, but I would opt for the 300WM as it offers greater convenience in terms of the availability of ammunition, which is especially beneficial for hunting purposes. Rifles, be they newer models or older ones, can be readily found chambered for this round. Moreover, if you’re a hand loader, the flexibility of custom chambering allows you to seat heavier bullets further out. This, coupled with faster twist barrels, gives you a considerable edge over the 300 PRC.

              5 months ago
              Reply to  Danny

              I’ve always been a fan of the 300 Winchester Magnum, but then the 300 PRC was introduced. It excels in all areas – larger bullets, superior ballistic coefficient, higher velocity, and reduced recoil.

                5 months ago

                Hello. Interesting information. What firearms are chambered for 300 PRC Ammo?

                  5 months ago
                  Reply to  Stet

                  Various manufacturers offer rifles chambered for 300 PRC Ammo, providing shooters with a diverse selection of options.
                  📌 Some well-known firearm brands that offer rifles chambered in 300 PRC include Ruger, Browning, Christensen Arms, and more.
                  This broad range of choices allows enthusiasts to select a firearm that best suits their preferences and shooting requirements.

                    Ben Haris
                    Ben Haris
                    5 months ago

                    I’m always on the lookout for ammunition that ensures clean kills and minimal suffering for the game. The 300 PRC Ammo exceeded my expectations in this regard. Its controlled expansion and deep penetration result in swift and humane takedowns. I tried Federal Premium