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Best Places To Buy Ammo Online - Editor's Choice

What are the places to buy ammo online?🧐

It refers to online retailers or websites where individuals can purchase ammunition for firearms. These online platforms offer a convenient way for gun owners and enthusiasts to browse and purchase a variety of ammunition types, calibers, and brands from the comfort of their homes.

Places to buy ammo online


Online retailers that sell ammunition typically offer a range of features to make the purchasing process convenient, informative, and secure for customers. Here are some common ones you might find on reputable online platforms for buying ammunition:

🧩 Easy Navigation: User-friendly websites with intuitive navigation make it easy for customers to find the specific type of ammunition they’re looking for.

🧩 Product Details: Detailed product listings provide information about the ammunition’s specifications, features, and compatibility with specific firearms.

🧩 Customer Reviews and Ratings: Real customer reviews and ratings can help potential buyers gauge the quality and performance of the ammunition they’re considering.

🧩 Secure Checkout: A secure and encrypted checkout process ensures the safety of customers’ personal and payment information.

🧩 Order Tracking: Order tracking and status updates allow customers to monitor the progress of their shipments.

🧩 Customer Support: Accessible customer support channels, such as phone, email, or live chat, enable customers to seek assistance if they have questions or encounter issues.

🧩 Legal Information: Reputable online retailers ensure that customers are aware of and comply with local, state, and federal regulations regarding the purchase and possession of ammunition.

🧩 Return Policy: A clear and fair return policy gives customers peace of mind in case they need to return or exchange their purchases.

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Buying ammunition online offers several benefits for firearm owners and enthusiasts. Here are some of the advantages of purchasing ammunition from reputable online retailers:

✴️ Convenience: Online shopping allows you to browse and purchase ammunition from the comfort of your home, eliminating the need to visit physical stores.

✴️ Availability: Online platforms can provide access to ammunition that might be scarce or unavailable in local stores due to supply and demand fluctuations.

✴️ Price Comparison: Online shopping enables you to easily compare prices and find the best deals from different retailers without the need to travel.

✴️ Time-Saving: Online shopping saves time by eliminating the need to travel to physical stores, wait in line, or deal with potential crowds.

Benefits of buying ammunition online

How to choose?🔍

When it comes to purchasing ammunition online, it’s essential to tread carefully and ensure a smooth, secure, and satisfying shopping experience. Here, we’ve put together some key aspects to keep in mind as you select the perfect online retailer for your ammunition needs.

☑️ Safety first! Make sure the retailer is licensed to sell ammunition and diligently adheres to all local, state, and federal laws concerning the sale and shipment of firearms and ammunition.
☑️ Ammo enthusiasts come in all flavors. Look for a retailer with an extensive variety of ammunition types, calibers, and trusted brands. After all, you deserve choices that match your specific needs.
☑️ Navigating through a website shouldn’t feel like deciphering complex code. Opt for platforms that embrace simplicity and offer a seamless shopping experience, from product searches to checkout.
☑️ The devil is in the details. Seek out retailers who take the time to provide comprehensive product listings. This means ammunition specifications, compatibility with firearms, and any other nuggets of crucial information at your fingertips.
☑️ Patience is a virtue, but knowing when your prized ammo will arrive is essential. Delve into the retailer’s shipping policies for insights into delivery times, costs, and any geographical restrictions.
☑️ The unexpected can happen. Be prepared by familiarizing yourself with the retailer’s return and exchange policies. A straightforward process can save you headaches down the road.
☑️ It’s always reassuring to know that help is just a click or call away. Prioritize retailers that offer accessible and responsive customer support, ready to address any queries or concerns you might have.
☑️ When it comes to payments, variety is the spice of life. Look for websites that offer multiple secure methods – credit/debit cards, PayPal, and other trusted options – to suit your preferences.

👍 As you embark on your online ammo-shopping journey, keep these factors in mind. Armed with knowledge, you’ll be ready to make an informed decision and choose the perfect online retailer for all your ammunition needs. Stay safe, and happy shopping!

Best Places To Buy Ammo Online – Editor’s Choice

1# Luckygunner.com (LuckyGunner)

Luckygunner.com (LuckyGunner)


Overall visits per month – 2 278 318
United States (visits) – 96.5%
Year of foundation – 2009

Lucky Gunner is perhaps one of the most popular ammo online stores. There is no huge tree of categories here, but there are simplicity and honesty. Lucky Gunner is one of the few who doesn’t make empty promises. Based on our experience if you see a product on the page, it means that it is definitely in stock. If you place your order before 3:00 PM ET, delivery will be the next day. Also, every order has a guaranteed booking. In the unlikely event of a mistake on the part of the lucky employees, the buyer receives a full refund of the purchase price and $100 in pleasant compensation. Otherwise, Lucky Gunner has very competitive prices and responsive support. Using its powers, the store can dictate its rules to the manufacturers of weapons and severely punish them for substandard goods. This means that consultants are always in the protection of the buyer’s interests.

  • If there is no product, you will not be able to place an order
  • Next day delivery
  • $100 guaranteed compensation (in case of error)
  • To order (now) an unavailable product, you need to monitor its appearance on the site


2# OpticsPlanet.com



Overall visits per month – 7 522 400
United States (visits) – 83.1%
Year of foundation – 2000

Optics Planet brings together 3,600+ brands and 580+ categories in one convenient internet site. Each page of the product tells in detail about the specification of the product, the terms of shipment, and of course, it will show real customer reviews. This is very convenient and allows you to find out the real state of the purchased ammunition, based on someone else’s experience. Besides, you can publicly ask your question to the seller – and if he is interested in sales, the answer will be quick and meaningful. Optics Planet offers a good discount on a large list of products. Very often the price on this site is much lower than that of the official manufacturer. Let’s not forget about free shipping and free returns. OpticsPlanet cares about its customers and tries to show it with the help of courteous support service. The last year has been difficult for many online stores and the Optics Planet is no exception. COVID has made changes in supply chains and now fast delivery remains a reality only for American-made goods. This certainly has its advantages, but if the minimum price and speed of delivery are important to you, you may not like it.

Video review

  • Free shipping and returns
  • Competitive prices
  • Cares about customers
  • Delivery of goods from China has become long


3# Cabelas.com



Overall visits per month – 16 680 000
United States (visits) – 82.7%
Year of foundation – 1961

Few people know, but Cabela’s started in 1961 with $50 fishhooks at the back of a liquor store. Years passed and the company became the best friend for the fisherman and the hunter. Over time, ammunition of all calibers and weapon accessories began to bring in more than $ 1.5 billion a year. Unlike other online stores, Cabela’s history began with offline stores. It is thanks to the extensive network of stores in 50 states that the company has reliably established itself in the market. Our research has shown that in 2016, Bass Pro Shops acquired Cabela’s for $ 5.5 billion and that only made it better. Thanks to a well-functioning logistics system, the company was able to reduce costs, and therefore offer the best prices for the entire catalog of goods. When buying from Cabela’s, you do not have to pay for shipping if the purchase amount exceeds $50. Want more? Make an online purchase and order delivery to the nearest Cabela’s store and after a week you will be able to fully evaluate your product holding it in your hands and complement your purchase with other products.

  • Competitive prices
  • Huge selection for hunters
  • Free shipping from 50 $
  • Delivery to the store can take a week


4# Brownells.com



Overall visits per month – 5 118 431
United States (visits) – 95.6%
Year of foundation – 1939

With over 80 years of experience in the ammunition market, Brownells has established itself as a reliable supplier with excellent quality control. Each package is securely packed at an Iowa gun store and hits the road without fear of shock. If you ask experienced hunters for their ammo supplier, 7 out of 10 mention Brownells. Despite some conservatism of the company, the site Brownells.com leaves a pleasant aftertaste. Convenient design, flexible filtering system, and caring support service – that’s what awaits you when you check out online. Here you can pick up not only ammunition but also the weapon itself and accessories to it. The size of the catalog covers many requests but does not represent the full range of offers. Perhaps this is due to concern for the reputation. Manufacturers of goods of dubious quality simply cannot pass an internal audit, which means they cannot present their own, even if cheap, goods. Buying at Brownells you will get a quality product in several layers of packaging.

  • Strict quality control
  • Safe packaging
  • Competitive prices
  • The assortment does not cover the entire market of offers


5# RainierArms.com



Overall visits per month – 605 020
United States (visits) – 96,5%
Year of foundation – 2005

Despite the relative youth of Rainier Arms, it shows itself quite competitively on the Internet trade market. The company’s philosophy is reduced to a simple idea “The site contains only those offers that we bought, tested, and approved because our clients are our friends with whom we want to continue working for many years”. The path from the order to the delivery of the goods to the buyer’s door is optimized and digitized as much as possible. Based on our observations you can track the parcel at every stage and ask your questions 24/7, the company guarantees fast processing of any request and reliable encryption of all user data. Rainier Arms specializes in high-quality AR15 / AR10 firearms, parts, and accessories. In addition, the company forms a community of like-minded people, therefore, selects offers that are interesting to them. Each client of the company is considered a lifelong user, so the care is shown even in the smallest details. You can make your suggestions for expanding the range or suggest your ideas for improving the service.

  • Convenient and clear navigation
  • Well-oiled trade cycle
  • Regular promotions and discounts
  • With narrow specialization, the assortment could have been larger


6# Palmettostatearmory.com




Overall visits per month – 5 300 000
United States (visits) – 95,4%
Year of foundation – 2008

A young and very promising company, the Palmetto State Armory (PSA) was founded by a veteran of the armed forces in 2008. The philosophy “Freedom is more important than profit” has done its job and many fans of weapons have discovered really low prices. Daily promotions and loads of free shipping products await you at the Palmetto online store. The most interesting thing is that the store in South Carolina from which it all began has not become super popular, but the online store is simply overwhelmed with applications. The meteoric rise in shoppers has created a bit of chaos and PSA is forced to work nonstop to satisfy everyone. This has resulted in delays in customer support responses and longer delivery times, but the estimated delivery time is very accurate and mitigates the situation. Another feature of Palmetto State Armory is not always informative product cards: it is wrong to say that the product does not meet the technical parameters, or the condition wants to be the best. It just complicates the choice, and therefore requires correction. It seemed to us that PSA is fixated on the quality of the services provided and is forced to double-check every application and product at all stages. Perhaps this is a simple staff shortage or a sign of explosive growth. We love PSA for a good price and always a quality product, but we have to put up with weekly delays. If you do not need urgency, pay attention to this seller, he will earn your trust after the first purchase.

  • Good prices and daily promotions
  • Large assortment
  • Accurate calculation of delivery time
  • Not all pages are well filled


7# Sportsmansguide.com



Overall visits per month – 4 240 000
United States (visits) – 96,4%
Year of foundation – 1970

Sportsman’s Guide is a really big online store where you can find a lot of outdoor products. Back in 1970, it all started with a patch for fishermen, then the first catalog on 1 page, and everything started spinning. Now it is a whole library of products and tools for camping, fishing, hunting, clay pigeon shooting, and ammunition for all possible situations. Over 100 retail locations are headquartered in Burnsville, Minnesota. Online shipping over $49 will be free and usually takes less than 7 days. If necessary, delivery can be significantly accelerated. Express delivery will ship in 3 days, 2 days, or even the next day right to your doorstep. The company’s financial policies have good motives, but poor implementation. Most products receive an additional 10% discount, and members of the Bullseye Club (you can join the club for $ 9.99) receive additional bonuses. This is all great, but changing the price of an item can make your package stop until you refuse or accept the new price. We consider this to be bad practice and were somewhat disappointed. After sharing our experience, we learned that this is a common problem and even TrustPilot.com awarded Sportsman’s Guide with a rating of 1.6 stars out of 5. This is a huge store with a rich assortment, but chasing every cent turns the selling process into an unpleasant experience.

  • Large assortment in one place
  • Flexible delivery system
  • Nice prices and discounts
  • An error in the description may cancel the shipment


8# Ammo.com



Overall visits per month – 990 470
United States (visits) – 96,2%
Year of foundation – 2000

Among the well-known and popular sites, Ammo.com is worth mentioning. This is a company that has prepared a comprehensive concept for maintaining the freedoms and rights of citizens to firearms. Even if you are a beginner, they will help you find a complete set of ammunition and, if required, you will receive detailed advice (including legal advice) from numerous volunteers. Also, Ammo.com donates 1% of the value of your order to one of the many charity programs. You can choose who will receive help yourself, it can be: NRA, Soldiers’ Angels, Homes for Our Soldiers, The Second Amendment Foundation, or many others. They believe this is a truly important daily contribution. The site supports the “active pages” format. This means that the choice of ammunition comes only from the list that is definitely in the warehouse. Departures are on the day of order (if ordered before 3:00 pm ET), or the next day, without delays or false promises. The choice of ammunition and weapon components is really large and is not limited only to American manufacturers. Besides, a huge library of knowledge is constantly updated with new articles and training videos. You can become a part of this community and submit your articles and materials for training in the public domain.

  • Huge selection of combat ammunition
  • 1% donation from each purchase to charity
  • Huge community knowledge base
  • Consulting for Americans from Americans
  • Disadvantages are insignificant


9# AmmoMan.com



Overall visits per month – 274 570
United States (visits) – 98,2%
Year of foundation – 1998

Ammo Man began its journey in New Hampshire in 1998 and unlike its competitors, this company is represented only on the Internet. You will not be able to pick up your purchase from their warehouse because every package is sent to the buyer’s door. This position imposes some restrictions, so Ammo Man cannot deliver military ammunition to some states: Alaska, Hawaii, California, New York, and Massachusetts. The company also builds its small community and motivates users to become regular customers. According to our experience by becoming a member of the loyalty program, you can receive a refund of 2 points for every $100 spent (1 point = $ 1). These points can be accumulated and used by paying part of a new purchase. With long-term and large orders, this creates good savings, even taking into account, not the highest prices of the online store. The company’s catalog is extensive and allows you to select the necessary ammunition for pistols and rifles or other ammunition. Direct-to-door delivery will be truly free for orders over $ 99. If your order consists of one pack of cartridges, the benefits of low prices will come to naught.

  • Best for bulk orders
  • Reward program
  • Free shipping over $ 99
  • Not available in some states


10# Primaryarms.com



Overall visits per month – 4 320 000
United States (visits) – 97,7%
Year of foundation – 2012

Primary Arms started as a weapons and supplies dealer for enthusiasts and military personnel. Now this Texas-based company receives several hundred thousand orders every month and does a great service. The dispatch takes place within 24 hours despite the pandemic or other factors. The company provides extensive consultations, keeps up to date on the status of the order, and provides a 90-day guarantee period for the return policy. Together with a large assortment and competitive prices, this is a very worthy representative of the arms market. Some product categories are not covered by 2-day shipping. For FFL goods, there is a 23 days delivery tolerance! This is important to consider if your order is combined. To receive your different components on time, please make two separate requests, so your regular equipment will avoid long delays.

  • Competitive prices and a large assortment
  • 2-day delivery
  • Good customer support
  • FFL ships in 23 days


11# Midwayusa.com



Overall visits per month – 13 000 000
United States (visits) – 97,3%
Year of foundation – 1977

MidwayUSA is one of the few companies that constantly monitor the level of customer satisfaction. They are proud to have been able to win the Missouri Quality Award (Malcolm Baldridge Quality) and repeat their success many times over. Taking care of customers is a priority of the company and they put a lot of effort into it. Since its founding (1977), the company has offered a huge range of equipment for camping, archery, and weapon enthusiasts. Based on our own experience here you will not find very low prices, but they will not rob you either. This price level is attributed to 50% of the company’s profits donated to fund youth shooting programs and community support. This is responsible citizenship and we «hats off» to MidwayUSA for it.

  • Good customer service
  • Active citizenship
  • Offered a range of equipment
  • Prices are far from the minimum


12# AmmunitionStore.com




Overall visits per month – 250 660
United States (visits) – 97,2%
Year of foundation – 2000

AmmunitionStore is a young and fast-growing company based in Ohio with a huge selection of ammunition. COVID disrupted many supply chains, but this store retained a wealth of ammunition stock. The catalog also contains military accessories and equipment, as well as other products related to the shooting. The prices of the goods are quite competitive and the application process is normally optimized. There is a fierce debate among fans and opponents. Someone complains that his order did not arrive in 7 days, others are glad that everything came as expected, despite 7 days of delivery. Customer support tries to help everyone, but if the buyer is focused on conflict, the result will always be unsatisfactory. In defense of the store, we can say that the support service will not only check the availability of goods at your request but will also advise on the restrictions of your state. Our order for the scarce ammunition arrived as expected in 6 days, and the support team responded to all inquiries promptly. Are we just lucky?)

  • Large assortment
  • Competitive prices
  • Knowledgeable support team
  • Long delivery


Buy ammo online and stay legal📝

As responsible gun owners, it’s essential to stay within the boundaries of the law when buying ammunition online. Let’s explore some steps you can take to ensure a legal and safe online ammo purchase:

📢 Know Your Local Laws: Take the time to get acquainted with the firearm and ammunition regulations in your area. These rules can vary widely, so understanding the legal ins and outs of purchasing, possessing, and transporting ammunition is a must.
📢 Choose a Trustworthy Retailer: Opt for a well-established and reputable online retailer. Look for a retailer with a track record of ethical and law-abiding business practices.
📢 Verify Licensing and Compliance: Ensure that the retailer is fully licensed to sell ammunition and that they meticulously adhere to the local, state, and federal laws governing such sales.
📢 Have Necessary Documentation Ready: Some locales may require specific documents, like identification or firearm permits when purchasing ammunition. Stay prepared and have these documents handy.
📢 Navigate Background Checks: In certain areas, background checks might be mandatory for buying ammunition. Familiarize yourself with the process and ensure you follow all the necessary steps.
📢 Ensure Legitimate Shipping and Delivery: It’s your responsibility to ensure that the retailer adheres to legal shipping guidelines when sending ammunition to your location. Always receive your shipment by local laws.
📢 Stay Informed: Legislation isn’t static; it evolves. Stay up-to-date with any changes in local firearm and ammunition laws to ensure you remain within legal boundaries.


Will you have to pass a background check to buy ammo?

✔️ Whether you need to pass a background check to buy ammunition depends on the laws and regulations in your jurisdiction. In some regions, background checks are required for purchasing ammunition, similar to the checks often conducted when purchasing firearms.

➡️ These checks are typically aimed at ensuring that the purchaser does not have a disqualifying criminal record or other factors that might raise concerns about their eligibility to possess ammunition. The specific requirements for background checks can vary widely from place to place. Some regions may only require background checks for certain types of ammunition or purchases above a certain quantity, while others may require checks for all ammunition purchases.

📌 It’s important to familiarize yourself with the laws in your area and follow the appropriate procedures when purchasing ammunition. Always ensure that you comply with local, state, and federal regulations regarding firearms and ammunition.

📺 More information in the video:

Is more expensive ammo better?

⏰ The cost of ammunition does not necessarily determine its quality or performance. While higher-priced ammunition can sometimes offer certain advantages, such as consistency in performance and precision manufacturing, it’s not a strict rule that more expensive ammo is always better. Several factors come into play when assessing the value and suitability of ammunition:

🔷 Purpose: The intended use of the ammunition plays a significant role. For target practice, training, or recreational shooting, moderately priced ammunition may offer excellent value without compromising performance. On the other hand, specialized shooting disciplines or competitions may benefit from higher-grade ammunition designed for precision.

🔷 Firearm Compatibility: The ammunition needs to be compatible with your firearm. Using the correct caliber and type of ammunition specified for your firearm is essential for safety and accuracy, regardless of price.

🔷 Performance Consistency: Higher-priced ammunition might offer tighter manufacturing tolerances and better quality control, leading to more consistent performance. This consistency can be crucial for competitive shooting or situations where accuracy matters significantly.

🔷 Terminal Ballistics: When considering self-defense or hunting ammunition, terminal ballistics – how the bullet performs upon impact – becomes vital. While some premium self-defense or hunting rounds might come at a higher cost, they are designed to provide reliable expansion and stopping power.

🔷 Bulk vs. Premium: Bulk ammunition is often more affordable and suitable for general shooting and practice. Premium or specialty ammunition might offer better performance in certain scenarios but may not be necessary for every use case.

🔷 Accuracy Requirements: If you’re engaged in precision shooting or long-range shooting, you might opt for higher-end ammunition that offers better consistency and accuracy.

🔷 Personal Preference: Shooter preferences vary widely. Some individuals might find that a specific brand or type of ammunition works exceptionally well with their firearm, regardless of the price.

🔷 Budget Constraints: Budget considerations are important. While high-end ammunition can offer advantages, it might not be financially practical for all shooters.

How long is ammo good for?

⌛️ The shelf life of ammunition, also known as its “ammo life”, can vary depending on several factors. Generally, modern commercially produced ammunition is designed to have a relatively long shelf life, but there are considerations to keep in mind:

✒️ Storage Conditions: Proper storage is crucial for maintaining ammunition’s longevity. Ammunition should be stored in a cool, dry, and stable environment. Exposure to moisture, extreme temperatures, and humidity can degrade its quality over time.

✒️ Sealing and Packaging: Ammunition that is properly sealed and packaged is more likely to remain viable for a longer period. Sealed and airtight packaging helps prevent moisture and contaminants from entering the cartridge.

✒️ Ammunition Type: Different types of ammunition have varying shelf lives. Centerfire ammunition (e.g., handgun and rifle cartridges) generally has a longer shelf life compared to rimfire ammunition due to differences in construction.

✒️ Powder Degradation: The propellant powder inside cartridges can degrade over time, affecting ammunition performance. Inadequate storage conditions can accelerate this degradation.

✒️ Corrosion: Ammunition components, such as primers and casings, can corrode over time if exposed to moisture or corrosive materials. Corrosion can compromise ammunition reliability and safety.

✒️ Quality and Brand: Higher-quality ammunition from reputable manufacturers is more likely to have a longer shelf life due to better manufacturing standards and materials.

✒️ Caliber: Some calibers are more prone to degradation over time than others. Smaller, less common calibers might be more challenging to find and replace if they become obsolete.

✒️ Oxidation: Over an extended period, the components of the cartridge (such as the bullet, casing, and primer) can oxidize, potentially affecting performance.

🛑 To maximize the shelf life of your ammunition:

  • ⚡ Store ammunition in a cool, dry, and stable environment.
  • ⚡ Use airtight and moisture-resistant containers or cases.
  • ⚡ Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures and humidity.
  • ⚡ Rotate your ammunition stockpile by using older rounds first.
  • ⚡ Regularly inspect ammunition for signs of degradation.

Can I buy ammo from another state and bring it to California?

💣 The ability to purchase ammunition from another state and bring it into California is subject to California’s ammunition laws and regulations. It’s important to note that laws and regulations can change over time, so it’s crucial to verify the current rules before attempting to bring ammunition into California from another state. Here are some points to consider:

🔰 Ammunition Purchase: California law requires that ammunition purchases be made from a licensed ammunition vendor within the state. This means you generally cannot purchase ammunition from an out-of-state vendor and have it shipped directly to California.

🔰 Out-of-State Purchase and Transportation: If you purchase ammunition from an out-of-state vendor, you may be required to have it shipped to a licensed ammunition vendor in California, where you can then complete the purchase and pick up the ammunition. Transporting ammunition across state lines for personal use may be allowed, but you should be aware of California’s transportation laws.

🔰 Firearms and Ammunition Laws: California has strict firearm and ammunition regulations, and these laws can impact how ammunition is purchased, transported, and possessed within the state.

🔰 Background Checks and Documentation: In California, background checks and record-keeping requirements are generally necessary for ammunition purchases. It’s important to comply with these requirements to avoid legal issues.

What are the rules for buying ammo online?

🟦 Buying ammunition online is subject to various federal, state, and local laws and regulations. These laws can vary significantly from one jurisdiction to another. Here are some general guidelines to consider:

✔️ Age Restrictions: You must be of legal age to purchase ammunition, which is typically 18 or 21 years old depending on your state and the type of ammunition.

✔️ Federal Background Checks: Federal law requires that anyone purchasing ammunition from a licensed dealer must undergo a background check. This background check is usually conducted at the time of purchase. If you have a disqualifying criminal history or other factors, you may be prohibited from purchasing ammunition.

✔️ State and Local Laws: Each state and even local jurisdictions within states can have their specific laws and requirements regarding ammunition purchases. Some states may require additional background checks, permits, or documentation for ammunition sales.

✔️ Shipping and Delivery: Ammunition can only be shipped by licensed ammunition vendors. Some states may have restrictions on shipping ammunition to certain locations, and you must comply with those regulations.

✔️ Quantity Limits: Some states may impose limits on the amount of ammunition you can purchase within a specific time frame.

✔️ Record Keeping: Licensed ammunition dealers are often required to keep records of ammunition sales, including information about the buyer and the ammunition purchased.

✔️ Identification: You may need to provide a valid form of identification when purchasing ammunition online. This could include a driver’s license, state ID card, or other government-issued ID.

✔️ Local Dealer Pickup: In some cases, if you purchase ammunition online, you may be required to pick it up in person from a licensed dealer and complete any necessary paperwork or background checks at that location.

✔️ Residency Requirements: Some states may have residency requirements that affect your ability to purchase ammunition.


In conclusion, the process of buying ammunition online involves several important considerations. Understanding the shelf life and degradation factors of different types of ammo is crucial for maintaining a reliable and safe stockpile. Online purchasing regulations, age restrictions, background checks, and shipping policies are all key aspects of buying ammo online. Always ensure to stay updated with the latest laws and regulations in your area, purchase from reputable sources, and store the ammunition under ideal conditions for longevity. Thanks for reading!🥰❤️‍🔥

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5 months ago

I’ve been primarily buying my ammo in-store, but now I’m considering making the switch to online ordering. I’m curious to know where you all prefer to buy ammo online. I aim to find a reliable online source while supporting smaller businesses. Your insights are more than welcome!

    Ibrahim Thompson
    Ibrahim Thompson
    5 months ago
    Reply to  Spike

    I’m an avid user of OpticsPlanet.com. While these retailers may not always have the absolute lowest prices, they frequently roll out deals that strike a balance between competitiveness and security. For me, it’s all about finding a trustworthy deal that doesn’t jeopardize my personal information.

      5 months ago
      Reply to  Spike

      I find Luckygunner.com (LuckyGunner) to be a standout choice. Its comprehensive ballistic testing is something I truly value, not to mention the exceptional quality of its ammunition. Moreover, the prompt service I’ve experienced from it has consistently left me satisfied.

        5 months ago

        I’m looking for a reliable source to purchase ammo, specifically to stock up on 9mm and 5.56 rounds. However, I’m unsure about where to start my search. Additionally, I’ve heard conflicting opinions about the impact of using steel or aluminum-cased ammunition on firearms. I’m curious to know if these materials are genuinely detrimental to the health of my guns. Any guidance on these matters would be greatly appreciated.

          Umar Hayes
          Umar Hayes
          5 months ago
          Reply to  Calimerio

          Primaryarms.com is the go-to platform for many of us when shopping for ammunition. From my perspective, it seems that the internals of numerous 9mm, 5.56mm, and .223 rifles and pistols are possibly less forgiving compared to 7.62mm firearms. I’m not entirely knowledgeable about the specifics, but there might be intricacies that explain this difference. I tend to steer clear of steel-cased ammunition for all my 9mm, 5.56mm, and .223 firearms. Interestingly, I’ve chosen to exclusively use steel for my 7.62mm firearms.

            5 months ago

            I’m a relatively new gun owner and I’ve been wondering if it’s a wise move to primarily purchase ammunition online for the most favorable deals. My focus is on finding great prices for .22 LR and 9mm ammo. Is it generally a good strategy to lean heavily toward online purchases when seeking the best bargains? I’d appreciate some insights on whether online shopping is usually the optimal route for ammunition deals.

              Wells Gonzales
              Wells Gonzales
              5 months ago
              Reply to  Bastion

              If you are deeply involved in shooting and seeking a fulfilling hobby, reloading presents a fantastic option to explore. It’s a rewarding path to consider if you want to delve deeper into the world of ammunition and enhance your shooting experience. But if you just want to buy some rounds – Ammo.Com is an excellent choice for it!

                Jonah Alexander
                Jonah Alexander
                5 months ago

                I’ve been facing difficulties trying to locate .223 or 5.56 ammunition in my vicinity. I’m curious to know which websites you all prefer to use for purchasing ammunition. I’m looking for reliable options where I can find the ammunition I need without the hassles I’ve encountered so far. Your insights and recommendations would be great.

                  5 months ago

                  If you haven’t checked out Luckygunner.Com (LuckyGunner), you’re missing out. This website has proven to be a game-changer for me when it comes to finding ammunition. It has become my go-to platform for purchasing ammunition. It has streamlined the process and spared me the frustrations I encountered elsewhere. If you’re on the lookout for a trustworthy source to find the ammunition you need, I highly recommend giving this source a shot. It might just save you the headache and disappointment I faced.

                    Percy Turner
                    Percy Turner
                    5 months ago

                    I’ve had a positive experience with Palmettostatearmory.com so far. Their shipping times have been right on the mark, and I appreciate their transparency. If there’s a delay, they let you know upfront. Amidst my search for reliable ammunition sources, it has been a standout choice. Their commitment to timely shipping and upfront communication has certainly earned my trust.